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A good novel tells us the truth about its hero;
but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author.
― G.K. Chesterton, Heretics
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Chandan Kumar

Wrote 412 articles since October 24, 2015

Since founded Geekflare, I've helped millions of professional through my articles and tools. Let's connect on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Durga Prasad Acharya

Wrote 192 articles since April 5, 2020

Durga Prasad Acharya is a Freelance Technical Writer who loves writing on emerging technologies, such as AI & ML, Cybersecurity, Web Hosting, SaaS, Cloud Computing, and more. Besides writing, he's a web designer and is passionate about movies, automobiles, and food.

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Amrita Pathak

Wrote 156 articles since July 16, 2020

I am a freelance copywriter & content writer. I help brands enhance their online presence by creating awesome content that connects and converts. Besides technology, I also love writing on social issues, freelancing, and life. When I'm not writing, I like to read mostly about space and cosmology. Connect with me on LinkedIn:

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Dhruv Parmar

Wrote 148 articles since July 19, 2020

Dhruv is a freelance content writer with proficiency in every niche. He maintains his own personal brand on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can contact him for any content writing requirements for websites, blogs, and social media handles on

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Adnan Rehan

Wrote 119 articles since September 30, 2018

Experienced content writer providing quality services to mostly blogs. Finds immense satisfaction in research and crafting out perfect blog posts that grips the readers till the end.

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Hitesh Sant

Wrote 103 articles since September 3, 2021

Hitesh is a Senior Writer at Geekflare. More about him at

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Geekflare Editorial

Wrote 92 articles since May 9, 2018

An editorial writer at Geekflare.

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Neha Kaushik

Wrote 82 articles since October 12, 2021

I am a Content Strategist and Senior Writer with diverse experience giving me a 360-degree understanding of the audience. My passion is to deep dive into the market to understand what works best and use it to benefit everyone with top-notch strategies.

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Wrote 67 articles since June 13, 2019

Karrar Haider

Wrote 52 articles since October 2, 2020

For over 9 years, Karrar has been writing about everything Windows and Google with a strict focus on improving security and finding ways to get more out of our devices.

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Tamal Das

Wrote 46 articles since January 23, 2022

Tamal is a freelance writer at Geekflare. Also writes for other leading tech magazines, IT solutions organizations, and blogs.

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Wrote 46 articles since October 1, 2018

I write about, around, and for the developer ecosystem. Recommendations, tutorials, technical discussions -- whatever I publish, I try my best to cut through confusion and fluff, and provide actionable answers based on personal experience as a full-stack developer.

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Ankush Das

Wrote 42 articles since June 14, 2021

A computer science graduate with a passion to explore and write about various technologies. When he's not writing, it is usually his cats who keep him busy.

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Bipasha Nath

Wrote 40 articles since March 8, 2022

A technical and creative content writer who has been in the industry for 7+ years. Loves to spend free time with stray cats.

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Hafeezul Kareem Shaik

Wrote 38 articles since November 30, 2019

Tanish Chowdhary

Wrote 35 articles since November 17, 2021

Tanish is a digital marketing geek and a super creative writer. He has been researching, analyzing, and writing about digital marketing for 4 years.

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Abhishek Nair

Wrote 33 articles since December 10, 2020

Ashlin Jenifa

Wrote 32 articles since October 4, 2021

I am a technical content writer.

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Ruby Goyal

Wrote 30 articles since September 23, 2021

As an expert technical writer, Ruby loves to write in-depth guides on web development and online marketing. She has spent the majority of her career writing blogs, driving marketing campaigns, optimizing ad and email campaigns, and copywriting.

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Satish Shethi

Wrote 28 articles since October 12, 2021

Information technology is my true passion and I have been in the industry for 20 years. I have served a company in a senior role, belonging to Fortune 100, doing projects for BFS, Mortgage Insurance, and FMCG. Apart from IT, I like to read books, especially spirituality and self-help, and in my spare time, I also like to spend time with nature. Nature heals everything - body, mind, and especially soul.

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Samyak Goswami

Wrote 24 articles since September 8, 2021

Samyak is an engineer, tech lover, and content writer. He has the eye to see certain nuances in everyday tech that most people simply ignore. Find more of Samyak's work on

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Taiba Hasan

Wrote 23 articles since November 7, 2021

A tech enthusiast with a Post Graduate degree in Computer Applications, trying to make technology less complicated for novice users.

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Amos Kingatua

Wrote 22 articles since November 13, 2019

Amos Kingatua is an ICT consultant and technical writer who assists businesses to set up, secure, and efficiently run a wide range of in-house and virtual data centers, IT systems and networks.

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Alex Ivanovs

Wrote 21 articles since December 7, 2018

Alex Ivanovs is an experienced Digital Marketing specialist. His work is featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, TheNextWeb, Huffington Post, and other thought-leading platforms. When not actively writing on tech, he can be found sharing his personal writing on Stack Diary.

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Talha Khalid

Wrote 21 articles since November 21, 2021

A freelance web developer and a passionate writer. You can follow me on Medium: @Talhakhalid101

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Asad Ali

Wrote 19 articles since April 25, 2020

Bala Priya C

Wrote 18 articles since January 18, 2022

Bala Priya is a self-taught programmer and a technical writer from India. She shares her learning with the developer community by authoring tech tutorials, how-to guides, and more.

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Daniel Diaz

Wrote 17 articles since April 18, 2021

Self taught Python/Django developer, always learning and building awesome things. Technical writer, and creator of Developer Road. Follow me on Twitter and Linkedin

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Abhishek Kothari

Wrote 16 articles since May 8, 2018

Abhishek is a Web Developer with diverse skills across multiple Web development technologies. During his professional career, he has worked on numerous enterprise-level applications and understood the technological architecture and complexities involved in making an exceptional project.

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Naman Yash

Wrote 14 articles since March 9, 2022

Naman Yash is a Software Engineering Professional with 2+ years of Cloud Engineering experience in JP Morgan Chase. Currently, Naman is working as a freelance software engineer and content writer. He holds multiple AWS and Terraform certifications and has software development experience in ReactJS. You can reach out to Naman at his website

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Saptak Chaudhuri

Wrote 14 articles since May 29, 2022

Saptak is a technical writer, who has a knack for crafting tales that engage the targeted audiences, giving meaningful experiences and inspiring actions.

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Kanishk Jain

Wrote 13 articles since February 27, 2017

Kanishk is a part-time blogger and a full-time technology geek who loves writing about various aspects of tech ranging from desktops to mobile phones.

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Lakshman Sharma

Wrote 11 articles since August 11, 2020

Hey there, I aspire to create mindful designs that contribute towards improving human life. That's all my main profession, in a sentence.

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Wrote 11 articles since July 30, 2018

Kaveri is a content analyst and freelance writer. She contributes to a number of WordPress blogs and writes regularly for Geekflare. To get in touch with her Contact here

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Asavari Sharma

Wrote 10 articles since January 11, 2019

Asavari is a B2B content strategist and web journalist. She is known for her strategic and authentic marketing initiatives that help SMBs across the globe drive sales and make profits. She is also an advocate of a healthy work-life balance.

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Shalabh Garg

Wrote 8 articles since January 19, 2022

Shalabh Garg is a content writer & SEO professional who loves writing on technology, SEO, digital marketing, emerging marketing trends and tools. He is passionate about food, travelling and cricket.

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Vijay Khurana

Wrote 8 articles since May 15, 2020

Nisar Ahmad

Wrote 7 articles since August 18, 2021

Nisar is a Systems Engineer, double VCP6 (DCV & NV), 5 x vExpert 2017-21, and owner of a tech blog,, with 10 years of experience of administering and managing data center environments using VMware and Microsoft technologies. He is a passionate technical writer and loves to write on virtualization, cloud computing, hyper-convergence (HCI), cybersecurity, and backup & recovery solutions.

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Idris Lawal

Wrote 7 articles since October 29, 2019

Idris is a software engineer, with backgrounds in computer networking. He can be reached via Twitter

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Butterfly Thoughts

Wrote 6 articles since September 3, 2021

From childhood to now, my love of writing never stopped, rather it only got better by the day, thanks to the opportunities that came along my way! I started with simple blog entries that I wrote just by observing my surroundings, and then hooked on to technical content for my love of technology. I still love writing to my imagination, but my current focus is to provide quality content to readers who love technology as much as I do!

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Kritika Singh

Wrote 6 articles since May 30, 2022

Mary Manzi

Wrote 6 articles since September 14, 2021

I am a hubspot certified cybersecurity content writer. I have also been featured on a health and wellness site. I also publish cybersecurity news related articles on my LinkedIn pulse. I am currently working with cyber security software companies that help IT professionals securely transmit and store sensitive data

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Wrote 6 articles since May 21, 2019

Anjaneyulu Naini loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. He believes in having a skill or talent is more valuable than having just a degree.

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Nishit Raghuwanshi Rudra

Wrote 5 articles since August 5, 2020

A Journalism grad from Lucknow who loves writing tech news. Interested in the latest smartphones, apps, mobile gaming, and general tech. When he’s not busy covering tech developments, you can find him writing or performing rap somewhere in Delhi.

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Arjun Ruparelia

Wrote 5 articles since July 7, 2021

Mohit Khare

Wrote 5 articles since July 22, 2020

Developer soul from India who loves building and breaking stuff with code. I share learnings and experiences on .Learn more about my journey on Twitter - @mkfeuhrer Let's connect and build something together ✌️

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Nayana Dhanesh

Wrote 4 articles since December 5, 2021

Nayana Dhanesh worked as a Software Engineer for Nine years before switching to Content Writing, which helped her write technical content and other genres to excellence. She likes to keep herself updated with new technologies and trends. She loves to interact with people and always try to keep them motivated in their life.

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Elly Obare

Wrote 4 articles since June 11, 2021

Neema Muganga

Wrote 4 articles since January 4, 2022

Neema is an experienced technical author and proficient web developer. She loves to teach about development through writing and code.

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Tiwalade Okedara

Wrote 4 articles since March 30, 2019

Pallavi Priyadarshini

Wrote 4 articles since March 31, 2019

Aghilan Baskar

Wrote 4 articles since March 29, 2021

Software Engineer by profession. Loves to share and help things with others. Loves writing articles to help the community.

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Gbadebo Bello

Wrote 4 articles since October 27, 2019

Zaher Talab

Wrote 4 articles since May 4, 2021

Interdisciplinary Technology Writer Emerging Digital Technologies, Medical Technologies, Business, History, Politics

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Michael Aboagye

Wrote 4 articles since November 8, 2019

Michael is a software/security engineer .

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Wrote 3 articles since June 6, 2021

A Developer who writes code and content. Passionate about Problem-Solving. Cyber Security enthusiast. :)

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Nitish Singh

Wrote 3 articles since April 24, 2018

Nitish loves writing about technology and keeps a special tab on Cryptocurrency and WordPress. In free time, he enjoys playing computer games.

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Bigyan Ghimire

Wrote 3 articles since August 15, 2020

Anand Yadav

Wrote 3 articles since February 23, 2020

Anand has experience in various technologies such as Linux, Python, Cloud Computing, AWS, Linux, SEO, and blogging. He is constantly exploring new technologies and learning it from scratch.

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Tanumay Biswas

Wrote 3 articles since March 28, 2020

Kim Barloso

Wrote 3 articles since May 19, 2019

Sameeksha Medewar

Wrote 3 articles since October 8, 2021

Sameeksha is a freelance content writer for more than half and a year. She has a hunger to explore and learn new things. She possesses a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

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Ankur Jain

Wrote 3 articles since August 8, 2019

Ankur is currently working as Automation Test Manager. He has 12+ years of rich professional experience with 5+ years of automation testing, which includes Design Automation Testing Frameworks with Selenium, Appium, Protractor, Cucumber, Rest-Assured, Katalon Studio, SOAP UI and Postman.

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Ugo Juliet

Wrote 3 articles since October 13, 2021

Ugo Juliet is a B2B SaaS and tech writer specializing in helping businesses generate leads, sales, and growth through their content. She loves to write long-form content and in-depth guides on technology, finance and cloud computing.

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Kingsley Silas

Wrote 3 articles since October 27, 2019


Wrote 2 articles since December 28, 2021

I'm a passionate blockchain writer. I love writing content that gives any blockchain lover an edge.

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Ada Ivanova

Wrote 2 articles since January 22, 2020

Farhad Pashaei

Wrote 2 articles since February 1, 2022

For the past seven years, I've been tinkering with smartphones, laptops, power banks, printers and writing reviews about them. When I'm not writing, you can bet I'm devouring information on products that are making their first foray into the market, demonstrating my unquenchable thirst for technology.

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Mashal Mabood

Wrote 2 articles since April 4, 2020

Vijay Khatri

Wrote 2 articles since November 13, 2020

My name is Vijay Singh Khatri, and I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. I have had a variety of customer service opportunities, through which I was able to have fewer returned products and increased repeat customers when compared with co-workers.

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Vijay Kanade

Wrote 2 articles since September 1, 2021


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Ashima Gupta

Wrote 2 articles since January 30, 2019

Hitesh Jethva

Wrote 2 articles since March 26, 2019


Wrote 2 articles since May 1, 2020

A curious mind with an affinity for business and tech

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Samuel Miles

Wrote 2 articles since June 19, 2020

Samuel is an SEO and web content specialist. He is known for delivering high-quality content that seeks to make an impact. During his free time, he enjoys reading books, traveling, and socializing.

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Keshi Ile

Wrote 2 articles since June 26, 2020

Keshi is a Technical Writer, Python programmer, and Sysadmin, but everyone else insists he's a magician.

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Elliot Cooper

Wrote 2 articles since July 26, 2019

Mohammed Waseem

Wrote 1 articles since November 17, 2019

Rameez Reza

Wrote 1 articles since December 31, 2021

Yogesh Mankani

Wrote 1 articles since December 13, 2019

Nicolas Finet

Wrote 1 articles since May 6, 2018

Nicolas Finet is the Co-founder of – an online solutions company which helps customers to find the best marketing agencies. Follow him on Twitter @nifinet

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Akhtar Hossain

Wrote 1 articles since March 18, 2020

Vishal Gupta

Wrote 1 articles since September 8, 2020

Mradula Shet

Wrote 1 articles since April 4, 2020

Aastha Pal

Wrote 1 articles since October 29, 2020

Shiva Sai

Wrote 1 articles since April 27, 2016

Romit Chakraborty

Wrote 1 articles since August 11, 2021

Amish Agarwal

Wrote 1 articles since April 4, 2020

Tayyab Ahmed

Wrote 1 articles since March 22, 2022

Tayyab is a diction enthusiast and an SEO buff with a CS background. He's been serving the SAAS & PAAS world for the last five years.

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Brandon Graves

Wrote 1 articles since February 25, 2017

Brandon Graves is a WordPress plugin development expert and an enthusiastic blogger with years of experience. He loves writing information-rich blogs and articles on a wide range of topics, including WordPress plugins and themes.

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Akanksha Holani

Wrote 1 articles since April 5, 2020

Shambhoo Kumar

Wrote 1 articles since January 17, 2019

A Tech enthusiast, full-time developer and cricketer for weekends. Founder of

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Priya Ahluwalia

Wrote 1 articles since April 23, 2022

Priya Ahluwalia is a writer who specializes in technology, particularly Microsoft Windows. She writes about the latest developments in know-how and current trends in the technology industry. When not glued to a laptop screen, you can find her playing with her dog and catching up on the latest shows on Netflix.

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Paul Jordan

Wrote 1 articles since March 23, 2017

Paul Jordan is an experienced developer at Stackify. He's hobby is keeping track with new trends from IT world but he always wants to know more. Paul is interested in things that are going on in the background, behind the curtains of users interface. ​

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Garima Pachauri

Wrote 1 articles since April 10, 2020

Siddharth Swarnkar

Wrote 1 articles since April 15, 2020

Manisha Chattarji

Wrote 1 articles since January 29, 2021

Harshit Gupta

Wrote 1 articles since April 9, 2017

I am a technical enthusiast and love to write about antivirus software and other data security products.

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Soliudeen Ogunsola

Wrote 1 articles since April 20, 2020

Soliudeen Ogunsola is a Product Designer and Content Specialist from Abeokuta, Nigeria.

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Richard Keller

Wrote 1 articles since April 2, 2019

Evie Harrison

Wrote 1 articles since July 10, 2017

Evie Harrison is a blogger by choice.  She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs. Currently, she is associate with Sales Pipeline Team.

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Harsh Manvar

Wrote 1 articles since March 29, 2021

Alana Berge

Wrote 1 articles since July 31, 2017

This article is written by Alana Berge. She is working as blogger for Awebstar, expert in offering services for Web Design Singapore.  Alana loves to traveling, cooking and singing. She is always grinding away on something marketing related.

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Wrote 1 articles since September 9, 2017

Brenda Savoie is a content marketer, private English tutor, and desperate dreamer. Writing her first romance novel. Seeking contentment through mindfulness. Check her last blog BestwritingClues Find her on Twitter and Facebook

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Dileep Kumar

Wrote 1 articles since July 1, 2019

Pradeep Vishwakarma

Wrote 1 articles since October 8, 2017

Article by Middleware Box.

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Sajid Qureshi

Wrote 1 articles since July 10, 2019

Lena Hemsworth

Wrote 1 articles since October 25, 2017

Lena Hemsworth spent a better part of her life working as a business consultant at Green Web Marketing in Sydney. Now she is a freelance blogger and copywriter. When she is not working she enjoys kite surfing and soaking up the sun.

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Chris Richardson

Wrote 1 articles since November 9, 2017

Chris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger. He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and playing the guitar. Follow him on Facebook and Google+

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Simon Dwight Keller

Wrote 1 articles since October 19, 2019

Suraj Kumar

Wrote 1 articles since December 10, 2017

Hey, am Suraj - a full-time blogger and a social media expert currently working on the Growth Hacking department of MYUKMailBox. Follow me on Twitter and Linkedin.

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Rahul Maurya

Wrote 1 articles since July 19, 2020

Sultana Rajia

Wrote 1 articles since October 27, 2021

I am a freelance content writer with more than 4 years of experience in writing about tech/apps/software related topics. Technology drives me crazy. My hunger for knowledge and travelling is literally unstoppable.

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Nick Brown

Wrote 1 articles since December 13, 2017

Nick is a blogger and a marketing expert currently engaged on projects for Media Gurus, an Australian business, and marketing resource. He is an aspiring street artist and does Audio/Video editing as a hobby.

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Mary Jones

Wrote 1 articles since December 14, 2017

Mary Jones is the co-founder & editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades and focused on Content Marketing Strategy for many clients from Education industry in US, Canada & UK. Mary has been a guest tutor at Expert Assignment Help and works as an Essay Writer for Assignment Essay Help.

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Onael Mangabo

Wrote 1 articles since October 29, 2019

Antara Agarwal

Wrote 1 articles since April 28, 2021

Luisa Brenton

Wrote 1 articles since March 13, 2018

Luisa Brenton is a brand developer in the past; mom, educational blogger in the present. She writes in a variety of venues – academic, business, and online marketing content. Find more on Facebook and Twitter.

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Rahul Jain

Wrote 1 articles since March 18, 2018

I am someone who seeks challenges, stay positive and take control of a situation. I am fond of learning new technologies, love to share my experience and improve myself as per feedback.

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Ankita Kataria

Wrote 1 articles since July 24, 2020

Syed Shabeer

Wrote 1 articles since November 28, 2021

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