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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future, disrupting and automating multiple business operations. 

Right from IT and customer support to Human Resources (HR) and sales and marketing, AI has become integral in boosting operational speed and efficiency and achieving potential opportunities for success. 

This article dives deep into the different AI sales tools. Ensuring consistent sales and performance can get tricky, as it requires analyzing the changing customer needs, driving meaningful conversations, and finding the right prospects to convert to your business. 

This is where AI comes in sales to automate processes that otherwise require a huge chunk of time. 

AI in sales can help sales representatives: 

✅ Save effort and time by automating tasks that typically take hours to complete. 

✅ Eliminate repetitive customer outreach and follow-up messages by sending customized and automated messages. 

✅ Analyze sales performance to find ways to improve the sales pipeline. 

Today, nearly one in four sales teams use Artificial Intelligence in their usual daily work. 

In this article, we’ll see what AI sales tools are, how they can help the sales teams and representatives, and the different tools you can try to automate your sales operations and take the sales team’s productivity and revenue to the roof. 

What are AI Sales Tools? 

AI sales tools or virtual assistant tools are software that helps sales representatives automate specific tasks like customer interaction to increase sales and efficiency. 

Sales and marketing departments use AI sales assistant tools to save time on routine and redundant tasks. This allows them to leverage more time, focusing on higher levels and complex activities. 

You can categorize AI sales tools into two primary categories: 

  • Internal sales-focused: These AI tools focus on conversational sales interfaces, assisting the sales teams in finding answers about sales leads and analytics by asking questions in natural language. 
  • Sales bots: These tools are chatbots that focus on automating the prospective customer outreach process or qualifying sales leads. 

Thus, whether it’s automating conversations and outreach or sorting through qualifiable leads, AI sales assistant tools make the lives of the sales teams easier. 

What to Look For in an AI Sales Assistant Tool?

Each AI sales tool in the market is unique and has specific features. 

Here are a few necessary factors you need to consider when choosing an ideal AI sales tool: 

  • Automate sales conversations: AI sales tools help lead conversations with prospects and customers through chatbots to save the representative’s time. 
  • Assist in lead generation: AI sales tools should help efficiently identify and qualify potential leads, prioritize them, and track their progress. 
  • Assist in analytics: AI sales tools should be able to leverage data analytics to analyze previous company information, like pricing, successful customer messages, and customer engagement, to recommend the best strategy forward. 
  • Help you close deals: AI sales tools should efficiently help you close deals faster by providing the resources and information required for the conversion. 
  • Improve customer service: AI sales assistants should be able to track customer conversations to find opportunities to improve customer service by providing the correct and personalized information about your customers. 
  • Pipeline evaluation: AI sales tools provide more significant insights into the sales funnel and move prospective customers through the sales funnel faster by talking to the right buyers at the right time. 

That being said, let’s look at the best AI sales tools with their features.

Oliv AI

Oliv AI is an AI sales assistant that helps sales managers monitor the sales process adoption. 

It builds an agile revenue team that: 

  • Closely analyzes and learns from hours of sales conversations. 
  • Has access to updated winning practices. 
  • Follows the best sales practices every day. 
  • Has clear visibility in all the sales processes and activities. 

Oliv AI analyzes hours of sales recordings, identifying the best-performing discovery calls and common customer objections and queries to generate curated insights. 

It encourages sellers and sales representatives to conduct comprehensive pre-call research. In addition, it provides live conversational insights to the sellers, guiding them to the next smart steps to deliver a consistent purchasing experience to the customers. 

Oliv AI also ensures CRM hygiene by updating Salesforce, making CRM updates a breeze. In addition, it unifies all the sales tools, including CRMs, meeting recorders, video conferencing, and content systems, to provide the sellers with an easy and delightful experience.


Pipedrive’s AI sales assistant analyzes your past sales performance to notify you about tips regarding when to take the next action to boost your revenue and sales results. 

It acts as your personal sales mentor that continually provides performance-based tips and suggestions to find effective ways to improve your workflow. 

You can view all the alerts and notifications in one place, in your Sales Assistant feed, improving transparency and team collaboration and making it easier to keep every team member on the same page. 

It also provides regular progress updates, allowing you to review changes in the results and performance compared to the last week. By comparing the results through convenient graphs, you can easily analyze whether you’re falling behind or achieving soaring results, making it easier to stay on track toward your goals. 

Thus, Pipedrive AI sales assistant acts as an automated sales expert or an intelligent notification system that helps: 

  • Streamline your sales processes. 
  • Calculate sales revenue.
  • Remind or notify you of missing and potential opportunities by creating lead-generation strategies. 
  • Suggest useful features to qualify prospects and boost retention. 

Regie AI

Regie AI is a fully personalized sales outreach AI tool that helps deliver relevant sales messages to customers in seconds. 

It’s perfect for sales development representatives, creating hyper-personalized cold emails 10x faster for any manual email chain sequence to boost the inbound lead responses, email’s open rates, and meeting booking. 

It optimizes your Account Executives’ workflows, including generating one-off emails to keep the deals moving, creating personalized call scripts and LinkedIn InMails, and inserting company-approved collateral into your messaging with one click. 

Besides automating sales outreach, Regie AI can help your revenue team generate engaging content at scale, including blog and social media posts, email sequences, and event and invite follow-ups. 

It also offers a Content Management System that references historical content and provides access to previous case studies, videos, one-pages, testimonials, and more. This makes it easier to incorporate already-known content and stay consistent across teams. 


Cresta is an AI sales assistant tool that helps boost your sales effectiveness and efficiency with Generative AI algorithms. 

It offers integrated contact center intelligence products that transform real-time insights into results-driven real-time actions. Some of the intelligent contact center solutions it offers include: 

  • Enhanced visibility into business trends and insights to make faster and smarter business decisions. 
  • Improve sales agents’ efficiency and effectiveness by equipping them with AI-powered coaching and assistance to boost their performance. 
  • Enable robust coaching and quality assurance by coaching the performance gaps and measuring the team performance on 100% conversions. 
  • Automation to drive efficiency by strategically finding and replacing repetitive conversations with chatbots backed by customer insights. 

Cresta offers an integrated suite of intelligent products, including Cresta Agent Assist, Cresta Director, Cresta Insights, and Cresta Virtual Agent. These tools make every agent more effective and top-performing, improving productivity.

ZoomInfo Chorus

Chorus by ZoomInfo is one of the fastest-growing Conversation Intelligence products backed by 14 technology patents leveraging Machine Learning (ML). 

Here are a few features of Chorus that make it count every customer and business interaction: 

  • Sales call analysis: Chorus helps performance-driven sales teams capture and analyze calls, emails, and customer meetings to provide instant access to the call’s insights and transcriptions. It helps drive visibility, winning behavior, and process changes to create a better impact. 
  • Drive team performance: It helps identify winning behaviors that upskill teams and employees, drive methodology adherence, reduce new hire ramp time, and drive team performance. 
  • Gain competitive insights like customers’ voices to understand the trends and winning behavior better. Understanding customer language in the content and messaging channels allows you to make strategic decisions across your customer base. 

Thus, Chorus helps save 75% of the time spent on evaluations and improves the sales processes’ speed, efficiency, and revenue. 


Drift’s conversational sales provide a buyer-focused approach to the sales and marketing teams, allowing them to jumpstart conversations, build a quality sales pipeline, and boost sales velocity through valuable real-time insights and omnichannel communications. 

This has made Drift create a valuable and significant impact on the enterprise’s sales success. 

In fact, according to a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, Drift’s conversational sales solution has offered the following Return on Investment (RoI) to enterprises and businesses: 

  • 670% overall Return on Investment (RoI). 
  • 50% average increase in sales representative’s efficiency and productivity. 
  • 30% average increase in sales velocity. 
  • 20% average increase in win rate. 
  • 18% increase in Average Order Value (AOV). 

Here are the best features of Drift that help achieve this RoI for businesses: 

  • Target and hone in on prospective customers by collecting buying signals across the tech stack. This allows sales reps to identify the most engaged accounts and those that account for the buying committee. 
  • Provide real-time alerts and notifications about a prospect engaging an enterprise through chat or video. 
  • Provide an AI engagement score to the sales reps determining the most engaging accounts likely to buy based on their brand interactions, including site, conversational intent, email and video activity, meeting data, and job title. 
  • Schedule meetings quickly in Google Calendars and Microsoft directly using a bot. 
  • Promote video engagement and accelerate conversations by sending engaging and personalized videos and GIFs to prospects via email, chat, or LinkedIn messaging. 
  • Use the mobile app on the go, allowing sellers to create videos and chat with prospects from anywhere and anytime. 
  • Provide live chat to the buyers, allowing them to skip the form and begin a human-to-human conversation in real time. 

What’s best about this AI sales tool is that it offers 50+ native integrations to applications like Salesforce, Slack, Zoom, Outreach, and SalesLoft. In addition, it also extends Zapier’s connection to more than 500+ applications. 

Seamless AI

Seamless AI is an AI-based real-time search engine for B2B sales leads, providing a 5-10x average Return on Investment (RoI) and a 350% average increase in opportunities. 

This search engine allows sellers to connect directly with their prospective customers, making it easier to build a sales pipeline, shorten the sales cycle, and close more deals. 

Its sales prospecting solution lets sellers find the right people to contact and build a lucrative and accurate leads list, allowing them to spend less time creating a sales prospecting list and more time selling. 

You can also download Seamless AI’s free Chrome extension to easily find prospects’ emails and phone numbers through your Chrome browser. Moreover, its data enrichment feature allows sellers to fill in any missing details and information in the incomplete contacts or leads list, turning it into a high-quality list. 

So, if you wish to grow and build an accurate sales leads list to close more deals faster and scale your revenue, Seamless AI is the right AI sales tool. 


Seismic offers sales enablement solutions to sales teams facing difficulties in making quick decisions, building strong customer relationships, and getting a holistic picture of what’s working to scale success. 

It offers several products and solutions, like Sales Content Management and AI Guided Selling, offering resources that help sales reps understand how AI transforms sales and customer management in today’s day and age.

Here’s how these solutions help sales teams across the globe: 

  • AI Guided Selling provides sellers with high-quality and contextual content recommendations, helping make sales and win deals faster.  
  • Learning and coaching Lessonly resources enable sales reps to leverage a single hub for content and learning, allowing them to make better decisions, drive better customer conversations, and improve customer satisfaction. 
  • Maximize seller productivity, allowing them to spend more time connecting and interacting with buyers and making sales instead of finding prospects and preparing for the calls. 
  • Enables sales reps to make data-driven decisions with Seismic’s actionable insights into the best practices that boost sales success. 

Seismic also offers insights and recommends the right digital channels to reach specific prospective customers, drive personalized conversations, and win more deals. 


Veloxy is an AI sales solution that helps sales reps and teams improve customer relationships, boost revenue, and scale at a tremendous speed. 

Consistent customer engagement and satisfaction are the most crucial aspects of successful sales and retention. 

And without a Sales AI solution, sales reps are required to spend 66% of their time managing calls and emails, finding the right prospect, logging activities, inputting data in Salesforce, and scheduling follow-ups manually. 

On the other hand, Veloxy’s Sales AI automates and eliminates non-selling activities that don’t generate sales and revenue, allowing sales reps to spend 95% of their time: 

  • Communicate with customers virtually. 
  • Meet customers in person. 
  • Being an advisor to leads and prospects. 
  • Research competitive activity. 
  • Discover and address pain points. 

Moreover, it also shortens the sales cycle. It streamlines customer engagement with AI Guided Selling that sends smart notifications about which customer to call or email and who is more likely to buy, facilitating and accelerating sales engagement. 

So, if you want to eliminate slow and infrequent customer engagement, spend more time selling, improve customer satisfaction, and generate more sales, Veloxy Sales AI is the right choice of AI sales tool.

Final Words

Running successful sales campaigns can be a challenge and a time-consuming process. Hence, investing in AI sales tools can help you simplify, automate, and improve your sales process, driving more productivity and revenue. 

If you want to maximize your sales team’s efficiency and bring in profits, the above tools will help you achieve your sales targets this year.

Next, check out winning sales strategies to help close deals better.

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