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AI Writing Tools have been making waves in the world of content creation, combining the art of writing with the power of science.

Writing is undoubtedly an art, but when it blends seamlessly with science, it can produce captivating content that resonates with your audience.

The science we are talking about here is artificial intelligence.

Its era is upon us and constantly improving to make our lives better.

But, many a time, I have seen people ridiculing it along with its advancements.

Well, human intelligence is indeed unmatched because we have a soul, emotions, pain, and sufferings, which makes us write from the heart. This you can never expect from machines or AI unless scientists find a way to create a soul and control life and death, which in my opinion, is impossible.

Hence, there’s no need to think of AI as a threat or direct competitor, my friends.

Instead, you can leverage it to generate crisp, error-free, and enticing content.


Or, you can say how AI is implemented in writing.

The thing is, content marketing is booming these days. A Forrester report says that around $10 billion was the amount the US marketers spent in 2016 on content. And the number never seems to decline.

That means a lot of content is being produced every year, which requires rigorous research, time, and efforts by the copywriters to create and deliver high-quality content that can make a difference in their audience’s lives.

Why should you consider using AI tools in your content strategy?

A good copy wins the customers.

If you produce quality and relevant content for your audience, they find it interesting and want to read more from you. And it creates a ripple effect to garner more audience to your brand.

This is how you build brand authority, and once they trust you enough and find your offerings interesting, it’s a high chance of them getting converted into your customers.

Increase in revenue 📈

The above-explained point is what makes your foundation. And when more and more people started knowing your brand, they trust your offerings more and convert more into your customers to significantly increase your revenue.

Helps to rank better 💯

With the AI optimization tools, you can optimize your content for SEO against some of the targeted keywords relevant to your niche. Once done right, the search engines start recognizing you, which improves your rankings.

As a result, your popularity increases, and then all the good things follow.

Reduces research time

Researching a particular topic takes a significant time. Using an AI tool capable of providing this feature, you can save yourself a lot of time dedicated to other work on your content strategy bucket list.

Besides, some AI tools help you create topic ideas, and collect statistics to incorporate in your write-up for extra credibility.

Improving the copy quality

Grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and other technicalities of a copy are game-changers. You’ve got to get it right; there’s no other way.

Although it’s not possible to replicate human emotions (not at least now), other things can be corrected. So, let your writers innovate and show their creativity while leaving the rest of the technicalities to a powerful AI tool because you know – “to err is human”.

Factors to Consider While Choosing an AI Writing Tool

This section should clarify the factors to consider before selecting AI Writing Tools for optimized and market-compliant content generation.

The aspects are straightforward; you only need the tool compatible with your requirements.

Let’s proceed and delve deeper into understanding it.

  • High-Quality Content Output: Quality matters! The tool you choose should consistently produce well-written and coherent content. It should mimic human writing styles, and importantly, it should allow you to easily edit and customize the generated content according to your needs.
  • SEO Compatibility: Thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. The AI tool should seamlessly integrate with SEO tools, providing keywords, headers, and meta description suggestions. It should help you create engaging and optimized content for search engines.
  • Grammatical Support: Good grammar is a must! The AI writing tool should offer advanced grammar and spell-check features. It should correct your writing contextually, making sure your content is error-free. Additionally, it should support multiple languages and regional variations.
  • Ease of Use: When picking an AI writing tool, it’s crucial to consider how easy it is to use. You want a tool with a user-friendly interface and clear instructions. Navigating the tool should be intuitive, making the writing process smooth and hassle-free.
  • Plagiarism Detection: Originality is key! Your chosen tool should have robust plagiarism detection algorithms, ensuring your content is unique. 
  • Content Research Capabilities: Reliable information is essential. The tool should grant you access to a vast database of trustworthy sources. It should be capable of fact-checking to ensure the information’s credibility.
  • Customizability and Flexibility: Tailor your content to your needs! The AI tool should allow you to customize writing styles, tones, and voices. It should offer the flexibility to adjust the level of AI assistance based on your preferences.

Hopefully, these factors will help you see the way to choose the best AI tools for yourself. Look at the list for some essential and exciting AI writing tools.

Let’s get set ready!


The savior of writers, the gem of AI, and whatnot!

Grammarly is absolutely adored by millions of people, largely by writers, especially business writers, copywriters, and content writers, including me. It has one of the easiest-to-use interfaces that I quickly fell in love with when I was a complete beginner in this field with zero ideas on content creation.

Luckily, I was introduced to this AI tool that corrected any flaws when it occurred and still does. All you need is to create an account for free and start using it. You can copy-paste or upload a document after clicking on the “New” button you can see on your dashboard.

And bam! With its fantastic AI algorithm, it will show all the grammar vows you have broken in red. The tool also recommends a better version of phrases by highlighting it in red. In its dashboard, you could see all the recent documents you have edited using this tool, which also comes in handy when you have lost your MS-Word file syncs your content pieces in one place.

Grammarly analyses your content for errors and covers basic things like grammar, punctuation, spelling, and more. It also checks your writing style and provides tips and suggestions to improve it to get the “new human” feel.

Grammarly helps you with all writing types, including professional writing, hobby writing, casual writing, emails, blog posts, social media posts, and more. It helps you cut down unnecessary words or fillers from your content pieces to make them authenticate and to the point.

However, sometimes it may show some recommendations that you won’t like much; in that case, don’t blame yourself; you can skip it and get on with the content. In the end, it will show a score out of 100 on the top right-hand corner as the overall content performance.

You can use the free or paid version based on your needs. For individuals and small agencies, even the free version works. But you can also go for the paid tool to get much more insights on your content quality like sentence length, passive word misuse, alternative words, repetitive words, plagiarism checks to “purify” the content from intentional or unintentional plagiarism.


CopyAI leverages OpenAI NLP, an AI research laboratory from San Francisco that created the GPT-n series.

Does it ring a bell?

I am sure it would if you are a tech maniac!

This AI tool allows you to compose a high-quality copy in a few seconds that your audience finds authentic. It will help you automate all those tedious and sometimes frustrating things about content creation in real-time.

Agencies, copywriters, eCommerce brands, and marketers can use this tool to find the best possible way to reach your customers through effective copies. Digital agencies can use to help their clients in making the most out of their ad expenditure. This tool can save their time dedicated to copy creation and increase its quality for better ad performance.

However, copywriters don’t need to envy this tool because they can still write their own copy. CopyAI helps them brainstorm various ad ideas and help you reach a good starting point. Now, you don’t have to stare constantly at your blank screen, wondering how to start!

Similarly, eCommerce brands can reach more audiences without having to sacrifice their ROI because CopyAI helps them create targeted ads that are suitable for their audience. This way, it helps them increase conversion rates and boost revenue as well as profit.

The features included in Copy are:

  • Facebook primary text for ads
  • Facebook headlines and link descriptions
  • Google headlines and descriptions for search and display ads
  • Landing page slogans or hero text for websites
  • Instagram captions that create vibes and product descriptions
  • Email subject lines
  • A case study showing the pain-points, agitation, and solution
  • Product descriptions for eCommerce brands
  • Name generator
  • Blog titles and intro
  • Startup and growth ideas

Ad fatigue and irrelevance are the two biggest killers of your Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), which you can eliminate with creative, non-generic, and relevant copies using CopyAI. With their deep learning platform, you can personalize each of your campaigns for a holiday, occasion, or event.


If you are a Marvel Cinematic fan, you might know Jasper as an AI who manages everything. However, Jasper is an online AI tool that can help create creative and original content. This tool can help in finding the draft 2-5 times faster with some human help. It also boosts ad conversions while writing copies that can create a buzz and rank on Google.

Jasper prepares plagiarism-free and keyword-rich copies of content to improve ROAS. This online AI tool can write in more than 25 languages and help in generating ideas. Using the tool is to scale up the quality of content without compromising on SEO or hiring junior writers.

The online AI tools contain 50+ templates, use cases, boss mode features, etc., to meet users’ demands. The two popular modes of Jasper pricing are Starter and Boss Mode. Starter starts at $29 per month, offering 20,000 words, unlimited projects, 50+ AI copywriting skills, and unlimited user logins. Whereas Boss Mode begins at $59 per month, offering 50,000 words, long-form documents, a long blog post creator, and command Jasper.


Surfer is a content optimization platform that helps Google rank with Artificial Intelligence-based features. The tool works on NLP-based algorithms that help rank the content on Google. Users can generate content strategies that work for their business based on audience, niche, and domain.

It is easier to build an article outline without a few minutes using Surfer. Using this tool, one can easily optimize content, categorize unique paragraphs, set the tone, etc. It also offers content suggestions enhancing the quality of the page. The tool provides deep insight into image count, article structure, keywords, etc. that can help rank the content on Google.

One can also dominate the niche with content auditing that identifies formatting issues and content gaps and helps fix the errors. This tool helps maintain the content and ranks on Google’s first page via link building, auditing, etc. It contains Jasper, which enables writing content automatically without seconds, pushing the content to Google docs, publishing it on WordPress, using keywords, etc.

It is easy to integrate with APIs that maintain the workflow. Surfer is available for users as basic, pro, and business packages. Basic includes $49 per month with features like free one-month NLP, 20 audits, and ten content editors. Pro comes at $99 per month, offering 60 audits, 30 content editors, and NLP. Business comes at $199 per month for 140 audits, 70 content editors, API, white labeling, invite ten members, and NLP.


An efficient AI tool you can consider next is ProWritingAid. This all-in-one tool includes a writing mentor, grammar checker, and style editor that helps you create stunning content pieces.

Over 1 million authors, copywriters, editors, professionals, and even students use this tool to enhance their writing quality. The thing that makes it different from other tools is its sophisticated and top-level grammar and style checking and in-depth reports to help you understand your flaws.

They combine suggestions, videos, quizzes, and articles uniquely to make your writing experience interactive and fun. They respect your privacy, and hence, it’s compliant with GDPR. You can easily integrate it into MS Doc, Medium, Gmail, Google Doc, Chrome, and more.

Both free and paid are available for you. In the free version, you get a key issue summary report, 19 writing reports, 500 words of editing at a time, and you can only use it online. On the other hand, the premium plan starts at $59/year, where there is no word limitation and a lot more flexibility.


Research, craft, and optimize your content for better results using the easy-to-use Frase’s platform.

You know how many hours go into researching content, but if Frase is with you as your content buddy, it can help you with quick research. This AI tool provides a smart outline for your topics automatically that saves you from clicking through an unending number of websites to get information.

It provides a broad list of similar topics, statistics, FAQs, recent news, interesting facts, and other ingredients that you can use to build your story. Frase guides step-by-step so that your research is the best outcome against a set of keywords.

Content briefing plays an important role in bringing the results you want to see in the copy. Frase does just that with its intuitive editor that automatically generates an understandable content brief out of a keyword. You can also create a custom brief and explain the detailed guidelines such as tone of voice, SEO recommendations, governance, and style.

This way, your writers can align their work with your content and SEO strategy to make a bigger impact. It also allows Google Docs integration, importing content from live URLs, sending drafts to WordPress directly, and more. The Frase Topic Score is their proprietary algorithm that scores your articles and other content against all your competitions.

Get real-time score updates and help your writers produce fully optimized articles to see fruitful results. The algorithm also identifies optimization opportunities instantly to increase your content’s shelf life and minimize traffic losses.


Wordtune is an AI-based content optimization and writing tool developed by AI21 Labs. With this, you can rewrite content in a way that is far beyond the basic grammar and spelling fixes. The AI tools and language models can very well understand the semantics of the content. As a result, you can easily transform your thoughts into a good frame content piece easily.

Wordtune can help you rewrite the existing content to make it casual, shorter, expanded, or even formal.

This tool is also available as Add-in for MS word. So, you can keep writing the way you usually do.


Convert your creative ideas into powerful content pieces that impact your audience using the AI tool Outwrite. It is used by over 1 million users and helps simplify complex and wordy phrases to bring more clarity to the write-ups.

Outwrite makes your content concise using its structural and stylistic suggestions that help you say more with fewer words. It works with various tools like Google Docs, MS- Word, web apps, and Google Chrome.

You can seek recommendations to rework your sentence, such as compressing, rephrasing, or restructuring your sentences. The features included in this AI tool are advanced grammar checks to correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling instantly.

Meet the desired word count for your articles with custom suggestions and enhance vocabulary with suitable synonyms through a thesaurus. The tool also helps you create a compelling sentence by suggesting for active voice.

You can track content readability as well as grade scores in real-time in addition to plagiarism checking before you submit your articles. It is available as a free or paid tool priced at $9.95/month. In the paid plan, you get more features such as:

  • Eloquence improvements
  • Sentence rewriting
  • Experimental suggestions
  • 50 plagiarism checks per month
  • Priority email support
  • Team features like group discount, consolidated billing, and team access management


WordLift is the perfect artificial intelligence tool you require to spread your content and grow your audience. This is also a powerful SEO tool that performs all the heavy loads for you by optimizing your content in real-time.

It enables agencies, publishers, and even individuals to create valuable write-ups and make the most from them. It also helps search engines to understand more of your pages using semantic optimization to reach qualified customers.

Organize all your content effectively and enrich your site using links, images, data visualization widgets like a navigator, GeoMap, and more. WordLift helps engage your readers more to increase their site dwelling time through relevant recommendations for content.

It suggests that information and data help you create meaningful context while adding a semantic markup into the text, which helps machines understand your site more. The AI tool will run your site’s SEO that assists you in enhancing our editorial plan. It optimizes your content based on search engine requirements and checks your marketing efforts with insightful data out of WordLift and WooRank.

This GDPR compliant tool also offers a 14-days FREE trial, so try before you use it and let’s see how it works for you.


Writer is the AI-powered copy-editing tool that helps you generate content that really matters to your specific audience. From clarity and vocabulary to spelling and grammar, Writer can be your best friend to correct your text to enhance the overall quality.

You can use the Writer’s Styleguide to create a comprehensive writing resource that your writers and the associated team can understand well and adhere to the instructions. You can also design the guidelines the way you want with colors and beautiful representations. For this, you can:

  • Publish word lists & dictionaries
  • Provide in-depth do’s and don’ts, including examples
  • Provide the resources
  • Reflect your messages

With Writer’s admin control, you can decide where your content suggestions must show up – on Google Chrome, Docs, or MS Word. There’s also a Chrome extension available that you can use whenever you write.

Writer can effectively edit documents, emails, support tickets, product marketing, web copy, product UX, etc. For this, it can integrate with tools like WordPress, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Intercom, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, GitHub, adobe, and Wix.

Moreover, Writer also integrates with social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, Facebook, and Hootsuite, where you may be putting out content for your site.

Unlike other artificial intelligence assistants, Writer never stores your data post-processing and does not utilize it to train their other AI models. Hence, you are safe with a Writer that uses compliant bodies like HIPAA, AICPA SOC 2, Privacy Shield, EU-US Privacy Shield.


Turn your thoughts into impactful words through Headlime and save tons of time. It leverages the power of GPT-3, advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, to ease your troubles while thinking what words to start with for your marketing copy, such as Facebook ads, emails, etc., along with blog posts.

You can also create your landing page without any knowledge of coding and designing. Use professional and interesting copy templates for creating copy for services, products, emails, etc. Furthermore, seek inspiration from thousands of copy examples by the world’s top copywriters.

Headlime helps you collaborate with your team easily and lets you manage your copy in a single place to execute marketing campaigns successfully. Its AI is optimized and tested for increased open rates and conversion rates, and it’s the one for you when you want to see the true result of your marketing strategy.

This tool is great for:

  • Marketing agencies to avoid the frequent need to outsource content;
  • Copywriters to cure their “writer’s block” and accelerate projects faster;
  • Business owners to save their time that they can dedicate to growing their brand.

Headlime is available in 11 languages, including English. Their pricing starts from $59/month for individuals or small businesses. Try this tool for FREE to see stunning results.

More Chrome extensions to help you with the writing.


A clear, concise, and relevant copy is what your audience wants, whether you are a business, agency, or an individual blogger.

While you can write the copy yourself, you can still use the AI tools we just discussed to optimize your content for SEO. In this way, search engines could identify it and rank higher in the results.

So, make friends with AI to streamline your content strategy from research to publishing, and then evaluate the results as well.

Learn the Ultimate Guide to Content Gap Analysis.

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