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In HealthTech Last updated: August 31, 2023
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Health has taken the number one spot in the post-covid era.

There is no denying that there is a paradigm shift in the way people live, think, and choose today in the modern era. Fitness has taken precedence over everything. This can be seen through the rise of home gym setup during the pandemic. The sequential closure of gyms during the covid lockdowns has certainly pushed this decision in favor of the gym equipment market.

People cannot entirely rely on outdoor services and experiences in these uncertain times. They may not be available every time. So, rather than waiting for things to get back to normal, one needs to invest in good gym exercise equipment. So, what’s better than the best indoor exercise bike that can be used by almost every generation in the family.

Let us understand why it’s best with a few of its benefits.

Benefits of indoor cycling in a post-pandemic world

Today, there is a variety of indoor cycles at people’s disposal. Indoor or spin bikes offer many features, such as multiple resistance levels, heart rate-controlled programs, computer-controlled magnetic resistance, adjustable seat, and many more.


There are many physical and mental merits of cycling. Here are some benefits of indoor cycling in a post-pandemic world if one invests in the best indoor exercise bike.

Lower-body strengthening

Indoor cycling is great for your legs, quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings. Indoor cycles build muscle strength. By increasing the bike’s resistance, one can regularly challenge the muscles. It helps prevent stiffness in joints that comes with age. Indoor cycles now simulate outdoor terrains that, make it convenient for people during a pandemic.

Burn calories fast

Indoor cycling can burn calories fast, although it depends on the intensity of the workout. If a person rides the bike 30 minutes a day, she can burn calories quickly. If a 155-pound person cycles for half an hour at a competitive speed, they can burn around 420 calories. It benefits both beginners and those with a history of injury. They can start a low-intense workout that is gentle on the joints.

A Good Cardio

Indoor cycling is an ideal type of cardio exercise. It improves cardiovascular health and provides more oxygen to the muscles. Indoor cycling involves the muscles in the torso, therefore, strengthening the core and the back. Indoor cycling builds endurance and helps to develop toned lean muscles. High-intensity interval training can improve blood pressure and also reduce the risk of diabetes.


Mental health perks

Indoor cycling or any form of exercise reduces anxiety and stress. It helps reduce cortisol levels, therefore, improving mental health. It also increases mental toughness. Overcoming physical fatigue boosts confidence that positively impacts other areas of life as well. The repetitive nature of indoor cycling is meditative, which helps to create a peaceful state.

This was all about the benefits of indoor cycling in the new normal, where people prefer working from home.

Now, let us explore some of the best indoor bikes that are available in the market.

When selecting the best indoor exercise bike, one needs to look out for some unique features, including resistance levels, comfort, workout modes, displays, build quality, and warranty, among other things.

Yosuda Bikes

Yosuda bike is the best budget bike, simple, safe, yet effective. It is an updated version indoor cycling bike that supports an athletic design. Its adjustable seat and handlebars make it suitable for all body types. It is tranquil and has a smooth riding experience.

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Moreover, its rock-solid foundation ensures that there would be no wobbliness while riding. Its steel-built body can carry 330 LBS weight at any given time.

The 4-way adjustable seat makes customization easy and convenient. It has a digital monitor that displays different stats of bikes such as speed, RPM, calories, odometer, and an iPad holder.


Freebeat provides an intelligent riding experience. The exercise bike features a responsive and intuitive 21.5-inch HD touchscreen.

Users can adjust the rotating screen to their preferred angle of up to 180° degrees. This is the best indoor bike trainer where one can work out with instructors who come from the world’s excellent studios.

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It also provides immersive gamified interaction, and the Freebeat app offers instant feedback and tracks performance in detail. The bike has three adjustable seat levels, a non-slip multi-position handlebar, and an adjustable pedal. It offers 35 magnetic resistance levels. You can adjust the intensity as per their needs. It provides a fully-covered warranty and after-sales service.


Peloton bikes start as low as $1495 with an excellent lower-cost alternative for home gyms. This stationary bike comes with application access. Moreover, it has adjustable seats, an HD touch screen, and handlebars. The Peloton digital app works with various devices like Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and Chromecast.

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The app has multiple workout programs that help users exercise and track progress with metrics. It helps a user challenge himself and builds confidence. The Peloton bike is built to last and comes with a 12-month limited parts and labor warranty plus 5 years coverage on the frame.

Sunny Health SF-B1877

Sunny Health endurance magnetic indoor exercise bike is an excellent belt-driven system model for low-impact fitness. It can be a great choice of bike for beginners or people who need recovery training.

The performance monitor displays speed, time, distance, odometer, pulse, calories, and RPM. Furthermore, the adjustable magnetic resistance provides smooth contactless resistance and is virtually maintenance-free.

This indoor bike trainer has an adjustable seat that improves posture, and 2-way adjustable handlebars are designed for comfort. It also comes with a bottle holder to put medium size bottles. Its lower Q-factor (206 mm) allows the rider to pedal faster and harder more effectively. The durable frame is built to last.


Labodi is a stationary indoor cycling bike for the home cardio gym. Its 35 lbs flywheel provides momentum for a challenging ride, and the belt drive mechanism provides a smooth and quiet ride.

The adjustable 2-way non-slip handlebars and 4-way seats offer users a personalized experience. The updated seats are softer and shock-resistant, while chips on the handlebar keep track of the heart rate.

The LCD tracks time, miles, calories, heart rate, speed, and RPM. The tension knob on the Labodi bike allows magnetic resistance that gives different levels of difficulty to the user. The iPad mount on the bike is compatible with all phones. They provide a 180-day parts replacement service as well as satisfying customer service!


Afully brand focuses on developing products that help people enjoy sports. This stationary bike is designed with a double triangle structure, which is sturdy and durable.

One can ride this exercise bike in different postures of the body. The belt drive system is very stable and quiet. The LCD monitor tracks speed, riding time, calories, and distance.

The iPad stand allows users to listen to music or watch videos while exercising. A rider can adjust the seats and the handlebars up and down based on their comfort. The cage foot strap is adjustable and is suitable for all feet size. It prevents the feet from slipping off. The professional after-sales staff of Afully solves any problems within 24 hours of the complaint.

Echelon Connect Bike Ex-5

Echelon Connect Bike Ex-5 is built with performance in mind. The premium features of these bikes include elevated bullhorn handlebars with elbow rests, adjustable height and depth seats and handlebars, and two large bottle holders. The device holder flips 180 degrees for off-equipment workouts.

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The user can stream live workouts or apply for on-demand classes available 24*7. The device holder can hold devices from 2.5″ to 12.9″.

The user weight capacity of this bike is around 300 lbs, and it offers 32 levels of resistance. It comes with a pair of 2lb dumbbells, thus helping to strengthen users’ upper bodies simultaneously with cardio on the bike.

Wahoo Kickr Bike

Wahoo Kickr Bike is smart and the best indoor exercise bike. Kickr bike, a 13lb flywheel, offers accuracy, responsiveness, and realism. The belt-driven motor of the bike creates a silent riding experience.

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When connected to a smartphone, tablet, or computer, the Kickr bike automatically sets resistance via app or software pre-decided by the user.

Adjust the bike’s fit with easy access and quick-release levers across 5 points, i.e., stack, reach, setback, saddle height, and frame height. It works well with popular training apps such as SYSTM and Zwift. Wahoo provides real-time physical grade changes. The Kickr bike physically raises and lowers cycles to match ascents up to 20% and descents down to -15%.

Mobi fitness

Mobi stationary bike is equipped with a multi-functional intelligent control knob. This indoor bike offers 32 levels of resistance.

Mobi bike features a 26 LBS front flywheel with high inertia. The multi-position handlebar provides a 17-level height adjustment that helps users ride comfortably. One can enjoy the guidance of professional fitness instructors at home with free recorded classes from the Mobifitness app.

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The seat cushion of the cycle has nine adjustable levels to meet the different needs of users. It has adjustable magnetic resistance and is whisper-quiet. An adjustable cage pedal is safe to use and prevents any foot slipping and injury.


The MYX II Plus retails for $1599. It includes a sleek and interactive swivel touchscreen tablet (21.5″) where one can find dozens of motivating, world-class trainers.


There are thousands of workouts with new sessions added weekly. The LCDs display heart rate, speed, distance, and cadence. It can also be paired with an Apple watch.

It also offers a 6-piece weight set with a kettlebell. Swivel the screen for floor workouts, weightlifting, recovery practices, and more. The Myx II Plus is durable, rustproof, and hypoallergenic. It also provides a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and free shipping and assembly.

Equinox SoulCycle

Equinox SoulCycle at-home bike is sturdy and has a steel frame that provides maximum stability for riders. The immersive sound system lets the rider escape into music while exercising. It features a high-resolution touchscreen and elite stat tracking used by professional cycling teams. It provides accurate and consistent data, including power, mileage, cadence, and heartbeat.

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The sturdy build doesn’t mean that it is bulky in build. Instead, it is sleeker and more modern-looking in style. Users can tap into on-demand and live classes with inspiring instructors. The weight capacity of this best indoor exercise bike is up to 350 lbs.


Urevo stationary bike is another bike for the home gym with a professional multi-grip handlebar that ensures a better grip.

The multi-triangle structure and strong steel frame are designed for stability and safety. The built-in shock absorption system provides extra cushioning for the spine, knees, and joints. The belt drive system ensures smoother and quieter rides than a traditional chain drive mechanism, therefore, making no disturbance.

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The Urevo bike is suitable for all types of people. The adjustable parts ensure a comfortable ride. The 35lbs magnetic resistance flywheel allows the user to adjust the resistance level. Urevo offers a 12-month part replacement service and promises to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

Bowflex C6 Bike

Bowflex C6 Bike has a sleek design suitable for a home setup as it takes up less space. It has 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels that offer a variety of challenging intensities. It gives a tranquil and smooth ride to any rider. Depending on your riding style, you can even use toe cages with dual-sided pedals.

Bowflex C6 Bike

The device holder helps users secure the tablet and enjoy any workout program. It comes with a pair of 3lb dumbbells with easy-reach cradles that give the upper body a solid workout. Bowflex is compatible with the JRNY app and other third-party apps like Peleton, Sufferfest, Zwift, and others.


Schwinn-IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike retails for $799 and is compatible with third-party applications like JRNY, Peloton, Zwift, and others apps. It allows users to stream thousands of classes and compete against others in a virtual world, which helps in better motivation. One can access the “Explore the World” app and take part in virtual races and virtually visit exotic locales and stunning trails from around the globe.


It provides an incredibly smooth and quiet ride. It is an excellent alternative to Bowflex C6 bikes since both have almost the same features. Schwinn offers dual-sided foot pedals for users prone to injuries; toe cages provide them with surety. The full-color backlit LCD console continuously monitors the rider’s speed, distance, heart rate, calories, and RPMs.


The pandemic has changed the fitness game and made it more personal. There is a lot of hesitation while going to the public gyms and using those machines many other people have used. There are several key factors to be considered while buying an indoor cycling bike.

The purpose of the indoor cycling bike is to deliver a solid workout first and foremost. After that, one needs to look for customizable options like adjustable seats, handlebars, pedals, display screens so that the riding experience can be smooth and comfortable. You also need to check if they are compatible with your existing gadgets like smart watches. Since the indoor bike will be placed at home, one needs to buy a silent and sleek bike in design.

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