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For those who have YouTube channels, uploading a video is not enough. Giving your video the right title and description is also vital.

Having a catchy video title and a good description is the key to having more views on your videos. And more videos means there is the prospect of earning more money.

However, it is not easy as it sounds. Sometimes YouTubers just can’t come up with an alluring description, no matter how hard they try. This can hamper their productivity and consistency.

Plus, you have to remember that just like Google or Yahoo, YouTube is a search engine as well. So, to give your videos an organic reach and make them show up above your competitors, you have to carefully write your descriptions. Not choosing the right keywords can be a disaster.

Luckily, many AI-powered YouTube description generators are capable of solving this issue. They can generate compelling descriptions for your YouTube videos and help you reach more people.

In this article, we will name the best AI YouTube description generators. Read on to find out. 

Why Is Optimizing Your Video Descriptions Important for YouTube SEO?

Just like all other search engines, YouTube looks for content that best answers users’ queries. It ranks content based on its relevance. For example, if somebody searches for ‘the best ways to earn money online,’ YouTube will show them videos capable of answering that particular query first.

So, it will provide them with results whose titles and descriptions contain terms related to their query. 

Thus, if you want to rank higher in search results, you must optimize your YouTube descriptions. Smartly including terms and phrases that your target audience use frequently is the key to proper YouTube SEO.  

What Are YouTube Description Generators?

YouTube description generators are tools that perform keyword research, study the YouTube algorithm, and evaluate top videos in a specific niche to create SEO-optimised descriptions for YouTube videos.

They generate descriptions that rank well in search results in an instant. Such tools help cut costs by eliminating the need for hiring copywriters and save time by writing description copies in seconds that take humans hours.

Now that you know a few things about YouTube description generators, let us inform you about the best available options to give a try: 


Writesonic is a YouTube description generator that helps YouTubers generate persuasive and optimized descriptions for their videos in mere seconds.

The optimized descriptions that Writesonic provides ensure that your videos rank higher and frequently appear on YouTube. 

Despite being a newcomer, the tool has acquired a good reputation because of its efficiency. Its 70+ copywriting tools eradicate the need for a copywriting team and manual description writing. 

This helps save you time and money so that you can focus more on making videos. Also, it supports over 25 languages, and all the descriptions look natural as if a human has written them. 

Currently, Writesonic offers quality-based paid plans starting at $12.67/month. It also offers a free trial to help you determine which plan suits you the best.


TubeRanker is a great tool for YouTube description generation. It follows the best SEO practices and optimizes your description to help your video rank higher in searches and recommendation engines.

Instead of beating around the bush, TubeRanker utilizes Artificial Intelligence to assist you in taking a straightforward approach to describing what your video is actually about within the first few lines. This prevents your audience from having any confusion. TubeRanker also lets you provide important keywords you want your video to rank for. 

TubeRanker comes with a 14-day free trial, after which you can opt for their premium plans starting at $19/month.


Rytr helps YouTube content creators generate appealing video descriptions to attract more viewers and potential subscribers. Currently, Rytr supports more than 30 languages for increased convenience.

Besides, it allows users to choose from 20+ tones and 40+ use cases to tailor-make their descriptions. Also, you can provide a few keywords, titles, and phrases to include. 

Rytr’s efficiency in performing its tasks has brought it a fantastic reputation within a short period. Rytr lets you refresh as often as you want until it generates the description you like. 

At the time of publication, Rytr comes with a free forever plan that allows users to generate 10,000 characters per month and offers limited features. However, users can upgrade as they scale, starting at $9/month.  


INK’s YouTube Description Intro Generator makes the tedious process of writing compelling YouTube descriptions hassle-free. Utilizing AI technology, INK helps generate YouTube descriptions that use apt keywords for better ranking and links for better navigation.

As INK is a web-based tool, it doesn’t require any download. However, you have to sign up using your Google account on the main INK site first before you can use it. 

After you have provided the necessary details, INK will give you several descriptions to use in your YouTube videos. Nonetheless, remember that you need to fine-tune the generated description manually for perfect results. 

Presently, INK lets users generate up to 5,000 words/month for free. For extra words, INK offers a business plan starting from $20/month.’s AI-backed YouTube Description Generator aids YouTubers in writing picture-perfect, SEO-optimized YouTube description copies. Just provide your channel’s name if you want, along with a description of your video, and will take care of the rest. 

Based on your description, the AI generator will show you numerous appealing results. If you are content with the description copies, choose the one that seems the most ideal to you. If not, you can run the tool as often as you need to get the perfect copy. 

As of now, has a free plan that allows 3 AI runs per month. For more AI runs, users can opt for their paid plans starting at just $5/month.


TextCortex’s AI YouTube description generator tool is a solid option if you want to generate catchy, SEO-optimized descriptions in seconds.

This tool automates 70% of your work so that you don’t need to outsource and can save money. Provide a title, define your target audience, and generate descriptions at scale – it’s that easy.

Presently, TextCortex has a free plan that offers the core features and 10 creations/day. For unlimited daily creations and extra features, they offer paid plans starting at $19.99/month.   


Nichesss helps content creators generate catchy, optimized YouTube description copies in seconds. All it takes is a title, and Nichesss gets to work.

Within a few moments, the tool will show you a plethora of descriptions that you can use in your YouTube video. 

Nichesss offers a free trial, after which you can try out their Rookie or Intermediate plan at $19/month and $39/month, respectively. However, both these plans lack long-form auto-write facilities. For that purpose, you have to purchase its Pro plan for $99/month.


Maekersuite is the perfect SEO-optimised YouTube video description generator that helps your uploaded videos rank better in search engines. It quickly generates YouTube descriptions based on the title you provide.

The tool gives thorough attention to keywords and writes descriptions that include all the relevant and important info. Maekersuite also assesses the YouTube algorithm and the top videos in your niche to understand what ranks higher and what doesn’t. 

Maekersuite’s paid plans start from €50/month.

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI’s YouTube description generator makes writing YouTube descriptions a cakewalk by simply adding a few words or phrases. The tool utilizes modern AI technology to instantly create attractive, SEO-optimized description copies.

After Hypotenuse AI has given you the result, the tool allows you to review and edit. You can choose from numerous unique variations and edit your copy as required.

Hypotenuse AI has a keyword suggestion tool to ensure that your descriptions boost your search engine visibility to the maximum. 

Hypotenuse AI has monthly and annual plans starting at $29/month and $24/month, respectively. 


Simplified is an ideal tool for a lightning-fast YouTube video description copy generator. The AI-powered video description generator empowers users to generate YouTube description copies in more than 10 tones and 30 languages. 

Simplified provides 50+ templates for increased convenience while creating spectacular marketing copies. Simplified’s AI algorithm, combined with its Grammarly integration, ensures the accuracy and absence of errors in the copy.

At the time of publication, Simplified has a free forever plan with limited features best suited for personal use. However, teams can opt for paid plans starting at $21/month.   


Wordkraft intends to solve your YouTube video description generation needs in just a few seconds.

With Wordkraft at your service, all you have to do is to provide your video URL and a title. And, Wordkraft will generate a description copy based on your video content, adhering to the best SEO practices. 

Additionally, Wordkraft allows you to provide relevant keywords and select language, tone of voice, variants, and creativity level. All this allows Wordkraft to write the perfect descriptions. Also, Wordkraft’s keyword suggestion is immaculate. So, it helps with your keyword research too. 

At present, Wordkraft’s free plan is restricted to 1,000 words and limited features. More words and features require users to buy their paid plans starting at $7/month.

Webmatrices Apps

Webmatrices Apps’ Youtube description generator is an excellent way to obtain search engine-optimized Youtube descriptions by providing tags and a title.

If unsatisfied with the result, you can edit the description as needed. This tool is a good choice to make your videos rank higher on YouTube searches. 

And the best part? Webmatrices Apps’ Youtube Description Generator is completely free to use.

Final Words 

As you can see, YouTube description generators efficiently generate copies that rank in search results.

Here we listed the best AI YouTube description generators to use. Recognize your needs and refer to our article before choosing the tool that suits you the best. Good luck!

Next, check out the online meta-description generators for marketers.

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