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As we advance with technology, things only get convenient for us, and that’s how it is with Alexa Together.

It’s a wonderful caregiving service for your loved ones, specially tailored for the elders 👴🏻 in the house. This subscription service works with your Alexa device, so once you’re onboard, you can put it to use immediately.

Alexa Together will alert you whenever it detects any activity of that particular person you’ve got the subscription for. This allows you to be fully in touch with what they’re doing, and it’s a great solution if any emergency arises.

This post will discuss Alexa Together’s service and how you can use it to your advantage.


The main aim of Alexa Together is to keep your family safe at all times, but it also expands to a lot more than that. It allows the elderly members of the family to live comfortable and independent lives without the need to ask for much help.

Once activated into the Alexa device, the subscription will connect a member of the family with the aging loved one so that the other member can watch the activities and assist if and when required.

Also, Alexa Together strives to hand your loved ones all the assistance they’d need – all thanks to their 24/7 urgent response from professional staff who can be reached by just saying “call for help”.

Since convenience is the number 1 priority for this service, the elders can use the remote assist to set reminders, manage shopping lists, and more.

Alexa Together is suitable for any family member needing assistance and help on a day-to-day basis, especially seniors.

The loved ones get good care, while the other members get peace of mind knowing the family is given all they need to complete their daily tasks.


A subscription is the most important thing you need to start using Alexa Together. You can purchase the subscription from the Alexa app or from the get started page.

A single subscription will cover the accounts of the caregiver and the loved one for whom you’re getting the service. Upon getting the subscription and approving the setup on both ends, the service can be accessed immediately.

The loved ones would require a separate account from their caregivers, as well as these things:

  • An Alexa-enabled device
  • A smartphone
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Alexa app

If you’re looking for a great Alexa-enabled device, you can check Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen). It comes with a 30-day free trial of Alexa Together to help you get started without shelling out any upfront money.

Moreover, it’s a device that’ll make your life so much easier by combining smart home, entertainment, and essentials into one single product. It has a beautiful 8-inch HD touchscreen that enables the caregiver and loved one to operate everything easily.

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Once you have the above things ready, ensure that your Alexa app is updated to the latest version, as everything can be set up from there.

Keep in mind the Alexa-enabled device will be used by the loved one, while the caregiver can monitor and control things from the Alexa app on their smartphone.


For a great service like Alexa Together, it was a surprise that it’d priced very conveniently. Once the trial period ends, a subscription to this service only costs $19.99/month + tax. You’re also able to cancel it anytime you wish to.


As mentioned above, Alexa Together is incredibly useful for older family members. It has a huge catalog of features, some of which are:

#1. Fall Detection Response

Whenever the Alexa-enabled device detects a fall, it’ll automatically and immediately notify the urgent response and emergency contacts to ensure you can come immediately to help.

It’s compatible with a bunch of third-party fall-detection devices. We’ll talk about them later in this post.

#2. Remote Assist

The remote assist feature enables the caregiver to set reminders, manage shopping lists, manage certain settings for the Alexa-enabled device, and more for loved ones.

#3. Activity Feed

Get a good idea of how things are going and what activities your loved ones are doing with the help of the activity feed.

#4. Customized Alerts

As a caregiver, you can set customized alerts to be notified about various things, such as when your loved one interacts with Alexa or any activity you wish to be informed about.

#5. 24/7 Support

One of the most useful features of Alexa Together is that it provides 24/7 support from trained agents. They’ll be ready to help their loved ones at any time of the day. All the loved ones have to say is, “Alexa, call for help”, and it’ll connect to one of the staff members.

#6. Privacy Protection

Any data you provide to Alexa Together stays safe and within the layers of privacy protection. In fact, your loved one will have to allow access for you to use certain features like remote assistance and adding more caregivers to the circle of support.

These permissions can be revoked at any given time by the loved one if they wish to.

Fall Detection Devices

Here are some of the best fall-detection devices that can be connected to your Alexa Together subscription.

Vayyar Care

If you have an Alexa-enabled device and an Alexa Together subscription, you can connect Vayyar Care with it. It’s a touchless fall detection device for seniors to give their family members peace of mind.

The device monitors a room 24/7 for any falls, irrespective of whether the lights are on or even when there’s complete darkness. It can be placed in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room.


SkyAngelCare is a pendant that weighs just 3 ounces and notifies Alexa of any falls. It can be worn by the loved one anywhere as long as it’s within the range of your Wi-Fi. Also, it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to take it out while showering.

It detects a fall automatically and an SOS button 🚨 that can be pressed to call for urgent help.

Altum View

To maintain complete privacy, Altum View’s fall detection uses stick figure data instead of video data. It has the capability to:

  • Detect falls
  • Analyze human activities
  • Display health trends
  • Send alerts in case of emergencies
  • Recognize faces to provide individual statistics and monitoring

A very useful feature of Altum View is the ability to set region-of-interesting monitoring, which tells you when the loved one enters a restricted region.


Can Alexa Together be used for multiple loved ones?

It’d have been great if it was possible to care for multiple people through one Alexa Together subscription, but that’s not possible at the moment. Instead, you’re allowed to add multiple caregivers.

Final Words

As people grow older, the need to care for them increases, and it becomes the responsibility of the family members to do that.

However, it’s a task that can not always be the easiest. To help, Alexa Together is a great service to utilize along with your Alexa-enabled device.

It’ll make the task of looking after the senior members very convenient and give them a sense of safety.

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