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7 Best Agenda Templates For More Productive Meetings [2023]

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Meetings without any agenda are the root cause of unproductive sessions. Let’s change the game with these Agenda Templates for Productive Meetings.

So, you are in a communal life but haven’t attended any clueless meetings? Are you kidding me? We all have been part of several meetings where we either don’t get a chance to contribute or don’t have any hints about the discussion.

Consequently, we return to our table without specific outcomes and unproductive hours. Fortunately, you can still bring positive change to your meeting through the agenda.

Today in this article, I will not only help you understand what meeting agendas are but also give you some of the best meeting agenda templates to make the most of your meeting. Let’s not take much time now and commence the productivity.

What are the benefits of documenting meeting agendas?


Before we land on the benefits of documenting meeting agendas, let me tell you what meeting agendas are. A meeting agenda is a brief meeting plan or outline shared by the organizer with all the participants. The meeting agenda assists the team in setting clear expectations for the meeting, what questions should be answered, and more. 

So, returning to the question, what are the benefits of documenting meeting agendas? Here are a few benefits of documenting meeting agendas.

Everyone can contribute

The primary challenge of every unplanned meeting is that not all participants can keep speaking in the meeting. This can be for various reasons; either they don’t know what to speak, or others don’t let them speak. But tables can turn around if you document your meeting. As meeting documentation lets all participants know the meeting’s why, how, and when.


Optimize time

Meeting documentation doesn’t consist of anything specific to time. But still, it can help keep the meeting short and productive. It encourages the team members to understand the goals of the meeting prior and resolves all confusion. Furthermore, meeting documentation helps to avoid off-topic conversations, which saves time.

Can keep up with the discussion

The primary characteristic of documentation of meetings is well-categorized and organized data. Due to these features, the meeting participants can easily keep up with the discussions and give their points as they know what’s coming next and when they can speak.

Maintain a record of the discussion

Meetings are an essential element of any business and enterprise. You may have to attend two or more meetings in a day and sometimes not even one. But can you remember every point and plan made in the meeting?

Therefore, meeting documentation can help you take all important notes in an organized way. Besides this, documentation of meetings can also be later used to share the discussion summary with absent participants.

How can a meeting agenda template help you to organize and streamline the meeting?

The moment that you know what a meeting agenda is and what its benefits are, you will be for sure curious to know how to make a meeting agenda. But planning a meeting agenda isn’t as simple as one-minute DIY. But the internet has, however, made most complex tasks easy.

Hence, rather than planning a meeting agenda yourself, you can always opt for online meeting agenda templates. These pre-designed templates that outline the reasons and structure of a meeting come with several advantages. The key advantages of using meeting agenda templates are discussed below.


Meeting agenda templates help you to make a productive meeting agenda, streamlining your meeting further by enacting a straightforward guide for all meeting attendees. These templates include all necessary topics and actions to be discussed in the meeting.

As a result, the attendees don’t have to think of all essential points at the last minute. Instead, they can prepare themselves even prior through the help of documentation.



Preparing a meeting agenda isn’t simple. Besides thinking of all essential key points, you must also organize and categorize the agenda in a specific form to avoid missing any relevant topics.

That’s where meeting agenda templates come to the rescue. Meeting agenda templates already have well-organized and categorized data. You need to only add the essential points in them, and this feature not only conserves your time but also lets you cover all topics without spending much time.

Numerous options

As we know, all meetings aren’t the same. So, even the meeting agenda can’t be the same. But still, you don’t have to worry, as several online platforms offer numerous types of meeting agenda templates.

Whether you are looking for a 1:1 consultation or you have a team, you can find and organize your meeting through online agenda templates in seconds. Even project planning becomes easier with the help of the right meeting templates.

According to a recent survey, around 83% of employees spend up to 33% of their work week in meetings, and an average employee spends at least 3 hours of work in meetings. These numbers are more than enough to say how time-consuming the meetings are.

In addition to this, these many hours may also go in vain if the meetings don’t bring the desired outcome. Therefore, it is essential to have a well-organized meeting agenda to save time and have a productive outcome. Here are some of the best meeting agenda templates you can rely on for your next meetings.


When you search for meeting agenda templates, you will always see Hugo at the top. It is not because of good marketing strategy, but also because of their services. Hugo offers more than 80 free meeting agenda templates made by experienced people. You can find templates for various meetings like ad campaign ideas, all-hands meetings, basic meeting minutes, and more. 


The meeting agenda templates from Hugo support both Word and Google Docs. In addition to this, you can also use them in Fellow. Hugo provides templates in 13 different categories, including agile meeting templates, one-on-one meetings, meeting templates, etc.

Hugo comes with many more additional features for the users. For instance, Hugo lets the users take notes, prepare meeting agendas collaboratively, sync calendars, and more. Hugo is a user-friendly site. Hence, you can get used to it in a fraction of the time.

Hugo is free. However, you can always opt for the premium version for more features.


This one is a popular application most of us use daily. But did you ever know our favorite editing app Canva can also help you to build a perfect meeting agenda? If not, no worries; you know now.


Canva is a power-packed application with several templates like invitations, social media posts, and whatnot. But the meeting agenda templates add the cherry on the cake. Canva offers dozens of free meeting agenda templates that can be easily used, edited, and printed.

You can find both formal and informal templates on the app. Besides this, Canva also offers customizable agenda presentation templates too, which can help you to make your meeting even more authentic and productive. As we are already familiar with Canva, using this site wouldn’t be that difficult for anyone.


Are you looking for meeting agenda templates that cover all your office needs? Asana can bail you out. Asana is a free online website that can add life to your meetings and make them more productive and exciting.

It is an easy-to-use website with the best meeting agenda templates for you. The templates on this site lower your burden as these templates include all essential topics and point a meeting must discuss.


In terms of types, Asana offers both basic and advanced templates. You can find here well-structured meeting agenda templates based on specific types of meetings. Whether you are looking for project kickoff meetings, team brainstorming meetings, company-wide meetings, or any other type of template, Asana can ease your work in seconds.


Smartsheet is a free online website that offers several meeting agenda templates. The site offers a well-organized and comprehensive listing, making your search easy and more durable.


This site includes various types of meeting agenda templates like classic meeting agenda templates, conference agenda templates, informal meeting agenda templates, board meeting agenda templates, and more.

Besides several templates, Smartsheet is a handy tool for businesses as this site offers many additional features like real-time collaboration, automated workflow, better visibility, and more. Overall, you can conclude Smartsheet is a perfect meeting assistant.


Trello is a popular and trusted website and app. Trello is considered the perfect project manager. This platform helps you to organize tasks, manage projects, and more. In terms of templates, Trello offers numerous meeting agenda templates which can be easily used and customized.


Besides this, Trello also allows its users to upload images and documents to manage their work more efficiently. Furthermore, you can also collaborate with your team members right from the site to share the meeting agenda and save you.


Finding one platform for all your office needs is a cat’s cradle. But Miro has all that features. Miro is a free website with several meeting agenda templates and advanced features.


The primary template of Miro is the team meeting agenda. This template includes all essential data, which can later be used to make wise decisions regarding the company. Team meeting agenda templates can help you to review progress, share relevant project updates, recognize individual efforts, and more.

The team meeting agenda template is considered a power-packed template. This template can be easily customized for any other department, like marketing campaigns, sprint planning, etc. 


If you are looking for a productive all-hands meeting agenda template, your search can end with the following site. Atlassian is a free website that offers numerous types of meeting agenda templates. But this site is most famous for its all-hands meeting agenda template.


All-hand meetings are considered one of the most critical meetings of every organization. Keeping this in mind, this site offers you the best all-hands meeting agenda templates that provide a transparent and connecting format.

This template from Atlassian includes everAtlassiany topic of discussion. From goals to spotlight on a specified team, this template will not disappoint your meeting from any terms. Atlassian’s all-hands meeting agenda template provides a productive and thorough agenda format every business must opt for.


Meetings are an essential part of the organization. It lets the team members know their goals, current position, plans, and other company factors. But what’s the use of spending hours in meetings if the attendees return with “What’s the use of this meeting?”

That’s what makes a company need to use meeting agenda templates. Today in this blog, we talked about some of the best meeting agenda templates that can not only make your meeting productive but also add life to it. 

You may also explore some top remote standup meeting apps for Slack and Teams.

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