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In Analytics and Career Last updated: November 11, 2022
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As an individual, you can learn to design and derive insights from data by exploring practical examples and understanding the basics in depth. AWS Data Analytics Certification (DAS-C01) is a way to enter the world of data as an expert.

AWS offers the broadest range of analytics services to meet all your data analytics requirements and enables businesses to use data to rethink their operations.

AWS offers purpose-built services that provide:

  • The best price-performance.
  • Scalability.
  • Lowest cost for everything from data migration to data storage to data lakes to big data analytics to business intelligence and machine learning (ML).

AWS analytics services’ performance, scale, and pricing are optimized to lay out the best results for your needs. They are precisely designed to assist you in swiftly extracting data insights using the best tool for the task.

AWS Data Analytics offers a wide range of tools and services for analyzing data. You can become a certified data analyst by tapping into the necessary skills and getting certified in AWS Data Analytics Certification (DAS-C01).

This article focuses on the fundamentals and the roadmap to becoming AWS certified in AWS Data Analytics.

An Overview of the AWS Data Analytics Certification

As its name implies, the AWS Data Analytics Certification – Specialty exam covers a wide range of Big Data principles, including methods for data transit and collection, storage, pre-and post-processing, analytics, and visualization, as well as concepts for data security at each tier.

Anyone who wants to pass the AWS Data Analytics DAS-C01 Certification exam should follow a specific learning route. The exam is intended for people who work in roles that emphasize data analytics. This test verifies a candidate’s thorough knowledge of how to develop, create, secure, and maintain analytics solutions that deliver data insight utilizing AWS services.

What does the AWS Data Analytics Certification certify about a certificate holder, and what is the certification validity?

The certification’s objective is to verify your expertise in several important areas, which AWS has identified as being able to:

  • Learn what AWS data analytics services are and how they work together.
  • Describe the role AWS data analytics services play in the data lifecycle’s collection, storage, processing, and visualization phases.
  • You will be required to demonstrate this knowledge across five separate domains, with each part accounting for a percentage of your final score.

With the help of this certificate, businesses may find and nurture personnel with the essential abilities needed to carry out cloud activities. AWS Data Analytics Certification DAS C01 status attests to one’s proficiency in using the company’s analytics and data lakes to conclude data.

What domains and competencies certification covers

competencies certification covers

AWS Data Analytics Certification covers the five domains of Collection, Storage and Data Management, Processing, Analysis and Visualization, and Security.

As 80% of the exam is devoted to topics such as Glue, Kinesis, and Redshift, ensure that you are well-versed and thoroughly cover all services.

The following services should be well-known to you to comprehend the numerous exam scenarios:

Amazon Athena – You should know how to configure and enhance the performance of Amazon Athena and analyze data in an S3 bucket.

Amazon CloudSearch: Be familiar with Amazon CloudSearch’s features and usage scenarios.

Amazon Elasticsearch: You should be well versed with Amazon Elasticsearch and know how to combine Elasticsearch and Kibana with multiple AWS services.

Amazon EMR: The candidate should know how to leverage AWS Glue Data Catalog for table metadata and the security, hardware, and software requirements of the Amazon EMR cluster.

Amazon Kinesis: Using Amazon Kinesis, discover how each Kinesis service (Data Streams, Data Firehose, and Data Analytics) is utilized and how they differ.

Amazon QuickSight: Candidates should know how to connect Amazon QuickSight to your application and publish dashboards, reports, analytics, and dataset updates using Amazon QuickSight.

Amazon Redshift: You should be able to utilize Redshift Spectrum and the multiple SQL commands available in Amazon Redshift, as well as how to inspect data in a data warehouse.

AWS Data Pipeline: The candidate should know the concepts and components of AWS Data Pipeline.

AWS Glue: It is necessary to comprehend the concepts underlying the data catalog, crawlers, workflows, triggers, jobs, job bookmarks, and job metrics to use AWS Glue.

A complete overview of the AWS Data Analytics Certification Exam

There are no criteria to apply for this certification. Anyone can take this exam right now without completing any other AWS credentials.

Having one AWS associate level/practitioner certification is strongly advised as it will enable you to concentrate more on grasping the fundamental ideas of data analytics more quickly.

It is advised that you learn the fundamentals of Hadoop if you do not come from a background in data analytics (BigData, Hadoop, Spark), as this will significantly assist you in connecting those services and tools with AWS Services rapidly. There are numerous BigData/Hadoop courses on Udemy.

Exam Structure

However, the exam consists of 65 questions to be solved within a time limit of 170 minutes.

The reported passing standard for scaled scores is the same. The benchmark for passing is the scaled score of 700 for Foundational-level tests, 720 for Associate-level exams, and 750 for Professional-level and Specialty exams.

Exam Score

Your test-wide performance is represented by your score, indicating whether you passed or failed. Scaled scoring models are employed when comparing scores from several exam forms with slightly varying difficulty levels.

Instead of the actual number of questions answered correctly, scaled scores are presented for the AWS Certification tests. Scaled scores enable uniform score interpretation across various exam types.

AWS employs multiple exam formats to maintain the security of the exams and replace questions as necessary. The multiple exam forms are statistically equated to ensure that all applicants are held to the same level of competency, even though the difficulty of the exams may vary since they contain different questions.

For instance, getting seven out of ten simple questions right is not equivalent to getting seven out of ten difficult questions correct in terms of knowledge.

The equivalent score is then translated to a scale score for presentation to the candidate, much like you can convert between scales like Fahrenheit and Celsius. It guarantees that two scores will have the same interpretation regardless of the candidate’s form.

Exam Fees

The Cloud Practitioner exam is 100 USD. Associate-level exams are 150 USD. Professional-level and Specialty exams are 300 USD.

Exam Validity

When you fail an exam, you must wait 14 days before you may repeat it. The number of exam tries is unrestricted. For each exam attempt, you must, nevertheless, pay the total registration price.

Once you pass an exam, you are prohibited from retaking it for two years. You will be qualified to take the new exam version if it has been updated with a new exam guide and exam series code.

What salary ranges can one expect after getting AWS Data Analytics Certificated?

The typical AWS pay scale starts at 7,710 USD per year. If you don’t get the chance to work at a prestigious company or don’t have the necessary experience, it may even begin at 4,866 USD per year. Depending on your region and the organization you work for, it might go as high as 19,500 USD annually.

The salary range also varies based on the factors such as –

  • Location
  • Experience
  • Employer
  • Skillset

Your annual salary will also be significantly influenced by your level of experience in the profession. AWS architects with less than a year of expertise can expect to make roughly 6,000 USD annually; for professionals with one year of experience, it can go up to 10,000 USD.

The following two levels of experience are reserved for senior-level architects whose work requires much more administration and supervision.

Professionals with six to fourteen years of experience can earn up to 22,000 USD annually. It can go up to 38,000 USD annually for professionals in the same industry for 15 years.

You can reach up to 63,000 USD per year if you are a senior solution architect, have the necessary experience, and work for a reputable organization.

Resources to prepare for the AWS Data Analytics Certification (DAS-C01) exam:

We advise starting with an AWS Learning Plan if you are a newbie looking for a clear starting point to help you develop a career or increase your knowledge of data analytics in the AWS Cloud.

You may learn about data collection, ingestion, storage, processing, and visualization with the help of this collection of on-demand courses. You can use Learning Plans to further your preparation for the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty test.

AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty 2022 – Hands-On: Udemy

You’ll have multiple opportunities in AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty 2022 course to use practical tasks and quizzes to reinforce your learning. When you’re through, this course includes a mock test that, in terms of length, difficulty, and style, is comparable to the actual exam, so you can see if you’re prepared before spending the money to take it. This course will also teach you some helpful test-taking tricks and tactics.

Exam Prep | AWS Certified Data Analytics– Specialty (DAS-C01): Udemy

This course is crafted to give you an idea of the knowledge and techniques required to pass the AWS DAS-C01 exam on the first try. AWS Certified Data Analytics (DAS-C01) course also includes multiple practice tests with multiple choice questions to test your potential and prepare you for the certification.

AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty (DAS-C01): testprep tutorial

YouTube video

AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty tutorial will assist you in preparing for the exam by giving you in-depth details of the exam prerequisites, fee structure, domains, and a complete breakdown of the modules covered in the exam information.

AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01): Cloud Academy

An AWS-certified author has prepared this AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) learning path. It will help you acquire all the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the domain requirements as you move along the study route, developing a thorough mastery of every subject.

AWS Certified Data Analytics Study Guide: Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam

This extensive study guide will assist you in evaluating your technical proficiency and preparing for the most recent AWS Certified Data Analytics test.

AWS Certified Data Analytics Study Guide is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions both.

AWS Certified Data Analytics – First Edition – 2022

The exam cram notes are a condensed compilation of notes covering the entire exam syllabus. This valuable and excellent booklet gives you a fast overview of the technological ideas associated with the certification exam.

AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty: Exam Cram Notes are available on amazon in kindle and paperback versions.


You’ve decided on a goal. It’s time to advance your career by learning new things and developing new talents. Check out these AWS Training and Certification materials pertinent to the AWS Data Analytics Certification. These suggested resources offer chances to learn from AWS professionals.

Obtaining AWS Data Analytics Certification is the way to go, regardless of your level of experience or education, whether you are just out of college, an expert in your field, or self-taught.

You’ll have a more substantial chance of landing your ideal career, be able to demand more pay, and obtain the industry-recognized certification that will distinguish you as a subject-matter authority.

You may also look at some more AWS practice tests to help you pass the exams.

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