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If you are someone who loves playing online games, you must have heard about the famous Fortnite game. The game has attracted many people and has kept people glued to their laptops or mobiles.

What makes the game so unique? Who are the live streamers who have contributed to making the game a success? This article will share all the information about the game and its streamers with you. 

Fortnite introduces you to a world of new experiences. You may drop onto different islands and compete among other players to become the last man alive. What makes the game even more interesting is the fact that you get the power to create an island that runs as per your rules. You can hang out with your friends on islands created by others or protect the world by defeating monsters. 

About the game

The game has been popular since its launch. The popularity accounts for many reasons, such as it is a multiplayer game, so families can sit together and enjoy the game. The graphics, design, sounds, and everything about this game are top-notch that attract people to be a part of the game. 

You can play the game in a million different ways. Of these, the most famous ones include:

  • Battle Royale – The battle royale of Fortnite entitles you to play individually or as a team with your friends. You can use wood, metal, or brick to build structures around you. 
  • Creative – Creativity entitles you to turn your vision into reality. Use your imagination to create a world of your own that includes islands. You can try games that people like you make and enjoy playing them. 
  • Zero build – Zero build is a way of playing Fortnite that entitles you to test your weapons, items, and ability to utilize all these items effectively. It is similar to Battle Royale, except that there are no buildings.  
  • Save the world – In the save the world edition of Fortnite, you explore the vast destructible world as you battle against monsters known as husks. You loot items, tame the wildlife, and expand your collection as a hero. 

The popularity of Fortnite on Twitch

Twitch is a popular live streaming platform where live streamers come online and play their game. Millions of people view the game. Since the launching of the game, live streaming on Twitch has been one of the reasons behind the increased popularity of the game.

Many famous Streamers, such as Mr. Strange, Ninja, Clix, etc., live stream over Twitch while playing Fortnite, thus displaying their skills, moves, and clearing missions. The craze for live streaming of the game has been high and increasing ever since. 

You are clear about the popularity of Fortnite and its reasons. Now, let us explore some of the best Fortnite Streamers on Twitch that are consistently live streaming on Twitch to popularize the game.


Tfue is a 24-year-old male who streams on the Twitch platform while playing Fortnite. His real name is Turner Tenney, and he joined the twitch platform on April 2, 2014. He is a resident of the USA and streams over his channel in the English language. He is one of the most famous twitch streamers and has a huge fan following. 

In total, he has 11.12 million followers on his twitch account and thus manages to get 21K views on his live streams on average. He also has a record of getting 331K views on one of his live streams. The statistics of his channel are enough to prove that he is very popular among the masses and people thoroughly enjoy his live streams. He has promoted Fortnite well among the groups and is one of the main reasons behind the fan following of the game. His streams are watched for 239M hours.


Clix is a 17-year-old live streamer who plays Fortnite on his live streams. His real name is Cody Conrod, and he has been a very popular live streamer. Considering his age, he has already gained a lot of popularity, with 5M followers on his twitch account. As time passes, he will surely gain a lot of success in the future. He created his twitch channel on June 22, 2018, and has been an active streamer. 

He is a native of the USA and streams in English. This is another reason behind his increasing popularity. With 5.30 million followers, he gets average views of 15K, a considerable number. However, his channel has been banned thrice from the platform, and he had to get it unbanned. His highest views touch 164K. His streams are watched for 71.2M hours.


Ninja is a 31-year-old live streamer who live streams on the platform while playing Fortnite. His real name is Richard Blevins, and he has been a very popular Fortnite Streamer. He created his channel on the twitch platform on January 16, 2011, and has been an active player since then. 

He belongs to the USA and streams over his platform in English. On his Twitch account, he has 18.28 million followers and gets an average of 16K views on every live stream. He has touched the highest mark of 633K on his live streams and is a famous player. His statistics signify how he has been an important player and live streamer on the Twitch platform and has contributed a lot to making the game successful. His streams are watched for 350M hours.


There isn’t much information about the live streamer Mongraal. He streams over his channel in English and has been a part of the twitch community for a long time. He has put his valuable contribution to making the Fortnite game popular and helping it reach to audience worldwide. 

On his Twitch account, he has 5M followers and manages to get an average of 5K views over his channel. He is still in his growing phase and is sure to touch milestones later in the future. His streams are watched for 34.4M hours.


MrSavage is among many famous twitch streamers who play Fortnite in his live streams. He has been a part of the twitch channel since February 24, 2018, and has been successfully streaming over the platform since then. He lives in Norway and streams on his platform in English. This has helped him attract thousands of viewers and followers to join his live stream and follow his account. 

He has 2.74 million followers on his twitch account and gets 7K average views on his live streams. He has the highest view count of 128K, which makes him one of the most popular twitch streamers. The best thing is that he has never faced any ban from the twitch community and continues to live stream over his channel without interruption. His streams are watched for 16.7M hours.


The real name of the live streamer Nickeh30 is Nicholas Amyoony. He is a 27-year-old guy who lives in Canada and live streams on the platform while playing Fortnite. He streams over his channel in English and thus attracts colossal traffic to his account and live streams. His way of playing is unique, which keeps the audience glued to the screen for hours. 

He has 4M followers and gets average views of about 8K over his live streams. The highest viewer count on his live streams accounts for 90K. He has never been banned from the platform and keeps the audience well entertained. His streams are watched for 45.8M hours.


SypherPK is a 26-year-old twitch streamer who plays Fortnite over his live streams. His real name is Ali Hassan, and he created his twitch account on July 14, 2012, meaning he has been a part of the platform for a long time. He resides in Austin, Texas, and streams over the channel in English. 

SypherPK has 5.97 million followers on his twitch account and gets 6K views on average on every live stream. His highest viewing record is 225K. He has never been banned from the Twitch live streams and manages to keep his fans happy and content all the time. His streams are watched for 73.7M hours.


The real name of Jelty is JESUS NAVAREZ ESPINOZA. He is a 20 years old twitch streamer and has been on the streaming account since August 3, 2018. He belongs to Mexico and streams on his channel in the Spanish language. On top of that, he is also a part of the G2 eSports team on the platform.

He has 2.84 million followers on his twitch account and gets an average of 7K views on his live streams. He has never been banned from the twitch platform. His way and style of playing Fortnite are trendy among the people, and they take great interest in viewing his live streams. His streams are watched for 50.8M hours.


The real name of Amar is Amar Al-Naimi. He is a 28-year-old twitch streamer and a twitch player of German origin. His twitch channel was created on August 1, 2014, and he has been a consistent live streamer. He streams in the German language and resides in Hamburg. 

He has 1.44 M followers, which is quite apparent considering his time on the platform. On average, he gets 9K views on his live streams and has a crazy fan following. He also got peak views of 185K over his live streams. Another interesting fact about his live streaming account is that he has never been banned from the platform. His streams are watched for 48.8M hours.


Ac7ion man is a famous twitch player who lives streams on the platform from the USA. He is one of the very popular live streamers and takes immense pride in playing and enjoying the live stream and his game. His twitch channel was created on May 6, 2016, and has been live streaming over the platform since then.

He streams in English, attracting many viewers to his channel. He has 627K followers on his twitch channel and gains 771 average views. The views are significantly less than the number of subscribers and followers. Another interesting fact is that he has been banned from the twitch account twice. His streams are watched for 9.65M hours.


The real name of Pizfn is Riccardo Pizzinelli. He runs his Twitch live streaming in the Italian language. He created his twitch channel on July 6, 2018. On average, he gets about 8476 views on his Twitch live stream, which is a large audience. 6528 people have subscribed to his Twitch live streaming account.

He has 573K followers on his pizza twitch account, where he lives streams while playing Fortnite. He has managed to earn 25K views at maximum. The significant thing is that he is a reputed player and has never faced a ban from Twitch. He continues to play his game and entertain the audience with his gameplay. His streams are watched for 19M hours.


The original name of Jolavanille is not known. He is a famous twitch player who has been streaming on the platform for a long time. He joined twitch on August 29, 2020, and has been very popular since then. Jolavanille is a citizen of France and plays many games, including Fortnite, on the live streaming platform. 

He currently has 2810 people subscribing to his twitch channel. He has 327K followers and gets 3K views on average over his live streams. Jolavanille is a twitch partner and has successfully streamed live on the platform while playing Fortnite. His streams are watched for 15.4M hours.


This article must have updated your knowledge about some of the most famous Fortnite streamers. All these streamers are the best at their games and have in-depth knowledge about the game. If you are a die-hard fan of the game, you must have come across their profiles at least once.

People take immense pleasure in participating in their live streams and watching them play the game with enthusiasm and passion. These streamers are on the verge of growing careers and will surely achieve more success in nearby future.

In case you are curious, here are the top Twitch streamers of all time.

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