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In Security Last updated: February 14, 2023
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Password managers are essential for individuals and organizations to maintain their online security. Two of the most well-known options are LastPass and Passwork.

LastPass is a cloud-based solution, while Passwork is an on-premise solution that is installed on a company’s server and stores data locally rather than in the cloud.


LastPass is a popular password manager that is highly regarded by millions of users worldwide. While it has provided a secure system for many of its users, the company has unfortunately experienced security breaches in the past.

Most notably, in August 2022, a group of unknown hackers managed to gain access to LastPass’s cloud storage, resulting in the theft of customer information. This serves as a reminder that no online service is ever completely secure and that data breaches and hacks can occur anytime. Therefore, one must be extremely cautious when entrusting someone else with their passwords, as the consequences of a security breach can be devastating.


For businesses, it is much better to choose an on-premise solution like Passwork. By doing so, companies have complete control over their data, meaning that there is no risk of data breaches or hacks, which are familiar with cloud-based solutions.

Additionally, Passwork offers a comprehensive set of features tailored to meet the needs of businesses, such as user access control, secure password storage, the ability to create and manage passwords for multiple users easily, detailed reports on user activities, integration with existing authentication systems, and the ability to collaborate on password management with other users.


All these features assure businesses that their sensitive data is secure and that their passwords are managed securely and efficiently.

In conclusion, for businesses, the best password manager is Passwork. With its on-premise solution, companies can be sure that their data is kept secure and protected from potential cyber threats.

Passwork also offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities, ranging from two-factor authentication to password sharing, making it an invaluable tool for businesses to use. Moreover, companies can rest assured that their data is not exposed to the risks associated with cloud-based solutions, making Passwork the perfect choice for managing their passwords and safeguarding their online identities.

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