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In Security Last updated: November 15, 2022
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Porch piracy has become a more widespread issue at a time when online shopping is getting increasingly convenient.

According to Research, 43% of online customers have now had packages stolen from their doorstep or front yard. Don’t allow those annoying porch pirates to steal your packages. Instead, use these technological tools and services to prevent delivery theft and enhance your outside security.

This has increased the load on obsolete, overburdened, and budget-cutting traditional mail delivery services. Amazon Hub Counters have been developed to facilitate online order delivery and safe returns to improve customer service.

Here is how to prevent porch pirates from taking your Amazon deliveries and what to do if your package is stolen.

Porch Pirate: Overview

The term “porch pirate” has come to be widely used to refer to thieves who take parcels off the doorsteps of unsuspecting users. They rapidly enter, grab packages, and then flee.

Sometimes, they may even track delivery trucks and steal packages before the homeowner can bring them inside. These thieves frequently follow delivery trucks, waiting for them to stop at a quiet street where they can pick up an item. Then they can steal a package quickly and run away without being seen.

Porch pirates have more possibilities than ever to steal parcels due to the proliferation of package delivery services. It’s a simple technique to steal from a homeowner, and the potential that something within the package has resale value has always been relatively high.

How to Prevent Package Theft from Porch Pirates?

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Have packages ever been stolen from your front porch? These thieves, often called “porch pirates,” move through neighborhoods and steal packages from people’s doorsteps while they are away.

However, there are a few methods to reduce the chance of porch piracy. With some thoughtful planning, you can ensure that porch pirates don’t want to come to your house.

With the proper preparation, you can ensure that your packages reach you safely and without intervention from any thieves.

Pick Up at a Nearby Amazon Hub, Either an Amazon Counter or a Locker

Amazon provides a variety of choices for alternate package pickup. For example, if you want, your Amazon packages can be sent to a locker, and you can get them whenever you choose. You can also return Amazon purchases using your Amazon locker.

Amazon offers this free service; thus, it serves a dual purpose. Amazon Lockers are available in various retail establishments around your city, including pharmacies, supermarkets, and other shops.

In most cases, Amazon will send an email with a unique code to access your locker once your delivery has been delivered.

What Is a Hub Counter on Amazon?

You can receive and drop off your Amazon packages at any store that offers the Amazon Hub Counter service.

Banks, restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, fitness facilities, government buildings, and retail stores are all examples of businesses that typically have counter locations.

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Customers can trust Amazon Hub Counters to deliver and return online items safely and securely.

This is the ideal choice for individuals who:

  • Pick up their purchase at their convenience
  • Be worried about Amazon package delivery when absent
  • Having porch pirates in the community
  • Make sure to leave a package in the rain or snow

Additionally, membership is not required to use Amazon Hub Counter. Amazon Hub Counter is free and open to everybody.

How Does Amazon’s Hub Counter Work?

Using Amazon Hub Counter allows you to plan Amazon delivery in a suitable way for your everyday activities. An Amazon hub functions similarly to any other delivery service.

To use this dynamic pickup preference:

  • Place an order through or the Amazon mobile app.
  • Choose the pickup place closest to you from the list when you click the “Product Delivery” option.
  • After the item has been delivered, customers will receive an email with a QR code or barcode.
  • Show your code to the staff working at the Amazon Hub Counter at the location you selected for the pickup counter as you placed your order. 
  • The staff delivers the package, and you’re free to go.

Amazon Hub Locker vs. Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon Hub Counters are different from Amazon Hub Lockers in that they are located within physical stores and are operated by human assistants. In addition, Amazon has self-service terminals where you can receive your delivery using a pickup code or the Amazon application on a smart device.

Therefore, picking up packages from Amazon varies slightly depending on your choice.

Amazon Hub Counters

An employee working inside a retail outlet is charged with maintaining an Amazon Hub Counter. Before giving you your package, the person working at the store scans your barcode. You don’t have to show any proof of who you are. In other words, you don’t need an ID.

Amazon Hub Lockers

A comparable service is Amazon’s Hub Locker. But they are self-service, so customers don’t need help from employees.

Amazon Lockers are most frequently seen in places with heavy foot traffic, such as universities, grocery stores, and transit stops.

To access your Amazon Hub Locker, do the following:

  • You can choose a locker as the delivery location when placing an order.
  • Drivers working for Amazon will bring your deliveries directly to the locker, at which you will receive a notification through email or text message containing a unique pickup code.
  • Type your code into the machine to access your locker and get your items.

Why Using an Amazon Hub Locker is a Good Idea?

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Customers appreciate the ease of shipping to Amazon lockers and counters due to the variety of their existing Amazon usage. The app is made to make shopping on your phone easier. It is useful when you only need a few things but wants to avoid going to a big box store.

  • Don’t let porch pirates in
  • There’s no need to keep an eye out for bad weather.
  • Hide gifts or surprises from other family members.
  • Suitable for apartment buildings without a doorman
  • Convenient system for returns
  • There are no additional costs incurred while using either service
  • Same-day and one-day shipping options are available in specific locations
  • Packages can be delivered to your locker
  • This a fantastic opportunity to express your support for local companies

Finding Amazon Hub Lockers

The best thing about Amazon Hub Lockers is that you don’t have to pay anything extra to use them. And if you have Prime, you can continue to receive free shipping in two days, one day, or the same day.

People living in apartments are given a customized version of the Amazon Hub Locker, even though this is the typical option for off-site delivery service. In addition, Amazon can set up a Hub Locker at a residential complex if permitted to do so by the building management.

You can find the closest to you by going to and typing in your city, ZIP code, or address. It’s your choice which locker to choose as the drop-off point when you have something to return.

Locating a Hub Locker is simple while placing an order on Amazon. Once you reach the page where you pay for your order, Amazon will ask you where you like your package sent.

After deciding on a delivery address, you can save it in your Amazon account and use it for future orders. Scan the QR code on the Hub Locker whenever you encounter a locker, and it will link to your Amazon account.

Stop Porch Piracy Now

Utilizing services such as Hub Lockers is a fantastic method to avoid getting stolen parcels and delivery issues get you down when searching for Prime Day discounts. So if you’re shopping for tech on Prime Day, know what you need to avoid buyer’s remorse.


Can goods be returned to a Hub Locker or Counter?

Yes, not only is it possible, but it’s also straightforward! For example, indicate that you want to return a product on your account and type the code or show the barcode/QR code to the assistant.

Can I permit a third party to retrieve my package from an Amazon Hub Locker or Counter?

Yes, it is feasible. If you want someone else to retrieve your delivery from an Amazon Hub Locker, forward the delivery email to the desired recipient, including the pickup passcode or the Start Pickup option.

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Hub concept intends to streamline the Amazon buying experience. The Counter and Amazon Hub Locker achieve this goal, despite their variances.

Creating partner locations in convenient and crowded areas gives customers more Amazon order pickup options. This may be your best option if you frequently purchase on Amazon and need a quick method for picking up your orders.

Next, you can check out the guide to identify fake reviews on Amazon.

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