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In Digital Marketing Last updated: May 1, 2023
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Affiliate marketing is one of the smartest ways to earn money online by promoting others’ products/services and earn a commission out of it when someone clicks and purchases them.

These days more and more bloggers have started leveraging affiliates on their blogs, which is why this industry is growing on a massive scale.

According to a report by Statista, the affiliate marketing expenditure in the US alone is expected to reach about USD 8.2 billion by 2022.

Not to mention, the competition is also increasing side by side. If you are an affiliate marketer, you have to compete with other marketers and multi-million dollar corporations.

As a result, standing tall in this fierce competition is necessary for your survival.

But how can you do this?

You need to be updated with the current technologies, implement top marketing trends, use high-quality content, and leverage advanced marketing tools.

But why should you compete at all?

Why go for affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing offers very promising benefits as compared to other traditional counterparts.

Let’s look at some of them!

  • Being successful in affiliate marketing can bring you decent income with your blog.
  • An exciting part of this business is that you can work with anyone in the global marketplace. You can connect with brands and target audiences irrespective of your location and cultivate a fruitful relationship with them.
  • You can start affiliate marketing with zero or low investment. All you need to invest initially is the money and time on creating your site.
  • Affiliate marketers enjoy work flexibility as everything is online with no fixed schedule.
  • You don’t need to set up a physical store, inventory, or include a shipment process. Just talk about the products and services of other brands and promote them on your content.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money through blogging.

Now that you know the benefits of affiliate marketing, here are some of the tools that can help you manage it and grow your business 📈.


Affluent collects data from various platforms you are associated with and stores them into a single unified dashboard. It helps you save time while letting you focus on expanding your business. Create custom visualization and tables based on key KPIs and team requirements.

You can also load the visualizations into your dashboards to initiate the reporting process automatically. The Affluent algorithms scan all your data and find problems or missed opportunities, if any, and alert you. Their API can save developers’ time spent on maintaining their connections with different platforms constantly.

They standardize everything even at the transaction level so you can have a streamlined workflow. Organize your data effectively by the segments, including products, different verticals, account managers, and more. You can also use these segments and filter the data based on your needs. The tool allows you to perform personalized grouping and tagging.

This is not it; Affluent also offers some more benefits to you, such as KPI overviews so you can choose the KPIs and keep tracking them daily. You can segment the data by the marketing channel or website. Schedule your revenue emails that land every day in your inbox.

And if you need it, they offer you training or support with anything that’s bothering or challenging you. Integrate Affluent with 500+ affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates, Affliately, Bluehost, Pepperjam, A2 Hosting, eBay Partner Network, Ambassador, AffiliateWP more.

They also keep adding more networks, and if you cannot find a network, you can contact Affluent, and they will build the same for you. It is designed to serve companies of all sizes and shapes; hence, they offer a free plan for up to $5k monthly commission limit and 10 integrations.

You can also go for paid plans starting at $19/month with a $35k commission limit and 20 integrations.


Are you looking for an efficient affiliate link-cloaking plugin for WordPress?

ThirstyAffiliates is a good option!

It is downloaded already by WordPress sites 443k+ times worldwide. The tool is designed especially for bloggers to help them make good money. It is more than just an affiliate link-cloaking platform; it helps you supercharge your efforts and facilitates faster conversions.

Offer your loyal blog visitors easy navigation and get more affiliate income instead of annoying them. Use the tool and provide the keywords, and it will generate the affiliate links automatically for the products. Leverage tables and charts with useful statistics and regular reports to understand what is working for you and find improvement areas.

YouTube video

You can provide alternate link destinations to target international visitors by the countries they belong to. Use smart uncloak links optionally for complete compliance with terms of service by Amazon. With front-end link-fixing scripts, make sure the affiliate links you use are up to date always. Use proactive link checking to never miss an affiliate link 404 error.

Manage affiliate links through CSV files and import or export data or update them across websites. It supports third-party link importing as well, such as Amazon Products API. Besides, it provides flawless integration with Google Analytics and pushes a click event when someone clicks an affiliate link.

In addition to all this, you can go through the guides to learn how to get better traffic, increase sales, monetize your blog, and effectively carry out other affiliate marketing processes.


Grow your affiliate marketing business with the help of Strackr that helps you save your time and facilitates smoother workflow. It collects affiliate data, including transactions, clicks, payments, and revenue, in addition to viewing statistics easily.

You don’t have to struggle logging into individual networks all the time because you can find all the data in one place in your dashboard. You can access all the reports with sophisticated filters by the website or global view. View transaction details such as user device, referrer clicks, OS, landing pages, and timeline between click and order confirmation.

Based on the program, view the basket information like product name, rates, pricing, and earnings. Compare program performance to find the best affiliate network that can bring you the greatest profits. Increase your revenue with metrics such as Revshare or commission, conversion rate, and earnings per click.

Strackr helps you check transaction status and choose date ranges for finding issues. Use their powerful API to streamline the processes easily and unify data for developers to integrate APIs from different affiliate programs. It constitutes information like transaction and order IDs, updated status, SubID tracking, baskets, revenue, price, etc.

They take security seriously, which is why they hash and encrypt all the connection data. Strackr offers useful tools that help you save time, such as:

  • Deals to find all the coupons and promotions in one place
  • Link Builder to generate tracking links, pointing to a website page of the advertiser, by pasting the product page URL
  • Find programs by pasting the product URL or perform a simple search by entering the name to see a list of affiliate programs available.

Strackr can be integrated with 110 networks as of now, and new ones are being added regularly. They currently support Awin, Adtraction, Cj Affiliate, Tradetracker, eBay, Webgains, Google Adsense, Kwanko, Post Affiliate Pro, Rakuten Advertising, and more.

Affiliate Coupons

Affiliate Coupons is a good coupon plugin for WordPress sites. It is trusted by thousands of affiliate marketers worldwide who use it to improve their conversions and click-through rates. Empower your sites using coupons and leverage these features offered by this user-friendly plugin.

Due to their flexible templates and shortcodes, you can use this plugin with any theme you want. It is designed to be mobile-friendly and responsive to use on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. You have the option to choose from various templates, styles or customize its output through CSS.

Manage different vendors, create lots of coupons, and show or hide them dynamically wherever you need. Besides, it features flexible configuration, and each coupon you create can be managed through your WordPress backend with manageable attributes like description, title, links, and validity date. Assign coupons to a vendor and change valid attributes globally like links or descriptions.

The plugin includes a configuration page where you will find more options as well as customizations. They offer widgets to display coupons along your sidebar, event tracking through Matamo and Google, and so many other features.

They offer a thoughtful license structure so you can choose the plans based on your actual needs. Their base plan – ‘Personal’ starts at $29/month, billed annually for 1 site, and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WP Review

WP Review is an amazing review plugin that is perfect for reviewing books, products, games, movies, and more. It supports 19 different types of rich snippets, 16 pre-built templates ready to use immediately. You can also customize different elements like the color of these templates from the intuitive control panel.

Use multiple rating options such as star, percentage, point, thumbs, and circles to create reviews the way you want. WP Review allows you to display your readers’ views about your reviewed products. Users can easily rate the features, leave their comments on your reviews, and mark comments left by others as helpful.

This plugin works with all the WordPress themes seamlessly as they have designed it under WordPress guidelines. You can use Google Places Reviews by WP Review to embed a Google Review over your site. It also supports integration with Yelp Review and Facebook Reviews by entering your credentials without any hassles.

WP Review can create a comparison table to compare products’ features and help your readers make faster purchase decisions. Their notifications and pop-ups help you grab more views and clicks for your reviews by promoting related reviews.

Boost your eCommerce store’s conversions by using advanced and easy-to-customize review forms. Configure this plugin using their smart control panel to manage options, settings, and other configurations. They have created WP Review to be mobile-friendly and have an optimized architecture for better speed and other improvements.

It protects your site from security issues using its secure, optimized, and clean codes. Create reviews based on your preferred languages as it is fully translatable and follows translation guidelines by WordPress. It is also developer-friendly and has extendible features to customize templates and other things.

WP Review has 10 widgets for you to add reviews to the footer, sidebar, etc. Other features included in this plugin are a multisite option, image customization for ratings, adding star ratings with text, Facebook-inspired templates, role manager, attractive thumbnails, support for Google Product Review, unlimited color options, rating imports, custom icon support, adding pros & cons, displaying average ratings, and a lot more.

Their membership starts at $19/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Increase your affiliate page’s value along with earned commissions by using AAWP. It is one of the best and easy-to-use WordPress plugins that you can use seamlessly for your Amazon affiliates.

This tool generates affiliate links and automatically refreshes the products, discounts, and prices without manually updating everything. It comes with a flexible configuration to adjust the output and functionality via plugin settings. You can also do it individually by improving the shortcodes.

AAWP allows you to customize the design by choosing different elements, adding custom style, creating a template, and adapting the website’s layout. The plugin’s core functionality includes features like text links to issue a product name within your content, which is generated automatically.

You can also overwrite the product name manually if you need it. Use a shortcode to display multiple product boxes that look appealing. You will find various features in these product boxes, such as title, current availability, description, discounts, pricing, and a call to action button.

Use a bestseller list to feature your best-selling products and deliver a strong selling point to the visitors. You can also set product numberings individually, such as Top 10, Top 5, etc., to attract your visitors towards your recently added products within specific groups.

Use data fields to place product information separately anywhere within your post or pages. Besides, you can also use them inside your template files directly through PHP functions. Integrate items to your sidebar using widgets, and place shortcodes in text widgets/visual composer to make any adjustments you may need.

AAWP offers more features such as filtering of lists, geo-targeting to tackle foreign visitors, built-in styles and templates, Google AMP support, and earning extra commission for referred Amazon Prime consumers.

Join it risk-free because they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Affilimate is a great affiliate marketing platform to maintain the records of earning via content analytics and affiliate commissions. It can be used to optimize conversations and boost the total earning of users. The best thing is that there will be no half-baked spreadsheet or missed payment with Affilimate, as it will keep track of all the projects and their earning.

Users can aggregate the affiliate commissions with Affilimate and create custom reports for their earnings. The users can keep a monitor the type of content that is generating revenue with automatic sub-id tracking and content analysis tool. Along with this, users can integrate multiple websites at Affilimate that can be tracked at a single place to obtain an at-a-glance understanding of data.

It also offers a revenue optimization feature that allows users to work on the copy, links, and on-page elements to increase their conversion. In case an affiliate link is out of stock or broken, Affilimate will automatically send out a notification to users.

The significant features of Affilimate are:

  • It has a cloud-based environment that allows data to be stored easily.
  • Contains several tools that offer real insights into the data and earning
  • Automate tracking of links to find out broken, span, or closed links.

All the publisher has to do is create a dashboard at Affilimate. The tool will collect the details of all the ongoing affiliate programs for users and match the conversions.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most loved approaches for modern bloggers and marketers. It has good earning 💰 potential along with the opportunity to network with top and emerging brands globally.

Thus, if you leverage affiliates, you can use the above-mentioned affiliate marketing tools and plugins to make the overall process easier, less time-consuming and accelerate your business growth to earn more revenues. And, if you are running a business, then explore these tools to run your affiliate program.

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