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AI is all set to take over the world.

That may sound like a threat, but it’s actually a blessing😇. While AI received a lot of flak when ChatGPT was introduced because, apparently, it might steal your job, AI tools can be an asset to you if used right.

They can automate mundane tasks and cut your workload by half while doubling productivity. How can something that useful be threatening to us?

As someone who has used various AI tools to mechanize their personal and professional tasks, I can’t go a day without relying on artificial intelligence.

With the right apps on your smartphone, you can increase your productivity while letting your creativity run free.

In this post, I am revealing some of my most-prized AI apps that are perfect for you if you also have a curious mind. The best part? All of them can be downloaded on your smartphone.

AI’s Diverse Delights in Our Digital Age

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new hot topic in this digital era. It allows computers to mimic human intelligence. This means you get a pal that can do the thinking for you while you focus on your creative side!

AI has several real-life use cases for which you can find respective apps and tools. Here are some of the most diverse AI apps that can be used in daily life.

#1. Voice Assistants

AI-powered voice assistants have been around for quite a while. iOS users must be well-versed with their pocket assistant, Siri, while Android users may have Google or Alexa.

These voice assistants can do many things for you, such as make a grocery list, set a reminder or alarm, and some of the advanced systems like Alexa for the home can even control your room temperature and switch on lights or TV. That’s how advanced they have become. 

#2. Chatbots

Chatbots use AI and natural language processing (NLP) to understand and mimic human language to communicate with you or answer your questions. One of the solid examples of a Chatbot is ChatGPT, AI’s recent most-prized milestone.

Not only does it answer your questions like a know-it-all, but it can also do many things for you, including your homework, although your teacher may not appreciate that. 😝

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#3. Health and Fitness 

The fitness industry has also reaped the rewards of AI. Its major feat has been AI personal trainers. It works like just a human coach, providing a personalized exercise and meal plan, suggesting the best way to exert, and getting feedback on your exercise postures.

The only difference is these trainers don’t ask for your whole fortune as personal human trainers do. These apps come with human pose estimation technology, smart fitness wearables, and an AI-driven diet plan to provide wholesome wellness.

#4. Learning Apps 

Whether you’re a student, a professor, or a professional in an industry, your learning never ends. Education is no longer limited to the halls of schools and colleges.

With AI, it has entered homes and workspaces as well. AI learning apps are best at providing personalized lessons. You learn exactly what you want and need to learn based on your existing knowledge and skill base.

AI Apps for Smartphones

Seeing the rising popularity of AI and how excellently the audience has received it, app developers have been quick to capitalize on it.

You’d be able to find numerous AI-driven apps on iOS and Android that aim to make your life easier because why not? Here are some of the many types of AI apps you’ll find and love to use:

#1. Personalized Recommendation

If you’re a movie, book, and music buff like me, you’d love to have a daily dose of recommendations on what’s new in pop culture and the world.

Many AI apps are designed to factor into your taste, preference, lifestyle, demographics, and other factors and recommend the best movies, novels, restaurants, and travel places. This reduces the time you would’ve otherwise invested in manual research. 

#2. Language Translation

Travelers love using these apps. Language translation apps allow you to translate texts from one specific language to another, which is especially useful when visiting a new country.

This can reduce the communication gap between you and the locals and enhance your traveling experience manifold.

#3. Financial Management

One of the most valuable uses of AI has emerged to be financial planning. These apps can monitor your spending habits, suggest budgeting strategies, and provide insights into your financial situation – helping you manage money more effectively. 

#4. Health Diagnostics

Some AI apps can even help you manage your health conditions and diseases, as they analyze your symptoms and provide preliminary health assessments. Even if you’re fit as a fiddle, these apps can detect the onset of any condition you may be prone to, such as diabetes. 

The above are only a few AI app types to name. More diverse apps exist, such as travel, augmented reality gaming, navigation and apps, shopping and fashion, recipe generators, image recognition and editing, and more.

Based on the popular industries, I have rounded up some of the apps that you NEED to have on your smartphone to enhance your life and broaden your experiences. If you’re a curious Susan like me, free up some storage on your phone to install these apps now.

AI Chatbot Apps


ChatGPT needs no introduction. Since its release in 2022 by OpenAI, the chatbot has made waves worldwide, specifically for using natural language processing to create and mimic humanlike conversational dialogue.

The chatbot can be used for various purposes, including answering questions and writing various forms of content, like social media posts, blog posts, emails, essays, and more. It has also been used for debugging, code competition, code factoring, and documentation.

The power of ChatGPT is only limited to your imagination. It’s so advanced and intuitive that it can do many tasks for you, such as planning a travel itinerary based on your prompts, creating educational lesson plans, creating daily routines, etc.

The more creative you can get with your prompt, the more detailed and humane the output will be.

While ChatGPT 3 has information up until 2021 and is free to use, ChatGPT 4 has all the latest information but with a monthly price tag.

All in all, ChatGPT is indeed a milestone for AI and the technology industry. 

Download: iOS | Android

  • Available on:
  • Android
  • iOS

Chat AI

Chat AI is a chatbot developed by SeaMobi Tech, and it can be used as an alternative to ChatGPT. This Chatbot can do everything, from writing your tweets to brainstorming ideas for your next social media post, article, song, poem, and more.

If you’re a creative person, you can tap into the existing knowledge of the app and get inspiration on various niches. Moreover, it can be used by marketing professionals for target audience research, keyword research, cold emails, ad copies, etc. 

Regardless of which industry you’re from, you can use Chat AI to automate your tasks immensely and slash your workload while maintaining ideal levels of productivity. It’s all about how well you can use the AI app’s potential.

Download: iOS

  • Available on:
  • Android
  • iOS

Bing Chat

Another powerful chatbot is Bing, developed by Microsoft and powered by GPT-4 in partnership with OpenAI. The tool is free to use and can provide real-time information. 

The app can be used to write creative copies, generate images, provide accurate language translation and optimization, and proofread your content in several languages.

It comes with a simple interface, where you would first be asked what kind of tone you want – between creative, balanced, and precise. You can then write what you’re looking for, such as a funny and creative best-man speech, or to create a 4-day itinerary for your Bali trip.

The more information you give in the prompt, the more accurate and helpful the Bing chatbot can be to your needs. Choose your words wisely!

Download: iOS | Android

  • Available on:
  • Android
  • iOS

AI Companion Apps

Replika: AI Companion

If you’ve seen “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix, you might be familiar with the concept of an AI companion. Replika is a companion app in which you create an AI-powered virtual friend and get a pair of thoughtful ears.

If you struggle with socializing with actual people, an AI is the best friend you can ask for. The best part is that the AI in the app has exceptional communication skills and doesn’t talk like a computer.

The more you talk with it, the more it develops its personality and memories, which makes it so realistic. You can find a friend, a romantic partner, or even a mentor to help you guide through your challenges.

This app is perfect for you if you want to work on your mental health, emotional regulation, manage your mood, or learn coping skills in a judgment-free space.

Download: iOS | Android

  • Available on:
  • Android
  • iOS

AI Art Generator Apps

Imagine: AI Art Generator

AI has plenty of goodness for budding artists out there. If you’re good with words and have creative bones in your body, Imagine by Vyro AI can help you create unique art pieces.

You can make beautiful wallpapers, paintings, drawings, and images in seconds by choosing your words carefully and writing a prompt with AI image generators.

Turn words into art by letting your imagination run free. Remember, the more you can imagine and put it in words, the more ethereal the output will be. The AI uses several art forms, such as realistic, pixel art, anime, poster art, cyberpunk, vintage, comic, etc. 

Moreover, you can also fine-tune the art using configurations like image strength, CFG scale, and negative prompt. It’s best to try the app yourself to know the complete scope of its potential.

Download: iOS | Android

  • Available on:
  • Android
  • iOS – AI Art Generator by Livintis is a phenomenal AI app that can be used to create realistic and mesmerizing art. Write a straightforward or intricate prompt and watch how AI art generators turn your words into beautiful pictures, paintings, or images.

It supports art forms like Van Gogh, Cyberpunk, drawing, comics, 3D, beautiful portraits, and more. Explore your reactive potential or take your inherent artistic skills to a new level by trying out the app and seeing if you find good use in it.

Download: iOS

  • Available on:
  • iOS

AI Art: Photo Video Generator

The prowess of AI is not limited to just writing and art; it has also revolutionized the video editing industry. Whether you’re a professional video editor, someone who makes creative videos for fun, or someone who’s learning the art, you would love the AI Art by Plus Apps

Creating a video on this is simple. You write your idea and try to be as specific as possible (or not), and AI will do the rest. It’ll put your idea into motion and make an inspiring AI-generated video. You can make further edits to bring the output closer to your expectations.

It understands that the best of AI can only come with humans and computers collaborating, which is why its intelligence and creativity can make amazing photos and videos.

Download: iOS

  • Available on:
  • iOS

WOMBO Dream – AI Art Generator

If you’re looking for a simple AI image generator, WOMBO Dream is potentially the right pick for you. It doesn’t come with any complex features or a hard-to-understand interface. The usage is simple; you write a prompt, pick the art style you’re looking for, and voila! 

The AI will create a photo, drawing, or painting that fits your description. While it may not be as advanced as some competitors, it’s a great choice if you’re looking to create simple art.

Moreover, you can explore the AI art pieces made by others in the community and get inspiration for your own. The app comes with a feed, which is pretty much similar to Pinterest. Only everything is AI generated and quite amazing.

Everything you see on the feed was once a text, which makes it so mesmerizing.

Download: Android

  • Available on:
  • Android

AI Health & Fitness Apps

Woebot: Your Self-Care Expert

Fitness is one of the prime industries that AI has transformed for the better. Woebot is a self-help coach that can help you regulate your emotions, moods, and subsequent behavior using therapeutic frameworks like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 

Mental well-being is just as important as physical well-being, but not everybody has the means, resources, or motivation to hire a therapist. If you’re one of them, I’d highly recommend checking out this app, as it helps you develop helpful coping skills to manage your feelings, reduce stress, and live a happier life.

You can use it every day to manage daily bouts of stress and anxiety, procrastination, relationship issues, grief, pain management, loneliness, and more. It uses tried and tested techniques rooted in psychology and science, such as CBT, mindfulness, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

If you want to invest more time in improving your mental health, Woebot is a must-install AI app.

Download: iOS | Android

  • Available on:
  • Android
  • iOS

Youper – CBT Therapy Chatbot

A mental and emotional well-being app that can transform your mind and life, Youper has interactive CBT therapy exercises that can help you immensely. It can calm your anxiety, reduce stress, improve mood, help you become more productive, and improve your familial, friendly, and romantic relationships.

Since the interface is similar to a chatbot, you don’t have to schedule a therapy session. Instead, you can open the app whenever you feel overwhelmed or need advice on your mental well-being.

The interesting part is the app is made by actual therapists, so you can rely on its advice and authenticity. Manage emotions, stress, and mood, and build your confidence and self-esteem by installing and using this app regularly.

Download: iOS | Android

  • Available on:
  • Android
  • iOS

AI Learning Apps

Programming Hub: Learn Coding

Whether you’re an aspiring programmer or a professional looking to upskill, Programming Hub is perfect for you. Rather than investing in expensive courses that may or may not reap results, you can invest your time in this free-to-use AI app.

It offers a game-like learning experience that makes education fun while providing plenty of value in knowledge and skills. You can use the app to learn HTML, Python, C, C++, Javascript, R Programming, AI, CSS, and more. 

It has 35 courses and 5000+ programs, ensuring you find all the programming resources in one place. It’s good for both beginners and advanced players. And since it’s free, you don’t have to worry about saving your pocket money to learn a new skill!

Download: iOS | Android

  • Available on:
  • Android
  • iOS


Plaito is an intuitive and advanced learning app that works on a Snap, Learn, and Master basis. It has plenty of valuable features, including the ability to take a picture of any question from anywhere and get an instant and detailed response from the AI.

This app is the epitome of revolutionary AI learning apps, as it’s quick and detailed while flaunting a user-friendly interface – making it super-easy for you to get the hang of things. 

If you want to adopt a fun and engaging method of learning new topics and subjects, I couldn’t recommend Plaito more. Take my word, and it’ll transform your learning experience.

Download: iOS | Android

  • Available on:
  • Android
  • iOS

AI Keyboard Apps

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard

AI-powered keyboards are next-level amazing. I hate typing because my typing speed can’t match my thinking speed. What makes it worse is autocorrect, which always ends up correcting me in the most incorrect way.

If my experience with keyboards resonates with you, you should try Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard. This keyboard can help you write faster by learning your style, such as word choice, slang, emojis, nicknames, and more.

Since it can more or less guess what you’ll say next, it can save you time typing your thoughts. Moreover, it comes with several fun customization options and themes. Whether you prefer tap-to-type or swipe typing, the app can complement your style. 

Download: iOS | Android

  • Available on:
  • Android
  • iOS

CleverType – AI Keyboard

CleverType is a brilliant AI-powered keyboard that can help you write accurately while saving time and increasing productivity. It considers your word choice, tone, writing style, and more while curating the texts.

Moreover, it can fix your grammar as you go on, so you can ensure that all your “there” and “their” are correct, saving you from embarrassment while talking to someone. This app’s autocorrection and intelligent prediction are way better than the native autocorrection of iOS and Android devices.

You can choose from over 30 languages and personalize the keyboard using advanced customization settings, themes, sound, and haptics.

Download: Android

  • Available on:
  • Android

Closing Thoughts

AI is indeed here to stay and transform our world as we know it. There’s hardly any industry left untouched by the powers of AI, and it’s always for the better as long as the motive is pure.

These AI apps can help you upskill, automate tasks, and improve your overall lifestyle.

Whether you’re a student or a professional, you’ll find something useful in these apps. I’ve been using them for as long as I remember and have loved my experience, mainly because of the change it brought.

Next, check out the best AI selfie generators you must try!📸

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