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Eye tracking software is a perfect tool for both online and off-line businesses as it helps in providing valuable insights on what is a hit-and-miss when it comes to user attraction in terms of packaging, product placement, advertising etc.

Eye tracking refers to a method of research that observes and interprets individuals’ eye movements. It takes action on user activations as they engage with various visual stimuli, including websites, advertisements, images, and other visual content.

This technique is employed by advanced technology such as eye tracking devices and software to monitor and document individuals’ eye movements and patterns during interaction with these visual elements.

With the use of eye tracking software, businesses stand to make the most of their product display and digital marketing strategy. Read on for a more comprehensive take of our specially curated list of the best eye tracking software listed in the table below:

Product Name Description
Lumen Research Webcam eye-tracking for websites, TV, digital marketing. Explore
Sticky by Tobii Manages eye trackers, calibrates users, integrates with analytics. Explore
iMotions Integrates biosensors, cloud-based, detailed eye-tracking in various contexts. Explore
GazeRecorder Cloud-based eye-tracking platform, records and analyzes user engagement. Explore
RealEye AI-based eye-tracking, live interview attention measurement. Explore
Gazepoint Real-time data evaluation, medical use, assistive technology. Explore
Eyeware AI-based immersive eye and head tracking, cost-effective solution. Explore
Hawkeye iOS eye-tracking for user research, digital, scalable platform. Explore Eye-tracking research study platform, instant and precise results. Explore
Loceye Web-based eye-tracking platform, custom reports, human-based analysis. Explore
EyeSee Webcam-based market research, eye tracking, facial coding, cost-effective. Explore
Cool Tool Insight platform, non-animate measurement tools, survey-based research. Explore
Pupil Labs Open-source software, wearable eye-tracking headset, cloud-based analysis. Explore
Eyegaze Gaze-based communication device, fast and secure internet browsing. Explore

How does eye-tracking technology work?

Eye-tracking technology uses infrared light to track eye movements as it illuminates the pupil. Ultimately, the image is formed on the camerašŸ“·.

The camera then records the image by imaging the pupil’s center, reporting the eyes’ rotation, and determining the gaze direction. The software processes the captured data and provides detailed information on gaze points and eye movements.

How is eye-tracking data useful for marketers and user research?

Eye tracking technology tells us about the most viewed part of the page and how much time the user has spent on it. This advanced method lets you get information about the parts of the webpage that are in focus and its reason.

Product placement, packaging design, advertising, and user attraction are part of marketing, and technology informs what draws attention to their creativity. Ultimately, it affects purchasing behavior and the customer’s willingness to pay.

Some real-time requirements of eye-tracking software in marketing and user search:-

  • In-Store: Head-mounted eye tracking technology is effective for stores when people look at the displayed products. Customers come to the store, and technology records their activities. It helps in knowing which category is attracting attention daily.
  • Packaging Design: The packaging of products influences customers’ purchasing behavior, as some parts of it should be attractive. Eye test technology is a suitable platform to capture details on the packaging of products. The marketer may work on parts of the package that were ignored by the audience.
  • Advertising: Digital advertising is a growing method of digital marketing. Eye testing technology is a testing platform that shows what attracts attention and what does not. The analysis process involves the attractive or neglected elements of the visual presentation of products.
  • Website: Eye-tracking platforms help gain insightful information about attractive website areas. It is an effective way to know the reason for the click away and the desired action of the customers.

Does eye-tracking-led insights lead to enhanced sales and growth?Ā 

Eye tracking processes human visual information, measuring attention and interest. It is a valuable tool for researching human behavior and working on customer segmentation.

Brands are widely adopting this application to increase their sales; it lets them know where the customer’s attention lies for a long time. It increases profits for businesses and improves their sales levels and decision-making abilities.



  • Eye tracking technology provides detailed information about customer satisfaction, helping to reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 65%.
  • The software generates customer-centric and neglected segment reports, with brands using the data to improve on lacking areas. It can increase online conversion rates by up to 16%.
  • The healthcare industry will share 25% of the total market shares of eye-tracking technology by 2021. 50% of brain activity is linked to the eye, so eye tracking helps with brain injuries and diseases like cognitive impairment.
  • Brands can increase their engagement through digital marketing, as eye tracking provides information about visualizations on web pages, ads, and more. The software’s accuracy is 96%, which can increase the impact of ads by 45 times.
  • Consumers prefer the e-commerce sales industry for repeat purchases, which has grown by 43% since 2021. This industry can increase growth by regularly developing its neglected areas, as are the Insight details generated by eye-tracking software.

Lumen Research

Lumen Research is a webcam-based eye-tracking technology platform that helps brands measure engagement, purchases, and attention in their marketing. It turns the phone or computer camera into a high-quality eye-tracking sensor to measure visual engagement.

The software is powered by advanced machine learning technology that focuses on packaging and the point of the scale. It calculates the human eye within a 2.5 cm or 1-inch diameter circle to operate.

Key Features:

  • It provides an eye-tracking sensor for websites, TV, and digital marketing that helps increase visibility.
  • It has static eye-tracking software sensors that generate insightful attention for ads, questionnaires, media evaluation, and creative testing anywhere in the world.
  • The software’s tools combine eye-tracking technology with facial coding and built-in reaction time technologies to create rich recommendations that lead to confident decisions and increased sales.

Lumen Research is a real-time scalable and speed platform to measure the insights of human eye tracking as, thus, is one of the must-have digital marketing tools!

Sticky by Tobii

Sticky by Tobii is an eye tracker Manager that is a valuable tool for managing connected eye trackers and calibrating users. It includes cutting-edge sensor technology to identify a person’s presence and track their real-time focus. The technology captures eye movements into a data set, providing pupil position, gaze vector for each eye, and gaze point.

Key Features:

  • The tool has simple steps that allow researchers to configure the eye tracker with a screen quickly.
  • It provides fast and reliable user calibration and indicates the location of the participant’s eyes within the tracking box.
  • The software can be integrated with analytical applications, giving the software the flexibility to track applications, configure the display area, and conduct user calibration.

Sticky has a wide range of applications, and it decodes eye movements to translate into valuable insights.


iMotions is a human behavior research software that integrates and synchronizes multiple biosensors, including eye tracking and facial expression.

The software is designed for efficient research projects, particularly those that rely on recording and analyzing the input of each biometric hardware device. It uncovers underlying emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, which helps with decision-making, learning abilities, and well-being.

Key Features:

  • iMotions software allows a variety of eye-tracking metrics and visualizations, where users work with images, videos, VR environments, and web content in its core desktop lab software.
  • It is an online, cloud-based, highly accurate software that provides detailed eye-tracking data even in changing lighting conditions.
  • It measures visual attention to a specific element through gaze mapping and provides dynamic visual content represented by a static image.

Multi-model software is backed by science that includes comprehensive human insight tools to learn the point of gaze, where someone is looking, or eye movement relative to the head.


GazeRecorder is a cloud-based tracking insight platform. It automatically records what people are looking for and where they engage on their computer screens using ordinary webcams. Eye movement tracking technology provides heat maps for analytical research.

Key Features:

  • Its gaze recorder tool records video of tracked eye movements, with the webcam as the input source for this process.
  • The gaze pointer tracks the mouse’s pointer to track visible areas of a web page.
  • Gaze Flow is a hardware-independent webcam eye-tracking engine that optimizes real-time eye-tracking without physical contact.

GazeRecorder is compatible with common operating systems, inputting real-time eye and mouse tracking data.


RealEye is an AI-based eye-tracking software that uses a regular PC or laptop to analyze images from a webcam. The innovative platform’s AI detects the user’s facial pupils and predicts gaze points with an accuracy of 110px.

Key Features:

  • The software lets you know whether participants pay attention in live interviews.
  • It has compatible eye-tracking software for research projects, and its highly accurate analysis shows information about the student’s gaze behavior.
  • This attention measurement tool has an analytical feature to learn about one’s concentration and ability to focus on specific information.

RealEye eye tracking software has more accurate pixel representation than other software.


Gazepoint is an eye-tracking and biometric software that evaluates real-time data of a user’s honest thoughts, likes, and dislikes. It can analyze how human eyes see and react to it. The software allows plans to be refined according to feedback from participants.

Key Features:

  • It is a data-driven platform that eliminates the guesswork of users’ engagement and interaction with the gaze point. Designers can look at usage patterns and optimize the user experience.
  • Gazepoint is an effective tool for medical use, as it is used in glaucoma testing and dyslexia diagnosis and treatment.
  • Its assistive technology empowers individuals with disabilities to communicate, navigate, and interact with the world.

The multipurpose software covers a wide range of activities through eye testing, solutions for eye tracking, neuro related marketing, and biometric research.


Eyeware is an AI-based immersive technology provider that performs head and eye tracking via webcams or 3D cameras. Proprietary computer vision algorithms and machine perception AI technology underpin hardware-based solutions based on older technologies.

It is a cost-effective eye-tracking software that can be integrated into any platform or device.

Key Features:

  • It has been developed to enhance the natural connection between people and devices through gaze-tracking technology.
  • The software monitors fatigue by detecting head posture, eye gaze, and eye closure under various head positions.
  • Its Eyewear Beam tool allows tracking of eye and head movements while playing games. Users also share it with viewers in the live stream.
  • Eyeware provides a 6-degree compatible head-tracking software with accurate results.

It is an AI-based software that eliminates the hardware process for eye tracking and tracks eye and head movements.


Hawkeye is a user research and eye-tracking platform providing user behavior information. This software is only capable of iOS devices and lets you test everything through eye tracking.

Key Features:

  • It allows eye movements to be recorded to understand the participants’ thought processes. The user’s functional performance, attention, and ignorance can be seen through this.
  • The user-friendly software is entirely digital, without the use of any hardware.
  • This tool allows designers, marketers, and researchers to get a detailed viewpoint on their creativity.

The platform processes thousands of data with scalability, but the software is incompatible with Android or Windows devices. is an eye-tracking research study platform that minimizes human participants. The reliable platform provides instant, precise, focused, and predictable results for images and videos.

It’s packed with scientific background and syntax that predicts how much attention objects will pay to an element.

Key Features:

  • It creates heatmaps on ads or brochures to show which part attracts attention.
  • The AI produces a heatmap score with 95% accuracy compared to the human eye.
  • Figma or Chrome plugins can analyze designs without closing the current application.
  • Expoze offers an attention heatmap for video, identifying the area of interest and how it will perform in front of a real audience. takes less time than other eye-tracking platforms because humans must analyze it. However, this platform has similar primary accuracy compared with human-based software.


Loceye is a web-based eye-tracking platform that provides insights to brands, agencies, and market researchers. It recruited real employees to analyze the design based on demographics. The platform generates custom reports with heatmaps for visualization and validates the design based on best assumptions.

Key Features:

  • Loceye is a biometric eye-tracking platform that optimizes digital assistance and provides accurate measurements for visual representation.
  • It allows marketers, agencies, and web designers to receive prior feedback on using their content.
  • The software helps increase return on investment and conversion rates by generating heatmaps on the design and finding areas for improvement.

Loceye is a beneficial platform for users who need a backyard of people to analyze the designs. It provides human-based reports for real-time usage.


EyeSee is a market research company that leverages marketing influencers using eye tracking and facial coding technologies. It is a fast, scalable, and cost-effective webcam-based solution for researchers, facilitating data conversion into actionable insights.

Key Features:

  • It helps test packaging at all process stages, turning obstacles into favorable outcomes.
  • The organization allows the coverage rate for e-commerce to change positively. Its technology-enabled consumer behavior approach ensures product visibility, increasing sales.
  • It optimizes digital marketing synthetics to provide the most predictive insights into ad performance.

EyeSee includes many solutions for digital processes cost-effectively, as it does not use humans to proceed.

Cool Tool

Cool Tool is an insight platform that provides non-animate measurement tools and survey-based research. It analyzes what people think, see, and feel when looking at a brand. The fully automated tool sets up and optimizes the market concept and displays their reposts, which helps increase purchase impact and ROI.

Key Features:

  • The software allows testing static and animated images, videos, and environments such as prototypes, websites, and mobile apps.
  • Cool Tool uses the MindWave mobile headset to measure EEG activity, enabling real-time user emotional state monitoring. It shows whether the customer is satisfied or disappointed with the products.
  • It is an online survey platform that helps agencies conduct market research to know consumer behavior.

The CoolTool’s survey-based software provides detailed information about eye-tested reports and helps researchers understand consumer sentiment.

Pupil Labs

Pupil Labs is an open-source software and wearable eye-tracking headset used by a global community of eye-tracking researchers. It is enabled by cloud-based analysis of gaze and built with a robust set of algorithms and infrastructure accessible to researchers.

Key Features:

  • Its Pupil Core software reads the incoming video stream and detects the pupil, tracks gaze, detects and tracks markers in the environment, and streams the data in real time.
  • It shows real-time eye movements and reveals patterns of visual attention.
  • The Pupil Insivible is machine learning-powered eye-tracking glasses that connect with smartphones.

The platform consists of various fancy-looking glasses that track eye movements and enable eye-tracking applications beyond the possibilities of today.


Eyegaze is a gaze-based communication device that performs the critical function of accurately measuring where the user is looking. It is a low-fatigue and high-accuracy instrument, taking less than 15 seconds to set up calibration. This device controls entertainment and sound systems, lights, and switches with infrared frequencies and radio waves.

Key Features:

  • Eyegaze has text formatting tools that allow typing faster, switching between different keyboard layouts, and typing in more locations.
  • It has a dark background color interface to reduce eyestrain and includes designed icons.
  • Internet browsing facility is fast and secure, which allows one to get more accurate information by being closer to the object.

Eyegaze is faster than any other calibration platform and gives results in 60 seconds. It simplifies the process of connecting with the world.

Final Words

Marketers and researchers need eye-tracking software to take their marketing plan to the next level and stand out. It detects users’ eye movements in real time, allowing them to gauge the effectiveness of their creativity in the customer’s mind. It proves to be a valuable tool for gaining insight into areas of the elements that attract attention.

Marketers can design more effective advertisements, websites, and product packaging by directly analyzing consumers’ mindsets and visual attention. This technique allows marketers to identify key areas that need attention to increase user engagement. So, the technology contributes to making valuable decisions to achieve the best possible results.

Refer to these heatmap tools that will tell you where your users are clicking so that you can make the most of your digital marketing strategy and rev up those sales!

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