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In Gaming Last updated: April 15, 2023
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Craftopia game servers from a reliable hosting platform will help you play your favorite action game with better performance and power minus lags. 

Survival action games are becoming a craze among many people across the globe. 

This has created a huge demand that developers are trying to fulfill by developing several games, each with a separate fanbase, format, and style. This helps gamers keep up their enthusiasm and pass their free time.

Craftopia is a survival action game with advanced graphics and powerful gameplay. This game has many interesting things, from chopping trees to casting magical spells. 

So, if you want to play such a robust game on your PC, you need a reliable hosting platform that allows you to have lag-free gaming, better graphics, high performance, availability, and useful features. 

Let’s discuss what Craftopia is and how getting a Craftopia game server hosting makes sense. 

What Is Craftopia?

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Craftopia, made in Japan, is a new crafting game in the market. It is a multiplayer survival action game that combines several features you find enjoyable. This includes hunting, farming, building, hack-and-slash, and automation. 

Craftopia was developed and published by Pocket Pair and was first released on 4th September 2020. This game lets you work on the land to earn money, build factories for automation, go on adventures to get rich, survive your day by fishing, and explore the world using a hoverboard. 

This game is similar to other open-world survival games. But, with respect to its crafting systems and unique mechanics, it is somewhat different and more advanced than any other game.


There are multiple stages in Craftopia. This includes:

  • Mine stones and chop trees as in the sandbox
  • Explore the world
  • Fight hunger by fishing
  • Cultivate and make money
  • Collect loots
  • Automate activities
  • Hunt monsters
  • Cast magical spells

You can grow 20+ crops one by one. With the use of powerful agricultural machines, you can do even more. Enjoy your self-sufficient life and produce valuable harvests to become richer. Also, you can automate some items, such as cutting wood, mining stones, etc.


In this game, you will enjoy fishing activities. Taste fresh fish or craft a shield from the shells of turtles. Once you become a pro in this, you can start building a ship to sail to catch a whale. Throw a monster prism on creatures to capture them as your pet. 

When your detector starts beeping, it is a sign of a dangerous dungeon coming closer. In this case, you need to equip yourself, enter the dungeon, and find treasures, if any. Every time you enter, you will find a different shape of the dungeon. At the end of the path, you will find bosses for fighting. 

Furthermore, you can gather different materials to craft a ride for you, such as motorbikes, hoverboards, biplanes, air balloons, machinery, tanks, helicopters, etc. Share your ride with your team and explore the world together. 

Why Do You Need a Game Server?

The graphics, performance, and gameplay of modern video games, like Craftopia, consume higher server and computing resources. 

So, if you need high performance while playing a game, self-hosting on your PC won’t be enough. 

To experience a lag-free game, you must have an internet connection, 24/7 power backup, and an anti-disaster recovery kit. 

This is what a reliable game server provides, and it also avoids frustration while playing games. It will help you maintain your speed, dedication, and focus. With a reliable server, you will hardly face any downtime or security breaches. 

Minimum System Requirements


To play the Craftopia game on your PC, you need to have the following:

  • A 64-bit processor
  • Windows 7 or later
  • 2.0 GHz dual-core processor or similar
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 GB VRAM graphics
  • DirectX of version 11
  • A proper broadband connection
  • 12 GB available space

Let’s now explore some of the best Craftopia game server hosting providers. 

Survival Servers

Experience the best gameplay with Survival Servers‘ game servers that come with the features you need. Set up your server instantly after you complete your order. It comes with full FTP and web-based file manager access for seasoned players.


If you like playing another game in your free time, switch between available games on your server by raising a ticket. Tgame panel is simple to use that allows you to modify or update server settings and change server location immediately. 

Get automated server notifications, a restart option, full database access, and more. It uses the highest-performance Intel or AMD CPUs along with ultra-fast NVMe SSD drives. In addition, you will get 5 days of 30-minute DB backups increment. 

With the game server, you will find the latest version of supported mods and add-ons. You can change mods easily and install new mods and plugins when you find one. Get access to third-party tools to make your gaming experience even more amazing. 

Furthermore, you can add admins and set permissions according to your need. Get server status easily, such as start, stop, and restart. Survival Servers covers the entire globe, including Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, France, Germany, and Singapore. 

In every data center worldwide, you will find fully functional DDoS protection that protects your personal information 24/7 and lets your server be available whenever you open your game. With custom launch parameters, you can configure your server in no time and start playing.

Deploy your favorite game server quickly and manage your game from your location. Order it now. 


Rent the Craftopia game server from Nitrado and experience the best. It offers easy management, so you can configure your server on your own and change or manage settings on the go. Install plugins and mods easily to make your gameplay even more interesting. 


You can add admins, share some access, and manage the servers together. If you have difficulty, the support team works conveniently in multiple languages via chat or email. It offers the shortest internet routes, which helps you get the lowest pings. 

The daily backup functionality is an addition to the benefit you get from this game server. It will keep your saved games, configs, and files secure in any circumstances. Easily restore your files whenever you need. 

It uses fail-safe and high-quality server hardware along with the fastest SSD drives so that you never face any difficulty while playing the game. It gives you a flexible runtime according to individual needs. 

Switch between active games anywhere, anytime, and play up to 5 games available on your server. Easily downgrade or upgrade your server whenever you want. Nitrado never lets you wait to play your game; rather, it immediately comes online when you complete your order. 

Choose the best package for your needs, starting at $12.99/month. 


Get one of the most premium game servers – GTXGaming with instant setup, offsite backups, and worldwide coverage. Once you are ready with the registration process, it allows you to configure your game server and rent the Craftopia server for your leisure time. 


GTXGaming’s game panel provides several tools for your needs. It adds new maps immediately when any new map gets released. It supports different maps and mods. You can also install plugins and mods to make your gaming experience better. 

Every time you restart your game server, a clone backup is auto-saved to the offsite backup machine that contains the saved folder, API plugins, saved configs, etc. GTXGaming uses the latest range of Intel CPUs from E3 to i7 or i9 processors. It also uses powerful AMD Ryzen CPUs for better performance. 

GTXGaming houses its infrastructure in several locations, such as Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Miami, Quebec, London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, and Sydney. All these data centers have DDoS protection that works 24/7 to make your server available all the time. 

Configure your game server now, choose your billing cycle, choose configurable options from drop-down menus, and order your game server. If you are not happy with GTXGaming‘s services, you can opt for a full refund within 24 hours of registration. 


If you want to rent a game server for your favorite Craftopia game, 1GServerHost is a reliable option. You can experience better gameplay due to its power-packed features. Instantly set up your server and start playing your game with your friends.


1GServerHost’s custom game panel allows you to manage or change server settings according to your need. You can switch between available games within minutes to experience several games on your server in your free time. 

The offsite backup facility is an excellent add-on. You can back up your saved games, configs, and files in a separate server and restore back whenever you need.

Craftopia game server supports all mods, maps, and DLCs along with Steam. 1GServerHost uses a 5.2 GHz AMD Ryzen 9 CPU having 16 cores and 32 threads, 128 GB dual channel DDR4 32000 MHz, and 7000 MB/s NVMe of PCI 4th generation. 

No matter where you want to play, 1GServerHost provides you with the lowest ping, ensuring you play your game unstoppable with the fastest connections. All the servers are protected by enterprise-level DDoS protection. 

Choose your server plan today at a starting price of $15/month and enjoy your gameplay. 


Playing Craftopia gets even more exciting when you have several features and tools. Get your server ready within minutes of payment completion. 4NetPlayers takes care of the updates. It automatically installs new updates without disturbing your current gameplay. 


4NetPlayers only uses the latest server hardware, lots of RAM, SSD, and fast CPUs to offer high-performance game servers. You will get more than 120 mods and games at no extra cost in the cloud game server. It includes new games automatically when released. 

In addition, management and creation are easy with the 4NetPlayers game server. Without prior knowledge, you can easily manage or change settings on your server. In case of an attack, you will be protected with the DDoS protection that comes with Corero SmartWall.

If your game supports mod, you can enter your Steam Workshop ID and let the server install the mod automatically for you. Its excellent connectivity lets you play your game without any hassle. 4NetPlayers’ modern technology and powerful interface make your use super simple. 

Configure your game plan today and experience the best gameplay ever. 


Rent your Craftopia game server from the Pingperfect hosting platform and avail yourself of amazing features and functionalities. All of its systems are automatic; and hence, the installation of the server rental will start automatically after making a successful payment. 


Pingperfect is a worldwide provider of server rental, which is why you will get the best data centers worldwide. No matter where you are, you can get a high uptime guarantee. In addition, you will get 1 GB of free web space that you can use to advertise your game server and many other things.

Pingperfect’s easy-to-use game panel allows you to configure server options and manage its settings on the go. Furthermore, its in-house custom backup system offers full protection of your saved games and configs. It ensures you will never lose any data. 

Get full access to file browser protocols and FTP. With this access, you can transfer files to the game server in real-time. In addition, you can switch between available games easily. You will find the latest hardware with a fast CPU and better storage solutions. 

Pingperfect has its own DDoS protection that minimizes interruption to the game server due to unwanted floods of attacks. The game panel supports desktop and mobile versions, so you can modify your settings wherever you want. 

If you have a clan of friends, you can share your server with them so that they can also manage your game server. Give permissions you want them to have. Request a 48-hour free trial and experience lag-free gaming.


GPORTAL is one of the premium game server hosting platforms that you can rent and experience better gameplay. Once you complete your order, the game server is available within 3 minutes. In case of issues, you will get the fastest response for sure with its 24/7 support. 


GPORTAL ranges across the globe, including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Washington, São Paulo, London, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, and Sydney. Every server in the system comes with DDoS protection, thanks to Corero and Bulwark, with a multi-layered defense facility to enhance gameplay.

GPORTAL comes with prepaid and Gamecloud options. This means you can switch between games available in the cloud at any time. Get full flexibility over your server with the GPORTAL Gamecloud. 

Choose your nearest server location, billing cycle, and the slots you are looking for, and order your game server. You can create your own server configuration to make it very simple according to your requirement. 

Final Words

Craftopia is an adventurous and exciting online video game that takes you to the next level of open-world survival games. With a premium game server at your back, you can play your game more precisely, conveniently, and securely. 

Thus, choose a reliable Craftopia game server from the above list and have lag-free gaming with its powerful servers, fast SSD drives, CPUs, and other features. 

Next, check out the best dedicated game servers for gamers and streamers.

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