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In Latest Tech Last updated: March 31, 2023
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Apple Announces WWDC 2023 to Start on June 5

In the latest announcement, Apple announced its 34th annual Worldwide Developers Conference event would kick start on Monday, June 5, and last till Friday, June 9. 

Like the previous three WWDCs, WWDC 2023 will be primarily an online conference that is free and open to all developers. You should submit the Request to Attend form if you want to attend this conference.

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For a limited number of students and developers, Apple is hosting a special event all day long at its campus in Apple Park. In addition to meeting some Apple employees and attending the Apple Design Awards, attendees can view the keynote and State of the Union videos. 

During this event, Apple is expected to show off iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS 14. Also, a big rumor of an AR/VR headset announcement is expected to happen at this event. In addition to this, a glimpse of a Mac Pro and a 15-inch MacBook Air will be provided.

In order to educate developers on the new features and software Apple will offer online workshops and labs during this event.

There is also a Swift Student Challenge, which encourages programmers and students of all ages to build an interactive, entertaining app playground for the iPad and Mac using the Swift programming language.

Students can submit their work through April 19, and winners will receive exclusive WWDC23 outerwear, AirPods Pro, a customized pin set, and one year of membership in the Apple Developer Program.

Microsoft Announces Security Copilot GPT-4 for Cybersecurity

Recently Microsoft announced Security Copilot, which is an end-to-end defense mechanism trained across security platforms armed with trillions of data signals. 

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In its latest secure event, Microsoft announced Microsoft Security Copilot, a new assistant for cybersecurity professionals to help them identify and defend against breaches and better understand the signals that increase the efficiency in terms of speed and effectiveness of the security team.

It is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 generative AI and Microsoft’s security-specific model. It looks like a simple prompt box like any other chatbot. If you ask it to fetch the security incidents, then it will pull all the incidents of the specific company and summarizes them.

It executes it using the 65 trillion threat signals that Microsoft collects in its threat intelligence gathering and security platform. With the help of this program, more than 25 billion brute-force password theft attempts are prevented every second. Also, more than 8,000 security experts examine security signals and draw information from more than 100 data sources.

According to Microsoft, Security Copilot is built to operate seamlessly with security teams. It allows defenders to monitor what’s occurring in their environment, learn from the knowledge already available, correlate threat behavior, and make better informed, effective decisions quickly.

It also integrates with the Microsoft Security products, such as Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender, to broaden the experience of the entire security program. Microsoft is gradually building AI copilots for everything after announcing an AI-powered Copilot assistant for Office apps; now, it is announced for security professionals.

Security Copilot accepts natural language inputs, so security professionals could ask for a summary of a particular vulnerability, feed in files, URLs, or code snippets for analysis, or ask for the incident and alert information from other security tools. 

Microsoft is starting to preview Security Copilot with limited customers, and the company has not announced any date for rolling this out more broadly. More information about Security Copilot is available on the Microsoft site.

Zoom Announced New AI-Powered Features That Act as Your Personal Assistant

As per its latest announcement, Zoom has announced a partnership with OpenAI to add AI-driven capabilities to the service.

By summarising chat threads, organizing ideas, drafting content for chats, emails, and whiteboard sessions, and creating meeting agendas, among other things, Zoom IQ will become a smart companion that empowers collaboration and unlocks people’s potential, according to its blog.

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Zoom IQ already uses AI to give users meeting information through chapters, highlights from recordings, and action items. To take it further, integrate OpenAI’s powerful generative AI model to enhance and add more features.

Some of its top features include:

  • The sales team may boost seller performance and improve customer experience by using Zoom IQ for Sales to get actionable insights from their customer interactions.
  • Zoom IQ to summarize what you’ve missed in real-time and ask further questions if you are late to join the meeting.
  • Creates a whiteboard session based on text prompts.
  • If in case you are late or step away from your system, then it can also generate meeting recaps and action items and post them in Team Chat, Zoom’s version of Slack. 
  • If your Zoom account is integrated with your email and calendar, it can pull relevant information into a meeting agenda or compose an email draft.

As per the Zoom blog, it will begin offering new Zoom IQ chat and Zoom IQ email composed to a limited number of customers in April. The new Zoom IQ meeting summary functions will be “more widely accessible.”

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