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In Sales & Marketing Last updated: August 17, 2023
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If you belong to the marketing team and wondering how to fully utilize the power of AI in your profession, AI marketing assistants are here to help.

These solutions are not like other marketing software that uses AI technology to perform a limited number of tasks, like creating ad copy for social media or generating an image from text. 

Instead, you can have a conversation with these intelligent assistants, and they can answer your queries. For example, you can talk about your project objective and ask it to share a custom marketing strategy.

This article will share some proficient AI marketing assistants that companies and agencies can leverage for their marketing purposes.

Marketing Assistants and Their Needs

A man utilizing a laptop featuring AI marketing assistants.

A marketing assistant tool refers to an application that can assist marketing professionals in improving their efficiency through task streamlining and automation. Some of the common tasks that these tools can perform are email copywriting, content writing, image generation, social media management, SEO, and campaign performance analysis. 

If marketing teams can incorporate the right marketing assistant into their workflow, it will definitely improve their productivity. By freeing them from mundane tasks, these allow people to become more creative.

Benefits of Using a Marketing Assistant

  • Save your valuable time and money
  • Offer personalized experience to the customers or clients
  • Automate tasks to enhance productivity in marketing projects
  • Help you make better data-driven business decisions
  • Ensure smooth communication between customer and marketer
  • Reach a wider audience through multichannel marketing
  • Become consistent across channels in branding 

How Do AI-Based Marketing Assistants Help Businesses

A person utilizes a computer equipped with an AI icon, incorporating AI Marketing Assistants.
  • When you use AI-powered marketing assistants, you can automate repetitive marketing tasks and focus on more strategic aspects.
  • The tools can also generate marketing campaign blueprints once you share your objectives.
  • These assistants can provide insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends, analyzing a large volume of data.
  • These solutions are also capable of performing predictive analysis and competitor analysis.
  • These can identify the potential leads before segmenting and nurturing them.
  • Businesses can create various types of content and social media posts using these assistants.

Now we explore some best AI Marketing assistants you can choose.


YouTube video

On GoCharlie, you will get Charlie — the AI marketing assistant who can generate types of ready-to-publish content for your brand. Once you train Charlie about your brand voice, products, and goals, you can ask Charlie to create content from 60+ types.

Its blog wizard allows you to generate blog posts in quick steps. This platform is also perfect for generating captions and ads for Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin. You can also ask Charlie to create cold emails, newsletters, product descriptions, images, artwork, website copy, and repurposed content.


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MarketingBlocks brings you the future of marketing with its AI marketing assistant named Ethan. No matter what is your business niche or industry, Ethan can create marketing assets within a few minutes.

Since these assets are of high quality and human-like, working with these will feel like collaborating with expert marketers. 

You can use this assistant to create complete landing pages, banner designs, promotional videos, spokesVideos, professional logos, business cards, taglines, eBooks, business plans, voiceover scripts, articles, and more. 


A landing page introducing AI Marketing Assistants for autonomous generation marketing.

Contlo offers a personal marketing assistant named AI Marketer to get concise data instantly. You can use different prompts to get in-depth marketing insights on Automation analytics, business growth, channel-specific campaign performance, segment performance reports, and revenue intelligence.

It not only offers personalized resolution for all your queries but also provides tailored suggestions for your marketing campaigns. For emails, it can generate subject, header, email body, and CTAs. You can also create text copies for marketing SMS.


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With the marketing AI assistant from Kenyt, companies can achieve quick ROI growth and ensure bespoke customer engagement. Besides automatically capturing leads from channels like websites, email, social media, and chat, it can also segment them efficiently based on interest and behavior. 

Using ML and conversational AI, the assistant scores the leads for prioritization. It also helps you to manage multichannel campaigns, naturally engage with customers across the channels, and gather insights into customer preferences.


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Marketing teams can stop stressing about starting things from scratch when they have Tailwind. This AI assistant helps companies with personalized plans for email marketing and social platforms according to industry and available time. 

Generating an easy-to-follow plan that includes proven best practices and sending reminders, it enables you to stay organized. You can also prompt it to generate marketing copies for you or generate images for social posts. It even incorporates the font, color, and logo of your brand into the designs it creates for you.



Businesses choose AI-powered marketing assistant ChatSpot to get support in growth. It combines ChatGPT with several data sources, including HubSpot CRM, to bring you unique insights. You can share your goals to let it know your style. Consequentially, it will improve your workflow with personalized interaction.

Its prospecting templates assist you in finding key outreach opportunities. This assistant can also create a variety of content, such as blog posts, social media posts, and AI-generated images. Moreover, it can provide detailed company insights, discover keywords, and share competitor strategies.



If you want to gain a competitive edge over the competitors, you should go for Brandgorithm. It is the ultimate AI marketing assistant that any company or individual can use. Using this assistant, it only takes one click to generate the perfect marketing message for any channel.

You can also use this platform to create effective marketing copy that resonates with your target audience. It is also useful to maintain consistency across the channels and generate content for social media and landing pages. 

Taskade AI

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Taskade AI is the assistant you can utilize for marketing campaigns and more. It is not another platform to generate copies and images. You can use it to manage tasks and projects, edit documents, create mind maps, and chat with it to get answers to any query.

This AI assistant is always available for brainstorming and task coordination. Whenever you are in the middle of a project and need any help, it can assist you with tasks, documents, and many other things. 


A screen shot of an AI-assisted marketing dashboard.

Are you looking for an AI assistant that will help you generate business ideas or quickly reply to your customer queries? Choose AIssistify to create 30+ types of content automatically. Whether it is about writing blogs, email copies, social posts, or email copies, this AI assistant lets you do it more than 10 times faster.

It can assist you by generating high-quality and personalized content for landing pages, email response, customer query replies, ad copy, LinkedIn posts, and comments, hashtags, topics, clusters, marketing campaign plans, etc. It also supports HubSpot integration that enables the use of OpenAI within HubSpot CRM.


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Mia is the AI-Powered Marketing Intelligence Assistant from CoSchedule that assists you in upgrading your marketing workflows. You can chat with Mia to get new project ideas and let her come up with new angles. This assistant will also be useful during writer’s block by generating the first draft of an article on any topic.

You can also archive project-specific chats with your entire team so that they can join the conversation or review the old conversation. The best thing about Mia is it combines AI with human creativity to quickly deliver high-quality content. 



AtOnce AI assistant saves you time and money and does not need any training. Both agencies and businesses can use this to increase their conversion rate and ROI. You can ask it to write articles and social media posts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) for you, and it will do that in minutes. 

Furthermore, you can instruct this assistant to write custom templates for your needs. Google Ad descriptions, Facebook Ad primary text, and social media thumbnails are other things you can generate by prompting it.

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If you want to generate more qualified marketing leads, you can use the intelligent virtual assistants of Once you incorporate it into your marketing strategy, it will drive more conversions and improve customer experience.

AI virtual assistants of this platform can use information from your websites and past customer interactions to offer personalized experiences to the users. These can also be used for lead scoring, lead nurturing, brand mention monitoring, customer insights, and social media outreach.


GrowthHackers Workflow

Max is the AI marketing assistant from Contentools. It is capable of delivering actionable insights by analyzing the data of your company. Max proactively recommends you add any specific channel into your marketing plan that can benefit you.   

This assistant can provide informative insights into audience performance, attribution analysis, optimization methods, and many more. It also performs segment analysis based on your business or project goals. The best thing is it focuses on areas that will drive conversions and increase customer engagement. 

Wrapping Up

Modern-day marketing teams have to deal with an array of tasks. AI marketing assistants can play an effective role in automating their tasks and providing them with ideas and assets. 

Here, we have mentioned some top AI assistants that you can choose for your company according to your requirements and the set of features they offer. If you want to use AI technology for the sales team, check out this list of AI sales tools

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