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In Career Last updated: July 14, 2023
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With the right skill and passion, becoming a Twitch streamer won’t be a big task for you. It’s a stepping stone in crafting an awesome streaming career. 

Dedicating a lot of time as a full-time Twitch streamer can be daunting. But the benefits you will get as a partner, besides being able to monetize your channel, are highly rewarding. 

The streaming platform offers partnership programs to only those individuals who are committed to streaming and have developed an enormous community.

So, if you want to become a Twitch Affiliate and then a Twitch Partner, the road won’t be a bed of roses. It would have some thorns too. 

Ans there is no guaranteed method of becoming a Twitch Partner, even if you follow all the guidelines. 

Let’s figure out how to become a Twitch Partner and level up your streaming career.  

What’s Twitch Partner Program?

The Twitch Partner Program is a specialized program where the streaming company recognizes you as a top content streamer on their platform. 

Twitch partner is a highly distinguished status given by Twitch, where not only can you become an official part of the organization, but you also get the opportunity to earn good money from your streams. In addition, you can earn better splits of revenue than Affiliates and high advertising options. 


When it comes to the partnership program, the organization is quite particular and offers the program to only those streamers who are Affiliates and create premium content. The criteria to become a Partner is quite complex and specific, and even many popular Twitch Affiliate broadcasters have failed to achieve it. 

Even if you are a famous streamer and broadcast only high-quality content, if the officials feel that your contents aren’t Twitch-worthy, you might face a setback. However, if you are well prepared and have the potential and zeal to level up, then you might be able to get into the program and join the elite tier of streamers. 

As a part of the Partner program, you will get access to some of the premium features and tools, which will help you to grow your channel in a better fashion. Besides, you get many other opportunities and benefits that will eventually help you to level up your streaming career.

Benefits of Becoming a Twitch Partner


By becoming a Twitch Partner, you can gain a distinguished position in the streaming world and reap other benefits that the organization has as an exclusive reserve for Partners. Here are the benefits you can enjoy:

High profit from the Channel

When become a Twitch Partner, it opens up many doors to monetizing your streaming content. You get the option to earn money through subscriptions taken by your viewers. The subscriptions are offered in three levels: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Viewers can also go for the Prime Gaming subscription. 

Bits: Getting cheers from viewers through Bits is another way to earn money. Bits are generally virtual coins that viewers can use to cheer you, and for each Bit, Twitch will reward you with 1 cent. As a Partner, you can earn a lot of revenue generated from advertisements played on your channel.

Customized Channel

Once you get promoted to the Twitch Partner program, you get the option to customize the channel so that your viewers can feel special. 

Through your channel, you can create up to 50 personalized emoticons depending upon your subscriber points and also have a customizable emoticon prefix. To make your subscriber feel special, you have the option to devise unique badges for your subscribers depending on their subscriptions and contributions.

Lifetime Subscription 

As a Twitch Partner, you will get three-lifetime subscriptions for your family members and friends. Once you assign this subscription to your family members, it can neither be canceled nor transferred. Moreover, you also get a lifetime channel subscription for your chatbot.

Dedicated Support 

One of the most significant advantages that you can gain from a Partner program is a dedicated support team. Twitch, for all its Partners, has assigned a dedicated support team who can effectively solve any of the problems you might face. The support team comes in really handy when you hit a snag in the middle of the streaming.


Twitch also keeps the VODs of Partners stored on the platform for 60 days. It is beneficial when you run a large community where your subscribers can enjoy the content whenever they want. 

Through this program, you can also rebroadcast old content and hold premieres at specific times to unveil your new content.

Partner-only Opportunities 

As a part of the Partner program, you will be considered for many special promotions like Partner Spotlights, Meets & Greets, Streamer Zones, Partner Panels, and others. You will have the option to delay your broadcast by 15 minutes to get a grasp of competitive games.

Video Transcoding


You can easily customize the quality option of your channel. Meaning your viewers can adjust the quality of the stream and set the quality that suits them the most. It is highly suitable for viewers who face a sudden loss of internet bandwidth, as they can adjust the stream quality accordingly.

How to Become a Twitch Partner

Becoming a Twitch Partner is a challenging task, and a lot of factors come into play. Before you start your journey to becoming a Twitch Partner,  you are required to be a Twitch Affiliate, for starters. 

The streaming giant, Twitch promotes an Affiliate to a Partner only when it feels you can act as a role model to a vast community and engage large viewership whenever you are streaming. You will have to be creative with the broadcast so it can engage a lot of viewers.

If you are a popular broadcaster on Twitch, the road to Partner program may seem easier as you will have to follow specific guidelines, but there is still no guarantee. 


As a creator, you will have to be dedicated and stream a lot of high-quality content that meets the expectation of Twitch’s standards. Moreover, you will have to maintain a decent concurrent viewership average in a 30-day span to get qualified for applying for a Partnership program application. 

Basically, meeting Twitch’s minimum requirement should be your primary goal. In addition, you can compete at the Path of Partner competition and give yourself a solid edge over others in getting into the partnership program.

When you complete the Path to Partner, the button to apply for Partner will be unlocked in the Achievement Dashboard, and you will also get priority in your application review process. 

Minimum Requirements for a Twitch Partner


The Twitch Partner program needs you to meet a lot of requirements if you want to join the elite panel.

To be qualified to fill application for a Partner program, the following are the minimum requirements:

  • A minimum concurrent average viewership of 75 in a span of 30-days time period. The viewership won’t be counted if it comes from raids, Front Page Spotlight, Subscriber Streams, Premiers, hosts, and reruns.
  • You will have to stream high-quality content on 12 different days in a 30-day time period.
  • Twenty-five hours of streaming within the last 30 days are required.
  • You must be a Twitch Affiliate first before you apply to become a Partner.
  • All the content must conform to Twitch’s quality standards, community guidelines, DMCA guidelines, and terms of service.
  • You will have to be a minimum of 18 years to join the program.

However, you shouldn’t be limited to these minimum requirements as these criteria serve as essential requirements only. You will have to do better and achieve more than what’s the bare minimum to have a higher chance of getting accepted as a Twitch Partner.

Best Practices to Become a Twitch Partner


Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is a great challenge, but achieving Partner status is a whole different hurdle.

Twitch has kept the standard high for the partner program so that when you gain the status, you are able to represent the organization properly and also grow its community. Here are some best practices you can follow that will increase your chance of becoming a Twitch Partner:

Build a Solid, Dedicated Community

One of the primary aspects that Twitch looks into in all its Partners is the community they have created. A strong and dedicated community will help you get a better chance to achieve the distinguished streaming status from Twitch. 

You can do a lot of things to create your community:

  • You can start a Discord community, and there you can interact with your viewers on various aspects of life. During the streams, you can engage with your viewers in chat, and it will help you keep engaged in the stream. 
  • You can even host community game nights by playing games like Fortnite, CS: GO, or Minecraft with your viewers to build a strong relationship with them. Your main effort should be to convert your viewers to subscribers.

Focus on Smaller Goals

It is good practice to break your large Twitch milestones and focus on smaller goals, which will seem achievable for you in less time. It is highly helpful because you can stay motivated while achieving small goals set by you. When you reach your small goals, you should celebrate them with your community and thank them for helping you.

Maintain a High Stream Quality


Even though Twitch has a high requirement for viewers count and stream time, you should always make an effort to maintain a high stream quality. The quality of your content plays a deciding factor for Twitch Partner officials while reviewing your Partner application manually. 

Make sure you always focus on quality over quantity and invest in Twitch overlays and other graphics to enhance the stream quality. Creating custom emotes for your community and adding sound alerting is another good practice to improve the quality.

Broadcast Entertaining Streams

If your streams aren’t entertaining, you won’t be able to engage your viewers or attract new ones. You should keep on interacting in your streams so that your subscribers can stay engaged throughout the broadcast. 

Always try something new with streams, especially with niches, so that it can attract viewers from other similar categories. You can try playing games with your viewers and add skins or mods to the game so that your viewers will be entertained. With time you should enhance your skills at games, and it will definitely impress your viewers.

Pick a Popular Game with Less Competition

Most of the popular games in different categories have high competition, and it becomes too difficult to get a lot of viewership during streaming. 


So, look for games that not many people stream but have a good amount of popularity among gaming enthusiasts. You can mix and match your streams with all kinds of games, which will help you engage a diverse range of viewers.

Build a Strong Network 

It may not seem helpful to everyone, but building a channel with your partnership account manager is an important aspect. When you know, the people who are responsible for approving a Partner application can help your application get considered.

High Streaming Frequency

It is imperative to maintain a high streaming frequency if you want to become a Twitch Partner. The more quality streams you broadcast, the better will be your chance of getting recognized by partnership account managers. 

Moreover, if you maintain a high streaming frequency, you can attract a lot of viewers, which will help you to grow your community. This is an important requirement for the Twitch Partner Program.

Utilize other Platforms


Utilizing other streaming platforms is an advantageous strategy to grow your community and meet Twitch’s requirements. You can post your content on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc, and build a large following that you can direct to your Twitch channel.

You should also find out the trendy ways to attract new viewers to your content, which will ultimately help you build your Twitch community faster.


Joining the Twitch Partner Program is a dream of many streamers who dedicate a lot of time and effort to getting their Partner application approved. Even if you become a Twitch Affiliate, becoming a Partner is tricky, and it depends upon a lot of factors. 

However, if you have the motivation, creativity, time, and good strategy, you can become a Twitch Partner. It will shoot your streaming career to a new height. Not only will this be a huge milestone in your career, but it also offers numerous benefits and lets you grow and expand your channel.  

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