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In AI Last updated: August 16, 2023
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Customer support and care are one of the most crucial parts of any consumer-related industry. Good customer support helps satisfy customers and creates a name for the company. This helps attract more customers and increases the industry’s overall productivity.  

Advanced technology has impacted customer support, as nowadays, there are many tools like live chats, apps, etc., which help address customers’ concerns. Using AI has also advanced customer support tools, leveraging businesses.

In this article, we will see what customer support tools are and their benefits. We will also learn how AI customer support tools make a difference in businesses compared to regular customer support tools. Lastly, we will examine some of the best AI Customer Support tools to leverage your business. 

ProductNotable Features
FreshworksOmnichannel care, AI ticketing, saves time
AdaDrag-and-drop UI, conversational FAQs
AiseraMultilingual AI, excellent service, insights
ChatlingProduct info chatbot, multilingual support
WonderchatAI chatbot from website, 24/7 assistance
Chatfuel AISales boost, human-like chatbots, GPT-4
SupportAgentAI drafts, Help Scout integration
Watermelon AIGPT-4 chatbots, easy setup, no code needed
Seashore.AIStreamlined sales, real-time support
ForethoughtMachine learning, institutional knowledge
TiledeskHelp desk, ticket management, automation

Since no amount of marketing or product finesse can replace customer support and experience, check out these AI Customer Support tools to help you out!

What is a Customer Support Tool?

Customer service tools are a variety of software applications and technologies that companies use to help and support their consumers. These tools are intended to increase the efficacy and productivity of operations related to customer support.

They offer prompt assistance, gather feedback, manage and monitor client contacts, and improve the overall customer experience.

A group of people standing in front of a window in a call center.

Nowadays, the most widely used customer service resources are online communities and forums where users can interact with other users, experts, and business representatives.

A live chat is another helpful option, which enables you to hold a conversation in the present and receive a response immediately. Customers can contact corporate personnel using these and register a problem, complaint, or query. 

Benefits of a Customer Support Tool

There is no doubt that AI tools have always helped ease the arduous tasks. Customer Support tools are no different. Given below are a few benefits offered by these tools:

  1. Customer Support tools increase the efficiency of customer care operations. They help to streamline processes, resolve issues faster and respond quickly. 
  2. Since these tools help to improve service quality, this leads to happier customers and better customer loyalty
  3. These tools do not just respond to queries and problems but also give meaningful insights into customer behavior and preferences. 
  4. Customer care tools also help to handle growing support demands as your business expands. 
  5. These tools also provide multi-channeled support and can help to engage with customers on their desired platform. 
  6. Furthermore, these tools are available 24/7 and help to reduce the costs related to operational expenses. 
  7. The best part about these tools is that they provide proactive support and help solve issues before they escalate. 
  8. Last but not least, they help to build a positive brand image through consistent, high-quality support. 

AI Customer Support Tools Vs. Regular Ones

Incorporating AI into customer service solutions can have considerable significance in the workplace. They can be applied to enhance customer satisfaction and produce more enjoyable consumer experiences.

Chatbots and sentiment analysis are AI-integrated tools that can speed up customer service, improve support staff workflow, and proactively anticipate client demands.

A businessman holding up a tablet with gears on it.

Therefore, using AI in customer service can significantly impact how your staff interacts with and treats consumers. Unlike traditional technologies, AI helps to automate operations, guaranteeing quick replies and efficient issue solutions. It customizes interactions to increase consumer satisfaction and loyalty with the help of insights based on data. 

Ultimately, AI tools provide the following:

  • Proactive, around-the-clock assistance.
  • Enhancing client experiences and fostering corporate success.
  • A degree of efficiency that traditional tools can’t equal.

Thus, AI simplifies scaling and handling rising demand without allocating too many resources.

How to Choose the Best AI Customer Support Tool?

Choosing the right AI Customer Support tool is very important for any business. Below are 5 points you should remember while getting an AI customer care tool. 

  1. Efficiency and Fit: Ensure the tools have essential features like automation, chatbots, and data analysis and are compatible with your support requirements.
  2. Arrangement and Compatibility: Pick a tool that works well with your current platforms and systems.
  3. Flexibility and Personalization: Choose a tool that can be customized to meet your specific consumer support needs.
  4. Scalability and Effectiveness: As your firm expands, be sure the tool can handle the rising support requests.
  5. Data Safety and Compliance: Prioritize technologies that strictly follow the rules and protect consumer data.


Freshworks is an intuitive omnichannel customer care platform with generative AI for ticketing and conversational assistance. The Freddy AI bots from Freshdesk can automate real-time responses, which helps your consumers and support staff benefit by saving time. 

YouTube video

You can gather all the context with digitized IVRs and allocate your interactions to the appropriate agent groups. The platform’s real-time responses, automated processes, and contextual agent transfers enable you to cut your average handling time dramatically. 

With Freshdesk, on a single screen, your team will have access to all client context from all channels, including online, mobile, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and more. This equips them with all they require to tackle any problem quickly.

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Ada‘s customer support tool has a drag-and-drop user interface, AI-generated building tools, and built-in analytics that inform you about where you should concentrate on automation.

The platform has a unique function that allows you to write conversational FAQs quickly. You can sync Ada with your knowledge base to automatically create new intents based on existing material.

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With hundreds of preconfigured connectors to CRMs, MAPs, and e-commerce applications, Ada makes it simple to create tailored, automated customer experiences. Finally, you can interface with essential customer interaction programs like Zendesk, Salesforce, Talkdesk, and others to simplify your job. 

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The AI customer service chatbot from Aisera uses automation, machine learning, and multilingual conversational intelligence to provide excellent customer service while integrating with your existing tools and systems.

Using conversational AI & Automation, it learns from every interaction and streamlines repetitive tasks and workflows. 

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You can gain deeper insights and create a better user experience with Aisera’s AI-powered customer care. With Aisera, you can enhance brand perception, client loyalty, proactive assistance, and even income generation for businesses.


With the help of Chatling, you can teach the chatbot to use information about your company’s products and services, such as online resources and knowledge bases, to provide clients with correct answers and speedy service.

The chatbot is simple to set up; when you give the data sources, it will begin to train itself. To utilize Chatling’s technology, you don’t need to learn how to code or do manual triggers.

Reduce your support volume with personalized ai chatbots.

The Chatling chatbot helps organizations cut labor expenses by reducing the need for a significant customer service workforce with little human involvement. The best feature of Chatling’s chatbot is its ability to comprehend and react to client questions in any language.


Building up your AI chatbot with Wonderchat is as easy as giving the URL to your website or uploading a PDF file. The platform uses your knowledge base to create a unique chatbot entirely supported by ChatGPT.

Your AI chatbot can start interacting with users and responding to their questions 24 hours a day in only five minutes.

YouTube video

With its outstanding feature set, Wonderchat can improve your customer assistance’s effectiveness, speed, and accuracy. Businesses can more effectively manage their resources, speed up response times, and improve customer experience by offering 24/7 automated customer assistance.

Chatfuel AI

The ideal technology for creating chatbots that boost sales, enhance customer service, and automate follower communication is Chatfuel AI. It can provide clients with information about your company, respond to their inquiries, suggest goods and services, and do much more.

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The GPT-4 neural network from OpenAI powers the chatbots developed by Chatfuel AI. The most recent GPT language model’s features enable you to build useful, functional, and human-like chatbots. 

Another key benefit is the Chatfuel AI service’s straightforward and user-friendly AI training interface. You must submit the bare minimum of data while training the bot; the rest will be synchronized.

The AI-powered SupportAgent tool, based on the GPT-4 language model, automatically allows agents to produce draft responses for Help Scout. When you get a new support request, it automatically creates draft responses. SupportAgent continually expands its expertise by learning from various sources and drafts. is a platform for AI Customer Support Tools

To make sure that the proper responses are sent to the right consumers, SupportAgent can organize them by tags. The finest aspect of SupportAgent is security. The chatbots utilize the information you provide them to make drafts, which are then safely stored. 

Watermelon AI

Modern conversational AI platform Watermelon revolutionizes customer support by letting companies create customized chatbots that use GPT-4 technology.

Watermelon provides organizations with a quick, easy, and practical approach to improving customer engagement and expediting their customer service process by integrating its intelligent chatbot environment with GPT-4.

YouTube video

With no code needed, it is one of the most user-friendly conversational platforms for automating talks. Integrating your software, linking your service channels, and beginning to automate your customer support with an AI chatbot may cut your burden. Throughout each stage of your customer’s journey, the chatbot ensures you are accessible to them.


Seashore.AI is an AI-powered conversational platform that assists businesses with streamlining their sales and customer care processes. It can comprehend and answer client inquiries in real time by utilizing natural language processing and integrating them into your current tech stack, giving them prompt help and support.

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With features like straightforward analytics, quick setup, 100% automation, and more, Seashore.AI offers an AI chatbot that can mimic speaking to a human. It also provides pay-per-usage alternatives to assist organizations in locating the ideal option for their needs. Furthermore, Seashore.AI offers tools like videos, blogs, and live chats to assist companies in maximizing their online sales.


Forethought is constructed using machine learning and educated on your institutional knowledge, so it doesn’t need to be taught a set of rules. They use AI to solve issues effectively and save time since it learns to spot patterns better than a person can.

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Forethought trains and develops a potent, perceptive, and knowledgeable support agent almost immediately using historical tickets, knowledge bases, articles, macros, templates, and many other data sources. Depending on the client’s requirements and the issues you’re attempting to resolve, they can vary the responses.


Tiledesk is a versatile help desk application streamlining customer care and ticket management operations. It is a consolidated platform that lets businesses easily handle customer requests, complaints, and queries.

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With the help of Tiledesk, businesses can improve customer satisfaction by offering exceptional customer service. Its ticketing system makes it possible to create, track, and resolve client tickets orderly and methodical.

Tiledesk provides the ability to allocate and route tickets automatically. It intelligently grants access to suitable agents or teams based on pre-set rules. It guarantees consumer concerns get to the appropriate person or division for a timely response.


A satisfying customer experience can boost brand loyalty, improve client retention, and give your company an edge over others, regardless of size. By automating tedious processes, offering round-the-clock assistance, and creating individualized replies, AI customer support technologies can boost customer engagement and experience.

Additionally, artificial intelligence can help streamline procedures, increase consumer engagement, and reduce response times.

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