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When sending a product to a customer, it is important that it reaches its destination quickly and safely. But this can be challenging!

With the complexity of addresses and mail systems, mistakes can be made at multiple points in the delivery process. To ensure reliable product delivery and minimize risks, businesses must use quality address verification tools.

Here we will discuss the importance of address verification tools and how they help provide reliable product delivery.

There are various address verification tools available, each with its advantages. One popular option is an address validation service, which can verify whether an address is valid and deliverable. However, such services are so expensive. 

Another less expensive option is using a software tool to automate verifying addresses. Before elaborating on tools, let’s understand what address verification is.

What Is Address Verification?

It is just the verification of the mailing addresses to increase accuracy and avoid errors. When verifying an address, it is important to check for errors or omissions.

This includes checking for typos, incorrect zip codes, and missing apartment numbers. By verifying an address, you can ensure that your products will be delivered to the correct location.

Why Is Address Verification a Must?

With the increasing popularity of eCommerce, it became important that products are delivered to the correct address.

This can be a challenge, especially if the customer has moved or if there is a typo in the address. Businesses can avoid costly delays and errors in product delivery by verifying addresses.

How Does the Address Verification Tool Work?

The tool works by matching the addresses of customers with the addresses of products in the organization’s database.

If there is a match, the product is delivered to the customer. If there is no match, the product is not delivered to the customer. 

Benefits of Address Verification Tools

Address verification tools can save the customer and the company time and money. It helps improve customer satisfaction by reducing the number of undeliverable or incorrect orders.

Address verification tools can also help identify customer trends, such as which areas are Served To (STA) and which are not. This information can be used to improve shipping routes and delivery times.

How to Pick the Best Address Verification Tool?

The following things are crucial to keep in mind when choosing the best address verification tool for your business:

#1. Cost-Effective

Make sure the tool is affordable. There are a lot of great address verification tools, but not all of them are affordable. It would be best to compare prices for various address verification tools and choose one that suits your budget. 

#2. Accuracy

Accuracy is really important. Do some research and read reviews to ensure you’re choosing a highly accurate tool.

#3. Easy to Use

Choose a tool that is easy to use. If your address verification tool requires you to spend hours learning it completely, then it is not worth using it. Find a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool for address verification. 

#4. Compatibility

Your address verification tool must be compatible with the Content Management System (CMS) or shipping delivery systems you use to deliver products. 

Now, let’s explore the best address verification tools you can use.


By using Smarty, you can standardize your address with the correct format, language, and character scripts. You can easily manage and merge huge datasets of international customers.

The tool supports more than 240 countries with an address verification speed of more than Warp 9.5. What’s more, the tool offers hyper-accurate geocoding for all your needs at no additional costs.

The documentation is elaborate and convenient to use. However, you may sometimes encounter partially matched addresses, but it is easy to resolve since the support is highly responsive.


Post Grid has freeform address parsing capabilities to help you accurately format addresses. The autocomplete API ensures your data is precise across all channels by implementing autocomplete addresses at access points.

The bulk verification feature makes your task easier by letting you upload and verify around 200,000 addresses at once. The tool runs smoothly and is user-friendly with an intuitive and powerful program. You may find it too simple, but it is a practical solution for precise address verification.


Lob makes your addresses deliverable and ensures they reach the right place every time. Increase your conversion, reduce the rate of returned mail, and maintain an up-to-date database all in one place with Lob.

The tool offers global verification with detailed deliverability data for all your addresses worldwide.

Data standardization lets you fulfill USPS address formatting standards, prevents bad address data, and enhances the accuracy of all your addresses. The setup may initially seem intense, and the price is not low.


Woosmap offers a complete solution for addresses, towns, postcards, airports, train stations, and much more. The powerful autocomplete algorithm gets you the most accurate results and identifies common abbreviations and symbols.

The API automatically fills accurately by entering just a few words. The tool has an extensive database with over 30 million addresses from Royal Mail PAF and MR datasets.

Although the tool is highly responsive, the plans are expensive, and adding and removing addresses are not convenient.


Loqate is a comprehensive tool that is easy to integrate as it can capture, verify, cleanse, format, and standardize address data from across the globe.

The tool has an advanced filtering feature that allows you to accept or restrict certain data types. Moreover, you can use the tool in your native language with suitable character sets. The pricing is expensive, but you always get spot-on data with easy integration.

Address Validator

Verify your address, cleanse it, and make it deliverable using the Address Validator tool. The tool has accurate rooftop latitude and longitude geocoding and address list de-duplication.

You get the best results for all your addresses from over 240 countries. The best part is the address verification credits don’t expire. The tool provides detailed diagnostic hints to identify errors in your address input.

The API is simple to use, but you may find difficulty with estates, farms, complexes, and apartments.


If you want to boost the efficiency of your business with a high-level accuracy for your addresses, AddressZen is the right solution.

The tool reduces time, enhances ease of integration, and makes checkouts smoother with auto-completion.

The USPS ZIP+4 keeps your data spot-on with high accuracy levels. Fuzzy matching validates addresses in real-time by correcting errors. The tool may seem a bit too simple, but you get over 1,200 verified addresses for free for twelve months.

Final Words

With the right address verification tools, businesses can ensure reliable product delivery and provide their customers with a better shopping experience. We have outlined useful tools that you can use for verifying addresses to make sure products are delivered correctly and on time. 

By utilizing these tools, companies can minimize costly mistakes due to wrong or incomplete addresses, thus ensuring accurate shipping information.

Making sure you have the right address verification solutions in place is essential if you want your business to stay competitive in today’s market.

Next, you can check out the best email verification and validation APIs for your product.

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