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In Analytics and Career Last updated: July 9, 2023
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There are hundreds of resources for learning about data analytics but finding which of these resources is the best for you is a great challenge.

That’s why we have prepared a list of the best data analytics courses and explained how they might help you become a better data analytics professional.

Armed with the proper knowledge, you can become one of the best data analysts on the market, while by investing in outdated data analysis courses, you will lose a lot of time and money.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the practice of working with data to gather useful information, which can then be used to make informed decisions. Sherlock Holmes once said:

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have the data. Insensibly we begin to distort the facts to adapt them to the theories, instead of the theories to adapt them to the facts.”

This idea is the basis of data analytics. When we can extract meaning from the data, it enables us to make better decisions. And we live in an age where we have more data at our fingertips than ever.

Why is Data Analytics Important?

Anyone working with data analytics looks for meaningful relationships in a dataset. With these relationships, one finds answers to the company’s problems.

Imagine, for example, that you are creating a marketing campaign. By comparing data from your customers, you find out which age group is predominant among them. Thus, you can create a campaign suitable for this age group.

As in the example, data analytics can help the company optimize all sectors. Sales teams can know which customers are most likely to close deals. On the other hand, a financial institution can determine which investments are the most profitable.

Overall, data analytics helps managers make better decisions. Decisions based on data are safer and bring more satisfying results. In addition, data analysis itself can generate insights that result in business improvements.

Not using data analytics, however, can have unforeseen disadvantages. Performing this process the wrong way, too. Some examples are:

  • Financial losses caused by data damage or loss;
  • Frauds that cause both financial losses and problems in the relationship with clients and partners;
  • High costs for storing data – when they do not undergo periodic cleaning and organization;
  • Reputation and trust issues on the part of customers;
  • Loss of sales opportunities or good contracts for not knowing how to take advantage of the data at hand.

When data analytics is done efficiently, it becomes a great tool. Through the analysis, it is possible to notice relevant patterns and trends. Organized data and information generate insights to help your business make critical decisions.

Why is Data Analytics Important to Your Career?

The volume of data grows every day. But just possessing them is not enough. You need to structure analytics and understand how data can drive projects and deliverables.

The professionals who can analyze data properly will be able to make more strategic and assertive decisions. And that’s why organizations are increasingly looking for these professionals.

There should be an end to the belief that data analytics is only for scientists or analysts who are constantly surrounded by numbers and computers.

The truth is that all areas of a company produce data, whether to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, professionals who work in each of them must have the ability to analyze the data and use it strategically.

Following are some of the best data analytics courses that can help advance your career, so pay attention to the list below and choose the right one which suits you:

Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z

data analytics

Offered by Udemy, this Data Analytics course covers most of the basic statistics that you need to kickstart your data analytics journey. It also touches on the basic testing models. The course material consists of 6 hours of on-demand video modules with subtitles in various languages. Access to course material is lifetime, and you also get a certificate on course completion.

 Data Science Course 2022: Complete Data Science Bootcamp

Data science

Udemy offers this famous data science course with around 4.6M students enrolled. It covers almost everything from basic statistics to advance data analysis with Python. The course material consists of 29.5 hours of on-demand video modules with lifetime access.

Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

excel data analysis

Offered by Udemy, this Data Analytics course focuses on Mircosoft Excel. You need to have some knowledge of Excel to undertake this course as it only covers advanced excel formulas and functions. This course is best for people working in sales, finance or marketing.

Data Science Specialization

data science coursera

This is a data science specialization program by Coursera that consists of multiple courses. It is offered by John Hopkins, and over 44K students have already enrolled in the program. The course teaches you everything from basic R to developing data products with R Shiny.

Beginner-level experience in Python is preferred to enroll in this specialization program. It takes around 11 months to complete the training, including on-demand video content and hands-on projects. You also get a certificate for completion of all courses. The price of this course can be between US$39-79 per month.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

data science google course

Offered by Google Career Certificates, this course covers basic and advanced data analytics using SQL, R, and Tableau. It also offers an optional case study. No prior experience is required for this course, and it takes around 6 months to complete.

Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: the PwC Approach Specialization

data analytics PwC course

This course is focused on Big data analytics for businesses. It focuses on data cleaning, data visualization, and communicating data within corporations. It takes around 6 months to complete this course. This course can cost you anything between $39-79 per month, depending on the subscription.

Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

business data analytics

This Edx course is an instructor-paced business data analytics program that centers on using Mircosoft Power BI for predictive modeling and corporate data analytics. The targeted audience of this course is business managers. The price of this course is around $399.

Data Analyst with R

Data analyst with R
This DataCamp track comprises 19 courses that teach basic statistics, database handling, and management with SQL, R from beginners to advanced, including libraries such as tidyverse and ggplot 2. The cost of this track can be anything between $12.42-33.25.

Big Data Analytics with Tableau

big data course

This Pluralsight course teaches you fundamental and advanced big data analytics using Tableau. The course content consists of around 4 hours of on-demand video. The price of this course can be anything between $29 to $45 per month, depending on the type of subscription.

Data Analysis with Python and SQL

data analysis with python
This nano degree data analyst program by Udacity is a 4 months instructor-paced course. The prerequisites for this course include basic acquaintance with Python and SQL. The course goes through basic data analysis to data visualization with real-world projects and resume support. The price of this course is $1199.

Become a Data Analyst

data analyst linkedin course
Offered by LinkedIn Learning, this data analyst program is composed of 6 courses with over 28 hours of bite-size modules which cover basic statistics, data analysis, and the use of advanced software like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. The price of this program can be around $19.99 – $29.99 per month, depending on the subscription.

Online Data Analytics

data analytics course gen assembly

This is an instructor-paced data analytics by General Assembly that focuses on using Excel, SQL, and Tableau for data analytics along with real-world projects. It is one of the best options for business analytics. The course duration is 6 weeks, and it costs around $3,950. However, they offer an installment option.

Cloudera Data Analyst Training

cloudera data analyst

This is an advanced data analyst course offered by Cloudera, which requires some prior knowledge of SQL and Linux command line. The course teaches advanced corporate data analysis with Apache Hive and Hadoop. Pricing on demand.

Data Analyst Career Path

data analyst

This Python intensive data analyst course teaches everything from basic to advanced, including data visualization with real-world projects. It prepares you for entry-level positions. You can get a certificate at the end of course completion.

Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics

data analytics purdue

This is an advanced post-graduate data analytics program offered by Purdue University in collaboration with IBM. The course uses 14 different real-life projects to teach data analytics using Python and R.

The program duration is 8 months, and the number of seats is limited. The program admission fee is around $ 1,999, but there’s an installment option.

Final Words

“Data is the new oil” isn’t an overstatement, as recent years have shown us, and the importance of data and data analytics is only going to grow. With one of these courses that meet the requirements of your domain in terms of technology or programming language, you can advance your career in this data age.

You may also be interested in learning R for data science.

Explore some resources to find free online courses to learn anything new.

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