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10 Best Apple Watch Golf Apps For Better Data and Analytics [2023]

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Are you making full use of your Apple Watch being a golf lover? If not, then you need these apps right now.

Technology has constantly been improving. It brings the best possible experiences right into your hand through handsets and smartwatches. This same factor can be noticed in the life of golfers, especially those who use the Apple Watch


The golf app developers have always been in an unannounced race in this competitive era. Consequently, users need help finding the best golf app among regular new updates and app launches. Therefore, I have picked the best golf apps for impressive data and analytics through your Apple Watch to bail you out.

How can golfers get the most out of their Apple watch? 

Being a fantastic device, the Apple Watch offers numerous functionalities to golfers. 

Using the best golf apps for Apple Watch, you can easily make this tech device an alternative to some of the best golf GPS devices. From tracking your steps to keeping an eye on your overall performance, these apps enhance the usability of your device and help you focus on your game more.

How does a golf app work on Apple Watch?

You can make the most of your Apple Watch by adding or installing golf apps as a golfer. But now the question arrives: how does a golf app work on the Apple Watch?

These apps make full use of the device and provide you with data and analytics of your performance on the course in various aspects. Several golf apps use AI to keep count and bring accurate data for you.

The working and performance of golf apps go well with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch provides easy access to apps to perform various tasks like detecting your swing, auto-shot detection, tracking GPS, scoring, and more. 

Key Features you must consider before choosing the best golf app for the Apple Watch


Picking up one app from several options is a challenging battle. But you can still categorize the app and download the suitable one by checking out the primary features you want. Are you still confused? Let me help you. Here are a few key features you must consider before choosing the best golf app

  • Price – We know that App stores are filled with two basic types of apps, which are paid and free. So, checking the app’s price and seeing whether its features justify the price is essential. 
  • Hardware support – As we are talking about golf apps for Apple Watch, it is always wise to check the device support of the application before you take a big step. You can pair your laptop or GPS with the app.
  • Data and Battery Usage – Battery and data usage are vital factors you must check before opting for an app. The apps that chew up a lot of your data and battery may put you in a difficult situation. Consequently, it’s better to check how much data and battery an app uses before downloading.

There are numerous Golf apps in the app store. So, it can be tricky to determine the best one per your needs. However, I have a set of a few best golf apps you can rely on for your Apple Watch.


18Birdies is a popular free Golf GPS app that can assist you in improving your golf game with ease. The app comes with several features which not only make the app reliable but also fun.

YouTube video

18Birdies can track your score and offer exciting new side games and stats. Additionally, if you are looking for honest feedback on your swings and to improve your game, you need this app. 18Birdies has an AI coach, where you have to upload a video of your swing to get instant feedback and tips to improve your swing faults.

The key features of the free version app include GPS Rangefinder, stats and round history, auto hole switching, side games like Skins, Wolf, Dots, and points for free. 18Birdies also offers a premium version with additional features. The additional features include Caddy, Shot tracking, Blind Shot Compass, Live weather map, and more.

App StoreApple Watch

Tag Heuer 

Only a golfer can understand the needs and requirements of the other golfer. Keeping this in mind, a team of golf lovers has developed an exciting app to help themselves and dozens of people like them. Tag Heuer is an ultimate tool built by golfers to take your game to the next level.

YouTube video

Tag Heuer Golf is helpful for people all around the globe as this app provides exclusive 3D maps of more than 39,000 golf courses worldwide. Besides this, the app can also help you to measure your golf shot, sage your scores, track your health, and more.

Being an Apple Watch application, you can get interactive 2D courses mapped on your wrist, club recommendations, and more. Furthermore, you can also save scores of up to four players in this app. As a result, you can check statistics and enjoy games with competitive energy.

App StoreApple Watch


The hobby or love for golf can be pricey if you buy rangefinders or other expensive devices or apps. But Hole19 can enact a perfect and accurate alternative at no cost. Hole19 offers several features that can keep you excited and tracked throughout the game. 


Hole19 provides more than 43,000 golf courses from 21 countries around the globe. The GPS Rangefinder measures shot distances with accurate numbers everywhere on the course. In addition to this, the app also includes a digital scoreboard to save your golf shot.

Hole19 can also help you to improve your game. Hole19 lets you find several new courses with ratings for a better experience. Besides these primary features, Hole19 can still stand out from similar apps due to its unique concept of monthly challenges. Players can join various challenges in this feature and win prizes and rewards.

App StoreApple Watch


Besides finding a golf course, the other major challenge is getting the best deals on tee times. That’s where GolfNow eases the work of golfers. GolfNow is one of the most trusted apps, with over 3 million users.


GolfNow is a powerpack golf app with all the necessary and additional features. The app has free GPS and golf Rangefinder, scorekeeping, and game analytics. These features not only lower your burden but also help you to improve your game through detailed analytics.

However, GolfNow is primarily popular among users due to tee times booking and deals. The app lets the users book tee times in a fraction of the time without calling or waiting. In addition, the reviews from actual golfers help the users make wise decisions. 

App StoreApple Watch 


This is one of the most trusted GPS rangefinders, with more than 6 million users around the globe. Swingu is a free top-performing, battery-efficient golf app in the app store. 

YouTube video

The Swingu app comes with various reliable and unique features. Besides an accurate GPS rangefinder, the app offers a digital scorecard that tracks your score, puts, and auto advances hole-to-hole.

Furthermore, Swingu is an efficient app for both advanced and beginners. This app provides daily golf instruction tips, tracking your calories, steps, and more. The app includes more than 13,000 courses, hole insights, and stats. If you want a free and reliable golf app, you can choose Swingu without worries.

App StoreApple Watch


Golfshot is a perfect app to help you track your shots without additional hard work. The app automatically tracks every shot with your Apple Watch to get accurate distance per club, automated stats, and more. 

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Golfshot offers a comprehensive and robust set of GPS features. Consequently, you get the best golfing experience while managing your game in one place. This app brings real-time distances of more than 45,000 courses worldwide and detailed statistics, scoring, and shot tracking. 

Besides these primary features, the other best function of this app is Siri. The user can enable Siri through this app to get the real-time distance to the green and enjoy the game free-handed. Furthermore, you can also share your scores and send tee times to your friends through Golfshot.

App StoreApple Watch


If you are looking for a golf app for Handicaps, I have read your mind. This one is a leading and popular golf app for Handicap, GPS, and Scoring. TheGrint is the only tool every golfer must have due to its versatility and features.


The app’s key features include shot tracking and distance calculation, score tracking, and more. You can also link your GHIN# and manage your scores from this app directly into the USGA servers. 

TheGrint app lets you join the in-app community and connect with other golfers. You can view each other’s stats and scores, upload golf pictures, and more. TheGrint is an excellent app if you love to connect with new people and experiences.

App StoreApple Watch


If you are a severe golf lover willing to spend on an app with advanced features, then GolfLogix may fit your requirement. GolfLogix is a Golf GPS trusted by more than a million people for the past 22 years.

YouTube video

GolfLogix has been continuously improving with the evolution of technology. As a result, it has various out-of-the-box features. One of the best examples of such a feature is 3D flyovers and 3D course maps. The app offers 3D flyovers of every hole using your personalized club distance.

Furthermore, the app lets you track 4 player scorecards, get pro-level stats, do handicap tracking, and more. You can also get discounted tee times through this app. GolfLogix is a paid app, but you can enjoy two free rounds to familiarize yourself.

App StoreApple Watch 

V1 Game

Hiring a coach or playing golf alone can be quite expensive and dull. Therefore you can get a pretty affordable partner on your Apple Watch named V1 Game. This app has a virtual Caddie that gives you yardages and recommends clubs based on your performance history.


The virtual coach of this app analyzes your golf performance and helps you to improve your game at a rapid speed. V1 Game offers several advanced features, including auto-shot detection, track score, advanced analytics, easy-to-understand infographics, and more.

The V1 Game is a paid app that offers accurate GPS distance of more than 40,000 golf courses, track strokes, putts, penalties, etc. Besides this, you can also connect and share your performance history with your friends and instructors through this app.

App StoreApple Watch 

Golf Pad

Golf Pad is one of the most accurate and fast golf apps. It offers an easy-to-use interface and uses the smallest battery on your device. This app has a GPS Rangefinder, scorecard, and shot tracker.

YouTube video

Like other paid apps, Golf Pad GPS is free with the most advanced features. This app lets you track scores of up to 4 golfers, provides aerial maps with flyovers, and more. Even though Golf Pad GPS is a free app, you can still opt for a premium version for more features.

Besides detailed statistics and performance history, the app also has an additional feature of a leaderboard. With this feature, the player can play with friends and check live scores on their Apple Watch. This feature eases the score-tracking procedure and makes the game exciting.

App StoreApple Watch

Author’s Note

Having mixed feelings after reading this list? Let me make it a bit easy for you. However, you can rely on GolfShot if you are looking for a free golf app. As this app not only has all essential features but has also collaborated with GolfNow to book tee times from the same app. As a consequence, it adds the cherry on the cake.


Golf apps assist golfers in various aspects. Whether a beginner or a pro player, golfers need a golf app, especially if they have an Apple Watch. Today in this blog, I covered some of the best golf apps for your Apple Watch. This list includes both paid and free apps for better convenience.

Next, you can explore some of the best running apps for your Apple watch.

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