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In Customer Service Last updated: September 8, 2023
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Aircall is a cloud-based, all-integrated call center solution, perfect for sales and support teams. Gone are the days when you maintained on-site call center setups that were difficult to install, maintain, or operate.

Now, you can set up a virtual call center solution with existing hardware, lower operational expenses, and no on-site maintenance.

With advanced analytics, live call monitoring, and call routing features, Aircall can help you increase customer satisfaction, reduce sales cycles, and close more prospects. Aircall streamlines workflows integrated into CRM and other digital tools of your business.

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It also helps your sales agents create more personalized and engaging calls by pulling up to-do lists on a single dashboard, call tags, and insight cards. Before we jump into the features that make Aircall worth a shot, let’s start with the benefits.

Main Benefits of Aircall


Aircall is not your ordinary call center solution. Here are the benefits it comes with:

  • Advanced analytics to evaluate call center performance
  • A single activity dashboard to track calls, assign, and tag calls
  • Time-based cloud routing to only available employees and forward-to-phone features when out of office
  • Call whispering and warm transfers to guide new agents and improve customer experience
  • Multi-level IVR directory to automatically direct calls to agents and ring groups together
  • Supports conference calls, blacklists, multiple calls simultaneously, call queues, and automated follow-ups if disconnected
  • Access to extensions, toll-free numbers, local numbers, and easy integration with all digital tools

In fact, its single sign-on features, coupled with assigned user roles, augment security. It also supports CTI integration for improving workflows and has other powerful features like PowerDialer and a business phone app to help you improve productivity.

Aircall’s Use-Cases

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Virtual Call Center

Aircall helps you set up a virtual call center that works out of different locations, serving multiple clients and companies at a time.

Solution for the Sales team

It’s not just a call center. No matter what the nature of your business, if you rely on making sales via calls, Aircall can help close prospects faster. It facilitates productive yet personalized selling.

Internal communications for businesses

You can also use Aircall to facilitate internal communication across all teams of your business. It’ll help boost collaboration and is perfect for remote-first or hybrid teams.

Call software for e-commerce

You can resolve customer issues faster and deliver personalized shopping experiences by offering discounts and special offers to customers.

Also perfect for non-profits and IT and ops teams

To reach prospects, enable seamless internal communications across teams, and make customer-facing teams more autonomous while never compromising on security.

Aircall Features to Look Out for

With over 45 features, Aircall is a one-stop software solution that can simplify business needs and achieve higher degrees of ROI. So, we’ve rounded up the most important features that make Aircall the powerhouse it truly is.

#1. Opt for Call Routing

You can direct customers to the right teammates who’ll be better equipped to handle their issues by customizing call distribution. Moreover, Aircall also supports time-based call routing.

That means you can set individual or team working hours. This will help prevent call spams beyond working hours, ensuring calls are only routed to available teammates.

#2. Try Call Recording with a Pause

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For training purposes, it’s essential to have call recording features. However, recording a call can also help monitor call and resolution quality, in addition to confirming important details.

However, the privacy of a user shouldn’t be compromised. Hence, Aircall has the feature to pause and resume call recording features so that you’re not recording sensitive information of users.

#3. Enjoy Parallel & Concurrent Calls

You can put your current conversation on hold and head off to finish another conversation or start a fresh one. All thanks to the parallel calls feature of Aircall. However, you can also receive and initiate an unlimited number of calls simultaneously.

No longer do you need more numbers to take more calls. The same few numbers will do the trick with Aircall. You won’t have problems with quality while ensuring your call center scaling plans are successful.

#4. Get Toll-Free & International Numbers

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Aircall lets you create toll-free numbers in cities and area codes where your business operates. You can operate out of any country.

Plus, you can claim other international numbers in over 100 countries, even if you’re working from a different continent. In fact, these phone numbers are cloud-based and can help you establish a reputable global presence. You’ll be enjoying global reach while building local trust to reach more prospects.

#5. Set Up Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Extensions

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You can set up an IVR directory to classify callers, determine which team they’re calling for, and automatically route them to specific teammates. Moreover, you can set IVRs that are multi-level. They can be customized for specific times during the day and further streamlined depending on purpose.

You can also use the dynamic editor to assign personalized messages and waiting music. Now, to be able to route calls individually, you need to facilitate quick dial. You can do this by assigning a three-digit extension to all your teammates.

#6. Queue Calls and Facilitate Callback

Aircall supports queue calling, which means inbound callers will have the chance to be in a queue if all your agents are busy. Not only that, if your inbound callers are tired of waiting, they’ll have the option to opt-out.

Once they opt out, your team will reach out with the feedback at a later time. This helps increase customer satisfaction while reducing call abandonment numbers.

#7. Assign & Tag Calls

If you think a specific team member would be best suited to handle another call, you can assign a call to them with a message that explains the context. It’ll be visible on their to-do lists.

You can also tag certain calls with custom labels to help you organize them better. That is to say, it’ll help you refer to them easily and keep them consistent with confident reporting.

#8. Ring Groups

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Moreover, you can also route a group of inbound calls to a particular team and determine how you want the calls to be distributed between agents. You can also decide whether you want to pace your calls, skip agents, or distribute call volumes.

#9. Collaborate Better

You can create and share contacts with everyone else on the team. You’ll also have access to the same shared inbox so that all of you know which calls need a follow-up and which assignments can be archived.

However, the best collaborative feature on Aircall is how they let you do warm transfers. Before transferring a call to a colleague, you can speak to them quickly and give them an update on where you’re at or what help is required.

#10. Explore Call Center Analytics

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Aircall is a complete call center business solution because it lets you monitor everything on the go. It helps you keep an eye on your metrics, like what’s the average call time, missed call rate, or average response time.

In fact, you can also filter these metrics by individuals, teams, call tags and track KPIs for individual performers. You also have a single dashboard-like activity feed to track all live calls, follow-ups, and more.

Furthermore, there’s the Click to Dial feature, which lets you amp up your team’s productivity. To call any number, you just need one click. In fact, this will help your sales reps save time and get everything done quicker.

#11. Get Call Monitoring and Whispering

You can monitor live with Aircall’s call monitoring feature to help guide new colleagues and improve customer satisfaction. It can help correct agent mistakes, close more prospects, and establish best practices among teammates.

If you’re monitoring one of the live calls, and you would rather not step in and have your agent look inadequate, you can whisper resolutions to them. These will be confidential from the inbound callers and help you increase the resolution rate.

#12. Power Dial or Click to Dial

Businesses rely on speed and execution. That’s what PowerDialer’s for. Aircall allows your sales reps or agents to dial faster with just one click. In fact, there’s automatic identification of phone numbers on your prospect’s website, and they’re also added to your calling queue. You’ll also have the contacts synced to your CRM immediately.

#13. Transcribe Calls or Forward-to-Phone

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Delivering a world-class experience means being reachable. Take calls outside your work desk by forwarding calls to your mobile. You can link multiple personal devices to accept incoming calls.

As for transcription, you can transcribe calls and voicemails using Aircall AI.

#14. Unlock the Power of CTI

Aircall’s computer telephony integration (CTI) customizes workflows, improves productivity, and increases customer satisfaction. How? By enabling a single interface approach for every call-related task.

You can view all customer info when you’re on a live call. Aircall’s CTI also comes with 90+ integrations that help maximize productivity from a single dashboard.

#15. Integrate Faster

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Activating integrations is one-click, thereby helping you manage all the settings in one place.

Moreover, you can pull up insight cards for accessing critical customer information. You can also facilitate efficient contact synchronization and a customized workflow between Aircall API and your tech stack.

Aircall’s Third-Party Integrations


When you choose Aircall for your voice needs, you choose an efficient ecosystem – thanks to its easy third-party integrations. Now, why is a voice ecosystem important or even necessary? When you have other digital tools seamlessly integrated and ready for use at your fingertips, you create an efficient and effective distribution channel.

Aircall has third-party integrations in the following categories:

  • AI and Transcription
  • CRM
  • Customer Support
  • Data, Analytics & Reporting
  • ECommerce & Billing
  • Help desk & LiveChat
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Productivity & Workforce Management
  • QA and Sales Automation
  • SMS, Social & Fun, Surveys

You can search for the available integrations by looking for new, featured, and all integrations. Moreover, you can also search for integrations that are perfect for support teams and sales teams.

For example, integrations available for sales teams include:

  • Avoma,, ExecVision, Gong or Refract for AI and Transcription
  • Callingly or Typeform for Productivity
  • Zapier, Plecto, or OneUpSales for Data Reporting
  •,, Pepper Cloud CRM, Pipedrive or Zendesk Sell for CRM
  • SalesLoft or Outreach for Sales Automation

Whereas for support teams, Zapier and Plecto are also available. But there are other options, like Diduenjoy, Nicereply, or, for surveys. Plus, there VoxPay for payment and billing, and more.

Aircall vs. Zoom vs. Talkdesk


While Zoom and Talkdesk are known names in the industry, Aircall offers more affordable plans for all business sizes. Here’s a comprehensive look at each of the features they support:

Call MonitoringYesYesYes
Call RecordingYesYesYes, but from the elevate plan
Call RoutingYesYesYes
Call ScreeningYesYesYes
Call TransferYesYesYes
CTI IntegrationYesNoYes
IVR RecognitionYesYesYes
Mobile AccessYes, with forward-to-phone
and a business app
Local & International phone numbersYesYesYes
Automatic Call DistributionYesYesYes
Call WhisperingYesNoNo

Aircall: Plans & Pricing

Aircall offers three plans: Essentials, Professionals, and On-Demand. While the Essentials starts at $30/user and supports 3 teams, the Professionals plan starts at $50/user and supports unlimited teams. For the on-demand package, you can get in touch with the team and get a more customized plan that works for your business.

While Essentials covers most of the features we’ve talked about earlier, it does not cover live monitoring, call whispering, advanced or custom analytics, PowerDialer, queue callback options, SalesForce Service Cloud, and integration. It also does not have a dedicated account manager or personalized onboarding. These are all features you get in professional and on-demand plans.

Should You Give Aircall a Try?

Perfect for businesses of all sizes, Aircall is an affordable alternative to popular call center solutions available. Setting up Aircall is easy, and you can also take advantage of one-on-one onboarding to help you through. Trying their 7-day free trial gives you enough scope to take its many features for a spin and decide whether it’s the right one for you.

Plus, Aircall has an easy-to-use interface with search that makes navigation around the website efficient and quick. Collaboration is excellent with the shared call activity dashboard that lets you monitor live calls and see due tasks.

You can also take advantage of advanced features like call whispering, which allow you to help newer agents handle clients and close more prospects.

In fact, there’s effective integration with third-party digital tools like HubSpot, Zapier, and Salesforce that makes call center management flexible and robust. Moreover, their advanced analytics can help you make data-driven decisions in real time while having all your customer data in one place can help you access critical customer information.

There are also insight cards and call tags to help you receive context on a call. There’s no downtime, and with its market-leading infrastructure, Aircall is definitely worth a try!

You may also explore some top call center automation software for effective team interaction.

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