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Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting for any size business to host a website or complex web applications.

The Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is an AI-powered top-of-the-range cybersecurity, data protection, antimalware, antivirus, and endpoint management solution.

The top-of-the-range product offers comprehensive security and backup against downtime and data loss caused by cybersecurity threats.  

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and adding more arsenals in their bags of tricks – keeping them at bay is more complicated and a full-time job in most businesses today.

The threat actors patrol the internet superhighway with zeal looking for the slightest sign of an unpatched system. Once they access your network and encrypt files, they’ll unleash a cacophony of malicious files or URLs and deploy malware or ransomware.  

The truth is that any patch that you miss puts your critical business data at high risk. Most companies’ internal IT operations are stretched thin by the complicated and time-consuming business of detecting vulnerabilities that can easily pass undetected.

As a result, managing the hundreds of internal IT operations that are the lifeblood of business processes running smoothly requires constant military-grade monitoring.

Perhaps you’ve backed up all your essential data – but that’s just a drop in the ocean regarding protecting your business. Integrating an all-inclusive cyber protection mechanism that helps mitigate all the risks associated with modern online threats is essential.

This article explores the benefits of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud in proactively protecting your business from online vulnerabilities so your IT department can focus on your company’s core businesses.


In their quest for expansion and modernizing, companies are increasingly adopting cloud computing to remain competitive.

With all its positive aspects, such moves expose companies to new risks. That such companies occasionally suffer countless cloud data breaches is no longer news.

Organizations that switch to cloud computing must understand the associated risks besides employing strategies to protect their data, staff, and customers – that’s where Cyber Protect Clouds comes into play.      

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered all-in-one antivirus antimalware solution that easily automates and integrates endpoint protection management.

The solution offers single service provider capabilities combining antimalware, security and management, patch management, vulnerability assessment, and URL filtering.    

Cyber Protect Cloud removes guesswork and complications from cybersecurity by integrating AI-based defense mechanisms that protect users from modern cyber threats.

The result is an intelligent use of a company’s resources that leaves your teams focusing on addressing customer issues and earning more revenues that build your businesses’ profit margins.   

Power-packed with military-grade, full-stack antimalware capabilities, Cyber Protect Cloud offers a set of comprehensive but easy-to-use management tools built on a next-gen backup and recovery platform.

The Acronis cyber protect offers a streamlined onboarding process with seamless daily operations that simplify reporting and combatting advanced threats by integrating new use cases with every upgrade.

Cyber Protect Cloud is an important asset that offers protection against the following risks associated with cloud computing:

#1. Misconfiguration

Misconfiguration and lack of visibility into access settings are considered major cloud security issues due to the complicated process of setting up a secure cloud environment. The inherently inaccessible nature of cloud storage leaves room for anyone with some technical knowledge to breach any misconfigured system.

Human error and carelessness with secure information constitute a significant concern since cybercriminals can quickly identify poorly configured access controls and take advantage to the detriment of users. Companies must therefore invest in systems like Cyber Protect Cloud that automate protection so their efforts don’t go in vain.  

#2. Increased Cyber Crime

Human error by company staff may lead to a certain amount of issues. However, any organization that stores a sizeable amount of sensitive information on the cloud is always at risk of being targeted by cybercriminals.

Hackers carefully study the operating systems of the world’s leading cloud storage facilities and can acquire intimate knowledge of factors surrounding their operations and security controls. 

These threat actors have come to understand the technology; cases of phishing and malware are now the order of the day.

The only way to mitigate possible human error by staff and deliberate attacks by criminal agents is by integrating the best cloud protection practices that offer more than just the everyday settings and access controls.

Since the conventional stack of endpoint protection solutions isn’t integrated and demands more management – installation, licensing, installing updates and patches, and managing numerous policies using different interfaces- Cyber Protect Cloud is a better option.    


Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud features essential single-solution cyber protection presenting service-rich capabilities for individuals and businesses. Some of its abilities include the following:  

#1. Remote Restoration

IT practitioners know that accidents and device thefts are among the events that often lead to data breaches when people often lose their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Acronis cyber protect cloud offers remote restore capabilities, which enables users to get back into the game should they lose their device or when they travel abroad.

This unique feature allows users to buy a new device and reinstall their old system to access their files and settings. Acronis is designed to restore the correct drives in the new hardware.    

#2. Automatic Device Protection

Your Acronis cyber protect agent is responsible for all data protection tasks on your individual or company devices.

Unlike the conventional backup solutions, everything is autonomous, and once it’s been installed, the agents will configure it with the Acronis Management Server (AMS).

This automates all backup, replication, recovery, and data manipulation activities on schedule, including when experiencing an unstable connection. Your IT team no longer has to oversee additional devices constantly generating data manually.   

#3. Prevents Ransomware Attacks

Most users can maintain reliable copies of data they can use to quickly restore their systems without paying ransom in case there’s infiltration.

However, the landscape is constantly changing, with new ransomware strains targeting backup software, leaving users vulnerable.

Acronis cyber protect cloud actively monitors users’ systems in real-time and can detect and stop ransomware attacks automatically.

The procedure automatically restores any affected or damaged files, meaning your project will recover quickly following attacks that could have otherwise crippled operations.      

#4. Diagnose Attacks

Acronis cyber protect cloud eliminates the need to have numerous backup versions, requiring users to thoroughly investigate cases of a data breach or data loss. Acronis creates a catalog of all arrangements of your backup and notifies you every time a file is modified.

There’s no longer a need to do manual scans via recovery points when looking for a secure unadulterated version of your files, as Acronis does it automatically – diagnosing repeated cyber-attacks has never been easier.     

#5. Check Malicious Employees or Users

Any cyber-protection solution worth its name should have a tiered system that can limit the ability to delegate admin roles and significantly reduce the damage a malicious employee or user can cause.

Acronis cyber protect cloud enables monitoring and controlling a company’s entire infrastructure and limits the level of access and control that remote admins can wield.

Different admins are given complete control of their departmental infrastructure but can’t access other offices or departments. Acronis employs a critical “two-person rule” that no single user has full individual responsibility over a business’s software or hardware.

#6. Make Fixes Pretty Fast

We’re all too familiar with those sneaky IT outages, such as faulty repairs to an operating system or an app that messes up the entire system or brings down a server. Thankfully, all that could be a thing of the past. With Acronis cyber protect cloud, it eliminates suffering and initiates a complete backup of your system within seconds.

Everyone in the company can continue working as you fix emerging issues, including when you conduct software updates, test infrastructure changes, or install different configurations.  

#7. Guarantee Data Integrity

There’s a new form of cyber-attack that, instead of the bad guys taking down a system or stealing your data, modify it in a way that distorts your business process and causes users to make fatal business decisions.

For businesses or projects that rely on AI to make decisions or process information, for example, hospitals, lack of accurate or authentic data can mean disaster due to flawed analysis that negatively impacts decision-making.

Acronis cyber protect clouds meet this challenge head-on as it integrates a blockchain-based notarization solution that provides a guaranteed way to certify and verify data authenticity. 


Apart from offering one agent, one license, and one management that removes the complexity and risks associated with traditional non-integrated cybersecurity solutions, Acronis cyber protect clouds bring the following advantages to users:

#1. More Productivity

Users of the old-time non-integrated stack endpoint cybersecurity solutions spend a lot of time learning about each of their different subsections. A unified protection solution that combines all features increases reliability, and users need less time to learn, deploy and maintain.

As an integrated solution, Acronis cyber protect delivers total protection against present-day threats that facilitates streamlined management and reduces unnecessary administrative time.   

#2. Reduces Security Incidents

Acronis cyber protect cloud offers users protection from modern cyber threats. The solution integrates next-gen antimalware and backup that enables the automatic recovery of corrupted data.

It also leverages its AI-enabled threat detection engine to create backup data that enhances detection rates while eliminating false positives. All user backups are safely secured and backed up by the agents’ thereby ensuring data remains clean.

#3. Improves Data Security

Implementing Acronis cyber protection removes physical systems from your office, meaning there’s less risk that anyone will tamper with it since no one has direct access to your data.

Moreover, the service provider must keep the technology updated, backed up, and patched. This isn’t a problem for the company since it has no infrastructural limitations that users could struggle with.  

#4. Enhanced Disaster Recovery

Using a secure cloud service is your best guarantee to recover all your data in the unfortunate event of a disaster in your physical office location. Implementing Acronis cyber protection mitigates the risks associated with lost or stolen devices.


Acronis cyber protect cloud boasts among the most exciting features for better service delivery. They include the following:

Automatic Day-to-Day Workload Monitoring

This feature aid the management and execution of pre-approved scripts to help users mitigate risks associated with human error by using customized Acronis-verified scripts on-demand, on-schedule, or anytime start conditions are met.

Multiple Client Management

Users can use a single tab to centrally manage all their direct clients using the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud console. Centralized management facilitates more straightforward handling of scripts and their execution across the board of group or individual workloads.

Rapid One-Click Recovery

You no longer need to hire highly-skilled IT personnel to implement data recovery following any large-scale incident or cyber-attack. The one-click recovery feature facilitates real-time workload recovery with just a single click. 

Advanced-Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Pack

Users can minimize data leaks by using the encrypted removable storage feature that helps clients better protect their data and neutralizes any risks associated with sensitive data leaving client workloads through unencrypted storage devices. 

Verify Status and Service Schedules

This new feature provides a self-service option where users can check their service states and maintenance schedules.

Advanced Packs

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a part of a robust platform that enables service providers to offer an all-in-one solution to cloud storage issues. The following advanced packs offer a service-rich solution that increases desired outcomes.

Advanced Backup

In addition to what you get with the Acronis cyber protect cloud, the advanced backup improves data protection by safeguarding customer data and ensures that all apps, data, and systems are secure, including in between scheduled backups. 

Advanced Disaster Recovery

The advanced disaster recovery add-on ensures your customers don’t experience too much downtime. You can increase monthly revenue by implementing a VPN-less deployment option, multiple templates, and custom DNS configuration.

Advanced Security

Besides exploiting prevention, the Advanced Security add-on encompasses cyber protection for internet browsing, backed-up data, and the recovery process. This add-on enhances detection rate and responsiveness to today’s cyber threats without additional resources.

Advanced Email Security

With the advanced email security add-on, the system detects and intercepts any email threats, including spam, phishing, business email compromise, or advanced persistent threats, in real-time before they reach the targeted users.

The add-on employs lightning-fast detection following a simple setup and configuration. 

Advanced File Sync and Share

This particular add-on uses a file share and sync service to enhance your customer’s teams’ collaboration and productivity.

The service encompasses sharing capabilities that include verification, remote notarization, and online signing across all the platforms, besides offering total control over data location, management, and privacy.

Advanced Management

The advanced management add-on is ideal for users who want to save the time spent doing administrative tasks using a comprehensive and automated patch management toolset that enables consolidating solutions and proactively eliminating security gaps while improving uptime through checking disk drive health.


You could check out alternative cyber protect cloud service providers that offer different levels of integration, deployment, and specific product capabilities and how they compare with Acronis. Among the leading competitors include the following:

Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is designed to protect servers and endpoints equally, and since the software works through cloud-based nodes, you don’t have to be greatly worried about compatibility. 


  • Virus protection
  • Protects external devices such as USB, CD, and Firewall
  • Central console
  • Website access protection
  • Manage of applications


  • Windows update control is wanting
  • Client update application could be improved

Kaspersky enables users to oversee package management so administrators can see their systems are always running the latest version of some specific piece of software.

Fortinet Endpoint Security

Fortinet is a well-known cloud network security tool designed specifically for two prominent use cases. First, it implements a security fabric environment that ensures users have only one policy. The second use case controls endpoints where it acts as both antivirus and antispyware software.


  • Supports web filtering
  • Easy to set up
  • Supports remote access


  • High memory usage
  • The Control panel is not easy to navigate

The solution’s core component is its ability to become a built-in vulnerability scanner that thoroughly seeks out known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Sophos Endpoint Antivirus

Sophos Endpoint Antivirus is designed to stop a wide range of attacks to forestall even the latest malware and ransomware. The solution leverages a combination of next-gen deep learning technologies that enable it to tackle never-before-seen malware to deny attacker tools entry. 


  • Detects Malware
  • Protects against Ransomware
  • Centrally managed
  • Easy to deploy


  • False Positives
  • Resource intensive

Sophos Intercept X also provides root cause analysis that gives insight into threats, removes malware immediately, and ensures no attack remnants remain.

Final Words

With cloud computing, companies experience the next level of customer service by offering enhanced data gathering and storage, remote working, and high-speed flexibility and scalability.

However, the dark cloud comes with the ever-present danger of hackers lurking nearby, waiting for the slightest chance to strike. That’s where Acronis cyber protect cloud comes in, to provide robust protection to users’ digital assets and mitigate all risks caused by human error. 

Next, you can check out how to secure your Windows or Mac computer with Acronis Cyber Protect.

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