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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: December 14, 2022
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Ensure the good health of your family by tracking the air quality of your space with air quality monitoring devices.

Breathing clean and fresh air is a basic necessity for everyone that one needs to stay healthy and fit. Even people around the world are living under the threat of increasing pollutants in the atmospheric air. Man-made pollution is the root cause of this threat.

As a result, it has become quite important to monitor air quality to ensure good health and quality of life.

Monitoring air quality is possible with various air quality monitoring devices available in the market. But before we move on to those devices, let’s first understand more about air quality.

What is Air Quality?

Air quality represents how polluted or clean the air around you is. Keeping track of air quality is crucial because polluted air can cause multiple health issues.

It is the determination of the number of pollutants present in the air present in the atmosphere.

How is Air Quality Calculated?

There are multiple technologies and methodologies that help in monitoring air quality. The methods government authorities, researchers, and more use depend upon the size and location of the monitoring area.

Air quality is calculated with AQI or Air Quality Index. It works like a thermometer and runs from 0-500 degrees. It is a means of presenting changes in the amount of pollution in the air.

Why is Monitoring Air Quality Important?

Tracking indoor air quality is about protecting your family and yourself from the harmful effects of dangerous gases. Various gases, particulates, dust, and smoke adversely affect health.


By monitoring air quality, you can take effective measures to purify your indoor air and thus offer a healthy environment for your loved ones.

How Do Air Quality Monitoring Tools Help?

The various air quality monitoring devices designed for indoor use consist of sensors. These sensors collect air samples and calculate the specific concentration of gases and particles. This may be a continuous process or measurement at a point in time.

So, now let’s explore some good air quality monitoring devices that can help you track your indoor air effectively.

Langukou CO2 Carbon Dioxide Detector

This indoor CO2 monitor from Langkou comes in a compact design. It consists of a big size LCD screen that makes reading easy. Besides monitoring carbon dioxide levels, it also keeps track of humidity and temperature using its air semiconductor sensor.

Its advanced NDIR technology assesses the CO2 content accurately and warns you if it exceeds it. The alarm value is 1000 PPM. It comes with a 1600 mAh battery and 8 hours of battery life. It is ideal for your kitchen, home, school, car, office, camping, or more.

Qingping Air Quality Monitor

Qingping offers this multifunction air quality detector which monitors CO2, PM2.5, TVOC, humidity, and temperature. As a result, it gives you a thorough image of indoor air quality. This monitor offers real-time weather forecasts, UV index, and AQI data.

This is a fast-responding and reliable monitor that consists of a 1.2GHz 4-core A7 chipset. This air quality monitor uses a high-rated sensor backed up with a multimode compensation algorithm.

It features a 328 PPI and 3.1 inch IPS touch screen, which is ultra-clear. It allows you to monitor five metrics remotely in its dedicated app (Qingping+), provided you connect it with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

Xetron Temtop M10 Air Quality Monitor

This Temtop M10 Air Quality Monitor helps you keep your loved ones safe from indoor pollutants and contaminants. It offers 4-in-1 air quality monitoring features that enable it to detect TVOC, HCHO, PM2.5, and AQI simultaneously.

It comes equipped with sensors from top brands such as Dart and Temtop that make monitoring more accurate and reliable. It carries a high-performance lithium battery.

LEF Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Get this 4-in-1 air quality monitor that tracks PM2.5, temperature, humidity, and time. Its professional precision design carries a high-quality sensor that offers accurate readings. It updates the PM2.5 index every 5 seconds and humidity and temperature every 30 seconds.

Its full VA-LCD screen is omnidirectional and allows you to adjust the brightness up to a level of your comfort. This easy-to-use monitor comes with four buttons to perform different operations.

Temtop Indoor Thermometer

This Temtop indoor thermometer helps you monitor humidity, temperature, and PM2.5 levels in your indoor area. It features sensor integration technology that integrates humidity, temperature, and PM2.5.

It exhibits results with an accuracy of 0.9°F and with a refresh rate of 1.5 seconds. It works in 4 modes: real-time, smart, interval, and eco-mode.

EG Air Quality Monitor

EG offers this multifunctional and scientific air quality monitor that gives you accurate readings of temperature and humidity. Besides these, it measures air quality based on different metrics like formaldehyde concentrations, TVOC, and PM2.5/PM1.0/PM10.

Its portable design lets you monitor air quality almost anywhere, including your office, home, car, hotel room, or more. It comes with a lithium battery which offers it power in the absence of DC 5V micro USB charging. It carries a built-in fan for quick and real-time measurements.

Temtop LKC-1000E Air Quality Monitor

This is an economical option if you want a low-budget air quality monitor. It carries high-quality sensors that accurately measure PM10, PM2.5, HCHO, particles, and AQI. Its laser particle sensor utilizes the PSO algorithm, which enables it to measure particles accurately.

The lifespan of its sensor is 20000 hours. It features a TFT screen which offers clear reading. It comes with an in-built lithium-ion battery.

Airthings 2930 Wave Plus

Airthings 2930 Wave Plus air quality monitor lets you measure the six indoor air factors, including humidity, CO2, VOC, temperature, and air pressure. It allows you to connect to its dedicated app via Bluetooth and get thorough insights into the air quality.

With this, you get two AA batteries, Airthings support, a quick start guide, and an optional extended warranty of 5 years.

AirKnight 9-in-1 Indoor Monitor

AirKnight offers this 9-in-1 portable air quality monitor that is ideal for your home, office, or vehicle. It consists of ultra-precise sensors that can detect eight different kinds of pollutants in real-time.

The things that it can monitor include AQI, CO2, PM2.5, PM10, VOC, humidity, formaldehyde, and temperature. It comes with a 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. Its clear LCD display makes it very easy to read it.

Aiment Air Quality Monitor

This 5-in-1 air quality monitor from Aiment is multifunctional and can accurately detect air quality in real time. It can monitor CO2, Formaldehyde, TVOC, AQI, and CO. It comes with a 5.5-inch LED display screen that clearly shows real-time air data.

Its rechargeable battery is large and can withstand up to 5 hours. It is suitable for home, office, car, maternal or child room, etc.

MOESAPU Indoor Air Quality Monitor

MOESAPU air quality monitor checks multiple measures of indoor air quality in real time. It accurately monitors HCHO, TVOC, PM2.5, humidity, and temperature. It has a color LCD screen that labels the air quality in four grades.

Its 1500 mAh lithium rechargeable battery comes with a type-C cable. If the air quality level exceeds normal, its alarm sounds and the interface’s color also changes.

Final Words

Inhaling quality air is crucial for everyone to stay healthy and disease free. These air quality monitors can assist you in keeping track of your indoor air quality. Regular monitoring will help you take effective steps to protect yourself and your dear ones.

Next, you can check out apps to check air quality.

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