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In HealthTech and Mobile Last updated: November 23, 2022
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Is ADHD interfering with your day-to-day activities? Does coping with ADHD symptoms seems tough? We have curated some of the most effective apps for you to manage ADHD symptoms. 

While most people find it hard to believe, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a very common neurodevelopmental disorder affecting individuals of all ages. In the US alone, more than 10 million adults struggle to strike a lifestyle balance while dealing with ADHD. 


The condition is severely common in children, and if the data is to be believed, almost 11% of the kids going to school have this hyperactivity disorder. Shockingly, 35% to 65% of them keep experiencing ADHD symptoms as they transition from adolescence to adulthood. 

People experiencing ADHD face difficulties commencing the daily tasks, begin to panic or feel anxious and find it hard to stay organized and manage the daily work routine. These individuals lack focus, especially working on boring tasks; they are the ones who have the most possibility of showing up late for meetings and may even miss important deadlines. 


ADHD undoubtedly creates hurdles in the daily routine, but they are several resources that come in handy for people to manage ADHD symptoms, alleviate anxiety, and keep them right on track. 

Below, we have curated some efficient apps to help manage indistinct ADHD symptoms and boost your productivity. 


True to its name, Freedom is an efficient website blocker and app that grants ‘freedom’ to over two million people from distracting websites. Granting you the superpower of controlling your screen time, it temporarily bans the time-wasting apps enabling you to concentrate on your work or study and be more productive. 

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If you are a student or a professional working from home, Freedom will come in handy to minimize distraction from unwanted platforms like social media. When starting a Freedom session, you need to select the apps you wish to restrict, and Freedom will refrain you from accessing these apps. 

Some of the unique features of the Freedom app that help manage ADHD are: 

  • Set up a custom blocklist of distracting and time-consuming apps. 
  • Sync your banned app list and settings across all the devices- Windows, Mac, and iPhone. 
  • Schedule the Freedom app to run on particular days or time slots
  • Locked Mode to stay focused and ditch irresistible habits and mobile addictions. 

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is one of the best productivity apps for individuals struggling to manage their time and estimate how long it will take to complete a particular task. Quietly running in the background on your devices, it precisely monitors how much time you spend working or while staying idle.

You can set personal goals for time management and get an insightful report on time spent on different tasks throughout the day, build better habits, and keep distractions at bay, thereby being more productive. 

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The feature set of Rescue Time is as follows: 

  • Accurate background tracking of your time spend on your devices 
  • Control phone usage by settings screen time goals 
  • Define daily or weekly plans to build better habits 
  • Log offline activities from your Android device
  • Automatic Do Not Disturb Mode during Focus Sessions


Let’s talk about Blinkist, a great book summary and podcast listening app that offers a straightforward way to listen to informational podcasts. Are you wondering what is the use of an audiobook and podcasting app for alleviating ADHD?

Let’s explain. Blinkist is packed with tons of useful podcasts that address ADHD, self-help, anxiety, and other related issues. Additionally, you will also find podcasts on diverse subjects like lifestyle, entertainment, health, education, relationships, and more.


If you cannot sleep at night, listening to a podcast in a soothing voice will calm your anxiety and helps fight nostalgia.

Some of the amazing features offered by Blinkist are as follows:

  • Podcasts and E-books under 27 categories
  • Thousands of non-fiction books
  • Hand-picked reading lists featuring famous podcasts
  • Key podcast ideas to facilitate easy and instant learning
  • Offline mode to use the app without network availability


Started in 2011 and powered by Science, Focus@Will strives to improve the focusing and information-retaining capabilities of people suffering from ADHD disorders with the help of specially engineered audio and tunes. The platform is continuously evolving thanks to the team of renowned Scientists, Musicologists, and Producers.

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Focus@Will uses the patient AI engine linked to the largest brain database to fuel the music creation process of remastering, re-editing, and re-producing the track to eliminate distractions and improve productivity. Focus@Will offers the following benefits: 

  • Access to exclusive focus-boosting tunes 
  • Benefits of 7 years long neuroscience research and data 
  • Boost the attention span from an average of 20 minutes to 100 minutes  
  • Customizable according to the mood and behavior

Remember The Milk

Moving ahead, we have to Remember the Milk app, a cool to-do list management and reminder app perfect for busy people who tend to forget important tasks owing to their tight schedules. Thanks to the app, you will never forget the milk (or any other grocery item) ever again. 


Choose the Remember the Milk app for the following benefits it offers to ADHD individuals: 

  • The app will remember on your behalf, allowing you to tune out the to-do lists.
  • Receive timely reminders such as mobile notifications, emails, texts, IM, and also on Twitter.
  • Share your pending tasks and lists with others. 
  • Sync and access your tasks management lists on all devices.
  • Set priorities, due dates, repeats, lists, and tags for the tasks on the to-do list
  • Supports integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and more.

The app is free to download and use, but you can always update to the pro version to avail some of the advanced features.

Clean Email 

Does a cluttered Inbox give you anxiety? Not anymore! Here’s the Clean Email app to get your life sorted! Use this magical to sort and delete the unwanted emails from the thousand of old emails piled up in your inbox to make way for the new emails to land in your inbox.

The Clean Email app is the perfect choice for personal as well as business email users wanting to be more productive and organized. The app, on your behalf, efficiently manages your email and, at the same time, keeps your data safe and secure.

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Clean Email helps you with the following: 

  • Unsubscribe from the unwanted mailing lists
  • Mass delete, move and archive the emails, and label the emails groups
  • Successfully block spammers and unwanted emails
  • Efficiently organize the emails in meaningful folders 
  • Add important emails to read later 

Clean Email is a cloud-based tool available on all devices, including desktops, Android, and iPhones. The app cleans the first 1000 emails without charging any penny but prompts you to upgrade after a while. 

Bear- MarkDown Notes

Available for Mac and iPhone, Bear is a visually appealing and coherent app for ADHD individuals which enables you to make notes about anything important or something you dread forgetting. Having a straightforward and visually appealing interface, Bear is the best place for Apple users to jot down their thoughts and stay organized when a lot is happening in their heads.


The most remarkable thing about Bear is its hashtagging feature that enables you to group all the related notes and thoughts even if you have created them at a different period. Bear values the privacy of the users and encrypts all the notes.

It also allows you to set a password to prevent unauthorized access. Bear offers a great deal of flexibility; the notes sync in the Apple ecosystem allows nested tags organization and enables you to add sketches and export the notes in different formats of your choice. 

Productive- Habit Tracker 

If your daily routine is bringing your morale down and completing daily tasks do not feel like an accomplishment anymore, Productive Habit Tracker is the app you need in your life. 

It helps set up a personalized routine for yourself that even acknowledges and cheers for you when you achieve a daily goal for several days without a break.


To stay motivated throughout the day and to get a sense of achievement, you can schedule unlimited tasks, be they big or small. A productive habit tracker helps you curb bad habits and inculcate good ones. The task tracker helps you achieve your goals in the following ways: 

  • Plan your daily tasks and habits using the simple interface. 
  • Schedule tasks and get prompt reminders
  • Set smart reminders for the good habits several times a day
  • In-depth statistics give a sense of accomplishment and help you stay on track.  


Are you a social media addict and lack the self-control required to stop scrolling the news feed? Forest has the most thoughtful solution to boost your productivity level and to help you stay focused. 


The idea behind the Forest app is that it asks you to sow a seed whenever you need to work on your to-do list and need to stay away from the phone. As long as you are working to achieve your goal, the seed with flourish into a beautiful tree. But as soon as you are tempted to pick up the phone and minimize the Forest app, the tree withers away! 

The desire to grow a forest as an achievement acts as a motivational force much needed to end procrastination and build a sense of time management. 

Last Words

There are numerous apps on the play store that helps individuals deal with ADHD and manage its symptoms at home or the workplace, stay motivated and get the work done without anxiety. To pick the best app for yourself, you first need to examine your habits and determine which activities you need help with. You need to avoid changing too much of your routine at once to make steady progress and avoid overwhelming yourself. 

You may also explore some habit tracking apps for Android, iOS, and the web.

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