A few days back I encountered the following error and WebLogic failed to start with BEA-00362 Critical Error

Are you also having same error?


This happens when MW_HOME is not defined and weblogic.jar is getting called twice in CLASSPATH. To fix this, check below two points.

  • Ensure weblogic.jar in CLASSPATH is not duplicated. You can check CLASSPATH section when it prints while starting.
  • Set MW_HOME either on Unix shell or in startup scripts.

Start WebLogic now, it should work!

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  1. For my experience, this explanation is NOT the right way to correct this problem. The problem is within the config.xml file, because it finds a duplicated entry. No matter if it is weblogic.jar or any other jar, war or ear.
    The first attempt to correct it is look at the other backup files ($MW_HOME/user_projects/domains//config/backup_configXXX.xml) and load the last one that worked and doesn’t have a duplicated entry. If you don’t have those files, just remove the duplicated entry in config.xml. Finally remove all .lok files in the current domain (be sure server is really down). Then restart: $nohup MW_HOME/user_projects/domains//bin/startWeblogic.sh &


  2. Regarding last comment:
    – In paths, after …domains/ should appear the domain name
    – In last line, command should be:
    nohup $MW_HOME/user_projects/domains//bin/startWeblogic.sh &



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