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Who doesn’t want to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

People have developed a habit of continuously sitting in one place and working, especially during this pandemic. Physical activities have been eliminated from people’s lives, which is one of the reasons for an increase in physical and mental health problems.

So, people need to focus on exercise to maintain a good fitness level. Physical exercise is essential for improving your health and also reducing the risks of several diseases.

Exercise not only boosts up fitness but it would also improve your quality of life and mental health. Some benefits are visible immediately on your body, while some are long-term benefits that keep you healthy and fit.

Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise 🏃🏃‍♀️

Only 30 minutes of daily exercise could help you enjoy many benefits, including the following.

  • Manage your body weight
  • Maintain low blood pressure
  • Reduce the risks of a heart attack
  • Possess stronger muscles, joints, and bones
  • Feel relaxed and energetic
  • Enjoy better sleep

Many research has proved that exercise helps maintain a healthier state of mind.

Mental Health Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise

Several studies have shown that exercise helps in curing depression. Several people have believed the ways exercise can help people dealing with depression:

  • Exercise blocks negative thoughts and keeps you away from daily worries
  • It helps to improve social contact while exercising with offers.
  • Working on fitness would improve your sleeping patterns and also uplift your mood.
  • Exercise helps boost certain hormones and change the levels of certain chemicals in the body, such as endorphins, serotonin, and stress hormones.

For maintaining a better and healthy routine, people decided to opt for gyms. But, due to the COVID-19, people had to stay home and were not able to continue with exercise. This is where different fitness apps come in for your rescue.

Whether you are looking for some motivation for beginning with a new fitness routine or wish to continue with your older one, you can rely on the fitness apps available online. As there are several options available out there, it becomes pretty confusing to select one.

We have compiled a list of the best fitness apps to help you work out from anywhere. There are applications available for all kinds of exercises. Whether you are looking for apps to follow a weightlifting routine, diet plan, or start with daily running, you can find the right app from the below list.

By committing yourself to the best workout apps, you can continue with a daily routine of exercising, and it would help build up your confidence.

Let’s explore the apps…


If you are looking for fitness classes at your home through the online mode, you must consider downloading the FitOn app.

It is a perfect app if you are thinking about committing yourself to a long-term goal.


First of all, you need to sign up on the FitOn app and create a profile of yourself.

The profile would include several things such as your preferred level of intensity for every workout, the types of classes you enjoy the most, your fitness goal, how many sessions you are going to take per week, and how long every session is going to be. There are different styles to choose from, like HIIT, yoga, kickboxing, strength, cardio, barre, and many more.

The app also offers personalized classes for fulfilling certain specific needs like prenatal and low-impact. If you wish to focus on your mental health, you can even take up a meditation session. The entire application is available free of cost, but you need to take up a paid subscription if you want to join virtual group classes.


Aaptiv offers video and audio training sessions by expert trainers to keep you fit as a fiddle. The audio sessions are either taken by expert trainers or matched with the best workout songs. Whether you are looking forward to sticking to the classics or trying out the new ones, you can enjoy your workout with the beats on Aaptiv.


Aaptiv’s audio classes are in very high demand. During the audio sessions, you will be guided by a trainer’s voice in a studio-style session. You won’t find any shortage of options because there is an availability of more than 2500 workout options to choose from, and another benefit is that 30 new ones are added every week.

Some of the workout options are elliptical workouts, stretching, strength training, cycling, yoga, and much more.

The length of workouts is from seven minutes to an in-depth complete fitness training session. If you are more into running, Aaptiv provides a membership option that includes 5Km, 10Km, half marathon, and full marathon training sessions.


If you are thinking about getting some in-person fitness training experience at your home, you must consider the Openfit app’s live training.

It would feel like you are really in the classes, and the trainer is standing in front of you due to the real-time video feed. The different classes of training made available by Openfit are yoga, stretching, strength training, kickboxing, circuit training, barre, pilates, and running.


With the real-time video feed, you would be able to hear the trainer, and the trainer would also be able to provide you with appropriate feedback. If you wish, you can even keep the camera off and only see the trainer while exercising. Whatever option you choose, but the other participants can’t see one another.

If you miss out on any in-person training by the instructor, you can work it out at your time, along with the recording. The instructors conduct the session with the same enthusiasm and energy as the physical sessions. You can choose from hundreds of live fitness classes or go with a personal trainer with focused results.


You can continue with your fitness training and exercise by streaming treadmill workouts and cycling from the amazing Peloton Studio. The best thing is that now there is no need to stop with your daily fitness routine as the Peloton app is at your fingertips.

You can explore new ways to conquer your fitness goals with different workout routines to choose from.


There has been a new fitness revolution created by the Peloton bikes and treadmills. If you do not have enough budget to get your hands on them, you can go with the Peloton Digital subscription. It will allow you to access the live-streamed classes with proper guidance from trainers.

Now, the app is much more than just running and cycling. You can take different classes like pilates, yoga, barre, strength, or meditation with the Peloton app. You can either go with the live training by instructors or continue with your own workout by their on-demand library of workouts. The best thing is that you can select your desired playlist for a workout before you get started with it.

Google Fit

Did you know Google has a fitness app too?

Well, now you know. 😊

Everyone has set some fitness goals in life for improving their overall health. Google Fit provides personalized coaching and actionable tips based on your health history to achieve your fitness goals. It becomes pretty easy to track and monitor your progress by using your smartwatch or phone.

Google Fit

Whatever activity you perform, from strolling to swimming, would be impacting your overall health that is being monitored in the app. This is the reason why Google Fit works effectively with several fitness apps and health devices to provide you with an in-depth credit for all your moves. The holistic view will portray all your activities and let you analyze your health in the best way.

Google Fit had collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) to come up with the concept of Heart Points. The activities that make your heart pump faster provides great health benefits. You will be receiving 1 heart point for every moderately intense activity, and if you get to more intense activities, you will receive double points.

It would eventually help reduce the risk of heart diseases, provide better sleep, and ultimately improve overall health.

There are more smart health trackers you can explore to track your lifestyle.


Runtastic wants you to start a training plan and challenge yourself to get stronger after every workout session. Whether you are thinking about starting with your first run or taking your first bike ride after a long time, you can make every activity count.

Reach your fitness goal with the support of the Adidas Runtastic app.

With the help of Adidas Running, you would be able to track your activities and set goals accordingly. You will be able to record every workout session and review the stats in the end. You can even consider taking part in different challenges to push your limits and get some performance boost. By sharing your success with the global community of Adidas Running, you will get the motivation to remain active and reach your fitness goals in life.

Runtastic also provides audio feedback from a voice coach that would ensure you are on the right track. The live tracking and motivation in the form of cheering would give you the much-required push to cross your limits. You can either continue with the free plan of Runtastic or upgrade to the premium one for running training programs to crush your fitness goals and get personalized access to certain bodyweight programs in the app.


Obe is working on putting the fun back into fitness at any time and any place.

Obe stands for Our Body Electric.

The platform offers a complete Power, Dance, HIIT, and Strength classes schedule that you can take up. There are 22 daily live classes to make it easy for you to find the right one for you. If you cannot accommodate yourself with the live classes, you can even go with the pre-recorded ones and continue with your workout.

When you look at Obe’s videos, you will be enticed because of several reasons. The hype of Obe is all because of the bright colors, electric pastel pallette, and neon accents which make it look like a mini party to you. If you are in one of the Dance sessions, you will be amazed by seeing all these features.

Obe focuses on both cardio and strength-driven classes to fulfill the requirements of every individual. Usually, every session lasts less than 30 minutes. The platform has also launched a new feature of Workout Party to sign up and sweat together with seven friends of yours. You would be able to share every moment with your friends through video or chat.

Whether you are just starting up with a new fitness routine, looking to scale up your fitness goals and challenge yourself, or looking for an expert program, you can find everything in one place. You will be able to find an effective and useful program that matches your requirements on Obe.


The base step of fitness would depend upon your eating habits.

MyFitnessPal focuses on what you eat instead of focusing on your exercise routines. You can take control of your fitness goals by tracking your calories, breaking down the ingredients, and finding the right food to consume for a healthy lifestyle.


Whether you are trying to lose weight, lower your BMI, tone up, or work on your overall health, you would be able to find the right help from this app. The app allows you to maintain a food diary for tracking your eating habits and achieve your goals. Food tracking has been simplified as you can scan the barcodes, save recipes and meals, and use Quick Tools to track that food item.

The app allows you to join the largest community of fitness freaks to gain motivation and get some useful tips. The experts of MyFitnessPal also provide you with food recipes that nutritionists have approved. You can link the app with more than 50 health apps to track your lifestyle.

In the end, it is not only about calories, but it’s all about feeling and living a better life.


Sworkit works as a perfect personal trainer to meet your fitness goals. The app also makes fitness training pretty simple. Whether you require some equipment workout plans or looking for some no-equipment plans, you would be able to get the right guidance through this app.

You’ll find workout guidance videos for almost every workout.

There are complete guidance videos available for every workout.

Sworkit focuses on effective and simple workout plans that would depend upon your fitness goal. The app diversifies the fitness goals into three categories, where you are looking to become leaner, stronger, or fitter. The users can take up 6-week plans to be trained with beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises.

Other than that, you can even connect with a personal trainer to get expert advice and clear out your doubts related to fitness training.

The best thing about Sworkitw workout plans is that there is no requirement for any equipment, and it could be done at any place. The workout ranges from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. The app also has a section for kid-friendly workout sessions so that you can include your entire family and make exercising a daily routine for everyone.


AI is everywhere, and it is for good.

With the technological advancements, FitnessAI utilizes artificial intelligence and generates personalized workouts. Based on your previous workouts and training, AI will optimize the number of sets, reps, weight for each exercise, and the workouts you need to focus on.


The process of logging has been made pretty simple with this fitness app. The algorithm will also let you know the amount of time you need to rest and how to adjust difficulty for your next workout session. You will be able to notice how the algorithm is pushing you to achieve new limits. You will be given new workout recommendations on your personalized feed that contains up-to-date insights into your previous workouts.

FitnessAI provides clear insights about your progress with fitness training and informs you how you can fulfill your fitness goals. There is no need for personal trainers because you can directly message the application when looking for advice from training experts. The app will also work as an accountability partner to message you whenever you break your daily routine.


If you cannot go to the gym, you can bring the gym home with the FIIT fitness app.

There are plenty of workouts to explore in this app. You will never get bored because you get the opportunity to try something new every single day. FIIT has made available hundreds of on-demand classes, training plans, and also group workouts for you to choose from. You can choose from beginner to advanced-level workout sessions.

You can take your fitness training to a smarter level by connecting it with a MyZone, Apple Watch, Fitbit, or other smart fitness accessories. It will help you track precise metrics and challenge your personal bests at different levels of fitness training. The app also provides the functionality to compete with others on the leaderboard and take motivation from their metrics.

The app consists of all classes, from losing weight and improving cardio to strength training and yoga. With the help of paid membership, you can get access to all the workout options and compete with others through live leaderboards scheduled 60 times a day.


Whether you are at home or the gym, you can create a daily fitness routine if you are dedicated to it. With the help of the best fitness apps available online, you can start your fitness training journey and conquer all your fitness goals.

So go and get fit!

Next, explore some of the smart things to help you work from home.

Thinking about indoor exercises? Select from our curated list of indoor exercise bikes here.

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