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We all are familiar with the game Chess as it is one of the oldest board games still in use today. Let’s revive the game by playing it on some of the best chess apps on your android phones.

You can play relaxing games with friends or join a competitive chess community. Chess is appealing because it is both simple and difficult to master. Years after starting, you can still learn new things about this game. Usually, chess is played by two opponents on the checkerboard. 

However, a smartphone’s convenience is difficult to match. Smartphones have made playing chess easier and allow users to play without opponents. Here in this article, we will see how playing chess can be a source of entertainment and benefits. Furthermore, we’ll also go through some worthy online platforms to enjoy trouble-free chess playing.

Boards Games are extremely fun, isn’t it?

Playing board games is really exciting. Board games are a gateway into a world of well-defined social interaction with rules and customs that guide it and are fully explained. For many of us, this alleviates the burden of social interaction by allowing us to be with others while engaging in everyday activities. 

Furthermore, navigating the social dynamic is altered by the roles we play at the table, which are all object-oriented. Moreover, playing board games triggers the release of happy hormones. These happy hormones make a person cheerful and compassionate.

The new level of tackling puzzles will keep players engaged throughout the game. Many people see playing board games as a progressive way to pass the time. Lastly, board games pressure our minds to think more and make us focus on our day-to-day life too. 

One of the oldest board games: Chess

Humans have been playing chess for over 1,400 years. Chess is among the most popular games, with cultural and intellectual significance that few other activities can match.

However, have you ever wondered where chess came from? The origins of what is now known as chess can be traced back to India in the sixth century. Its predecessor, called ‘Chaturanga,’ was played on an 8×8 grid and featured pieces similar to modern chess.

The game’s goal may have been slightly different as well: according to some accounts of Chaturanga, a player can win by removing all of their opponent’s pieces except the King. By the 10th or 11th century, the rules of Chaturanga had spread to Persia, where it was known as ‘Chatrang,’ and it is here that the earliest recorded chess games are found.

The game spread from Persia to the Arab world. It also made its way to China, Japan, and some parts of Southeast Asia, where it evolved into the related games ‘Xiangqi and Shogi,’ also known as Chinese and Japanese chess.

Benefits of playing Chess

We all agree that this game of chess holds deep affection all over the world. Undoubtedly the game involves an intense intellectual challenge to elevate the health of your mind. However, we count chess among the games associated with intelligence and brain sharpening. 

Whether you already love chess or are a beginner, playing chess will always hit you with its new benefits. Here we highlight a few benefits that can motivate you to stay consistent in your chess-playing journey. 

  • Rise IQ – Playing chess focuses on thinking with the mind. Additionally, playing chess engages both logical and creative parts of the mind. A chess game pressurizes mind exercise, which sophisticates the IQ level of the human mind.
  • Improves problem-solving skills – Playing chess is very much similar to solving puzzles. A chess match is like a big board puzzle you must tackle to win. 
  • Improves cognitive skills – This includes improving concentration, decision-making, logical and creative thinking, and many more. 
  • Self-confidence boost – It helps one realize their self-worth by boosting self-confidence. 
  • Improve sportsmanship quality – Along with increasing mental strength, playing chess also improves sportsmanship quality, enhancing fairness while playing. 
  • Improve concentration power – Concentration and proper focus are the two aspects of winning the chess game. Paying close attention to every small detail in this game is a must. A focused game of chess can improve your concentration power to great extents. 

Lastly, along with these tremendous benefits, playing chess can further relax your mind. Get started today to reap all these benefits. However, smartphones are a more accessible source to play chess anytime and anywhere. You can learn how to play chess by downloading a chess application.

Chess is still one of the most basic and exciting smartphone games. The game does not require a high-end smartphone because it can run on almost any smartphone without taking up too much space.

Furthermore, if you still need clarification about choosing chess applications to download, here’s a list of options from among the many versions available on the Play Store. We have listed these applications keeping your requirements in mind. 

Chess – Play and Learn

Chess – Play and Learn allows you to play chess for free with your friends. Using this application, users can communicate with new friends while playing. However, you can participate in online tournaments with thousands of other players. You can play games in real-time for 1 minute or up to 30 minutes. Play daily correspondence chess on your timetable for low-pressure games.

Furthermore, the Chess application teaches immature gamers the rules of chess. Chess lessons are available in the app, where beginners can begin their chess-playing journey. Hundreds of master-made chess lessons, videos, and interactive tutorials with tips and recommendations exist in the app. You can learn all the chess rules and strategies in a step-by-step lesson plan.

Chess – AI Factory

Chess by AI Factory is one of Android’s best free chess games. For years, it has ranked first among the 600+ chess apps available online. Guidance is available, making it ideal for developing chess strategy and improving chess skills. It’s completely free!

Furthermore, this Chess application allows you to play against various AI-powered chess bots, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you can switch between casual and pro modes according to your level. Players can see their progress in their separate leaderboards. The chess application allows you to play either with your friends or strangers. 

lichess – Free Chess

lichess Chess app is designed for chess lovers; it is open source and free to use. Over 150,000 unique users are playing per day, and this number is rapidly increasing and breaking previous records. You can find, follow, and challenge players and view your game stats. You can practice being more fluent by solving the available chess puzzles.

You can create an account, but if you’re not concerned with tracking your games and finding other players at your level, there’s no need to log in.

Just fire up a new game, try some puzzles, or watch a chess streamer play while listening to techno and chatting with the players in the comments section. Most importantly, the best part of chess is its availability in 80 languages.

Chess Online

Chess Online allows users to compete and interact with chess players available worldwide. Including amateurs, pro players, and children, Chess Online is best-suitable for all. However, more than 1,600,000 registered players are available to compete with. Along with playing, you can track your performance too. 

You can access your account from various platforms, including web browsers and Android mobiles. Chess Online supports multiple languages for the ease of their players.

Most importantly, one can play chess with a strong computer offline for up to 20 levels. The game’s mistake prevention feature helps you to avoid repeating the same mistake by highlighting them to you.

Chess Clash

Chess Clash is one of the best Chess Games. This game will put your logical skills to the test. The primary objective for winning is to capture your opponent’s pieces and checkmate their King. However, Chess Clash allows users to interact and compete with real players worldwide. 

Chess Clash allows users to invite their friends for a match. You can chat and exchange gifts with other players. Moreover, two chess-playing modes are available, ‘Classic Chess’ mode and the ‘Quick Chess’ mode. Anyone can play the game and learn new tactics live with real opponents worldwide. 

Along with a considerable number of exciting features, you can enjoy participating in exciting events also. It also supports offline play with computers. While leveling up, players will encounter more adventurous opportunities and rewards.

Chess Time

Chess Time is a global online community for correspondence players. As the name reveals, the Chess Time chess-playing app is a multiplayer online game. You can find players from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, or even invite your friend to compete. 

Furthermore, you can chat with your opponents in-game, and add them as friends, to play further with them. By just adding players as friends, you can easily re-invite them for another match. And notification-based system will notify you every time to make a move while you play. 

Chess 4 Casual

Chess 4 Casual chess game is ideal for beginners seeking to learn to play chess on their smartphone or tablet. It allows you to play games alone, competing against the artificial intelligence algorithm, or with friends and family. However, multiple difficulty levels ranging from easy to tricky are available, making playing chess adventurous and exciting. 

Furthermore, the algorithm will take enough time at the highest level to make the best move possible. Beginners are free to set up their level according to their strengths. You can select your favorite board from the beginning of the game.

Chess 4 Casual features include 1-player and 2-player modes, recorded track performance reports, and highlights of the next possible move you can make if you seem stuck in the game. This makes the game stand out.

Chess Battle

Chess Battle chess is an amazing multiplayer game in which you can play live and daily matches to master your moves. However, many incredible challenges await in this chess game. By collecting task points and by practicing with the daily puzzles, you can get many rewards. Chess Battle permits players to play live chess with players worldwide. 

Furthermore, daily corresponding matches keep players engaged and make the competition enjoyable. Chess Battle allows players to play against the famous Stockfish engine offline with several difficulties. Players can select eye-catching visual skins for their chess pieces.

Beginners can learn how to play chess, whereas advanced-level players can improve their tackling skills. You can get this game for free on your Android devices.

Chess Minis

Here you will encounter another free multiplayer online chess game Chess Minis. This chess game has a user-friendly interface with animated 3D visuals and many features. The Chess Minis, 3D is, free with no ads. Everything is available on a single application, from learning openings, end-game strategy, and tactics to solving puzzles.

Furthermore, Chess Minis will give you a platform to solve 500+ handcrafted puzzles. Free guidance is available to elevate your chess playing level. These handcrafted puzzles will also sharpen your mental ability to tackle every problem in your daily life.

Moreover, by playing in any available modes, you can earn a reward chest and unlock premium chess sets and many more items available. Most importantly, you can form exclusive clubs with your friends and join squads. Chess Minis’ new update includes holiday gifts for everyone.

Play Chess on RedHotPawn

Play Chess on RedHotPawn is a chess-playing application we have chosen for recommendation. Best preferable for those players who want enough time to make their next move. However, people consider this one a slow application to play chess, but it is still excellent for advanced-level chess players.

Furthermore, you can easily avail yourself of this application from Play Store. Your every move is being tracked and recorded. The app’s new update enables infinite scrolling for leaderboards, ladders, tournaments, and clans with an open-invite feature.


In a nutshell, smartphones have made everything’s availability easier. People can learn new things anytime. A plethora of applications available can assist you in starting your chess-playing journey.

We’ve mentioned the best chess applications available for Android users. You can select any app mentioned above or join any offline community. Playing chess also impacts our daily life by elevating our capabilities to think and understand more. Lastly, to become more innovative and sharpen your mental and physiological ability, you must learn and try playing this awesome mind booster game.

You may also explore some best game recording software to capture gameplay.

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