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In Data Visualization Last updated: July 4, 2023
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Gap analysis is a valuable tool to evaluate the variance between your business’s or project’s planned performance and its actual performance. By conducting a gap analysis, you can determine the effectiveness of your strategies and identify areas that require improvement.

Some of the key points to keep in mind about the gap analysis process are as follows: 

  • It is an effective way to measure and explain the performance. 
  • Provides a vivid comparison of the current situations with the ones anticipated. 
  • An apt tool to measure strengths and weaknesses
  • Easily depicts all the ongoing activities to the stakeholders. 
  • Offers a powerful means to communicate and discover issues. 

Importance of Gap Analysis in Businesses


Gap analysis is used to analyze and study the varied aspects of a project with data. Some of the major reasons to carry out gap analysis are as follows: 

It aids you in discovering the limitations which you can surpass and make major improvements in the projects. 

Gap analysis improves business efficiency by identifying unusual activities in the project flow. This helps utilize the resources and energy for better prospects. 

It provides an overview of the business operations and different functions, enabling the managers to speculate the pathway to their goal. 

Needless to say, gap analysis is a method to compare the employee’s performance with their actual potential and provides more insights into the data on process improvements. 

What are the different types of Gap Analysis? 


Let’s explore four different types of gap analyses:

  • Market Gap Analysis: Also known as product gap analysis, this type be conducted internally or by an external analyst. Market gap analysis aims to identify opportunities where demand exceeds supply, enabling a company to target underserved markets and capitalize on them.
  • Strategic Gap Analysis: Strategic gap analysis, also called performance gap analysis, assesses a company’s actual performance against its anticipated performance.
  • Profit Gap Analysis: Profit gap analysis is a commonly used method that compares the company’s profit goals with its actual profits. By examining the gap between the two, the company gains insights into the reasons behind the shortfall.
  • Skills Gap Analysis: Skills gap analysis, sometimes called HR gap analysis. The analysis involves comparing the existing workforce’s skill set with the skills required for success, highlighting any gaps that need to be addressed regarding training, hiring, or talent development.

Importance of Using Gap Analysis Templates

The gap analysis template is a valuable tool that should be utilized whenever a strategic objective or business goal is achieved. Its purpose is to identify the gaps between current and desired states, enabling the determination of actions required to reach the intended goal. 

By employing a gap analysis template, you can effectively identify the reasons behind missed deadlines in any of these scenarios, facilitating the identification of areas for improvement.

Some important reasons for using Gap Analysis Templates are:

  • Gap analysis templates bridge the perception-reality gap, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Gap analysis templates are straightforward and easily understandable.
  • Employers can utilize a gap analysis when developing employee benefits programs.

To assist you in conducting a gap analysis, we have compiled a collection of templates you can utilize. Various gap analysis templates are available depending on the particular demands and specifications of your organization or project.

They facilitate the comparison of your intended objectives and the outcomes achieved, allowing you to identify which strategies worked well and which fell short of expectations.


A Coda template offers comprehensive support throughout the entire gap analysis process, unlike many other tools that only assist in documenting the analysis.

YouTube video

With a Coda template, you can facilitate brainstorming sessions with your teammates, efficiently log your project or organization’s current and future states, and create an action plan to bridge the identified gaps. 

This template is a centralized hub where you can store and organize all the essential elements of your gap analysis, providing a seamless workflow from the initial stages to the outcomes.


  • It describes the present condition of your business as a team.
  • Outlines the desired future state of your business as a team.
  • Identifies the discrepancies or gaps that exist between the current and future states.
  • Devise strategies and methods to bridge the gaps. 
  • An in-depth analysis dashboard to bring the business closer to the desired future state.


Discover new opportunities and address potential challenges with a comprehensive Figma toolkit featuring Figjam gap analysis templates.


Whether you aim to identify hidden gaps or evaluate your current performance, Figjam’s gap analysis template encompasses company-specific gap analyses and action plans. It will guide you toward limitless potential and ensure your business is fully prepared for takeoff.


  • Graphic options are infinitely customizable.
  • Offers various communication functions, including chat, audio, and emotes.
  • Comes with conveniently pre-designed shapes.
  • Allows users to refine gap analysis report through Vote, Org Chart, and Lil Notes.

ERP Research

This ERP fit gap analysis template by ERP Research provides an overview of the fundamental concepts involved in conducting a fit gap analysis for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

It includes a comprehensive breakdown of the key steps required to successfully perform and execute a fit-gap analysis: ERP requirements gathering and comparing Requirements with ERP Software Functionality.

YouTube video


  • Collects and documents all the requirements for your ERP system. 
  • Evaluates and compare the available functionalities of different ERP software solutions. 
  • Helps mitigate the potential hazards associated with migrating from outdated ERP systems to modern Cloud ERP systems.
  • Reduce the risk related to operational and IT changes brought on by the installation of ERP systems. 


Someka Gap Analysis Template offers a comprehensive framework for assessing and addressing performance gaps. It encompasses key elements such as objectives, current state, desired state, gap description, priority, and corrective actions needed for improvement. 


By utilizing this template in Google Sheets, you can effectively identify your situation and the desired outcome, enabling you to bridge the performance gap.

Moreover, the template’s visual illustrations enhance the prioritization process and facilitate the evaluation of identified and unidentified issues. 


  • Simple and user-friendly Gap Analysis template.
  • Visual charts are included to identify gaps effectively.
  • Professional and aesthetically pleasing design suitable for presentations.
  • Comprehensive informational notes are integrated into the template.
  • Print-ready format for easy distribution.
  • No installation is required; ready-to-use immediately.

You Exec

The You Exec Gap Analysis template provides a valuable tool for evaluating your business’s specific data and circumstances, allowing you to analyze them thoroughly and involve your employees and stakeholders in devising the most effective strategy to overcome any obstacles hindering your path to success. 

Additionally, these templates can be utilized to present and clarify the outcomes of your skills gap analysis assessment.



  • Enhance your understanding with accompanying spreadsheet models and training videos.
  • Benefit from a collection of 500+ Gap Analysis Templates
  • Choose from over 10,000 Gap Analysis Slides.
  • Access highlights and previews of each slide before downloading.

Slide Egg

Slide Egg offers a comprehensive collection of 16 gap analysis templates. These templates are valuable tools for gaining insights into various processes and their associated activities, benefits, and risks. 


By utilizing these templates, management teams can obtain a clear overview of the information and make well-informed decisions. Additionally, Slide Egg’s templates feature vibrant and visually appealing graphics, enhancing data visualization for improved understanding and analysis.


  • Fully customizable slides with 16+ pre-designed options.
  • Available in multiple nodes and colors.
  • Supports both 16:9 and 4:3 formats.
  • Easy and quick color customization for slides.
  • Well-crafted template with an instant download feature.
  • Compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.


The Nulivo Gap Analysis Keynote templates are perfect for various business presentations. Crafted by skilled professionals, it features 26 distinctive slides that can be customized with your content effortlessly. 


Every element within the template is a vector object, ensuring complete editability. The smart object and vector icons can be resized and recolored without compromising resolution, allowing you to adjust them to your desired specifications.


  • Twenty-six clean and creative slides are available in 2 aspect ratios: 4:3 and 16:9.
  • One-click color change with automatic recoloring.
  • Free fonts and icons are included.
  • Fully editable content for easy customization.
  • Over 3000 icons are available, with the ability to easily change their size and color.


The LucidChart skills gap analysis template provides a visual representation of the skill sets possessed by each team member. This tool helps determine the most suitable individuals for specific projects or ensure a well-rounded team is involved in a product launch.


It enables you to identify skill gaps within the team, aiding in planning for future hires. By customizing and sharing this template with stakeholders, you can foster collaboration and real-time feedback among team members.


  • Conditional Formatting feature that allows users to assign colors to any icon.
  • Custom Group View option that enables users to group employees based on specific information.
  • Tutorial buttons are located to the right of the document, allowing users to browse and access various resources.
  • Import Data button available that automatically generates an organizational chart using the user’s dataset.


Miro offers a user-friendly whiteboard tool that simplifies performing a gap analysis and collaborating with your team. With Miro, you can effortlessly adapt pre-designed templates for various industries, ensuring a tailored approach to your analysis. 


Additionally, you have the flexibility to create your templates from scratch or customize existing ones by incorporating additional features. 


  • Share the gap analysis presentation with your team.
  • Utilize sticky notes, shapes, and different font styles in the presentation.
  • Voting, video chat, and timer are available with any paid plan.
  • Enhance your presentations with immersive walkthroughs using the TalkTracks feature.


Smartsheet gap analysis templates can be effectively utilized in various scenarios, ranging from regulatory compliance reviews to comprehensive cost-benefit analyses. This template incorporates essential components such as skill assessment, proficiency levels, and desired outcomes. 


Additionally, it offers a dedicated space for creating action plans, complete with start and end dates, enabling efficient employee development.


  • Track key metrics and obtain real-time visibility into ongoing work.
  • Implement roll-up reports to consolidate and summarize data.
  • Intuitive dashboards for easy data visualization.
  • Has a rating system to assess the applicant’s competency.
  • Add comments to provide specific feedback or observations about the applicant.


Get started on meeting your business targets with the free Excel gap analysis template designed by ProjectManager. This template is customizable and can be utilized in any job requiring a thorough gap analysis. 


It includes designated sections to enter the project name, project manager, and date, making it easy to track and manage your analysis efficiently. Download the template now and take a step towards identifying and bridging the gaps in your projects or operations.


  • You can switch between different formats to view your information.
  • You can choose to see your information in a spreadsheet or Calender format with easy-to-read cards.
  • A designated column is available to record the current status of each action.
  • Take advantage of the available free trial offer.


TemplateLab is a comprehensive resource that provides diverse gap analysis templates. These meticulously crafted templates are designed to aid individuals, businesses, and organizations in conducting thorough and effective gap analyses. TemplateLab guides users through analyzing gaps and devising actionable plans by offering a structured format.



  • Many Pre-designed templates are available.
  • Provide a structured framework that ensures a systematic and organized approach.
  • TemplateLab offers a diverse selection of templates catering to various industries.
  • The intuitive layout allows users to seamlessly input data, observations, and action plans.


Using gap analysis templates significantly reduces the initial obstacles when confronted with a blank screen, enabling a swift progression toward attainable solutions.

By employing these templates, you can save valuable time by deconstructing intricate problems, facilitating informed decision-making, constructing actionable plans, and ultimately enhancing productivity.

You may also explore some best strategic planning templates for your next business move.

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