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In AI Last updated: August 28, 2023
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Are you into creating podcasts? Then, you shouldn’t miss out on these AI Podcast Makers for easily creating stellar shows.

AI is bringing revolution to everything! Whether in graphic designing or blogging, AI stands beside humans to assist everywhere. The same scenario is in podcast creation.

Day by day, podcasts are getting popular among people, and so is the scope of their creation. Thus, this blog is entirely for podcast enthusiasts. By the end of this blog, you will be familiar with what an AI podcast maker is and get a well-compiled list of the best AI podcast makers. So, let’s not take much time and break the ice. 

The soaring popularity of podcasts

A person holding a phone with the word podcast on it.

You would already be familiar with what podcasts are. However, let me explain briefly. Podcasts are primarily audio files hosted on various platforms, in which a few may offer additional video content. Podcasts are created and published as episodes or series. 

According to recent research, there are more than 460 million podcast listeners around the globe. These numbers are enough to convince you about how large the podcast audience is. Additionally, these numbers are significantly increasing as there are podcasts for everyone.

Whether you like listening to finance episodes or conspiracy theories, you can find it all. People can easily find podcasts as per their preference as it has a diverse range of genres. Thus, undoubtedly, these characteristics are the key reason behind the hype in podcast creation. 

The role of AI in the revolution of podcast creation

A hand holding a phone with a podcast app on it.

As you have understood the popularity of Podcasts, you would be wondering how AI contributes to it! AI doesn’t contribute directly to marketing the Podcasts, but it helps the podcast creators enhance and lighten their work.

AI offers several advanced features that make podcast creation more accessible and faster. It helps podcast creators to convert spoken content into text through automatic transcription and helps in SEO optimization, noise cancellation, and more. Overall, AI is podcast creators’ best friend as it saves time and energy at an efficient cost.

What is an AI Podcast Maker?

A microphone with headphones and the word ai.

Earlier, we discussed how AI has impacted podcast creation, and AI podcast makers aren’t different. AI podcast makers are AI tools specifically designed to assist in podcast creation and make it effortless.

While many podcast creators use different AI tools for each task, AI podcast maker brings all the essential features every podcast creator might need under one umbrella. From realistic-sounding narration to transcription, AI podcast maker brings various unique features. 

Benefits of using AI Podcast Maker

As we have taken a closer look at AI podcast makers, you would be confused about why you should opt for it. Therefore, we always ensure you leave our blog with a firm conclusion, not confusion. So, here are the benefits of using an AI podcast maker.


You would already know that AI is to save time without compromising productivity. The same is the scenario in AI podcast makers. These tools help you to save time in tasks like transcription, editing, show note generation, etc. This helps creators to focus more on content creation and strategic planning.

Improved audio quality

AI podcast makers come with advanced features. These features help you to improve audio quality, noise cancellation, and optimize sound level. As a result, you get professional-sounding podcasts.

Voice synthesis

Sometimes, you may not be able to afford a voice artist or would be insecure about your voice for a podcast. That’s when AI podcast makers help you. These tools have AI-generated voice synthesis that can be used for narration, eliminating the need for a human voice. Additionally, they also offer voice options to choose from.


Personalization is the key element to connect with the audience, and this can be quickly done with AI podcast makers. These tools allow you to translate and transcript your content in various languages. Furthermore, you can customize the AI voice’s accent for a better experience. 

Streamlined workflow

AI podcast makers are integrated with on-peak features which help you enhance your workflow. They let you schedule, distribute episodes, make content strategies, and more. Additionally, these software also offer editing tools. As a result, you can complete all your tasks in one place.

AI podcast makers make your podcast creation more effective and efficient. This software has many more benefits, like assistance in content generation, analyzing podcast performance, etc. Overall, AI podcast makers are an excellent investment.

There are dozens of AI podcast makers in the market. But it doesn’t mean all are worth it. So, we have compiled a list of the best AI podcast makers you can rely on to boost your podcast game. 


PodSqueeze is an AI tool that helps you to generate content to produce engaging podcasts in minimal time and effort. This tool has both free and premium options. Additionally, using PodSqueeze is easy and accessible.

YouTube video

You only need to paste URLs from your RSS feed or upload an audio file; this software will handle the rest. PodSqueeze assists you in generating show notes, timestamps, newsletters, tweets, blogs, and much more in less time.


iOS users’ attention, please. If you want a podcast maker you can use on your iOS handset, Podcastle is probably your ideal match. Podcastle is a reliable Podcast maker with basic features.

YouTube video

Podcastle offers you both paid and unpaid versions with only differences in features. The paid version offers more advanced features compared to the free one. However, it is still worth using because it doesn’t have limits on the number of projects you can edit.

Regarding tools, Podcastle isn’t behind other similar software. Besides offering text to audio and vice versa, they have much to offer. You use this tool to record remote interviews without worrying about the voice quality of guests. Overall, Podcastle is worth trying because of its availability on your iPhone as well as the web. is one of the most popular AI Podcast generators. It offers advanced features that can help you create podcasts in minutes. From cover photos to podcast content, this tool does it all for you. This podcast maker is an entirely free podcast hosting and creating platform. You can generate a complete podcast here by simply inserting the podcast title.

A screen shot of a website with the word podcast on it.

But how? Well, is an online website made by compiling various free high-quality open AI tools, including ChatGPT. When you insert the title for the podcast, the website gathers information based on the title and creates a complete podcast for you, including audio, script, and cover photo. is the only platform podcast creators need, as you can generate and publish your podcast while building followers. However, even though gives you a remarkable experience, it may disappoint at certain times due to traffic or other issues. 


If you are old in the podcast game, you would already be familiar with Fliki. However, if not, what are we for? Fliki is a paid podcast maker with premium and advanced features. You can mindlessly rely on this software for podcast creation.

YouTube video

Fliki allows you to create a podcast in merely 3 steps. You must add a title and description, choose your preferred voice from 1000+ options, and add your script. Your podcast is ready after this.

Fliki is one of the most user-friendly podcast makers you can find online. It offers various subscription plans with different features. Furthermore, you can also try a free trial and customize the plan as you requested. 


Lovo is a high-tech podcast maker that gives you complete control of its voice generator. You need to only add a script, choose a voice that resonates with your script, and start editing. Lovo offers different tools to make your podcast sound more realistic.

Although several podcast makers provide realistic voice assistants, they still sound robotic. However, Lovo breaks all these norms.

Lovo create engaging text to speech for your podcasts.

For instance, Lovo has tools like Emphasis, which allows you to stress important points in your script, Speed tool, which helps you adjust the speed; and Pause tool, to add pauses in podcasts to make it more engaging and conversational. 

Besides this, Lovo is a multilingual tool. It lets you generate podcasts in 100 languages with different pronunciations and sound effects. Lovo is a premium tool. However, you can use the trial version to make a wiser decision.


If you are browsing online in search AI podcast maker that lets you work in a team, PlayHT can end your search. PlayHT offers you the humankind-sounding podcast experience. This multilingual tool can help you regardless of language and use case.

A screen with the words publish your audio content on itunes, spotify & google podcasts.

Besides text-to-speech conversion, you receive a lot from PlayHT. This AI podcast maker is popular among users due to its collaborative features and freedom to create long-form content. 

PlayHT gives you 800+ natural-sounding AI options with 142 languages and accents. These voices are further divided into categories like training voices, character voices, etc., to enhance your podcast. This tool also lets you translate your text into different languages without any additional effort. 

Adobe Podcast

Adobe has always been the best companion and first choice of digital creators. So, how could it lag in podcasts? Thus, Adobe has brought Adobe Podcast into its family for all its podcast enthusiasts. 

Similar to its other editing software, Adobe Podcast offers advanced features and tools to give the best results. Various other Adobe tools power this AI podcast maker, including Adobe Premiere Pro’s speech-to-text technology. This tool lets you edit audio using a transcript without trouble.

Al powered audio recording and editing on the web.

Additionally, this software comes with many other advanced features like checking your mic setup, providing templates for beginners and smooth workflow, and more. Overall, Adobe never disappoints its users; the same is true in Adobe Podcast. However, this software doesn’t have an app. You have to complete your entire project on the web.


AI has brought a revolution in all industries, including content creation. Thus, it plays a vital role in podcast creation too. AI podcast makers entirely enhance and become a go-to solution for all troubles. Whether you lack transcription or can’t use the human voice, AI podcast makers can do it all. In this blog, we discussed the best AI podcast makers and the benefits of using them.

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