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In Design Last updated: June 13, 2023
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What’s the biggest problem that all designers face? There are many, but the most common one is to balance creativity and productivity. Designers know the importance of both, so they can’t let go of any of these two. There are surveys backing the fact that creativity and productivity go hand in hand. 

As a designer, it is normal to be stuck between the trap of creativity and productivity. If you turn towards productivity, you will start feeling that you are killing your creativity, just for the sake of productivity or vice versa. Many creative geeks have already found some proven methods that streamlined their workflow without even losing anything on the creative side.

Design software like Adobe InDesign is making life easier for designers, and the use of the right resources with them makes life easier as well as efficient, productive, and creative at the same time.

Importance of using Pre-Designed Templates

Creating signature designs efficiently is a top priority for you as a designer, and this is where the best Adobe InDesign templates will hold your hand. 

Some conventional and old-school designers may consider design templates as a limitation to their creativity. But a new generation of designers uses templates while infusing their unique creativity, making it nearly impossible to discern that a template was used in the first place.

These young designers leverage templates as time-saving assets that complement and enhance their creative processes, never allowing them to be constrained. Templates are indeed a valuable asset if obtained from the right sources and utilized correctly.

They can significantly increase productivity as well as creativity. Here we have curated a list of the best Adobe InDesign template resources that strike the perfect balance between creativity and productivity. 

Adobe InDesign

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Adobe InDesign, as a trusted source for designers, offers a vast collection of InDesign templates. The templates that Adobe provides are perfect if you love to incorporate different design theories, concepts, and styles in your artwork.

Mostly, you can get every type of template, from postcards and pitch decks to newsletters, but the major thing is that you can easily customize any template as per your choice. 

Adobe InDesign provides a comprehensive range of design templates, ensuring that designers can find InDesign templates that fit perfectly to meet their requirements of the designers. Being an official offering from Adobe, these templates can be trusted for quality and reliability. 

Adobe InDesign provides an abundance of unique design styles, allowing designers to explore different aesthetics and find inspiration for their projects. From minimalist to vibrant designs, there is no shortage of creative possibilities. 

These templates can easily be integrated with other Adobe Creative Cloud. This compatibility enables designers to combine the strengths of multiple software applications to achieve their desired outcomes.

The popularity of Adobe InDesign means that certain template styles may be more commonly used or overused. Designers seeking truly unique and original designs may need to invest additional time and effort to tailor the templates to stand out from the crowd.



InDesignSkills is a remarkable platform that offers an extensive collection of InDesign templates designed to cater to various categories and niches. No matter which design project you are working on, this resource provides an excellent starting point for your creative endeavors. The segmentation of templates as per categories simplifies the process of finding templates.

Indesign Skills Templates go beyond being just a repository of templates. It is also a thriving designer community that is wholly dedicated to Adobe InDesign.

This community aspect provides an invaluable opportunity for designers to connect, share ideas, seek inspiration, and collaborate on various design projects. The collective knowledge and expertise of this community contribute to the overall richness of the resource.

This platform will scale up your design skills with its awesome tutorials, tips, and tricks. While the free templates available on Indesign Skills Templates are impressive, there is an option to access even more design templates and customization options through their premium bundles. 


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StockInDesign provides what designers seek to create visually captivating masterpieces with ease. Whether you choose to explore the free version or unlock the full potential with a paid subscription, Stock InDesign Templates is a go-to destination for captivating design solutions. 

An expert group of designers collaborated and made collective efforts toward making these templates. So they are very useful and highly customizable. You will feel a sense of modernism in these templates. They are sleek and aesthetically awesome. 

To make your design stand out of the crowd, you can switch to the paid version. No doubt, the paid version library is much better than the free one. However, with expert design skills and sense, you can turn free templates into unique designs as well.

The paid subscription also enables you to purchase additional templates beyond the free collection. Many professionals credit the platform for enhancing their design workflow and helping them deliver visually stunning masterpieces efficiently.



Freepik is rapidly emerging as a favorite choice for designers. Not just because of Freepik InDesign templates but because it also offers a vast array of free design elements and collections for other design domains. This combination makes it an invaluable platform for achieving design consistency and excellence.

The stock inventory of Freepik is so wide. So you never feel that you won’t find what you want. The availability of diverse options allows you to explore various styles, layouts, and aesthetics, empowering you to bring your unique vision to life.

Advanced filtering options on Freepik make it an easy-to-use platform. These filters will let you land on the exact design template that you really need. The feature saves you valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to sift through irrelevant options.

Additionally, Freepik covers all formats when you search for InDesign templates. This versatility ensures that regardless of the specific software, you’ll find compatible templates. It’s important to note that in some cases, the vectors and photos included in the templates may require payment.

While this may be a drawback for those seeking entirely free resources. The paid elements often enhance the overall design and add an extra layer of professionalism to your work.



Dribbble offers much more than just Adobe InDesign templates. It serves as a vibrant and inspiring community for designers. It provides a wealth of design elements, inspiration, and resources.

Talking about Dribble InDesign Templates, the possibilities are endless. Finding a cool design as per your requirement is so easy on Dribble because of the huge inventory that they have. The templates are highly customizable, and anyone can tweak them as per their unique design requirement. 

Dribbble is undoubtedly a leading platform providing the best design resources in the world. Renowned designers and industry experts alike turn to Dribbble to find the perfect templates for their design projects. The fact that top-class designers rely on this platform is a testament to its quality and reputation. 

One notable aspect of Dribbble is its extensive collection of designer portfolios. By exploring the portfolios of other artists, you can gain invaluable insights and draw inspiration from their artwork. Dribbble serves as a hub for networking and collaboration. Designers and companies get connected with each other and then collaborate on various projects. 

Best InDesign Templates


Starting an InDesign project from scratch is not that easy, and sometimes it seems annoying due to creative blocks. That’s where Best InDesign Templates come to the rescue. With its extensive collection of professionally designed templates, this resource is a goldmine for designers.

The compatibility of these templates with all Adobe InDesign versions, from CS2 to CS6, makes it convenient for the designers. Designers of all backgrounds can benefit from these templates due to higher compatibility.

With regular updates, each visit to their platform promises the discovery of new design templates. This dedication to refreshing their collection ensures that designers are constantly exposed to fresh and innovative ideas. 

By following them on social media, you can stay in the loop with the latest template releases, exclusive offers, and design inspiration.

This level of engagement and interaction demonstrates their dedication to helping designers. The site caters to a wide range of design needs and niches, ensuring that designers of all specialties can find templates that align with their creative vision.



Inkd InDesign templates stand out from the crowd. Offering both free and paid templates, Inkd provides a wide range of options to suit various design projects. It gives you the opportunity to access something truly unique that may not be available on other template platforms.

While the free section offers remarkable templates, it is in the paid section where you’ll find exclusive designs. The paid templates often incorporate distinctive elements, layouts, and styles that can elevate your design to the next level.

Even within the free section, Inkd offers a selection of amazing templates that are sure to impress. These templates contain beautiful elements, photos, and color palettes so they can be customized and fit into any InDesign project.

In the design community, Inkd has gained recognition for its ability to offer visually striking and distinctive templates. With Inkd, you can create visual masterpieces that leave a lasting impact. 



StockLayouts is a resource that excels in compatibility and convenience. You can download templates that are compatible with different software, such as Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, CorelDraw, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Pages, and more.

This broad compatibility ensures that no matter which software you use, you can seamlessly integrate Stock Layout templates into your workflow. Stock Layout covers major file formats such as .indd, .idml, .qxd, .qxp, .cdr, .pptx, .ai, .eps, .pages, .pub, .docx, and more.

The free templates on the platform are an excellent starting point for designers looking to create stunning designs without any additional cost. These templates even include free photos, making it easier for designers to visualize and incorporate relevant imagery into their projects.

However, if you’re looking for more exclusive and premium designs, Stock Layout provides the option to access their premium templates. This flexibility empowers designers to add their unique touch, ensuring that the final design stands out and captures the desired visual impact. 


The internet is full of resources, and some designers are already making use of them to pace up workflow as well as spice up creativity. After struggling with creativity vs. productivity, you will also land on the same ground and realize that creating a balance among both is the road to follow. 

Adobe InDesign templates empower designers to create visual masterpieces. They can save time for you as well as boost creativity. So templates are basically a good way to balance creativity and productivity.

The resources mentioned here provide pre-designed templates that can serve as a solid foundation for various design projects. Platforms like Best InDesign Templates, Freepik, Dribbble, Inkd, or StockLayout, will let you discover a range of features and options to suit your needs. 

You may also explore the best Adobe After Effects templates for jaw-dropping visual effects.

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