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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: May 11, 2023
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As pet parents, we know that our furry friends bring joy and companionship to our lives. Cats, in particular, have a special place in our hearts. 

Our feline friends deserve the best care and love we can give them. But if you’re a busy pet parent, it becomes difficult to give them the proper love and nutrition.

Well, fear no more because we have the perfect solution for you – automatic cat feeders! These automatic cat feeders make feeding time a breeze for you and your furry pal. 

Whether planning a weekend getaway or simply wanting to streamline your daily routine, these automatic cat feeders will make your life easier. So, let’s dive in and discover the ideal fit for your beloved feline!


Automatic Cat Feeders – What Is It, and How Does It Work?

As a pet owner, I find automatic cat feeders are lifesavers while I’m away from home. These feeders are available in different styles and sizes. They usually have a food storage container, a programmable timer, and a dispensing mechanism.

Setting up the feeder is easy. I fill the container with my cat’s preferred food, program the timer to dispense the right amount of food at specific times of the day, and I’m all set.

When it’s feeding time, the feeder dispenses the right amount of food into a bowl or tray for my cat to eat. Some feeders even have a voice recording feature that lets them record a message for their cat, letting them know it’s time to eat. This is particularly useful when you are away for an extended period.

Overall, automatic cat feeders are a convenient and reliable way to ensure that the cat gets fed on time, even when you are not around. Choosing a quality feeder and monitoring the cat’s eating habits are crucial to ensuring it gets enough food.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Cat Feeder

Late-night work and stress may restrict anyone from waking up in the morning, but your feline baby is perhaps an early riser. What would you do when your pet starves from hunger, then? These devices ensure that this isn’t the case.

Expanding on the abovementioned idea, let’s discuss why you should use an automatic cat feeder in your house. 

  • By giving your pet the required portioned feedings, automatic feeders aid in correct weight maintenance.
  • A microchip detection device is found in many mechanical cat feeders, ensuring that only the cat you plan to feed puts their lips around it.
  • In many cases, these devices add medical value to the food of your kittens and cats as it is set up under the supervision and recommendation of vets.

Thus, the pros of implementing an automatic cat feeder in your pet-feeding regime are numerous.

Below are the best automatic cat feeders devises you may consider bringing home for your feline fur baby.


Control your pet’s mealtime with ease using the WOPET pet feeder.


  • It lets you schedule and control up to 15 meals remotely through your smartphone, both on Android and iOS.
  • You can ensure 1-50 portions per meal, helping to establish healthy eating habits and body weight control. 
  • Record a voice message to be played during meal dispensing. The pre-recorded message plays when you’re away. This provides comfort and security to your pet and associates your voice with mealtime.
  • It can be wall-powered or battery-powered, and in case of power outages, the WiFi cat feeder will continue to function.

Customers rave about its customizable features and ease of use. Don’t wait any longer to make mealtime stress-free and enjoyable for you and your furry friend!


Entice your pet with the freshness in every bite from the PETLIBRO auto cat feeder. Its patented rotor and triple seal lock ensure your pet’s food remains fresh and crunchy. 


  • It is easy to set up and program, with 1-6 meals daily and up to 50 portions per meal. The tilt LED panel is easy to read and monitor battery power.
  • It can be monitored through a transparent window, and the feeder can be powered by USB-C or 3D batteries.
  • It allows you to record a 10-second message to stay close to your pet even when you’re away. Set the number of times the message plays and prevent disturbances at night.

For your pet’s safety, PETLIBRO cat automatic feeders are BPA-free and easy to clean with a removable tank lid, base, and food bowl.


Introducing Ymiko’s automatic pet feeder that ensures the freshness of your pet’s food with its 3L/12.7 cups capacity. Based on a thousand tests in their lab, it can feed an adult cat for 15 consecutive days and a small-sized adult dog for 7 days.


  • It has an LCD screen and 4 programmable feeding times. It dispenses up to 9 portions of food.
  • It lets you record a personalized 10s voice clip for your pets. Bond with your furry friends and remind them to eat.
  • It has a dual power supply – a 5V DC adapter and 3 D-cell batteries. It also has an anti-clogging design to ensure a constant food supply.
  • Setting up and cleaning the automatic feeder is easy.

Get an automatic pet feeder from YMIKO; you’ll know your pet is well-fed and happy all day long.


Ensure your pet never goes hungry with the VOLUAS automatic pet feeder. Set up to 4 meals a day with up to 40 portion choices to personalize your pet’s diet. 


  • With the ability to set 1-4 meals and 0-40 portion sizes, it allows a personalized diet for your pet.
  • It has a fixed wired connection using the 5V adapter USB power cable or a portable 3 D-cell battery-powered feeding station. This can ensure that your pet doesn’t go hungry during power outages.
  • With the ability to record up to 10 seconds of audio, your pet can hear your voice calling them to mealtime.
  • The operation is user-friendly, with an easy-to-use LCD screen for simple setup and programming.
  • With a 4L/16.9 Cup (1 Cup = 48 Tsp) food storage, you can keep your pet comfortably fed for several days.

The VOLUAS Automatic Pet Feeders hence give you peace of mind during long weekends and short business trips.


WHDETS automatic cat feeder offers smartphone programming, allowing you to control your pet’s mealtime from anywhere. You can program up to 10 meals on your pet’s schedule, with 1-12 portions per meal, which equates to about 7-9g per portion. 


  • Manage your pet’s feeding schedule remotely with the convenience of your smartphone.
  • Includes two feeder raisers in 1-inch and 2-inch sizes to elevate the feeding bowl. Elevating the food bowl can reduce joint and bone stress, making it an excellent choice.
  • The food stays fresh and crunchy with the triple-locking storage system. Stainless steel food bowls are sturdy, safe for eating, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. 
  • Keep connected with your furry friend even when away from home with the upgraded recording function.
  • It can be powered by a wall outlet or 3 D-size batteries in a power outage.

You can also record a personalized meal call using the upgraded recording settings. Whenever it’s time to feed, you can record a 10-second voice message that will be played, reminding your pet to eat regularly.


This automatic pet feeder by Petory allows customizable feeding schedules with up to 6 meals daily and 1-50 portions per meal.


  • It features airtight storage with a patented structure that prevents your pet from accessing extra food.
  • It comes with battery backup, which can dispense food even during a power outage.
  • It has a large capacity of 16.9 cups for dry food, with kibbles under 0.7 inches in diameter and freeze-dried grains.
  • The included Desiccant Bag helps to keep the food fresh.

A BPA-free plastic hopper and bowl and stainless steel feeders make this a great choice for your pet.


Oneisall Automatic Cat Feeders is a convenient and efficient way to ensure that pets are fed regularly. The large capacity of 4L/17 cups is impressive and allows extended periods without refilling the feeder. 


  • It is easy to program with the user manual. It is ideal for feeding your cats and dogs while you are away for a weekend getaway.
  • Each portion is approximately 8 grams, and you can set a small portion for a single meal to help your cats lose weight.
  • The dispenser supports up to 6 meals per day, with 50 portions per meal.
  • It features a desiccant bag in the food tank that keeps the food fresh for longer periods. 
  • The lid’s latch securely locks the food tank to prevent cats from accessing extra food and overeating.

Finally, the 10s voice recorder is a nice touch that can help pets associate mealtime with their owner’s voice. This makes the feeding experience more personal and enjoyable.


Introducing PAPIFEED – the ultimate solution to pet feeding! With the Smart Life app, you can now feed your pet anytime and anywhere. 


  • The “Smart Life” app lets you feed your pet remotely with the automatic cat feeder connected to a 2.4GHz network. This way, you can ensure your pet is fed when you’re away.
  • It allows us to customize feeding scenarios for our pets. The automatic cat feeder can automatically adjust its feeding plan based on changing circumstances.
  • To help prevent bloating, the “Feed” button in the “Smart Life” app allows manual feeding at a healthier pace.
  • The desiccant bags inside the bin keep the food fresh and prevent moisture.
  • With a large capacity of 3.5L, this automatic feeder can provide food for several weeks.
  • Cleaning the Oneisall cat dry food dispenser is effortless, thanks to its removable stainless steel bowl.
  • It is equipped with two power supply systems.
  • You can now use your Amazon Echo device to feed your pet without using your hands. 

Also, PAPIFEED has a one-year warranty and always-on service for a stress-free purchase experience. Get your PAPIFEED now and lighten your pet care burden!


Are you concerned about your pet’s health and well-being? Look no further than the Wansview automatic cat feeder! With the Wansview Cloud app, you can control portions and feeding times. 


  • With its capability to feed cats and dogs, this is a versatile choice for pet owners with multiple pets.
  • The feeder’s built-in camera and 2-way audio make it easy to monitor and interact with all your furry friends.
  • With the 2K camera of the automatic pet feeder, you can remotely monitor your pets day and night.
  • It features motion detection, alerting you when your pet is feeding and sending notifications through the app to keep you informed. 
  • You can record a personalized voice message to play each time a meal is dispensed, making your pet feel at home even when you’re away. Additionally, the feeder’s camera supports video recording and storage. It comes with the option to save recordings on a TF card or subscribe to cloud storage for longer videos.
  • It comes with a user-friendly design and a simple programming process via the app. 

The energy-efficient design ensures minimal power usage, and it’s affordable too! Get peace of mind and keep your pet happy with the Wansview automatic cat feeder.


Introducing the Veken automatic cat feeder! This feeder allows you to customize your pet’s feeding schedule with a digital timer. 


  • You can dispense up to 5 meals per day, with a 3L capacity, ensuring that your pet never misses a meal.
  • It features a battery backup system to ensure your furry friend is fed even during a power outage.
  • The anti-bite power cord of the cat food dispenser protects your pet from harm.
  • It has a see-through container that lets you know when to refill. It keeps food fresh with a desiccant in the lid and prevents clogging for continuous meals.
  • Show care by personalizing their feeding experience with our automatic cat feeder’s voice recording feature.

With easy meal settings and cleaning, worry-free care for your pet is just a touch away with this feeder!

Final Words

Finding the best automatic cat feeder for your feline fur baby can be daunting. But with our list of top picks, you will find the perfect fit. From customizable feeding schedules to voice recording capabilities, these automatic cat feeders offer a range of features.

Whether you’re looking for a large-capacity feeder or a stainless steel bowl, there is an option on this list for every need and budget. Invest in one of these automatic cat feeders to give yourself peace of mind and your furry friend a happy and healthy life.

Next, check out the best apps/games to engage your cat.

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