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In AI Last updated: August 10, 2023
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Generating studio-quality headshots with Aragon AI.

Personally, the first thing I notice for any incoming LinkedIn connection request is the profile picture. And I feel suspicious if there is none. Like, why is a person on social media when they can’t show their face?

Still, putting just another selfie on your online profile wouldn’t do much good. Things need to project confidence and the fact that you’re approachable.

But it doesn’t end with social media. You can use a good business headshot for your online portfolio, resume, contact cards, press release, job platforms, etc. In short, there are more than a few places that need a solid first impression.

And you can either hire a professional photographer or try AI headshot creators like…

Aragon AI: An Overview

Transform your selfies into ai-generated headshots.

Aragon is an AI-powered tool that helps you generate multiple professional headshots featuring different styles based on your random, personal photos.

The tool is pretty secure, boasting the industry standard AES-256-bit encryption. Besides, they delete your AI headshots within 30 days of their creation. So, make sure to download the ones you think look great.

Coming to that, not every photo will do justice to your facial features. And it’s the same with every AI headshot generator I have heard about.

Still, based on your uploads, a few really nice-looking ones can justify the subscription and the fact that they have 30k+ happy users.

Further sections entail my personal experience with Aragon AI.

How Does It Work?

Once you pay for the subscription, the dashboard shows some samples of what to expect and what can be some weird by-products one should avoid. Actually, this is pretty common with such AI tools, and some degree of disfiguration is possible in a few images.

A screen shot of a website showing a number of men's photos.

Next, they ask you some basic questions in two parts. The first one is a standard survey about your profession and the reason you’re trying their tool. In addition, you can type things you want to see in the output, such as a specific background, lighting, etc.

The second form is where you enter ethnicity, hair, eye color, age, etc., to get the photos almost right.

Subsequently, Aragon instructs about the dos and don’ts of image uploads. It’s important to follow these guidelines because bad uploads disqualify you from claiming a refund, even if the output is subpar.

The last step is where you upload the images and look if those get accepted. While Aragon itself says this detection isn’t foolproof, it still weeds out similar-looking photos.

A screen shot of a website showing a group of people.

The idea is to upload images with different backgrounds and facial expressions. But since I’m not a selfie person, it took quite a few to get to the minimum 14 images threshold.

Finally, you agree to the checkboxes and click Submit to let AI do its magic. Normally, they ask for a 120-minute deadline, but it took just under an hour for me.

Here are a few decent results:

A man in a suit and a man in a beige suit.

Notably, some images had a few misplaced moles and eye and lip distortions, and a few even gave me arm tattoos.

En manns profil på en datingside.

Every image had a fixed 512 x 1824 px resolution.

It’s important not to click the Download your Image unless you’re fully satisfied with the results because downloading images is seen as acceptance of the final render, which restricts your ability to claim a refund, as per Aragon AI terms.

Overall, it’s creative, and you’ll easily find some beautiful headshots to populate your social media handles, resumes, and more.

And besides personal plans starting from $29 per user, Aragon offers discounts on team packages.

Aragon AI: Alternatives

Let’s check out the high-level overview of a few other headshot tools.

#1. HeadshotPro

Professional corporate headshots.

HeadshotPro does similar AI creations, starting with 40 business headshots for $29.

One can pick among available styles (traditional, modern, creative, etc.) and upload selfies to train the AI model, which gives professional headshots within 2 hours.

Headshot Pro recommends uploading 12 close-ups and 8 body shots, illustrating a variety of backgrounds and facial expressions for a decent output. Its FAQ sections assure that they delete the training photos within seven days, or one can delete them manually.

Besides individual, Headshot Pro has discounted plans for teams. One can claim a refund within 14 days, provided the user hasn’t trained its AI.

#2. StudioShot

Førsteklasses hodebilder for profesjonelle.

StudioShot gives you the best of both worlds, AI and real-life photography, to present the perfect business headshot.

It works similarly to the other tools, and the process starts with uploading the selfies. Next, it asks to choose from the listed photography styles, depicting variations in lighting, background, and overall ambiance.

StudioShot takes two business days to produce 50+ AI headshots, from which one has to choose the favorite for further work by real-life photographers.

The plans start at $29.25 per person, including infinite touch-ups by pro photographers, making it an enticing deal to grab. If you ask me, this is the best Aragon alternative since AI technology isn’t that refined yet. Therefore, human intervention is needed in 9 out of 10 cases for perfection. And since StudioShot’s process is mostly manual, there are no refund options currently.

StudioShot also offers discounts for teams.

#3. ProPhotos

En nettside med mange menn og kvinner.

ProPhotos offers customization options, including background, lighting, clothing, etc., to create the AI headshot of your preference.

You will need 10-30 high-quality Instagram-like images to get started. Afterward, the process is similar to generating an AI model which gives curated images you can download.

The base plan is pegged at $25 for 40 unique headshots with three specific backgrounds.

Final Thoughts

Aragon AI is a great headshot tool. Out of the 200 images it created, some of them were really great and nicely served the intended purpose.

So, do I recommend Aragon AI? Yes!

But if you want AI headshots with a human touch-up, I would recommend starting with StudioShot.

In any case, try to avoid feeding AI-generated images as input to any tool you might end up trying.

And if you’re still here, look at these AI Selfie Generators.

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