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Jira Software is the #1 project management tool used by agile teams to plan, track, release, and support great software.

Auvik is an efficient platform to help improve SaaS security and management and eliminate Shadow IT in your organization. 

When it comes to managing SaaS, most organizations rely on employee questionnaires, manual spreadsheets, and web history analysis. They may maintain multiple SaaS applications, but some of them could be overutilized or underutilized.

This could breed the ground for Shadow IT without your knowledge. 

Therefore, your organization needs a visibility management tool to track and monitor unauthorized, unused, or overused apps from a single window.

To this, Auvik’s SaaS management solution addresses these challenges effectively. It will balance the requirements of an agile workforce along with efficient resource allocation and security

In this article, I’ll discuss Auvik SaaS management, its major features, how it helps your organization discover, secure, and manage SaaS environments, and also some alternatives. 

Let’s start!

Auvik SaaS Management

Auvik SaaS management platform helps your business eliminate Shadow IT by discovering, monitoring, managing, and securing SaaS. It helps you detect all the SaaS applications that are in use within your organization so you can better control the SaaS environments. 

In addition, you can detect vendor security incidents, the use of personal accounts, and the sharing of login details for corporate applications. You can build your employees’ on-and-off board checklists automatically and save plenty of time. By identifying SaaS application redundancy and Shadow IT, you can also cut unnecessary spending. 

Auvik offers an innovative solution for tackling the hurdles of security and sprawl. It helps you gain control over your SaaS ecosystem and improves security and operations. It gives you centralized governance tools for reporting critical events, allowing your team to fix vulnerabilities quickly. It offers detailed insights into client, employee, application, and account lifecycles. 

Furthermore, Auvik captures both browser and web-based applications through the Auvik SaaS management desktop apps and Chrome extension. It detects as soon as new applications are added to your network, anyone signs up for any kind of app, or other events happening within your organization on a daily basis. 

Auvik collects data from SSO providers like Google and Microsoft to help you detect which applications are accessed and when the event occurs. The tool uses a game-changing solution to look for unethical and risky behavior, such as sharing credentials, signing for free trials using your personal email ID, and more.

Auvik acquired Saaslio in October of 2022 and has launched it as Auvik SaaS Management. This technology is used to design an inventory of clients’ SaaS apps. This helps you understand which employee is using what product(s) and the number of licenses the company is paying for.

Features of Auvik SaaS Management

Automate Documentation 

You can automate documentation for your applications like SaaS, business, cloud, and desktop apps using Auvik SaaS management software. It also updates your application inventory and monitors the application landscape continuously to ensure that any additions and changes are reflected accurately in the inventory. 

This feature eliminates manual tracking, ensuring the documentation processes remain up to date. This makes your task easy in accessing and managing data of the applications from a single location. 

SaaS Health Score 

Auvik’s SaaS Health Score functionality allows your organization to take proper action on the application inventory by getting recommendations and insights for improvement. The SaaS Health Score breaks down into various categories, including management, compliance, account, and security inventory.

These categories individually help your business understand the weaknesses and strengths of every application in a specific area. This lets your business address critical events of the application inventory related to goals and priorities. 

Security Logs 

Auvik offers improved security logs that give your IT teams complete visibility into the application ecosystem. These security logs can capture and centralize all the security-related activities and events to analyze and monitor them effectively. 

IT teams leverage these logs to identify security issues, personal access to the resources, shared account usage, or other suspicious activities quickly within the SaaS environment. The enhanced logs allow your organization to investigate and prioritize essential security events, ensuring timely response and zero potential risks. 

Full Visibility into Business Applications

Auvik enables IT administrators and teams to gain complete visibility into your business applications’ performance, security, and usage, whether cloud services, SaaS applications, or desktop applications. 

By collecting data from several platforms and sources, Auvik provides a centralized dashboard for everyone in the team to view usage patterns, trends, and key metrics across the application landscape. 

This lets your organization manage application inventory, identify security risks, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions on business applications. It also helps enhance performance, improve operational efficiency, and ensure a well-managed and secure application ecosystem. 

Generate Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly business reviews are essential and can help your business manage SaaS environments effectively. 

You can generate effective quarterly reviews for your clients. You will get the top ten unmanaged/managed applications, user risks, SaaS overlap, QBR notes, and Shadow IT in one report. 

You can establish a cadence to review the business internally with stakeholders to ensure you are staying compliant and maintaining your SaaS inventory.

Expand Employee Onboard and Offboard Lifecycle

Organizations can leverage the power of Auvik SaaS management to ensure efficiency and consistency in managing employee lifecycles. It will help you optimize the offboarding and onboarding processes of your employees. 

Auvik allows IT and HR teams to effectively collaborate, maintain control over user access, and automate workflows. This helps eliminate security risks, safeguard organizational assets, and ensure compliance along with data privacy. 

For that, Auvik offers a complete view of employee accounts and access across different SaaS apps, supporting compliance reporting and auditing. It enables full visibility into employee access for the organization so that IT managers can manage and track users effectively. 

This helps boost data security, operational efficiency, and employee experience while reducing administrative burden and fostering a transition for your employees. 

Managing SaaS Vendor Security and Supply Chain Risks

Auvik helps organizations stay educated and informed about vendor security incidents. It gives access to essential information on unauthorized access, data breaches, security breaches, or other incidents that might impact your business’s SaaS ecosystem. 

By knowing these incidents, you can easily assess the security posture of your SaaS vendors, evaluate risks, and take appropriate measures. Furthermore, this feature helps you manage and identify supply chain risks. You will get insights into vulnerabilities arising from dependencies on contractors, partners, or third-party vendors. 

By addressing and understanding the risks, you can enhance the overall security and eliminate potential disruptions due to supply chain vulnerabilities.

Tracking Software Inventory

Organizations can easily gain a better understanding of changes in their software inventory using Auvik SaaS management. You will get alerts in real-time whenever new apps are discovered across numerous categories, allowing you to maintain an up-to-date and accurate software record. This way, you can maintain regulatory requirements and compliance.

These alerts allow you to track software inventory changes across SaaS, business, and desktop applications in order to detect any Shadow IT risks. This also allows you to detect unapproved or unauthorized software installations, ensuring all software is aligned and licensed properly with the regulatory guidelines.

As a result, you can eliminate high-risk Shadow IT before any serious security issue can happen. 

Alerts on Risky Behaviors

You can discover Supply Chain risks and SaaS Vendor security easily with Auvik SaaS management platform. It monitors software inventory changes and lets you stay informed with alerts on suspicious user behaviors. 

Auvik sends alerts on user behaviors, including signing up for unwanted or unauthorized services, using service accounts to access individual and software logins, and sharing login credentials. With real-time alerts, organizations can detect and respond to user behaviors promptly and mitigate risks and data breaches. 

Security and IT teams can take instant action, enforce appropriate measures, and investigate the situation properly. Additionally, you can demonstrate compliance with data privacy standards and industry regulations using real-time alerts. Further, it helps you address non-compliance risks proactively, letting everyone follow internal policies and external security requirements. 


Auvik integrates with multiple tools to give you the flexibility of using different tools through one interface. This will help you keep inventory data up to date and receive immediate notifications when unauthorized events take place. 

Some of the tools Auvik integrates with are:

  • Autotask
  • ConnectWise Manage
  • Freshdesk
  • Opsgenie
  • PagerDuty
  • BrightGauge
  • HaloPSA
  • Service now
  • ITBoost
  • IT Glue
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Webhook
  • ChatGenie
  • Slack


You will get a free trial of 14 days without giving any credit card details. Enter your work email address and start using Auvik SaaS management

If you love Auvik and its features, you can fill in all your details to get a quote based on your business requirements. You will get unlimited managed SaaS apps, devices per user, integrations, alerting, reporting, support, and a flat monthly rate for every user. 

Alternatives to Auvik

So, you are now just a form away from taking control of your SaaS ecosystem with the help of Auvik. But if you are still looking for more options, you can consider the following alternatives to Auvik. 

#1. Cledara

Get enhanced control and visibility on all your SaaS subscriptions with Cledara. It will give you a single window to manage and see all the software subscriptions. 

The tool makes collaboration seamless by letting you share the software across your organization and stop paying unnecessary amounts for unused or duplicate SaaS apps. It will empower your team to select and remove unwanted software but also give you an upper hand in controlling the software procurement process. 

Keep track of all the software entering your business. Get a clear view of the users and subscriptions with real-time reporting. You can find project future budgets or savings quickly using actionable analytics. 

Evaluate renewals and forecast payments with all the software renewal charges and dates in a single place. You can leverage Cledara’s native integrations to streamline your SaaS management and monitoring. It integrates with Microsoft 365, Okta, Xero, QuickBooks and more.

Cledara’s starting price is $271/month for necessary features. 

#2. Zluri

Discover everything about the applications being used inside your organization, optimize each dollar spent on SaaS, and manage SaaS applications in one place with Zluri. It will give full visibility with SSOs, 250,000+ apps, and agents, and 800+ integrations. 

You can estimate the future need for licenses and avoid spending using AI and deep learning models. Map and categorize every contract and license, along with keeping track of renewals. You will get 360-degree visibility into every application, manage users, spends, and apps, and make informed decisions.

Zluri helps you with application discovery, managing SaaS, cost optimization, application usage tracking, onboarding, and offboarding. You can integrate it with 123FormBuilder, AWS, 15Five, 1Password, A Cloud Guru, Abstract,, Act!, Adalo, AdRoll, Alibaba Cloud, and more. 

Get tailor-made pricing plans for your business and discover all the SaaS applications.

#3. BetterCloud

Reduce your SaaS management workloads with BetterCloud. It can help you automate day-to-day operations and user lifecycle processes even in several SaaS environments. 

BetterCloud uses accurate data from different sources and triggers onboarding workflows automatically. This will ensure new employees get immediate access to important resources.

You can reduce the chance of data leaks from incomplete and manual offboarding processes by removing users’ access to groups or applications as well as files and resources. In addition, you can free up time to stay focused on strategic projects that can help you drive your business growth. 

See BetterCloud in action by requesting a demo and understanding how it can help you manage and monitor SaaS applications. 

#4. NachoNacho

Manage all your SaaS subscriptions in a single account with NachoNacho and get to know how much you have spent on SaaS services. This will give you real-time visibility of all the subscriptions and expenses in a single and clear dashboard.

You can identify waste easily using NachoNacho’s filter and search functionality that helps you detect hidden and duplicate subscriptions. Keep your spending limits tight and make sure you never charge beyond your expectations.

NachoNacho helps you tighten the limits by giving one credit card per vendor that allows you to isolate misuse and secure the damage. Don’t just let your employees walk away with the credit cards or SaaS. It enables you to cancel all the cards easily. 

Whether you are a startup or have plenty of employees, NachoNacho’s pricing scales with your business, starting at just $5/user/month. You can also get a custom plan to match your unique needs. 

#5. Torii

Torii helps you optimize your SaaS spend, discover Shadow IT, and automate SaaS using an open platform that you trust. Its comprehensive AI mapping and discovery functionality can reveal SaaS apps easily and lets you gain a SaaS system of records.

You can act on rich insights, reduce risks, prove compliance, and discover suspicious apps – all from a single place. Torii gives cost-saving workflows and recommendations to save you money. It helps you eliminate unused licenses and apps, consolidate redundant technology, slash renewal costs, downgrade licenses that are underutilized, and track SaaS spending. 

Furthermore, you can automate IT tasks by scheduling onboarding and offboarding, setting up event triggers, creating risk management workflows, and more. Torii allows you to build new possibilities and leverage its open API, plugin marketplace, and developer community to manage your SaaS stack in your own way. 


Auvik SaaS management can simplify your work by providing you with cloud-based management and monitoring solutions with speed and simplicity. It lets you visualize SaaS applications, Shadow IT, and IT infrastructure in minutes.

With enhanced visibility, your team can detect and solve the issues instantly and save you time. It offers features like SaaS environment tracking, SaaS usage monitoring, immediate alerts and notifications to your inbox, and many more. It also helps you cut unwanted SaaS spending, reduce risks, and save time. 

However, if you need more options, check out the Auvik alternatives I’ve discussed above and choose one based on your business needs. 

You may also explore the best SaaS management platforms to reduce your costs.

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