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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: July 24, 2023
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Want your kids to have a relaxing sleep time under the starry sky? Try galaxy or star projectors for your children’s rooms.

Galaxy or star projectors are devices that can project a night sky or colorful ambiance on your ceiling or walls. Besides providing an immersive experience, it will make your kids curious about the space.

As it sparks their imagination, they can fall asleep peacefully in a relaxing environment. Moreover, if your kid is scared of darkness, galaxy projectors can keep the room bright. 

With various star projectors in the market, it might be difficult for you to choose the right one. To assist you with this, we bring you the list of the best galaxy/star projectors for kids’ rooms. Before checking them out, take a look at the features that should be present on the projector you buy. 

Features to Look for in a Galaxy or Star Projector

Suitable Size

While purchasing a star projector, you need to consider the unit size and the coverage area. Usually, the size will determine the coverage area and the number of stars you can see. So, choose according to the size of your bedroom.

Power Options

Galaxy projectors can run on AC power or a rechargeable battery. You need to choose a projector that is compatible with your living situation. 


Star projectors offer various brightness levels. If you want it for your kid’s bedroom, make sure to pick one meant for indoor use.

Timer Settings

A timer is another essential feature you should have in your galaxy projector. Most of us use it to fall asleep, and a timer lets it shut down automatically after the designated time.

Lighting Modes

If you want your child to have a customized star-gazing experience, choose a star projector with different lighting modes. For example, shooting star mode will randomly shoot stars across the sky, while the constellation mode allows you to view stars in their specific constellations.

Display Quality

Make sure the star projector shows clear images. Also features like autofocus and zoom will also enhance your viewing experience. You can also choose a star projector with the favorite color of your kids or multiple color settings.

Now we explore some best Galaxy/Star projectors for your kids.

Rossetta Galaxy Projector

Rossetta Galaxy Projector comes with advanced star and projection technology that can provide wide coverage of up to 35 x 35 ft. With just one button, it will turn your bedroom into a galaxy. As it projects fading and still star lights along with nebula clouds and soothing music, your child will fall asleep in no time. 

This projector consists of an ocean wave projector, a desk lamp, a night light, a white noise machine, and Bluetooth speakers. Besides 15 magic light effects and eight soothing sounds, it also offers a timer feature, app control, and remote control.

One Fire Galaxy Projector

One Fire Galaxy Projector for Bedroom is a 3-in-1 LED galaxy star projector with six white noises and a built-in Bluetooth feature. As it creates a soothing spatial ambiance on the walls and ceiling coupled with white noise or music tracks, your child can have a better sleep. 

It can cover a 30 x 30 ft area and lets you adjust the projection angle for an amazing and calming experience. While the projector automatically turns off after four hours, you can also set the time for 30 minutes, one hour, or one and a half hours. You can also use all the features with remote control.

Mooyran Star Projector

With Mooyran Star Projector, you can bring the galaxy space light into the walls and ceiling of your room. Its night light has eight stunning nebula effects, along with twinkling green stars that will help you create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. 

You can use it for separate or simultaneous star and nebula pattern projection. It also offers a remote control that you can use to customize the effects by adjusting brightness, pattern, and rotation speed. You can also set the times to automatically stop the projector after 45 or 90 minutes.

Hodans Galaxy Light Projector

Transform your bedroom into a mini planetarium with Hodans Northern Galaxy Light Aurora Projector. This upgraded 3-in-1 galaxy projector offers splendid aurora views for your kids. You can also enjoy natural white noise through its built-in Bluetooth speaker.  

This star projector has a dual-projection lens and four color variations — red, green, blue, and white. Moreover, it can create 33 light effects in three different and 16 northern light effects. There is a remote control included with this device that you can use to adjust five different levels of brightness and flow speed.

BlissLights Sky Lite

BlissLights Sky Lite projects green stars against a blue nebula cloud to create the perfect ambiance for sleeping.

It comes with a direct diode laser, holographic technology, and precision glass optics to offer you an unmatched visual experience. This projector has simple button controls for light effects, brightness, and rotation control/ adjustment. 

KAPEBOW Star Projector

If you are looking for bright and vivid light effects for your children’s room, KAPEBOW Star Projector is the perfect option. Its ten display options in four different colors let your kids relax before they fall asleep.

Its large coverage area enables you to light up the entire room. It also has two built-in speakers where you can play your favorite music tracks with USB or Bluetooth. 

Rossetta 3-in-1 Star Projector

Rossetta 3-in-1 Star Projector is an aurora projector that also functions as a Bluetooth speaker and white noise machine. Its dual projection lens is now capable of projecting the northern lights effect with 16 colors. Its LED lights are FCC, RoHS, and CE certified.

It comes with eight pre-installed white noises suitable for your babies and toddlers. You can also adjust brightness, lighting mode, music, volume, and speed with remote control. It lets you set the timer for the functioning or automatically switches it off after four hours.

Rossetta Star Projector

This 4-in-1 Rossetta Star Projector works as a projector, night lamp, music player, and white noise machine. It brings shining stars and mesmerizing nebula clouds inside your bedroom with 14 vibrant colors. The projector comes with 19 relaxing white noise sounds and baby-friendly RGB night light. 

It also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that you can use to play music. You can use the remote control to adjust color lighting, brightness, projection mode, speed, music tracks, volume, and timer. Also, you can set the time for the projection, or the device will turn off automatically after four hours. 

MOKOQI Star Projector

You can use MOKOQI Star Projector to stimulate the imagination of your children. It displays a beautiful starry world on walls and ceilings. The projector has eight color modes, and you can switch between them effortlessly. 

You can power it with a USB cable or use batteries to run this projector in remote areas. You can also change the colors, make it spin, and enable night light mode with its buttons. 

YSD Night Lighting Star Projector

What could be a better gift for your kids than YSD Night Lighting Star Projector, a remote-controlled night lamp that can project starts on the room ceiling? It’s LED digital display is suitable for your eyes in the dark. Its lighting effects and 360° rotational design make it the right choice for your kids’ bedtime.

It also has a timer ranging from five minutes to 995 minutes. You can charge this projector with a USB cable, even while it is running. This projector runs for 13+ hours with a fully charged battery.

Amouhom Star Projector 

Amouhom Night Light Lamp Star Projector is capable of providing the ideal sleep environment for your baby’s sleep. It can project in two colors, ocean blue and forest green, to project starts on the room ceiling. It offers various lighting effects, and its 360° rotational design ensures maximum convenience.  

You can charge this projector with USB, and once fully charged, it will run for 13-14 hours. It also has a remote control that you can use from a distance of 32 feet. Amouhom uses as many natural materials as possible in its production process. However, the unavoidable artificial materials are all recyclable. 

Ecegeva Galaxy Projector

Let your child sleep under the starry sky with the help of the Ecegeva Galaxy Projector. Its ultra-HD picture quality will ensure an immersive experience, while its white noise will let you sleep more peacefully. It comes with multiple disks to project the Moon, the milky way, Earth and Moon, and the nebula.

The easy-to-use projector has a 180° adjustment range for proper distance adjustment as per the room size. Moreover, it has an automatic timing function that lets you set up the timer according to your choice. 

Wrapping Up

Galaxy or star projector is a great way to make sure your kids get a relaxing sleep time. Needless to say, it will also make them interested in space or the galaxy, which might lead them to want to become space scientists or astronauts when they grow up.

Here are our top picks for galaxy or star projects that you might want to get for the bedroom of your children. All products are highly rated, so you do not have to worry about the quality. Just determine the features you want and choose the one that meets them.

Also, check out the fun reading apps for kids and parental control apps.

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