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Instagram is a highly preferred platform for brand promotion and connecting with the masses. It is, therefore, essential to have all your online bios linked to this platform. Here is good news! Now, you can directly add multiple bio links on Instagram without the need for any external sources.

Often, users have accounts on different networks, and they try to bring each to one place. Linktree has been a popular web portal for creating designer pages to link all the profiles.

Many influencers use Linktree to link different bios and add the link on Instagram. Some also switch to alternates of Linktree for their unique services like personalized URLs, customizable pages, etc.

But now, you don’t really need to use any external app as Instagram has become self-sufficient. You can easily add links to all your online presence and avoid unnecessary efforts in your business growth.

Here, you can check out the few quick steps to add bio links on Instagram. But let’s first understand the advantages and limitations of adding bios on Instagram profiles.

About half of the World’s smartphone users stay active on Instagram, and this makes it one of the most suitable places to propagate your brand voice. It is a profitable strategy to connect all other business profiles from different channels on this platform.

Nevertheless, there are many more notable benefits of adding multiple bios on Instagram.

Generate authenticity and trust

Instagram is a social connectivity platform, and with a huge number of followers and followers, it becomes hard to find genuine profiles endorsing a product or brand. Therefore, the profiles having links to different sites seem more authentic to the users, and they quickly turn up for their advice or solutions.

Provide maximum information

People exploring your Instagram profile might be influenced by your posts and wish to know more about your business. Not many people tend to look up Google or other platforms instantly for details and often postpone the research for later. This literally affects the effort of influence made through the posts.

But with multiple links in one place in the Insta bio, people can easily get aware of maximum information with few clicks and share or read them anytime in the future.

Gain more visitors on other platforms

Instagram is a globally popular platform, with millions joining it every year. Therefore, if you add links to other channels in the bio section, it obviously increases the chance of generating more traffic on other platforms. While exploring your Insta profile, users might also hit the links to other bios.

Brand establishment

Multiple bio links on Instagram create awareness and authenticity about the organization. Thus, with more users clicking your profile, you can highlight your brand logo, official location, services, etc. It will help in brand establishment.

Redirect followers to different campaigns

You can launch customer interaction campaigns on other social media channels and share the details on Instagram posts. Now, your followers will know when and where to reach your campaign.

Enhance sales

You can leverage the platform for business growth by enhancing your product sales. It is possible if you add the link to your online shop. It is pretty convenient to promote your business on Instagram, and you can keep adding links to multiple e-shopping sites. Your followers can check out the new updates through the links and buy them.

Gain more subscriptions

While you use the platform to make users aware of your organization, there are many who show interest in joining as members or subscribers to get regular updates. Just ask them to fill out the online subscription form linked in the Instagram bio.

There are ample influencers on Instagram, and they have thousands of followers who like and comment on their posts. A prominent business model for such influencers is to promote affiliate links of products or services from other companies. Hence, Insta bio links are highly suitable for attaching such affiliate links that the followers can easily find and explore.

Track traffic data

Instagram insights are an informative and analytical feature for business accounts. It provides details about users’ clicks on specific sections. You can track the volume of traffic flow from the bio links to your website and other channels. It will also help you understand the trend in people’s liking regarding your content.

So, can you add an unlimited number of links to your Instagram bio?

Last year, in October 2022, Instagram tested the multiple bio link feature. It was a huge success, and now, a majority of Insta users are benefiting from this facility to find it more feasible than using third-party tools.

As per the latest developments, Instagram allows users to add a maximum of 5 links in the bios section. It is justified as whether it is an organization or an entrepreneur; they can easily manage the provided space to connect suitable weblinks that define and describe the business.

Instagram has finally realized the need to provide multiple bio-link features. Whether you are an individual or a business account holder on this platform, you can conveniently link up to five bio links from different web portals.

Earlier, there was a possibility to add one bio link on Instagram. For this reason, we were bound to use Linktree or other such link management tools. But now you can follow the below given step-by-step procedure to add multiple links to your Instagram bio.

Instagram has not availed the facility to add bio links on the profile via accessing the settings on a web browser🧑‍💻. You need to use the latest version of the Insta app on a mobile device to proceed with the steps.

Step 1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone🤳.

Step 2. Hit the profile pic icon given at the bottom-right (Android) corner of the application.

Step 3. Hit the “Edit Profile” button given below your name on the screen.

Step 4. On the next page, you will see the column of “bio,” where you can write a short 150-letter statement. And below that is the option to add links for bio from other sites.

Step 5. Hit the “Add Link” button to reach the next page. Here, you can separately add a link to your Facebook profile.

Step 6. You can hit the “Add External Link” option to add more links to your bio. On the next screen, type the URL in the column and give it a title on the next line. Save it by hitting the “Tick” ✅symbol on the top-right corner.

You can repeat the process at step 6 to add five such external bio links, and once it is done, you can go out of the settings to the home page.

Final Words

Instagram has proven to be a successful platform that has gained high momentum in a short time. Users like the way it has eased the process of creating reels and uploading them. This has been leveraged by brands to attract more viewers and followers to ultimately convert them into customers.

The multiple bio link facility is going to be a boon for such influencing companies who can now showcase a variety of details about their business and products. People can trust them more by reviewing their Insta profiles and other bio links.

Next, you may also read about how to unlink Facebook and Instagram in just 5 minutes.

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