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In Mobile Last updated: November 17, 2022
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As all know, Halloween is celebrated each year on October 31. It is a holiday that came from the ancient Samhain’s Celtic festival.

During this festival, people used to light bonfires and wore scary costumes to make the ghosts run away. With time this festival evolved as a day for various interesting activities such as get-togethers, trick-or-treating activities, etc.


This festival is slowly getting popular all across the world. Although these days, the motive behind celebrating Halloween is to organize a fun-filled get-together.

However, people still don’t forget to connect it with ghosts. And for this, they wear scary costumes, masks, and makeup combined with scary sounds.

People keep finding innovative ways to add an engagement factor to the festival. And now, when October is just approaching, you would have started planning for Halloween. Then you might be interested in finding unique ideas to add a scary factor to Eve. If so, we are here with the best ideas.

This post will share the best Halloween apps that can make your Halloween Eve scary for fun.

So keep reading!

Ways to Make Halloween Without Terrifying for Kids

Halloween celebration ideas should be considered, keeping in mind the little ones. It is better that you use tricks that do not harm kids. Finding a little bit of Halloween-themed fun without being too terrifying should be your sole aim. So, let’s explore a few such ideas.


Guess the Halloween Food Game

It is the best idea to turn the favorite food of your little one into an interesting guessing game for Halloween. Cover your kid’s eyes, bring the dishes, and ask them to name the body part they feel. For example, peeled grapes can help you make eyeballs, and almonds can be fingernails, etc.

Introduce Scary Characters in Funny Way

No Halloween can be complete without a scary character. But the way you introduce these characters to your kids can be interesting and funny for them instead of being scary.

For instance, to introduce ghosts, you must ensure that dance and gestures are delivered funnily and happily. A smile can transform these characters from being scary to enjoyable and funny.

Wear Mask Wisely

It would be best if you chose your masks, keeping in mind the sensitive kids. The best idea is to greet and meet the sensitive kids in advance with your masks off. This way, they will understand the Halloween concept a little bit and feel less scared.

Try Halloween Mobile Games

You may also introduce several interesting Halloween games for your kids. These games can not only keep your kids entertained the whole Eve but can also engage adults.

You can even find several apps designed for Halloween theme cards, ringtones, coloring cards, and more. Let’s look at these apps.

For Android

Halloween Soundboard

Halloween Soundboard is a soundboard app with scary effects and sounds based on the Halloween theme. You can tap on the soundtrack to play it. You can also explore detailed options by long pressing.


You can get access to the additional features by opening the slideout menu. This app requires Android version 5.0 or up. It also includes some premium features that you can access by in-app purchases. This app can make your Halloween party scariest.

Halloween – Coloring Game

The Halloween-Coloring Game is a coloring book game that features a Halloween theme. This game is ideal for kids as well as adults.

It consists of several Halloween items, such as pumpkins, ghosts, etc., that you need to color. You can also share the work that you finish with your friends or family members.


This app is available for Android devices for free. It lets you easily create your Halloween character without coloring pages.

Halloween – Girls Photo Editor

Make your Halloween-themed photo with this Halloween photo editor specially designed for girls. It lets you edit your photographs with Halloween costumes and makeup, thus coming up with a scary look.

This is an offline game. So once you have downloaded this app, you can keep working on this seamlessly without Even internet access.


This photo editor also carries different types of masks that you can use to create a unique Halloween look. The popular characters that it features are Creepy Doll, Tattooed Girl, Girl version of Pennywise, Witch, Zombie, and more.

Halloween Farm: Monster Family

Halloween Farm is a Halloween-themed game that lets you develop your farm. It features several Halloween characters such as Witch, vampire, Zombie, spider, werewolf, ghosts, and even more.


In this game, you can enjoy a happy fair, harvest mystery idle plants, create a dark farm, or buy or sell products. This is a farming simulator game that can make your Halloween fun-filled.

Scary Halloween Ringtones

Make Halloween Even scarier with Scary Halloween Ringtones. This app features more than 50 scary ringtones that are very clear and loud. All the ringtones are free and can be used for notifications, alarms, and calls.


This app is compatible with mostly all Android smartphones and tablets. This app features the best sounds, including Halloween 1, Wolf, Mommy, Scary Text, Scream, Funeral, and more.

For iOS

Boppin Ghosts

Boppin Ghosts is a great application that can fill this Halloween with utmost fun. In this app, you can bop the ghost with your finger. To move to the higher level, you should bop a specific number of ghosts. In case you miss to bop the ghosts, you will lose the game.


This app is ideal for different screen sizes and is updated for iOS 15.

Halloween Spiders

Halloween Spiders is a fun-filled iOS game ideal for Halloween. It requires you to squish the Halloween Spiders. By this squishing, you can save the Trick-or-Treaters.


To win the level, you must meet the minimum number of Spiders. If you cannot do that, you will lose the game. This game consists of five levels that you need to complete. This app requires iOS version 13.0 or later.

Halloween: Puzzles Kids & Baby

This Halloween Puzzle app is a game for kids and babies that is one of the top 10 kid’s games in 30 states. This amazing puzzle game features interactive sounds and backgrounds. In this game, kids can draw paper toys.


This game not only offers fun to kids but also helps them learn new things. Kids can discover interactive objects with interesting puzzles. This app features 16 puzzles, and you can access four puzzles in a free version.

Halloween Kids Toddlers Games

Halloween Kids Toddlers Games is an iOS app designed for kids and toddlers. This is a learning game that helps develop children’s visual memory, attention, and motor skills.


This game carries plenty of interesting characters featuring interactive animations. It also features fun-filled sounds and graphics. It offers parental control. This game features around 50 types of food items. It does not include any 3rd party ads.

Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween Games for Kids features a large number of Halloween stickers that are interactive and engaging. The interesting plot of this game attracts not only kids but people of all ages.


This game offers 15 Halloween pages for coloring. Three of these 15 pages are free for all users. You can have access to all the pages via in-app purchases. All the in-app purchases come with parent control or a parent security gate. This makes this app entirely safe for kids.


Halloween is just about to knock on our doors, so it is time to prepare for this Eve in advance. These Halloween apps can help you make this Eve more fun-filled and interesting. These apps cover kids and adults, so nobody will be left behind.

You may also want to explore fun reading apps for kids.

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