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In Mobile Last updated: February 21, 2023
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No one can imagine how it hurts when you depend on others for even tiny tasks like locating your belongings, identifying things, etc.

Visually impaired people suffer from this pain every second of the day and every day of their life because they may not have anyone with them the whole day.

There may be visually challenged people out there surviving alone in this world. And this loneliness can make their lives far more challenging.


With the advancement in technology, our day-to-day life is becoming quite convenient. Everyone is taking advantage of this evolution in technology, and no one can imagine staying detached from it.

The best part is that technology has tried to cover almost all categories of human life. This also includes people with visual disabilities. There are numerous apps for blind people that assist them with their day-to-day tasks.

So whether you have your loved one with you or not, you can work and roam around confidently.

How Can Assistance Apps Help Overcome Visual Challenges?

  • These apps can help you navigate outdoors without the fear of being lost. Some apps come with GPS systems that assist you in exploring your nearby areas.
  • These can even help you in your indoor area. Most of the apps make use of your phone camera for aiding information about the objects around you.
  • These can help you find your belongings, select the right colors to wear, locate things, and more.
  • Some apps even connect you with the assistance volunteers or representatives’ team for real-time support.

Now that you know the various benefits of these apps, let’s explore the best ones you can try.


Lazarillo is a GPS app for blind people that gives access to several helpful tools. This app tells you about the street you are walking around, nearby places, intersections, etc. using audio messages. Lazarillo app has been designed with the help of feedback from many blind people.

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Even if this app runs in the background, it uses GPS resources. This enables you to enjoy its helpful features even without active screen usage.

It can help you explore places according to the category, like banks, food, health, etc. You can download this app from the Play Store.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes enables blind people to get live assistance from various sighted volunteers. These volunteers belong to a global community or company who are ready to help you. They can even help you with your everyday outdoor tasks.

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It supports multiple languages where; volunteers can answer in around 185 languages. You can sign up anytime and get visual support for free.

You can get help in tasks like troubleshooting technology, setting up home appliances, matching clothes, and more. This app is available for your Android device.


Lookout is an amazing assistance app that enables people with vision loss to explore the world. It uses computer vision to help such people do things quickly and easily. It utilizes your phone’s camera and thus gets information about the things around you.


With this, you can do daily tasks much more easily, like identifying groceries, sorting mail, and more. Lookout offers support for more than 20 different languages and works on Android 6 or above.


If you have orientation disabilities, RightHear is the virtual accessibility assistant just made for you. It helps the visually impaired, blind, or other people feel comfortable and casual while going out in any kind of environment.

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RightHear can tell you about nearby points of interest and save the area or point you, love. It uses object recognition tools to help you with your daily needs.

RightHear app also lets you talk to local assistance via call. It also tells you about the direction towards which you are walking. Download this app from the Play Store and make the proper use.


Supersense by Mediate is a wonderful AI-based application designed for blind or visually impaired persons. It is an assistive application that can help people to find objects, read written words, and navigate outdoor places easily.

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It can help you with even tiny tasks of your day-to-day routine, like locating a chair, pen, door, or more.

Surpersense can help you in an unfamiliar environment and learn about the objects that are around you. It has a talkback feature and supports multiple languages. You can also use this app even if you are out of your internet connection by downloading it for your Android device.


Talov Inc. presents Vision, a wonderful accessibility app designed for visually impaired people. It utilizes AI in real time and helps you identify objects, distances, colors, text, and much more.

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It uses your phone’s camera and is optimized to work with around 48 languages. Overall, this app makes your day-to-day life quite simplified. This app is available for download in the Play Store.


Sullivan+ can let you forget that you can’t see this world. It can make you quite independent and enable you to manage your day-to-day activities easily. It gets information about the things around you using your smartphone camera.

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Sullivan+ app can read and elaborate on the content of a magazine, document, mail, or more by reading out. It identifies the objects around you and explains in a sentence about your surroundings.

It can help you choose the colors for the outfits that you want to wear. This app is available for Android 5.0 or above versions.


NaviLens delivers cutting-edge technology for blind people. It is an application that assists in long-distance reading. Its high-density artificial markers system generates tags that assist in long-distance reading.

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Its sound system lets blind people locate the label in the space without using their headphones. This NaviLens app is available for Android 5.0 or above smartphones. Download now!

Final Words

Dealing with even day-to-day activities can be challenging for people with visual impairment. However, these applications help to a great extent in minimizing these challenges and making life much easier.

So, if you or your loved one have such disabilities, try any of these apps and see how conveniently you can do everything.

You may also want to explore the best tools to help people with speech disorders.

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