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DDR5 or Double Data Rate 5 Random Access memory is the latest evolution in the main memory list for PCs.

This version of RAM primarily focuses on enhancing the bandwidth and density of RAM. Besides enhancing these features, it also focuses on reducing power consumption.

Motherboards with Z690 chipset are the first to support this DDR5 RAM. The major aim of developing DDR5 is to increase its capacity, which is now 64GB per IC. This is a fourfold improvement from DDR4.

Importance of DDR5 RAM in PC Gaming

DDR5 memory offers low latency and higher frequencies, making a difference in frame rates. Because with the faster frequencies, frames per second get reduced.

As a result, gaming benefits from this in terms of responsiveness and performance. Therefore, DDR5 has become an attraction for PC gamers.


Below are the major differences between DDR5 and DDR4.

  • Capacity: The maximum die density of DDR4 is 16GB, whereas DDR5 has a four times increase in this number which is 64GB. This means DDR5 has much more capacity than DDR4.
  • Power Management: In DDR4, the motherboard handles power management. However, in DDR5, PMIC or power management integrated circuits manage this task.
  • Compatibility: DDR5 is compatible with 12th-generation Alder Lake processors such as Intel Core i7-12700K, Intel Core i5-12600K, etc. DDR4 memory is not compatible with these CPUs.
  • Price: There is a great difference between the price of these two RAMs. The DDR5 is quite expensive than DDR4, which makes it unapproachable to low-budget customers.

How to Choose the Best DDR5 RAM for a PC?

The factors you need to consider while purchasing DDR5 are:

  • Speed: If you are considering buying DDR5, it means you want it for high-performance requirements or gaming. For this, you would need an option that is faster or fastest. So consider the purpose of your application. This will help you decide the speed of the DDR5 RAM.
  • Power: The requirement for power is another important factor to consider. More power requirement means more power consumption. So an option with a low power requirement is ideal.
  • Capacity: You should also be clear about the memory capacity that you need. This will help you shortlist the options.
  • Compatibility: All DDR5 RAMs are not compatible with all kinds of processors. So, before deciding, consider your system’s compatibility with the options.

Now that you have understood DDR5 RAM from the inside out let’s explore the best DDR5 RAM for great performance.

G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series

This Trident Z5 RGB Series DDR5 RAM features a streamlined and sleek aluminum design. It is ideal for Intel Z690/Z790 Series Chipset having 12th or 13th gen Intel Core CPUs or the latest.

It has a streamlined RGB light bar that lets you customize the lighting using its lighting control software.

It is programmed using the latest XMP 3.0 profiles. You just need to enable the XMP profile to have a rated overclock speed of this kit. This memory is ideal for being used as a gaming memory or for various high-performance requirements.

Kingston Fury Beast 32GB

Kingston Fury Beast 32GB DDR 5 RAM lets you enjoy a starting speed of 4800MHz. This memory is 50% faster than DDR4. Its On-die ECC (ODECC) assists in data integration so that the system can perform excellently.

This RAM comes with double burst and bank length and two 32-bit subchannels, which are independent. It has improved overclocking stability and efficiency and certified Intel XMP 3.0-ready memory. It features a low-profile heat spreader design.


XPG brings the next-generation DDR5 memory, Lancer, which comes in two versions. One version comes with addressable RGB, and the other comes without RGB. These two versions feature the finest quality PCBs and chipsets to ensure stable and uncompromisable performance.

It can reach frequencies up to 6000 MT/s and thus exhibit excellent performance in overclocking experiences and gaming. Its On-die ECC helps to deliver better reliability and computer stability. It is compatible with CPUs and motherboards, having support for DDR5.

Patriot Viper Venom RGB DDR5

Viper Venom DDR5 series is the fastest DRAM by Patriot Memory. It comes with a starting frequency of 4800MHz.

The groundbreaking technology lets it be twice as fast and have double the bandwidth than DDR4. It features innovative power management ICs for low power consumption and efficient operations. Thermal management technology helps the modules to have a longer life.

CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5

CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 memory lets you have a great system performance with enhanced speed, frequency, and capacity. It ensures that your high-end CPU obtains data quickly and thus can process data efficiently.

It has a capacity of 32GB with a memory speed of 4800MHz. Its onboard voltage regulation helps in having much improved and stable overclocking. It lets you customize and save your XMP 3.0 profiles. It is designed for DDR5 motherboards.

Crucial DDR5 RAM 32GB

Crucial presents this 32 GB DDR5 RAM with a speed of up to 5600MHz. The Intel XMP 3.0 ensures easy performance recovery.

This DDR5 RAM lets you enjoy games at high frame rates. It is a Non-ECC, 288-pin memory with 1.1V voltage.

T-Force Delta RGB DDR5

Experience the new OC generation with this TEAMGROUP Delta RGB DDR5 RAM. It is compatible with the Intel 600 series. It supports multiple lighting effect software and features 120 degrees ultra wide lighting and RGB colors.

It lets you do one-click overclocking with Intel XMP3.0 support. Its power management ICs ensure optimum and stable power usage. It features on-die ECC for ensuring stable systems.

T-Force Vulcan Alpha DDR5

T-Force Vulcan Alpha DDR5 memory from TEAMGROUP helps you enjoy next-level system performance. It comes with AMD series chipsets. This DDR5 RAM is compatible with Ryzen 7000 Series and AMD X670 Series CPUs.

Its reinforced structure and sleek design help to offer better cooling. It comes with power management ICs that help efficient and stable power usage. Its On-die ECC ensures stable systems.

G.Skill RipJaws S5 Series DDR5

This RipJaws S5 Series is perfectly suitable for chipsets of Intel Z690/Z790 Series with 12th or 13th Gen Intel Core CPUs. It has a memory capacity of 32 GB and a speed of 5600MHz. It is a non-ECC dual-channel kit.

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It supports XMP 3.0 profiles and features a compact design with a height of only 33mm. It can reach the rated XMP overclock speed with system stability and performance.

Author’s Note

If you are looking for a high-build DDR5 RAM, XPG Lancer is one of the great options. As it also comes in a non-RGB version, so you can go for this version if you prefer a non-RGB option. These are also great options for enhanced gaming experiences.

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