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In Digital Marketing and SEO Last updated: August 31, 2023
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Using decent App Store Optimization (ASO) software can help app publishers rank their applications higher in the app stores, get more downloads, and have awesome reviews and ratings.

Competitors are heavy these days, irrespective of the industry you operate in.

Therefore, if you want to stay ahead of the competition and have a better return on your investment (ROI), you need effective app store optimization.

This is what an ASO tool can help you with.

Let’s understand what ASO tools are and why you need them.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process to optimize mobile applications in order to enhance their visibility in various app stores and increase conversion rates and download numbers.

Simply put, ASO aims to maximize app discovery and improve ranking in app stores so that more people will get to know about your application and download it, which results in enhanced business profits.

It happens by optimizing the application title, screenshots, previews, etc. It requires professional skills in SEO and digital marketing to promote applications in app stores. Hence, it ranks better in search results, and people can easily find them when entering related keywords.

Using the right optimization strategies and techniques will help your applications rank higher and increase your app’s page traffic. This will translate into higher downloads and boost app usage.

The main components of ASO are:

  • On-meta factors: Things under the complete control of the application’s publisher are called on-meta groups. Those elements can help enhance your keyword rankings and conversion rates and boost your visibility in app stores. The elements include app title, app subtitle, descriptions, promo text, keyword field, app icon, screenshots, video previews, etc.
  • Off-meta factors: Certain elements are not under the publisher’s control and are called off-metadata factors. These are the outcomes of your optimization strategies and are not directly affected. These elements can be reviews and ratings, installation numbers, download speed, app size, errors, bugs, etc.

How Does App Store Optimization Work?


App Store Optimization is not something that will produce results overnight. You will have to keep patience while you are still at it. You must keep on optimizing it and improve your rankings frequently to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are the steps to optimize your application in app stores.

#1. Market Research

The step to ASO is performing thorough market research. Similar to various other organizational processes, doing marketing research will help you discover valuable insights so that you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business, improve your strategies, and track what your competitors are up to. It will also help you learn your position in the market and against your competitors so you can create a solid ASO roadmap.

#2. Keyword Optimization


Building a profitable ASO strategy depends highly on keyword optimization for the app store you are targeting. This can be done by focusing on boosting your app’s visibility. This process is not a one-time deal; it’s a cycle that requires you to keep repeating it until you achieve your desired results.

Keyword optimization starts with finding the relevant keywords and including them in the metadata of your applications. It will help you rank higher for those specific keywords in search results. Keyword optimization comprises three steps:

  • Keyword research to find the most appropriate keywords
  • Keyword selection to choose the relevant keywords
  • Keyword testing to test the selected keywords in the app metadata

These processes take a lot of hardships, such as brainstorming to find potential keywords, including more, excluding some, discussing with your teammates, and so on. Do this, keeping in mind your users’ expectations, their pain points, what keywords they search, and why. At this stage, consider the feedback and reviews the users have left on the app store and what keywords they use. In addition, check your competitors’ keywords and optimize your app better.

Similarly, you can carry out keyword selection by choosing the most relevant and popular keywords. Also, take care of the keyword’s difficulty level. Choose easier but useful ones, and you can even go for difficult keywords if they are competitive.

For keyword testing, you can put an app description or keyword spot (in the case of iOS). These factors impact app ranking at different levels. If you see the chosen keywords are performing well and helping the rank improve, you can choose those keywords; else not.   

#3. Conversion Optimization

The next step in ASO is conversion optimization. After you have done a good job of increasing your app’s visibility, you must make strategies for optimizing your conversion rates. If done correctly, this step will help you earn more downloads.

As a result of your keyword optimization efforts, your app can rank higher in the search results of users. This is where you get your first impression. They can either take a detailed look at your app, download it, or ignore it.  

To ensure users download your app, you must optimize your app’s creatives such as enticing and to-the-point title, nice screenshots, video preview, promotional text, descriptions, number of downloads, app icon, ratings, reviews, etc.

The Importance of ASO Systems for App Owners

Here are the benefits of using such a tool:

#1. Improve Visibility

Using an ASO solution will improve the visibility of your applications. With the right keyword strategy, your app will rank higher in the app stores so that your targeted customers can discover your application and download it.

#2. Get More Downloads

When you improve your conversion strategies using an ASO tool, you can witness more downloads and installations. It will help optimize your app title, subtitles, descriptions, URLs, and other elements to improve the aesthetics as well as information so that customers would want to take a look at your app and find it useful to download it.

#3. Attract Valuable Customers

By enhancing your app’s visibility and looks in the app store, you can attract more customers from various locations globally, not just in your locality. And if you target global users, it is an excellent move to entice more users into using your app.

#4. Lower Costs

Using an ASO tool to improve your strategies will help cut down costs on paid advertising. Your app will get better visibility and download with organic traffic. This will be a massive relief for developers and businesses just starting and don’t have enough marketing budget.

#5. Boost Revenue

By getting more downloads and customers as a result of effective ASO strategies using the tool, you can clock higher revenue.  

So, if you want to avail these benefits, check out these ASO systems.


ASOTools put 50 million keywords and over 6 million apps on your radar to optimize for the App store and Google Play. Besides, it updates daily for the recent trends helping you see what’s working.

Another strong feat of ASOTools is data analysis. This provides valuable insights about your competition for crafting a perfect growth strategy, including downloads, revenue, search volume, monthly active users, etc.


You also get goodies like download and revenue estimates, comment analysis, and keyword suggestions, making ASOTools a worthy companion to have.

And the best part is a full-fledged three-days trial at just 1$ to see if it suits your use case.

App Radar

Make your application more successful with App Radar, helps increase organic downloads, optimize time, and obtain valuable insights. It offers authorized permissions, transparent communication, prominent disclosures, secure transmission, end-to-end encryption, and physical servers. 

Whether you want your app to grow or start with App Store Marketing, App Radar can help you in every step. Update your listing directly with App Radar and analyze how your application is discovered. You can also optimize your app for the most used keywords using AI. 

Lower your heavy workload by allowing App Radar’s experts to take care of your store to ensure better performance. In addition, App Radar helps you find your users and grow your games and apps with its smart ASO tool. 

You will get actionable intelligence to leverage your roadmap and ROI. It organically finds the perfect users for your app and offers complete control over the rankings, conversions, ratings, and keywords. You can also discover new strengths and opportunities with the help of its optimization features. 

Get features like analyzing the best keywords, optimizing visibility, driving more conversions, responding to ratings and reviews, and improving your advertisements’ costs and success. Moreover, App Radar offers services like creatives, analysis and strategy, ASO workshops, ASA campaigns, and more. 

Use their starter pack for your business at $41/month or take a free trial of 7 days.

Store Mockups

Triple your application store conversions with Store Mockups by presenting your app as a million-dollar app. It will help reduce your advertising cost, enhance your revenue, and boost your downloads. 

Use built-in, high-converting templates to save time, launch your application in minutes, and grow your downloads to generate more revenue. Turn your imagination into reality with Store Mockups’ inbuilt editor and use the Live mockup tool to create 3D mockups or use prebuilt templates to save your time. 

Set text alignment, bold, italic, and custom spacing between lines and text in a click. You can also use hex values to define text colors. The mockup editor includes multiple canvas sizes, high-quality templates, real objects, over 1000 backgrounds, and an easily replaceable mockup device. 

Whether you are a startup or an individual, Store Mockups provides flexible pricing options for your needs. For individuals, it costs $99/month, including pre-features, perspective mockups, 80 mockup devices, no watermark, three apps in the dashboard, and more. 

Sensor Tower

Get in-depth competitive analysis and build a better foundation for your app store with Sensor Tower. Its App Intelligence accurately measures the organic user’s success to enhance focus on paid acquisition. 

The platform understands the value of important keywords and puts them to use for you to drive downloads. You can boost search campaigns by exploring potential keywords and analyzing their performance to identify new opportunities, such as similar keywords and localization. 

Attract organic installs of your app and leverage ASO data in order to differentiate the application. You can also streamline your application store strategy easily, from descriptions to screenshots. In addition, optimize organic reach and access to new emerging trends and understand how competitors work to update the growth and promotions. 

You will get critical mobile performance data with App Profiles and view the data in both Google Play and App Store at the app level. Review recent downloads and data to learn the user sentiments. 

Unlock the powerful, configurable, and easy-to-use dashboard by connecting your application to the App Intelligence for your team. It will allow your team to monitor the app performance in Google Play and the App Store. 

With App Analytics and Sales Metrics, you can understand your app’s usage along with views, installations, purchases, and sessions. 


Storemaven offers ASO management and consulting tools to maximize your organic and paid installs. Its ASO consultants decode the install funnels to understand the top opportunities to get more installations and identify any leaks. 

You get data research and analysis, can craft unique strategies, and drive more growth from it. Get a powerful roadmap to prioritize top opportunities. For every funnel, Storemaven creates, you will get optimal product pages. These pages truly convert and generate more revenue. 

Before running A/B tests to find the most effective ones, it matches hypothesized, designed, and researched product pages to the perfect audience. Storemaven monitors and analyzes your funnels and reports to help you learn what is working. 


Get AppTweak for your app store and fuel your growth with its actionable insights and simple interface. Its advanced ASO, monitoring and keyword research tools take your application to the top of the list in the search results. 

Build unique user acquisition strategies with social media advertising insights and unique search ads. You can compare your app’s performance against competitors and identify better opportunities to acquire new markets and customers. 

Enhance your applications’ organic downloads and visibility by improving your strategies. You can research your competitor’s movements, monitor keywords value, and find growth opportunities. Also, discover the keywords that your competitor uses for their app growth. And improve your growth strategy.

Enhance your app performance through feedback and reviews and find out the best categories to get more downloads, and identify the market that grows faster. You can also create your own performance dashboards and ASO by integrating with BI tools and exporting all the data easily. 


Get an all-in-one application marketing intelligence platform for your app store with MobileAction. It offers quick insights by entering the publisher or app name in the search toolbar.

Unlock the data covering more than 3 million keywords and important ASO tools to offer higher visibility to your app. Find the revenue estimates and reliable downloads for various apps and follow the trend to make better decisions. 

YouTube video

Reach over 17 ad networks and 19 million ad creatives of thousands of applications to improve your user acquisition strategy. Check over 2.4 million applications with SDK data and filter 2000 SDK technologies used by famous apps to get updated insights. 

Moreover, you will get all keyword features equipped with peerless ASO products and the most accurate data across ad networks, comprehensive market data, SDK intelligence, etc., to take your application to the next level. 

Drive conversions with the most reliable and versatile ASO tool and understand the best strategy used by your competitor to enhance your app’s performance. Analyze the whole market within seconds to know what is happening and discover ways to improve engagement. 


Get AppFollow for organic user acquisition and boost conversion rate by 11%. It will help enhance impressions per week by five times on average and build a strong strategy to grow your organic traffic by 490%. 

Using accurate keywords and over 20 parameters, you can plan your strategy based on the latest Android 10 and iOS 13.6 sources. Track app performance and ASO KPIs from your account to measure your strategy’s performance. 

Furthermore, monitor the changes in graphics, competitors’ app rankings, app page updates, changes in wording, difficulty, and popularity. Get a one-day prior notification about your app promotion in Google Play or App Store. 

You can receive alerts via email and Slack directly and also on featured apps, rankings, and keywords. Find out the weak spots on your app and fix them with the help of AppFollow. You will get monthly reports about the performance and conversion rates. 


Equip your team with complete ASO, marketing, customer support automation, and product management tools to grow your application business on the Google Play and App Store. 

Asodesk helps boost your game or app visibility and lets you analyze and monitor customer feedback in the Google Play and App Store to enhance your ratings. Reply to all the reviews to get a clear view of customers’ motives and track every conversion, organic remarketing, advertising traffic’s influence, ASO performance, and viral traffic. 

Get all useful information about your competitors’ applications, analyze it, and point out growth opportunities through advanced analytics tools. You can create, store, and update your application’s metadata and publish it on the App Store with ease. 

Discover trending searches, track trending apps, and monitor popular keywords across the globe. Track the competitors’ and your app’s key metrics and monitor data on your app.  You will also get updates and alerts on the app’s rankings. 

Make your app more noticeable by introducing an API and building your boards, and get all the data via this interface. Analyze data, find new keywords, and view new insights for free. 


Get the tools you need for your app store with Appfigures, which offers ASO tools, app intelligence, and analytics to enhance organic downloads. Keep track of revenue, downloads, and performance for all the apps in a single place to make better decisions with the trends. 

Identify new keywords and monitor keyword ranks to increase app views. With perfect insights, you can find more downloads and build a better growth strategy by analyzing revenue, installed SDKs, organic keywords, download trends, and more. 

Create an account in Appfigures and boost your app growth from today. Understand the competitor’s strategy, monitor their performance, and apply the same concept in your app. Increase your revenue by analyzing the growth via subscriptions, ads, app purchases, etc. You will also get the complete picture on your screen and take immediate action. 

The tool offers suggestions based on Artificial Intelligence and lets you spy on the competitors’ apps and find new opportunities in the market. You can also turn reviews into valuable assets to improve strategies and maintain a good relationship with your users. 


If you want to increase your ROI and profits, your app must be visible and downloaded frequently in the app stores. The ASO tools discussed above will help you optimize your strategies so that your app will rank higher in the app stores and you will get more downloads.  

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