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In Mobile Last updated: November 18, 2022
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Amazon Silk, a web browser from Amazon, showcases the power of Amazon’s cloud system.

Amazon is the most popular name in the eCommerce industry; therefore, everyone is familiar with this name. It is dedicated to delivering almost anything at your place with speedy shipping.

Besides selling and delivering products from 3rd party companies, Amazon also makes its products and sells under its name. These include Amazon Alexa, Fire TV, etc.

You might have noticed an Amazon Silk application if you already have a digital Amazon gadget. If you still haven’t explored this app, keep reading this article, as we will discuss it in detail.

What is Amazon Silk?

Amazon Silk is a web browser that Amazon has developed. It is a mobile web browser that uses Amazon’s cloud system. It works like any other web browser you use but with better speed, especially on Amazon devices.

With this browser, you can perform all the usual functions such as adding bookmarks, watching live videos, browsing sites, etc.

Initially, it was launched in 2011 in November for Fire Phone and Kindle Fire. In November 2017, a new version was launched for Fire TV. In September 2018, it was made available for Echo Show as well.

Amazon Silk is built on the chromium project that offers an exceptional internet experience to the users.

In other words, Amazon Silk is a version of the web browser from Amazon that is designed for specific devices.

Why is Amazon Silk Named So?

According to Amazon, “a thread of silk is an invisible yet incredibly strong connection between two different things.” Amazon calls Amazon Silk a connection between its EC2 servers and devices; therefore, it has been given the name Amazon Silk.

How is Amazon Silk Different from Other Web Browsers?

The thing that makes it different from any other browser is the split browser architecture that it is based on. This architecture allows Amazon Silk to work faster.

Split browser architecture implies that your device is not performing the whole work of loading a page whenever you surf something. This is because all of your requests go through the proxy servers of Amazon. Amazon EC2 powers these servers. It refers to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

This browser can run faster because half of the loading and processing takes place in the cloud. Also, it does not use your small and limited bandwidth device for page loading and processing.

Because Amazon is responsible for running Amazon Silk, it is backed up by the strength of Amazon Web Services. This service helps Amazon in analyzing traffic patterns.

As a result, it pre-processes pages using a predictive algorithm. This way, Amazon uses its knowledge, besides users’ search patterns, to load pages in advance.

Amazon Silk’s dynamic decision-making lets it identify how to serve pages to the user’s specific device. This dynamic decision-making helps it in delivering fast results and reduces upload time.

You can get this browser for free on the Amazon store and utilize it for your Android device or Fire tablet.

What are Some Useful Features of Amazon Silk?

There are a large number of features that Amazon Silk offers. Let’s look at a few of them that set this browser apart.

#1. Fast Loading of Web Pages: The dynamic splitting architecture reduces the time it takes to load the page on the user’s device. As a result, search results and websites are loaded quicker and faster than any other web browser.

#2. Unlimited Cache: Amazon Silk uses Amazon’s cloud system. As a result, there is limitless space to store files such as JavaScript, CSS, and images. This helps in the perfect rendering of web pages.

#3. Little Storage Space Consumption: The Amazon cloud system has developed the cache. As a result, this browser takes up a small space on your device for storage. This lets the device focus on quick browsing by meeting other processing needs.

#4. Better Delivery of Content: Because most of the browsing work takes place at the back end system of the Amazon Silk. Therefore, it makes retrieving content faster and easier. Even if the file size is larger, its cloud system can work efficiently in all sorts of data crunching. As a result, richer files and images get delivered to your device.

Devices Compatible with Amazon Silk

As of 2022, Amazon Silk can be installed and used on Android devices besides Kindle Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Echo Show.

Among all these devices having a Kindle Fire Tablet can make using Amazon Silk quite easy. You can have a seamless browsing experience on Kindle Fire using Silk.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire, now known as Amazon Fire, is a series of affordable tablets from Amazon. It carries a display that is slightly bigger than a smartphone and smaller than other tablets.

The size chosen to design this device is to develop a gadget that is convenient to manipulate. You get a set of pre-installed apps with Kindle Fire that offer plenty of advantages.

Here are some cool features of Kindle Fire:

  • You get an e-reader to read ebooks.
  • Dedicated music player app.
  • Dedicated video player application.
  • Contacts application to let you manage your phone contacts.
  • Document reader for PDF, Word, HTML files, and RTF.
  • Amazon Silk web browser.
  • Gallery to view and edit pictures.
  • Email-client.

Best Kindle Fire Tablet Options That You Can Buy

Amazon has extensive Kindle Fire tablets with exceptional features and functionalities. Considering their features and performance, it sometimes becomes difficult to make a selection quickly.

If you, too, are planning to purchase a Fire Kindle tablet, you can consider the following options. These are included in the list as per their popularity, performance, price, and all major features.

Fire HD 10 tablet

Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

No products found.

Amazon T76N2P Fire HD 10 Plus tablet

Amazon T76N2B Fire HD 10 tablet

Amazon 53-024089 Fire HD 8 Plus tablet

Amazon 53-022917 Fire HD 8 tablet

Amazon P8AT8Z All-new Fire 7 tablet


So, if you own an android device or a Fire tablet, you must try the Amazon Silk browser at least once. Its powerful browsing system will surely give you a unique and enjoyable browsing experience.

You can also check out essential cloud-based load testing tools.

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