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In Data Visualization Last updated: February 24, 2023
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Agency reporting tools convert hours of lengthy data processing tasks into minutes of effortless clicking.

And undoubtedly, they are a great addition to agencies trying to analyze and send reports to their clients. But not all tools can fit in the context and vision of your agency.

In this article, we’ll discuss how reporting tools help in better decision-making and explore the best agency reporting tools so you can decide which one fits your agency.

Let’s dive in.

Reports Give Better Insights

Imagine an Excel sheet with 1000s of rows and columns filled with numbers. Now if you’re asked to get relevant insights from the sheet, you’ll probably end up pulling your hair.

Meanwhile, it would help if you could create a highly-visualized report out of those numbers.


Reports give a detailed breakdown of your overall marketing performance and showcase how every marketing implementation works cohesively to achieve the end goal.

Much better, it’s a feather in your cap if you use an agency reporting tool to ease the process.

Here’s how:

#1. Reports Allow You to Visualize Complex Datasets

Reports often utilize charts, graphs, and other visual aids to present complex data in an easy-to-understand and more accessible manner. This makes it easier for your team and stakeholders to identify patterns and gain deeper insights into the data.

#2. Reports Present Spread-Out Data in a Systematic Format

Reports are designed to aggregate data from multiple sources into a single document.

Indeed, providing a comprehensive overview of all relevant information in one place. This makes it easier for stakeholders to get a clear picture of the data and understand the relationships between different data points.

#3. Reports Add Meaning to Data

There’s nothing better than reports providing context and background information for the presented data.

Reports give you the space and perspective to explain what the data is about and why it is important. Thereby helping interested parties understand the implications of the data and make informed decisions based on the insights.

What’s the Best Way to Create a Report?

Before the advent of SaaS, agencies, and organizations spent hours extracting data manually from various channels. 

And yes, it was tedious!

For instance, if you’re a marketing agency, you’d use different tools to execute your marketing activities – juggling from tool-to-tool and platform to platform. Wouldn’t that be a mundane, time-consuming task?

Fortunately, you don’t have to do that anymore.

While earlier it required assigning an individual to perform these laborious tasks, today you can leverage a robust SaaS tool and redirect your human resource to other demanding tasks within your agency.

Moreover, you can now set up your marketing channels and add destinations to extract data and prepare reports within minutes.

Typically, a basic reporting tool provides integrations with different data sources like G-suites, SEO tools, and more.

However, when we narrow down to agency reporting tools, you need to look for additional features like user accessibility, customer service, white label, etc.

The effectiveness of client communication depends partially on reporting. Your client should be able to understand the results or performance of marketing campaigns just by glancing at your reports.

Hence, it’s a non-negotiable for you to pick a tool that fits right into your client’s business and your overall needs.

Here are the top reporting tools that meet the demands of successful agencies.



Supermetrics is a cloud-based solution with extensions that allow users to pull metrics from varied data sources and create stunning reports.

With over 700K users globally, Supermetrics reporting software is well-versed in extracting accurate data from 100+ sources like Google ads, analytics, business, Instagram insights, Linkedin insights, etc.

The platform is trusted by 17,000+ businesses, including top companies like Accenture, Nestle, and more.

Here’s what you get with this platform:

  • Unique data destination suggestions for agencies, companies, and organizations to meet their exact requirements
  • Highly customizable dashboard to cater to the workflow and preferences of users
  • Known for its efficacy in tracking PPC campaigns accurately
  • Integrates with Looker, Google Sheets, and Bigquery to support agency data extraction and report presentation

If you’re an agency using a reporting tool for the first time, Supermetrics is your best bet. Instead of fetching data manually, you can spend more time analyzing and reading the data to provide practical suggestions and find new opportunities for your client’s growth.



Adriel claims to simplify your complex marketing activities by providing detailed breakups of your KPIs. With Adriel, you can analyze your marketing strategy’s performance without technical or coding skills.

Here’s what the platform offers:

  • Access to 5000+ integrations with top platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Hubspot, and more
  • Cross-channel reporting to acquire the bigger picture of your marketing activities performed on different platforms
  • Instant heads-up about significant content performance and campaign errors to keep you updated 
  • White labeling helps agencies personalize client reports
  • Toggle on and off to activate or deactivate specific campaigns with a click
  • Get access to ad spent and other KPIs details in one dashboard; use campaign results and insights to rightly allocate budgets on winning campaigns

If you’re a former data analyst or know your way around raw data, Adreil can be the go-to tool for your needs. 



AgencyAnalytics is an all-in-one reporting tool for marketing agencies to manage client profiles and reports. With 75+ integrations, you can leverage user-friendly dashboards showcasing real-time metrics changes around the clock.

Let’s look at some primary features AgencyAnalytics offers:

  • Built-in drag-and-drop report builder and white label capabilities to easily change the look and feel of dashboards and reports
  • Enable report scheduling feature to auto-send reports to clients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Add a summary or a comment with the report to include personalized insights and suggestions
  • Break down marketing performance on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis to showcase periodic growth
  • Supports cross-channel reporting to show how all the marketing efforts work together in achieving marketing goals
  • Leverage the suite of SEO tools to provide clients with to-the-point reports on SEO, PPC, and other marketing techniques

AgencyAnalytics comes with an array of integration updates each month to meet the client’s demand. With a mobile reporting app, AgencyAnalytics is an ideal choice for anyone who owns an agency with a high number of clients.



AgencyDashboard is a campaign performance reviewer with different integrations from Google Business to Amazon ads. As an added feature, the software stands out as a keyword research tool that supports site audits and content bots.

AgencyDashboard features:

  • View all your SEO and PPC metrics on a single dashboard to interpret the data efficiently
  • White label and automated reporting feature to maintain good client relationships
  • Built-in Google rank tracking tool and user-friendly agency dashboard that lists out your position in search engines
  • Track content performance based on location to optimize the website for higher ranking position
  • Supports both desktop and mobile keyword tracking with instant email notifications about major ranking changes

AgencyDashboard is the right match for you if you want to white-label and send reports across.



DashThis is an agency-level data reporting tool integrating 30+ most popular marketing channels. Along with basic features, this reporting solution is popular for providing top-notch customer support.

Here’s what it offers to agencies:

  • Customizable dashboards that enable you to prioritize your client’s KPIs
  • Done-for-you template for first-time users to ensure a hassle-free set-up process
  • Present appealing reports in different formats, including PDF, CSV, and so on, to establish effective communication with clients
  • Unlimited number of user access to agencies – regardless of the plan you choose
  • Dedicated account manager to assist you through onboarding and set-up procedures

What’s more, you can also categorize content performance based on individual content or ad. DashThis ensures you get the utmost satisfaction while using the reporting tool.



Cyfe is a reporting and analysis tool with 3,00,000+ users globally. It enables you to analyze messy datasets effectively using custom filter options.

With white labeling and 100+ integration, you can efficiently track all departments of your agency or clients’ niches, like marketing, sales, finance, and so on.

Here’s what the platform has to offer:

  • Use Zapier to import data automatically from different data sources without the help of developers
  • 15+ language accessibility to operate and view dashboards to support agencies with a global client base
  • Custom widget feature includes Google sheets, SQL, CSV, and push API to serve different user’s need
  • Rank tracking element to keep tabs on SEO performance and improve ranking opportunities

With Cyfe, you can easily monitor your live content performance. Suppose you own a set of imported data and a few other data from different marketing channels; you can fetch all the data within minutes and present it in a comprehensive dashboard.



Klipfolio is a code-free reporting tool that supports agencies who need to extract data from 100+ data sources. This tool is an effective platform for social media marketers turned agency owners.

Klipfolio features:

  • Comes with 100+ integrations and data retrieval options that use SQL and REST APIs and ensure data extraction is a hassle-free task
  • Showcases PPC, SEO, and social media metrics in one interface for comparative analysis and overview
  • Offers pre-built templates to support quick and effortless data visualization
  • Automatically formats PDF reports of your dashboard and share them with your team in chat, via email, or add to a presentation deck

Klipfolio also has a client management system to showcase real-time performance. This tool best suits those who prioritize maintaining an information-rich yet organized dashboard.



Databox is used by 20,000+ businesses and is a highly effective tool for communicating with large teams. The platform helps agencies automate client reporting, track performance, and generate reports in real-time.

Let’s talk about its features now:

  • Enable role-based management to control who can view/access/edit the dashboards and reports
  • Share live dashboards via TV or embed them into HTML pages to provide more context to the team
  • Easily adds comments or annotations in reports to provide insights or observations
  • Set up threshold-based alerts to get notified whenever a KPI trends against the set benchmark
  • Over 70+ native integrations to popular data points allow a smooth inflow of data

With over 10+ templates for niches like marketing, sales, project management, finance, software development, and SaaS – Databox is an all-rounder.



Whatagraph is a cloud-based agency reporting tool that aids the growth of startups and agencies. With cross-channel reporting, you can access all the basic features of an essential reporting tool. And much more.

Features Whatagraph offers:

  • Track metrics like SEO, PPC, web analytics, email marketing, and more to get the outlook on overall marketing executions
  • 40+ native integration includes social media, G-Suite, and all popular channels
  • Receive standard notification before sending the automated final report to the client to ensure the report’s reliability
  • Enable white-label to personalize the logo, domain name, and colors according to company branding guidelines
  • Reliable customer support to ensure a smooth onboarding and user experience

To be precise, Whatagraph is for agencies who want scalability as a core feature in a reporting tool. The platform scales as you scale up while maintaining a secured client management system.



Funnel supports the independent operation of team members across agencies. It enables you to organize your data as per your preference, export it to the dashboard, and present it as a report to clients.

Here’s what Funnel offers:

  • 500+ data sources integration to allow you to leverage the power of varied tools
  • Onboard unlimited clients and team members to your Funnel account
  • No need for code or technical knowledge to fetch or export data from source to Funnel 
  • Integrations include CRM platforms, sites, and multiple marketing channels
  • Efficient collaboration with clients via workspace accessibility through dashboard URLs and reports

With a 99.99% uptime, the tool’s best for agencies that keep their servers running 24/7. Some major players like Sony, Samsung, Superdry, Trivago, and more trust Funnel with its reporting.

Wrapping Up

An agency reporting tool can help you save ample time so you can concentrate on areas that demand your attention.

You don’t have to stress about reports at the last minute to send them to your client. The right reporting software can meet all your requirements and save the hassle. 

Next, check out how to create a funnel chart in Excel.

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