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The DKIM reads for DomainKeys Identified Mail, and it is one of the most crucial aspects of receiving your mail as it was sent, without any modification.

Before DKIM was introduced, emails were prone to be modified between sending and receiving. DKIM worked as a seal that assured users that any third party did not manipulate email.

So in this guide, I will walk you through why DKIM is so important and what are the best DKIM checker services that you can use to improve email security.

Why DKIM is so important

As mentioned above, the DKIM works as a seal on your mail, so only the sender and receiver know what is inside it.

And to understand its importance, it is necessary to learn how it works.

First, the sender will generate a pair of cryptography keys: private and public, and the server will sign the mail (known as DKIM signature) while sending using the private key.

On the other hand, the public key will be stored in the sender’s public DNS record.

Now, when the receiver gets the mail, their server will check for the DKIM signature in the email’s header and will retrieve the public key from the DNS record.

Using the received public key, it will check for authenticity by calculating and matching the hash value to the one which was obtained from the signature.

If the value matches, it means the mail is authentic and it was not changed in between.

A simple procedure that lets you verify your email content is as it is! 😀

The reason why you’d see the implementation of DKIM in almost every organization is security. See, by its core, emails can be manipulated between sending and getting delivered.

So it is essential to know whether the email that you received is original or manipulated to have a negative effect on your organization, or you may be attacked personally.

That’s pretty much it! It does one thing, but the execution is rock solid and lets you verify the authenticity of the received email.

Want to know how to set up DKIM in the simplest way possible? You can refer to our detailed guide on how to set up DKIM for better and more secure email delivery.

But then, there’s another question. What DKIM services you should use?

To answer that question, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best DKIM services in the market.

In this section, I will walk you through one of the best DKIM checkers that you can use to enhance the security of your email.


EasyDMARC provides multiple solutions related to email security and is known to have pretty good documentation for all the services.

Using their DKIM lookup service, you can have comprehensive analytics and insights related to DKIM so that you can have various aspects altogether.


Mimecast specializes in email security services, and the same goes for their DKIM checker.

But apart from their DKIM service, they also provide fantastic documentation, best practices, and configuration tips.


The Mxtoolbox is known for providing various DNS and email-related tools all packed with easy-to-use user interfaces, so it is not necessary for you to be a techie to use their DKIM service.

Using Mxtoolbox, you can expect all the bells and whistles, like troubleshooting guides for issues related to DKIM, diagnostic information, etc.


As the name suggests, dmarcian specializes in DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication).

Like any other DKIM checker on the list, you get all the necessary features, such as tools and resources to improve DKIM, tools to check alignment and various insights.


Dmarcly is known for its email protection services, where you can check whether your organization is protected or not within 20 seconds for free.

And with a user-friendly UI, Dmarcly makes it easy to use DKIM and includes services like recommendations and the best practices that you should be doing based on your workflow.


The POWERDMARC is one of the very few that provides a free trial with an intuitive experience by which they are trying to make this as simple as it can be.

Sure, you can expect all the critical features with some cherry on the cake features like per sending source, threat map, threat intelligence, and a lot more.


As the name suggests, mail-tester is a mail testing service providing all sorts of products related to email security.

What attracted me the most to the mail-tester is that you get an overall assessment of the email delivery with the DKIM results.


The DNSchecker is a web-based service that specializes in DNS-based offerings.

Using their DNSchecker, you can search and retrieve DKIM records with ease. They also provide additional features for DNS checks and lookups.


By far, DKIMCore key checker is the most minimal DKIM checker on the list.

Unlike the other offerings, there are not many options available. It is made to do a few things right, and it does that job pretty well!


Unlike many options which offer multiple solutions, Protodave does only one thing: Provide robust DKIM checking solutions with all the essentials needed.

You can expect features like key assessment, the strength of the DKIM keys, the algorithm, and a lot more.


Courier DKIM checker guides you through all the basics needed to get started with the DKIM check, and along with that, you get all the crucial features, including key assessment, alignment check, and more.


SKYSNAG has helped many organizations in solving mail-delivery issues. The key element of their service is even non-techie users can get started with almost no hiccups.

Sure, you can also expect all the bells and whistles with their DKIM service with free security check for your organization.

Wrapping Up

This was my take on one of the best options available for DKIM checking services. I hope you will find this list helpful.

You may also look at some of these Email delivery Tools to ensure your campaigns’ success.

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