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Social media is incomplete without memes. Right now, even our lives are surrounded by memes, isn’t it?

If you are on any social media platform, you might have encountered the word ‘meme.’ Memes are constantly being shared nowadays in a considerable number. But the question is, what exactly is a meme?

Why are they shared over a vast scale? What made memes this famous? How to understand a meme? And most importantly, how to create one? Well, you can expect an answer to all of these questions in this article.

What Does the Word Meme Refer to?

Memes are exciting items that include images and videos widely spread over online platforms, primarily via social media. In general, memes boost the fun level on social media platforms.

The primary aim of memes is to entertain the audience. Usually, memes can be funny, cute, sarcastic, dark, and sometimes informative.

Apart from these, all memes tend to add humor to our life. However, over time, memes are becoming more entrenched within the culture. Memes can be a joke about a situation, person, event, or anything else. Usually, memes continue to evolve each day with varying perspectives of creators.

Shareability is what makes memes so popular among a large part of the audience. People love to share relatable memes. Sometimes memes can be easy to understand, while sometimes, they can be complicated. In other words, anything can be a meme if it has the power for revamping.

In today’s generation, memes play a vital role in entertaining audiences. Well, meme generators have made creating memes simpler than earlier. One can create memes without experience using meme generator apps or websites. 

Meme Generators are Nothing New. 

Today’s generation is far more capable than anyone else. Individuals with sharp and sarcastic minds always have new outclass ideas for turning a simple picture into a meme.

Making your memes will assist people in seeing the situation from your perspective. For this purpose, meme generators help you throughout your meme-creating process. Several meme generators are available to support your creative mind and to help you in this hectic task of choosing the best. 

A meme generator lets an individual design a meme using easy-to-use tools. You can also use pre-designed templates. You can design a meme using such tools.

For instance, you can resize texts and images, customize other things, edit a video, change the background audio, and so on. In other words, a meme generator allows you to start from scratch for an outclass quality meme. 

Here, customization includes posters, banners, advertisements, and other custom graphics. Creating your content will increase your reach rather than increase your workload. 

The Advent of AI-Generated Images 

Have you ever wondered how AI is being used for image generation and what are the benefits of an AI-generated image?

AI is human-made software that can automatically generate images using a simple text prompt.

Today, AI-generated images are being used in several fields. AI algorithms are used to operate realistic images and animations. By combining and altering existing images, AI develops new kinds of images. Just by entering some descriptive texts, users can access instantly created images.

AI-generated images would easily fool humans with highly realistic images and videos. One can seek help from AI to create new art or visualizations. Moreover, AI-generated art ensures a new realistic image for your meme creation.

How AI Image Generators are Different

AI generators create incredible sights combining dreams and reality. AI generators can predict the image you are looking for by a simple text.

Seemingly budding, we need to compare the field of AI-generated images with human creativity. AI generators are a boon for people struggling to find ideas and inspiration for their image.

Images generated by AI generators are well-customized and of better-quality images than humans

Furthermore, using AI generators will help you generate creative content for your meme templates. Simply by analyzing the words attributed by the user, AI generators predict the image the user is looking for.

Usage of AI can boost your image quality, resolution, color, contrast, lighting, and so on. For the generation of AI images, the machine usually uses neural networks. A neural network is a way that assists computers or machines in processing data according to commands. 

The first neural network creates images based on the user’s imputed texts. The second neural network analyzes the generated image with reference images.

As a result, AI generators quickly turn your ideas or concepts into visual representations. Let’s dig deeper to search for the best AI-based meme generator to enhance your meme quality.

If you are interested in creating memes to entertain people, you can choose the following applications as your companion for reaching your destination. These unique applications are excellent places to kick off your new meme-making hobby. Memes make you see the humorous side of a difficult situation, further lowering your stress level. 

Searching for the best meme creation app among many options is quite a complicated task. Here, we have mentioned a few of those applications to help you. So without further delay, let’s have a look at such applications. 


Imgflip simplifies the meme creation process with its wide range of free tools and various editing options. With the assistance of an artificial neural network, captions are designed according to the template. Users can customize the text size, color, and font style. 

With the seamless interface and easy-to-use tools, Imgflip allows you to create your template in just a few minutes.

The platform provides you quick access to the most popular meme getting viral on social media. Plenty of customization options are available to use at an accessible cost.

Nevertheless, you can have endless fun while creating a meme for yourself. The Imgflip Pro account version will remove the watermark on the meme to make it look 100% original.

In addition, this meme generator takes just one click to create a meme. After completing the meme-making process, you can download your meme in any format you want.

Users can share their memes easily via different social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, e-mail, etc. 

Super Meme

Another AI meme generator is Super Meme. It’s AI technology allows you to convert text to an AI meme. By simply describing your emotions, the AI will predict the kind of meme template you are looking for.

You can use it for all purposes, from promoting your personal or professional brand to making memes for entertainment. 

Many customization options are available to use for free of cost. The user-friendly interface makes usage simpler and quicker.

The best part of this meme generator is the availability of unlimited videos without watermarks. In addition, it has a powerful search tool that helps you find exactly what you are seeking. Customized text, images, and video editing are supported to make the meme look attractive. 


Craiyon, formerly DALL·E mini, is among the top-notch meme generators. You will get that image in a few seconds by typing the image you want. The possibilities of image generation in Craiyon are pretty impressive. You can easily access the Craiyon application on your Android-based devices by downloading it through the Google Play Store

Moreover, Craiyon’s key features include unlimited unique images, no watermark on images, stylish fonts, and streamlined customization. It provides you with complete ownership, which only you can access.

A beginner-friendly interface allows amateur users to start their meme creation journey easily. Unlike other AI image generators, it offers several latest templates. Once your pictures are generated, you can save or share those via social media. 

Furthermore, Craiyon allows you even to generate brand logos. The support system is open 24/7 to resolve any queries you face. Moreover, this meme generator allows you to share your experiences through feedback. 

makememe is one of the most widely used tools on the internet. It is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3. The platform allows you to create your original meme template. Individuals can use this meme generator without prior image editing knowledge.

Moreover, the AI system will select a relevant meme template according to the commands given. By signing up for free, you can access plenty of meme templates. Its powerful AI system produces natural language imputed by the user. 

A designed user interface permits a user to express their ideas through memes. They are constantly working on improving their features to make them better for the users. Along with AI systems, makememe uses NLP systems to generate memes.

This meme generator is designed to work seamlessly on any device. With high security, it ensures that only you can access your files. Furthermore, you can download and share your meme in any format.


In a nutshell, AI-generated memes will elevate your meme quality. Sometimes, AI-generated memes are even better than any human being-created memes. The algorithm used by AI for generation makes it a better option for designing your memes. 

Most importantly, these generators perform their task in three easy steps: finding the background images, generating captions, and typesetting them.

Using such AI tools will enhance the meme’s quality and foster realistic creativity. We have mentioned and given a brief description of all 4 meme generator applications. Now it’s up to you to decide which one you want to move forward with.

You can also explore some deepfake apps to make the best memes.

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