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In Digital Marketing Last updated: May 8, 2023
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Generating high-quality leads is a challenge for most online brands out there. They find it tough to expand their customer base, generate a positive ROI, and scale business as desired. To tackle such issues, CPA networks come into play.

These networks make an arrangement between advertisers and web publishers to market the brand’s solution in exchange for an affiliate fee. So what are CPA networks, and are they better marketing sources than Google Ads for your business?

In this article, we’ll discuss the perks of using CPA networks and explore the best CPA networks, so you can find the one that complements your marketing efforts

What are CPA Networks?


CPA or Commission per action is a pricing model online advertising agencies adapt to bridge the gap between publishers and advertisers. 

CPA networks are the platforms that connect advertisers with publishers who promote their offers and earn a commission for each successful action.

Unlike traditional advertising methods, in CPA, advertisers only pay for the ad when the visitor successfully completes a specific action – it can be filling out a signup form, downloading apps, or subscribing to a newsletter.

Advertisers who are keen to track the effectiveness of their performance marketing join hands with CPA networks to publish ads online and agree to pay a fee or commission on the completion of a specific activity.

These CPA networks collaborate with various websites, influencers, and affiliate marketers to run advertisers’ marketing campaigns. 

For instance, if you advertise your SaaS product to increase brand awareness, you’ll ideally set ‘the number of signups’ as your end goal. When the publisher posts this ad on their website and the derived traffic signs up with your product, you’ll pay a specific amount you agreed upon per signup.

Benefits of Using CPA Network for Advertisers


While there are abundant marketing channels, CPA networks remain to be the most effective way to generate optimum benefits via performance marketing. If you’re wondering how CPA networks benefit advertisers, here are a few pointers to convince you. 

#1. Budget-Friendly

Different CPA networks pay their affiliates tiers of fees. Some go up to $100 for a click, while some offer $2 per click. This allows you to set or choose an affiliate fee that benefits you while staying within your budget.

#2. Dollars for Meaningful Action

The disadvantage of using traditional advertising over CPA marketing is as a brand or advertiser, you pay for views or impressions rather than for money-making activities.

To completely rule this practice out, the CPA model only demands you to pay when your visitors complete a specific action you set. Thereby paying for clicks that bring business to you rather than paying for unwanted impressions.

#3. Customization and Flexibility

Advertisers can choose from various CPA offers and set their commission rates, providing flexibility and gaining control over their ad spend and overall marketing budget. 

#4. Risk-Free Game

You, as an advertiser, only pay for leads that are likely convertible; hence you don’t have to pay for the overall traffic generated, which automatically reduces the ratio of unqualified leads who end up swallowing your budget. This model is completely risk-free, unlike CPV models. 

CPA networks are a perfect fit if you rely highly on performance marketing with limited ad spending. 

Benefits of CPA Networks Over Directly Advertising on Google Ads? 

Did you know that an SMB business invests around $1,000-10,000 monthly on Google Ads? While Facebook and Google ads are relevant and highly used by many marketers, why should you still leverage CPA networks? Here’s why:

#1. Cost-Effective

Unlike Google Ads, CPA networks don’t charge for views and impressions. Instead of playing guesswork with Google Ads by targeting everyone, investing in views that are non-monetizable, and spending over and over without getting results, CPA can bring leads for every penny you spend. 

#2. Targeted Audience

CPA networks usually have a wide pool of publishers who can promote offers and advertisements. Moreover, for different pricing models and unique business types, CPA networks allow you to target your hyper-focused target audience that’s likely to convert. 

#3. Variety of Offers

CPA networks offer a wide range of offers such as lead generation, app installs, product sales, and more, which provides advertisers with more options to choose from and promote. Higher the options, the higher the opportunity to run effective marketing campaigns that get ROI. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a CPA Network for Advertising


While choosing a CPA network for advertising or running your marketing campaign, you should look for certain default aspects in the network to find the right platform for your needs. Some of the factors to consider are:

  • Reputation: Advertisers should research the network’s history, reviews, and ratings to ensure reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Offer Variety: The network should offer various CPA offers relevant to the advertiser’s niche or industry so that it leads to better conversions.
  • Pay Rates: The pay rates should be high enough to attract quality publishers and effectively promote the advertiser’s offers.
  • Tracking and Reporting Tools: The network should provide advanced tracking and reporting tools that allow advertisers to monitor the performance of their campaigns in real time.
  • Network Size: Advertisers should consider the size of the network as it directly impacts the reach and visibility of their campaigns.

Now that you know what CPA network means and its usage, here are the top 12 go-to CPA networks that can bring higher ROI and sales to your business. 



Perform is a market leader in CPA networks helping publishers and advertisers promote their products and help affiliates earn a commission. This platform operates on the pay-for-outcome model. 


  • 60+ goals for different business verticals to help advertisers leverage the most effective and beneficial medium of pricing model for their campaign
  • Serving different business verticals like e-commerce, finance, and software to aid brands in generating quality leads who are worth spending on
  • Highly cautious about ad fraud and marketing compliance to help eliminate duplicate or fraudulent traffic generation
  • Real-time reporting and tracking functionality lets you keep tabs on live ad performance

Perform has experience working with renowned brands and has shook hands with Redfin, Mayvenn, Walmart, and more. If you’re a marketer, advertiser, app developer, service provider, or agency, Perform is your best fit to run marketing campaigns.



AdWork media helps advertisers to market their products or solutions to a global audience. They connect with 50,000 publishers who attract a monetizable audience to your brand.


  • Hyper-customizable affiliate rates, terms, and offers allow you to create super-specific marketing campaigns that generate leads who buy from your brand
  • Click-quality functionality checks if the ad traffic redirected to your landing page is non-spammy to avoid fraudulent and ineffective leads
  • Different monetization tools help advertisers to pick use cases that align successfully with their product

If you want to attract a global audience via performance marketing, AdWork is your ideal fit. 



Advendor is a performance-based marketing network whose affiliate model includes Cost-per-lead (CPL), Cost-per-click (CPC), Revenue Share, and more. 


  • Provides expert suggestions to choose an affiliate model that can perform better for your business model
  • Knowledgeable account manager to assist you throughout your campaign and provide suggestions to optimize your campaign for better performance and ROI
  • With 90% integration with CPA networks globally, Advendor ensures you reach a global audience faster and sooner
  • Tracking and reporting are facilitated through in-house proprietary monitoring to provide real-time metrics details, ultimately allowing you to make data-driven decisions

If you want to generate high-quality global clients, Advendor can be your ideal go-to CPA network. 



AdsTargets helps agencies, marketers, and tech solutions to utilize performance marketing to its fullest. With 10 million users, AdsTargets has a proven record of significantly eliminating fraudulent traffic daily. 


  • Create highly converting campaigns that generate more ROI with the help of ads targeting an array of CPA offers
  • Easily segment your target audience to focus on the audience with a high conversion potential
  • Ready-to-use ad formats and targeting tools to help you kickstart your campaign immediately
  • Every penny of your ad spend is worth the quality of traffic generated via AdsTargets
  • Multichannel advertising functionality enables you to reach your audience wherever they are and whenever they are active

If you have a narrowed target audience and plan to create a hyper-focused marketing campaign that suits your business vertical, AdsTargets is your match.



Cpamatica facilitates performance marketing for niches like finance, SaaS, insurance, etc. They are one of the rare network channels that provide higher importance to UX. Their advertising medium includes a website, banner, email, push/in-page push, SEO, popunder, etc.


  • Nurtures the visitors throughout the buying journey to help them with decision-making
  • Different types of commission models enable advertisers to choose the most effective model for their concerned marketing campaigns
  • Active customer support to assist you throughout the entire campaign process
  • Known for its ability to provide real-time customer support as and when needed

If you’re looking to advertise majorly on social media and build an ad funnel from scratch for Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other socials, Cpamatica is your ideal fit. 



Crakrevenue fills the gap between publishers and advertisers, with 20,000+ web marketers generating 50 billion monthly impressions. It’s one of the largest networks that expand globally to attract a target audience for almost every business sector. 


  • Quality publisher management ensures your ads aren’t directed to spam accounts and saves you unnecessary spending
  • A fraudulent system eliminates fake and bot traffic that is redirected to your landing page
  • Garner traffic from all across the world to acquire a global market and expand your customer base while staying within your ideal budget

Crakrevenue is ideal for brands and marketers launching their products or solutions in the global markets. 



If you have been in performance marketing for a while, you likely already know about Maxbounty services. With 3000+ affiliates, you can reach a wider audience with the pricing and advertising models of Maxbounty. 


  • Tap into a pool of audience to grow a brand and hit your sales target with a tight budget and limited time
  • Leverage assets like the social audience, high-traffic driving websites, active email lists, and other channels to reach your target audience at their convenient place
  • The proprietary software lets you decide your next marketing campaign or strategy that’s heavily data-driven
  • Brick your marketing strategy with the assistance of expert-level account managers to crack your secret go-to marketing methods
  • You can report on influencer affiliates and lead data with granular data functionality

If you’re a brand getting your hands on performance marketing for the first time, Maxbounty can be your first and undoubtedly the best choice to settle on. 



With 5,000+ affiliates in over 100 countries, Advidi ensures that advertisers tap into their target audience in every nook and cranny of the world. This CPA network platform supports varied business verticals, including finance, lifestyle, SaaS, and more. 


  • Diverse traffic ensures you don’t miss out on an ideal global target audience to sell your solution
  • Unlike other CPA networks, Advidi uses multiple platforms to attract diversified leads
  • To promise quality and effective results, Advidi’s in-house media team ensures to leverage of ad creatives to their fullest and generates monetizable outcomes
  • To run effective marketing campaigns, the platform invests its expert knowledge and experience in strategizing and suggestions to drive more ROI for the business

Advidi is meant for CPA marketers who are into high-competition high-paying niches. It has a strong network of affiliates to promote your product to the right audience.



Adsterra is an Advertiser CPA software that offers a range of ad formats, including display banners, popunders, and push notifications. Advertisers can access a wide and diverse pool of traffic sources through Adsterra’s partnerships with over 12,000 direct publishers.


  • With Adsterra, advertisers can create, manage, and optimize CPA campaigns with a user-friendly dashboard
  • Advertisers can choose from various ad formats, targeting options, and optimization tools to reach their objectives
  • Target ads by country, device, and other criteria that help advertisers reach their intended audience
  • Provides detailed reporting and analytics tools that allow advertisers to track key metrics such as clicks, conversions, and revenue
  • Advertisers can also set up custom reports and receive real-time notifications on campaign performance

Adsterra is for brands and marketers who look to gain optimal results from performance marketing while utilizing every part of ads. 



Mobidea is a CPA platform that excels in mobile advertising. Their core niches include dating, mobile apps, coupons, and other business verticals. 


  • Significantly cuts down the fraudulent traffic sent to your sites, ultimately charging only for real traffic directed to your landing page.
  • Intuitive interface that allows you to set up and run campaigns with ease.
  • Mobidea has partnered with 200 mobile ad networks and publishers to unleash global internet users’ power.
  • Track your clicks, conversion, and revenue using Mobile with real-time reports and analytics tools.

Mobidea is an ideal tool for advertisers who leverage mobile traffic to grow their business and brand.                                                                                



Clickout is a performance marketing platform focusing on click-out campaigns to garner the attention of web traffic to increase brand awareness and overall customer sales. 


  • Self-explanatory tools and functionalities allow advertisers to set up and run their campaigns within minutes 
  • One of the largest affiliate networks in crypto, ensuring to drive high-quality convertible leads
  • With real-time notifications about campaign performance, advertisers can now keep tabs on the campaign performance to optimize strategy effectively 
  • Test different ad formats and landing page models easily with Clickout to increase your conversion rate

Clickout is for advertisers who prefer to try different forms of ad creatives and models to find their best strategy. 


Cpalead is a CPA network that provides a range of ad use cases, including content locking, surveys, and mobile app installs. They suit mobile app marketing agencies, media buyers, affiliate marketers, and developers. 


  • An array of ad selection formats allows advertisers to find their best-performing marketing strategies and formats
  • Integrate with app analytics software like Appsflyer, Kochava, and Tune to track your mobile app performance
  • Proven record in generating 70,000,000 iOS & Android app installs showcases its ability to drive active and monetizable traffic

Cpalead is your best fit if you want to create awareness about your mobile apps and increase install rates. 

Wrapping up 

The best CPA network can help you find the right marketing strategy and ad creative to generate promising results in terms of ROI and revenue. 

While many CPA networks are available, you need to settle on one platform with a wider network that generates high-quality traffic at an affordable affiliate fee. 

Go with the one that’s the best suited for your business.

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