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In Gaming Last updated: December 21, 2022
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Over the years, Apple has gained the title of “Status Symbol” with its huge range of quality products in the market.

One of their most purchased products after the iPhone is their Apple Watch. It has changed how we perceive smartwatches and has become the ultimate device for a healthy life. 

From advanced health trackers, Apple Music, and crash detection to emergency services, this is like a mini version of your iPhone on your wrist.

You can also control calls, music, and other application notifications from your wrist. These features collectively make it the best wearable smartwatch in the market. 

So far, there have been many Apple Watch versions, with series 8 and Ultra being the most recently launched. While the device can help you with several things, you’ll be surprised to know that you can also play games on your watch.

Sound peculiar? While it cannot be sectioned into a fully-fledged gaming device, developers have tried to give you that experience in small bursts of excitement.

How cool will it be to play some games right on your wrist? While all of this may sound a bit odd, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easy to download games on your watch in 3 easy steps: 

  • Access the App Store on your watch
  • Search the game you’re looking for 
  • Click on “Get” to install it on your watch and get started

You can also play these games on your iPad and iPhone and keep them synced on all devices. 

If I’ve grabbed your attention so far, let’s look at some of the best games I have come across for Apple Watch users. These games are from different genres to suit everyone’s taste.

Ping Pong – Watch Retro Game


I couldn’t wait to mention our very own classic Ping Pong game first on this list. One of the things I love about this game is its intuitive control of the game via the Digital Crown.

It has fairly simple gameplay, and the aim is to control your paddle and hit the ball back to your opponent. 

You can select between 8 different game modes and unlock classic arcade games – Break out, Invader, and Jump with 75 colorful levels.

In case you’re feeling fancy, head over to the theme selector and customize the colors as per your preference.

The best part about this game is that you can simultaneously play it in local multiplayer – on your iPhone and Apple Watch. 

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Chess – Play and Learn 


I had to include something for analytical minds if we’re talking about games. This game needs no introduction; you can now learn and play Chess with players worldwide from your Apple Watch.

Some of the many awesome features of this game are:

  • Play against a computer or a global opponent
  • Join the chess community of more than 95 million players
  • Learn chess tactics and practice puzzles to improve your skills
  • Read articles by trainers, coaches, and authors
  • Choose your own theme, 2D and 3D chess pieces, and backgrounds

You can also follow the famous chess superstars Hiraku, Magnus, Botez, and many more to learn from the masters.



Are you a fan of cool things? If yes, then this game is perfect for you. Download Lifeline to help an astronaut in the aftermath of a crash landing on an alien moon and help him find his way back home.

Unravel space and time with Taylor and help him survive, as his life depends on your choices. You’ll find yourself conversing with him, and it’s your responsibility to choose his next course of action.

It has a gripping narrative storyline that will always keep you on your toes via timely notifications about the developments in the story. The gameplay is available in 8 different languages.

Let your actions speak for yourself and be Taylor’s lifeline now.

Elevate – Brain Training


It’s time to learn on the go or take good mental breaks in the middle of your daily hustle and bustle with Elevate – Brain Training.

This game is designed to improve your cognitive skills and concentrates on focus, math skills, memory, speed, etc.

You can download this game and get started with the following:

Along with this, you also get access to 4 mini-games and a personalized training program that evolves with time to maximize results.

Tap to Dash Bird – Do Not Flap


Kill your time like a pro with Tap to Dash Bird, who is ready to dash through obstacles to collect coins. This game will let you control speed, and the gameplay is simple. The real task is to develop mind-eye coordination via speed.

You can choose between a bird, an aircraft, or a dragon and collect coins to unlock new characters. Once ready, you can challenge the world and friends and flaunt those skills you’ve mastered over time.

This game can be played offline on your iPhone, Tablet, or Apple Watch. – Fun Online Slither 


Can I commit the sin of leaving out of this list? Absolutely not, because this is a popular millennial classic. Take on the challenge to become the biggest snake on your Apple Watch.

However, this version comes with a twist. To get big, you will have to attack other snakes who are themselves trying to do the same. 

You can boost your speed by ejecting mass. This is the best trick to use during a face-off with other snakes.

Grow to dominate the gameplay and get on the top of the real-time leaderboard.  Enjoy playing this game online or offline on your preferred Apple devices. 

Pictoword – Fun Word Quiz Games 


Accredited with Academic’s Choice Smart Media Awards, Pictoword is the most popular word game in 30 countries.

This is a simple game where you have to read a series of pictures that combine to create a word. Along with this, you can also enhance your experience via:

  • Word guessing games
  • Fun trivia categories
  • Brain training games

You can play mind teasers, puzzles, guessing games, trivia, and more. It allows you to play solo or with your friends in online/offline modes.

Trivia Crack


As the name suggests, this is a competitive trivia game you can play with people worldwide in over 20 different languages. Trivia Crack is equipped with thousands of exciting questions, and you will find yourself addicted to this game in no time.

It has a friendly character Willy who will help you select questions from six different categories by spinning the wheel. Each time you spin the wheel, you land on a character representing a particular category. 

Join the race to win all 6 crowns but don’t celebrate yet, as you can be challenged for a rematch anytime. You can also chat with your opponents and gather a lot of knowledge while having fun.

Solitaire The Game


This game needs no formal introduction as we grew up playing it with actual cards and on our not-so-sleek computers back then. Rejoice as now you can have Solitaire’s miniature version of this classic retro game on your Apple Watch.

Challenge yourself with daily challenges with the help of the features listed below:

  • Solitaire 1 card draw
  • Standard scoring
  • Left/right-hand layout
  • Custom backgrounds and cards backs

This game also includes sounds, statistics, autocomplete and undo options which you can use and customize during the game. Don’t go by its size; this game is very intuitive, due to which it loads extremely fast, so start drawing cards already.

Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games 


Do you miss the fun we had on our gaming consoles as kids? Well, what if I tell you Apple has brought this experience right on your wrist, and that too with one single game? 

Yes, Arcadia is a collection of 22 arcade games for your Apple Watch. My favorite picks from the list are:

  • Bubble Mania
  • FastRun
  • RainBowling
  • Fruity Snake 
  • Yarr!
  • Bricko
  • BadaBoom
  • Galaxy Invaders
  • Bounce 
  • Treasure Map

The above-listed games are just a few; I’d love for you to check out the entire list. This game is ad-free and contains no in-app purchases. So, get competitive to rank 1st on the real-time leaderboard.

Magic 8-bit 8 ball 


Dating back to 1983, an 8-ball was created using voodoo, dark magic, sorcery, and star anise, which gave it the power to answer all the questions anyone may have.

This had a 100% success rate on questions related to love, work, daily activities, job, and more until…it was lost forever.

Now, Apple has recovered and captured its magic into an app called Magic 8-bit 8 ball, which you can download on your smartwatch. You can ask the magic ball questions like:

  • Does he/she love me? 
  • Should I have noodles tonight?
  • Will Ronaldo win the world cup?

Use this app whenever you’re stuck and to get out of temporary indecisive situations.

Author’s Note

This was my take on some of the best Apple Watch games you can download and use to kill your free time, get some knowledge on the go or get the experience of gaming on a one-inch screen.

Ever since games on Apple Watch became a thing, things have elevated for the users because it has become a great mode of entertainment when you’re bored.

Keeping your Apple Watch fully charged before getting started on these games is the best way to ensure a disruption-free experience.

Next, check out these useful heart rate monitor apps for your Apple Watch.

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