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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 7, 2023
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Are you an affiliate marketer? Are you looking for new avenues for making money from social media marketing? Try affiliate programs on Pinterest.

Affiliate marketing through social media has become a thriving side business where people can make money through commissions upon sales. Like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is also a lucrative platform for affiliate marketing.

While there are endless opportunities to make money through affiliate marketing, only the best affiliate programs for Pinterest will guarantee you enormous profit.

What Is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest is a different kind of social media where users Pin or share their favorite images. People can create different collections of images they want to share with their followers. 

Since this platform is primarily used to derive inspiration for creative works, events, food, fashion, lifestyle, and so on, people usually visit Pinterest to get ideas before buying a product or making a recipe.

What Is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

And here is your chance of using an affiliate link to a company on a pinned image. If users like it, they might directly get it from that company’s eCommerce website using your affiliate link. In that case, you also get a commission from the product price. 

Posting affiliate links on Pinterest is completely accepted. So, every time someone sees your pin, the chance of getting affiliate commission increases. However, one should always mention their affiliate partnership with brands to have a transparent relationship with the audience.

Tips on Making Money by Pinning Affiliate Product

If you want Pinterest to be your go-to marketing channel for affiliate marketing business, you should follow these tips for the best results.

#1. Online trends keep changing, and you need to keep track of it to make the most of affiliate marketing. Use trending keywords and post on topics that people are searching for.

#2. You also need to find out who your target audience is. Depending on their interest, you need to pin the images.

Top Tips on Making Money by Pinning Affiliate Product

#3. The Pinterest algorithm gives priority to fresh and evergreen content. Pinning original content will increase your chance of getting more views.

#4. Schedule pins in advance so that it reaches the maximum interested people when they are online. This will also help you eliminate the hassle of remembering to post on time.

#5. Do not forget to utilize features like rich pin and group boards. These will make sure more people are seeing your pins.

Now, check out the cherry-picked list of the best affiliate schemes usable on Pinterest:


First, you can start with Tripadvisor’s affiliate program to earn hotel booking referral revenue from the travel sector. When you use this affiliate partner, you improvise your content with high-quality travel locations and reviews. 

Tripadvisor affiliate marketing on Pinterest

Furthermore, its affiliate program is highly accessible since your referees do not need to make actual bookings. They just need to use your link to visit hotels and other booking partners that work with Tripadvisor.

That is not all! You stand a chance to earn up to 50% of Tripadvisor’s commission from hotel booking partners for specific real estate. Moreover, its multitouch attribution model lets you earn extra commission from return customers within a time span of 14 days from the first contact.      


Amazon is the world leader in eCommerce and is a good platform for affiliate marketing and making a living. You can simply create Pinterest content to suggest the best consumer goods to your followers and other random users. Thus, you get a commission (up to 10%) from Amazon when the user uses your affiliate link and buy something. 

YouTube video

The program is simple, and you do not need to create a publisher account through third-party affiliate partners. Amazon itself manages its Amazon Associates, aka the affiliate program. All you need to do is use the above link and sign up. Then start creating creative Pins, attach the affiliate links, and publish the content to attract users.     


Wayfair is transforming homes by offering a one-stop-shop for all things home. If you like to indulge your Pinterest audience with home decor, outdoor furniture, lighting, appliances, and home improvement products, you must partner with Wayfair.

Wayfair affiliate marketing program

Commission Junction (CJ) is the third-party partner that processes the affiliate onboarding and manages accounts. Hence, you need to visit the above link or CJ’s website to sign up for the Wayfair affiliate plan.

Wayfair offers a decent 7% commission on all confirmed purchases that uses your affiliate link. Furthermore, you can refer to products from a vast database of 2+ million products. Moreover, you get a seven-day referral period to earn extra on return customer purchases.       

belle and june

Yet another outstanding option for affiliate earning from the home furnishing sector is belle and june. If you are a Pinterest influencer and love to guide followers to buy the right home decor product online, you must check out this program.

The home decor giant uses CJ for its affiliate marketing and advertising program. Thus, you can visit the above link and use the CJ signup link shared by the eCommerce platform. Alternatively, you can directly log in to your CJ account and look for affiliate programs from this merchant.  


Pinterest is all about visual creativity, and Canva is the perfect fit for all those online graphic designs you do for Pins. If you know so much about Canva, why not promote it to followers and users to earn an affiliate commission as a reward for your loyalty and creativity.

YouTube video

If you educate others on graphic designing or have established yourself as a design influencer, Canva is looking to onboard you to its affiliate advertising program. It is also good to have a large follower and audience online who values your suggestions on graphic designing tools and apps.   


Travelpayouts work as a digital partner to bridge travel brands, travelers, and content creators together to make traveling around the world convenient, enjoyable, and memorable. Various brands come to Travelpayouts to run their affiliate advertising programs to outsource marketing opportunities to creative content creators like you. 

YouTube video

Hence, you can open an affiliate publisher account on this platform to seamlessly partner with many brands. You will find affiliate partnership opportunities with businesses like hotels, car rentals, flights, tourism agencies, tourism insurance providers, and many more.

Moreover, it offers easy-to-use affiliate tools to scale up your affiliate marketing engagements with various brands. Thus, you and your team can focus on Pinterest content creation while Travelpayouts take care of everything else.    

Expedia Group

Expedia Group is popular for travel metasearch engines and travel fare aggregation. It helps small businesses and consumers travel across the globe safely at an affordable cost. Thus, it should be on your affiliate marketing partner list if you are a travel influencer on Pinterest.

YouTube video

When you join hands with the Expedia Group to accept outsourcing their needs for affiliate advertising, you get access to all other travel groups and brands that are subsidiaries of this travel technology company. 

It also helps you to maximize your earnings through affiliate technology products like backend APIs, deep links, Front end widgets, cross-sells, and many more. is a big name because millions of casual or professional travelers use this eCommerce platform to book hotels, bed & breakfasts (BnB), cars, etc. And thankfully, the merchant also allows content creators and publishers to become its partner through affiliate marketing in the travel sector.

YouTube video

The platform has more than 2.5 million real estate listings. Simply use these places to suggest various travel destinations to your followers and get rewarded handsomely. However, you will get paid only when the referee books a flight, car, travel package, hotel room, BnB, or any other product on the merchant’s site.   

Garden Tower

Are you an expert gardener who influences others to grow green things in their home? Do you use the social media platform Pinterest to engage with your gardening fellows and followers? Then, Garden Tower Project wants you as their affiliate marketing partner.

YouTube video

Simply create an affiliate account on ShareASale to participate in this lucrative program that lets you revive greenery across the globe. The scheme enables you to earn a flat 16% commission on every referred sale. Further, you can refer new affiliates and get a flat payout of $20. That is not all! You also get a 15% commission from referred affiliates’ earnings.      


You can start monetizing your traffic today by becoming an affiliate partner of Agoda. It is a platform where travelers can book houses, apartments, condos, hotels, or any other property.

It offers you a 5% commission on each booking. With more bookings, the rates even get better. The promotional tools of this platform are easy to integrate, and its promos are available in 38 languages.


Embark is on a mission, and it is to protect dogs from preventable diseases. You can assist them in their mission and earn money at the same time by becoming their affiliate. When you become an Embark partner, you will get a unique but shareable link.

YouTube video

Use this link on Pinterest to promote its products. You can earn up to 10% commission each time someone purchases from its website using your unique affiliate link. If you are a pet lover, this program will definitely offer you peace of mind as well.


Semrush is an iconic name in the field of digital marketing. It offers an attractive affiliate program where you get paid for your every step. For example, signing up a new member will give you a $0.01 commission, while with each new subscription sale, you can earn $200.

YouTube video

Features like 120 days of cookie life and last-click attribution make it a one-of-its-kind program for marketers. You can even promote Semrush on Pinterest using exclusive. Semrush creatives. Also, dedicated and experienced account managers are always there to help you.


Priceline is a reliable and trusted worldwide network for flights, hotels, homestays, BnBs, car rentals, and travel insurers. Brands that want to develop a travel-focused eCommerce solution work with Priceline to take their app or website to market quickly.

Priceline affiliate marketing program for Pinterest

You can link and promote its products on your Pinterest Boards and Pins. If your followers or anyone else uses the link to buy travel-related products, Priceline rewards you with a lucrative commission. To supercharge affiliate marketing revenue, you can also check out its APIs and Private Labels.       


B&H is a provider of images, audio files, and technical equipment that caters to the needs of millions of professional and amateur technophiles. Become a Pinterest affiliate marketer for this company and earn a 2% commission on 450K+ products with a chance to earn a higher percentage based on your performance.

YouTube video

Furthermore, it offers an 8% Commission on 3000+ products. B&H also offers advice on adding followers, optimizing promotional content, and getting the maximum benefit from every promotion through expert campaign managers.

Home Chef

Home Chef delivers meal kits of pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to millions of people with all levels of cooking experience each month. You can become their Pinterest affiliate partners and earn attractive commissions by helping them grow their service. 

You need to join its partner Commission Junction and include approved media for affiliation. For each new customer that orders from Home Chef using your link, you get to earn an attractive commission.

WP Engine

You can also earn from selling WordPress hosting solutions and themes offered by WP Engine. It offers a single program through which you can sell WP Engine hosting plans and StudioPress premium WordPress themes.

YouTube video

The customizable and integrated creative of this platform provides you with all the necessary tools for affiliate marketing. You can choose from pre-designed landing pages and banners or make the most of its custom co-branded assets. 

Moreover, WP Engine has a range of exclusive and personalized offers and discounts that you can offer to your audience. On top of that, this platform rewards its affiliates for multiple referrals per month, which will increase your payouts.


Like many other social platforms, Pinterest can be a source of income for you through affiliate marketing. If used smartly, Pinterest affiliate programs can help you make a good amount of money every month. 

However, be aware of spammy products and avoid them at any cost. Now that you know the best Pinterest affiliate schemes, you can choose according to your favorite niche and start earning right away.

If you feel comfortable working within a network, check out the best affiliate networks to join.

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