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In Gaming Last updated: February 6, 2023
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Missing those old 90s classic games? It’s time to bring back that nostalgia through these classic 2D games to try out.

The gaming industry has evolved a lot with time and technology. You would have played numerous new games with modern features and new experiences. But they can still never match the vibes like old classic games used to.

Being ’90s kids, we all have certain memories connected to such games, and you may also miss those games and that era. 

Now, the question is how to find those classic games again. Today in this blog, we have picked some of the best classic 2D games for you. Through these, you can not only relive your delightful time but also go back to your childhood even today. 


What are 2D Games? 

2D games have been part of our daily entertainment since 1958. The first 2D game was Tennis for two and the well-known arcade classic Pong. But what is the explanation of 2D games?

As we know, the ‘D’ in 2D games stands for the dimensions. Hence, these games are in two dimensions, or you can say they are flat on the screen. 2D games offer limited visuals and directions compared to 3D games.

However, most people prefer playing simple and entertaining games. Therefore, 2D games perfectly fit, and they come with simple controls and instructions. 


As 3D and VR games are getting popular among gamers, most people think that 2D games have lost their value in the gamers’ community. But the reality is something else. 2D games are still as popular as before due to their amazing flexibility and characteristics.

The key factor that makes 2D games still famous among gamers is due to its simple controls, which make the game beginner friendly and exciting for the experts. Due to these characteristics, it becomes easier for 2D games to reach a wider audience, regardless of age. 

Besides this, 2D games are also loved by game developers as designing and making these games is not just easier, less time-consuming, and cheaper than 3D games. So, here we are with a list of some of the best classic 2D games for you to try out.


Celeste isn’t that old classic game, but it has grabbed a place on our list due to its retro graphics and storyline. Basically, in the game, you play the role of the main character named Madeline and go on a journey to the top of Celeste mountain. 

YouTube video

It sounds so simple, right? Well, yes. Hence, the developers have added many twists to add a bit of spice to the game. For instance, you must survive her inner demons, overcome numerous challenges, explore the mountain’s mystery, and more during the journey.

Preview Product Rating Price
Celeste - Nintendo Switch [Digital Code] Celeste – Nintendo Switch [Digital Code] No ratings yet $19.88

This single-player adventure game has a perfect self-discovery storyline, great background music, and simple controls. Overall, if you want to kill time alone on weekends, you shouldn’t miss out on getting Celeste.

Publisher – Matt Makes Games Inc.

Released – Jan 25, 2018

Platforms – PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch 


When you read the name ‘Cuphead,’ the thought that first hits your mind is that it would be a cute casual game. Cuphead is a classic action game inspired by 1930s cartoons.  

YouTube video

The developers have researched the classic era very well and have presented Cuphead in front of us. The game has everything like watercolor backgrounds, jazz recordings, etc., to remind us about the old classic times. 

Preview Product Rating Price
Cuphead - Nintendo Switch Cuphead – Nintendo Switch No ratings yet $28.28

Coming to the storyline, Cuphead is a single-player and local co-op player game. In this game, you have to travel to strange worlds, use several weapons and learn powerful moves for survival. Cuphead can give you a vintage experience in a mysterious world where you have to find hidden secrets while trying to pay your debt.

Publisher – Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc.

Released – Sept 29, 2017

Platforms – PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam

Dead Cells 

Dead Cells is a rogue-lite game in which you are sent to explore sprawling and ever-changing castles as a prisoner. Dead Cells is a typical survival game with amazing graphics and an engaging storyline. 

YouTube video

The storyline of the game is kind of out of the box. When we say prisoner, basically, you control an amorphous creature that possesses human corpses. As the lead player of the game, you get to explore a fictional island infested with monsters.

Preview Product Rating Price
Dead Cells - Action Game of The Year - PlayStation 4 Dead Cells – Action Game of The Year – PlayStation 4 No ratings yet $63.72

The key goal of the player is to kill the King of the island while surviving other monsters by using weapons like bows, swords, etc. Overall, Dead Cells deserves to make a place on your list if you are bored of playing with the same kind of guns and storylines.

Publisher – Motion Twin, Playdigious

Released – August 7, 2018

Platforms – PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Hollow Knight 

Remember those classic hand-drawn animated games? Yes, we have brought a similar game for you today. The Hollow Knight is a cute, mysterious vintage game that lets you explore an ancient kingdom beneath the fading town.

YouTube video

As a lead player, you get control of an enigmatic knight who needs to survive and face various challenges in the journey. 

The best part of this game is that it is good for all age groups above 7. Therefore, if you are looking for a game for your kid or yourself, the Hollow Knight can perfectly fit your requirements.

Preview Product Rating Price
Hollow Knight (Nintendo Switch) Hollow Knight (Nintendo Switch) No ratings yet $33.90

If you are in doubt that this game won’t have many levels or won’t keep you engaged, then you are wrong. The game has numerous challenges and monsters to face as per your path on the map.

Publisher – Team Cherry

Released – June 12, 2018

Platforms – PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a sequel game of the very well-known Ori and the Blind Forest.  In this single-player game, you get the control of Ori, who is a white guardian spirit. The powers of Ori are as simple as common 2D games, including jumping, climbing, gliding, and swimming. 


Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a classic and exciting game. It is the perfect combination of adventure and puzzles. The game allows you to explore new places on the map while upgrading and collecting items.

Preview Product Rating Price
Ori and The Will of The Wisps (Nintendo Switch) Ori and The Will of The Wisps (Nintendo Switch) No ratings yet $29.99

The game may sound simple, but it is way more complicated and engaging due to its unique storyline. 

Developer – Moon Studios

Release – March 11, 2020

Platforms – PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch 

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is a game published by a well-known name from the gaming industry called UbiSoft. It is the 5th title game in the Rayman series. If you are already familiar with Rayman Origins or other series games, then you don’t need to think twice before investing your money and time in this game. 

YouTube video

Rayman Legends is a single and multiplayer game. You can team up with four friends and go through various adventure levels. The game consists of in-game currencies like Lums and Teenies to unlock new worlds and characters to explore the game further.

Preview Product Rating Price
Rayman Legends - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition Rayman Legends – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition No ratings yet $16.97

The game also has a built-in leaderboard; you can unlock more challenges and make the game even more exciting.

Publisher – UbiSoft

Released – Feb 22, 2018

Platforms – PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One 

Rogue Legacy

Who doesn’t like a long-run game? Like investing in one game and staying attached to it for a long time without looking for a game due to its versatility and amazing storyline. You can find it all in this game. Rogue Legacy is a game in which you must explore a dungeon and defeat 4 bosses in 4 unique environments. 


Each environment comes with different challenges. However, as a lead player, you can jump and slash with a sword and other additional powers. Rogue Legacy is a bit unique when the character dies.

Preview Product Rating Price
Rogue Legacy: Nintendo Switch, Limited Run #40 Rogue Legacy: Nintendo Switch, Limited Run #40 No ratings yet $84.95

Unlike other games, when the lead character loses, the player gets control of three random heirs, which players can choose from. However, it isn’t that simple because these heirs have special abilities and disabilities like color blindness, ADHD, and dwarfism. 

So, you can consider that Rogue Legacy lets you resume the game from an entirely new perspective. That’s the reason why Rogue Legacy is a long-run game that shouldn’t be missed by you. 

Publisher – Cellar Door Games

Released – November 6, 2018

Platforms – PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Mega Man

If gaming is in your blood, then for sure, you would be familiar with the name Mega Man. This game was first introduced to the world in 1987, and soon this franchise expanded to over 50 games on multiple platforms.

Today, we have brought one of the games from this series named Mega Man ZX. However, you can also get a complete series for the best experience.

YouTube video

The storyline of Mega Man revolves around new robotic systems. The game’s key character is the protagonist, who tries to recover ancient artifacts called Biometals from the evil robots and Pseudoroids.

The best part of the game is that you can manage the difficulty level. Hence, you can increase the difficulty as per your expertise and preference. 

Publisher – Capcom

Released – June 22, 2007

Platforms – Nintendo DS

Spelunky World

Remember Mr. Mario? Actually, who doesn’t remember him? So, the next game is similar to Mr. Mario and will easily send you to old memories. Spelunky World is an action-arcade game that gives you control of an adventurer known as the spelunker.

Well, the game’s storyline is quite simple, in which you have to go on a treasure hunt while exploring tunnels and surviving traps and enemies.  

YouTube video

As the storyline is simple, the adventurer’s powers are the same. The spelunker can jump on enemies, pick up items and throw them to attack enemies, and you also get bombs and ropes to save yourself in the game.

The game offers numerous levels and environments based on the game’s difficulty. You can download this one from Steam.

Publisher – Mossmouth, LLC, Microsoft Studios

Released – August 26, 2021

Platforms – PC,  PS4, Xbox 360, Switch 

Playdead Limbo

Limbo is a black-and-white game with vintage filters like film grain, lighting, etc. Furthermore, the background music of the game justifies the graphics very well. The player gets control of a boy who can run in two directions, jump, climb onto ladders, and more. 

YouTube video

Limbo is a perfect combination of thriller and puzzle games. The player has to face environmental and physical deadly hazards throughout the game. These hazards may include bear traps, lethal monsters, worms, and more.

However, the relieving point of the game is that they offer checkpoints. Therefore, even if you lose midway, you don’t have to restart the entire game. Get Limbo now from Steam.

Publisher – Playdead, Microsoft Game Studios

Release – June 28, 2018

Platforms – PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch 


Millions of games are available online, and you can choose any game per your preference. Therefore, keeping this in mind, we have added games from various genres with different storylines in this blog. So, you can expect to go home with some excellent, classic games to try out from this blog.

Next, check out some of the best AAA games loved by the entire gaming community.

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