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In HR Management Last updated: September 11, 2023
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Looking for the best platforms to purchase gift cards for your employee, partners, and customers? We have curated a list of the same to save you the effort! 

A gift card or gift voucher is a sort of prepaid debit card holding a definite monetary value that can be used to make purchases from retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other similar places.

Digital or physical gift cards are often considered a better option than a tangible gift in personal and professional scenarios, as it eliminates the hassle of picking the best gift for the occasion. 

Gift cards are a wonderful gesture of appreciating your employees and customers who stay loyal to your company. They are an excellent way to pay incentives to employees and customers and foster healthy relationships.

Needless to say, they are an easy and convenient way to reward employees and customers without purchasing physical items.

Moreover, gift cards are a splendid way of showing appreciation for referrals and promoting your business. Gift cards can be used express gratitude to your customers by offering discounts on some products or by providing free upgrades or services.

How Gift Cards Work And How One Can Redeem Them 


A gift card is a purchase card preloaded with fixed funds. These are typically used to purchase items from a specific retailer or company and are available in various formats, such as physical cards, digital cards, and e-gift cards. 

To redeem a gift card, the recipient must present the card to a cashier at the physical store where the purchase is made. The cashier will scan the card’s barcode or manually enter the card number, and the card’s value will automatically be applied to the purchase.

Once the purchase is complete, the remaining balance will be displayed on the card’s receipt. If the purchase is more than the card’s value, the recipient can pay the remaining amount with cash, a debit card, or a credit card.

Likewise, a digital or e-gift card is redeemable online, and in this case, the recipient has to enter the card’s information at the checkout page to pay for their purchase. This is an incredibly convenient option for those who can’t make it to a physical store.

Gift cards are an excellent way to give a gift of their choice to someone. They are simple to use and make a perfect gift for any occasion. 

Benefits Of Sending Gift Cards


Gift cards have become an increasingly popular way to give gifts to family and friends. Gift cards are a fantastic way to show someone you care without the hassle and expense of buying a physical gift. Here are some benefits of sending gift cards:   


Gift cards are incredibly convenient to purchase and send. They can be bought online, in stores, or through the mail and sent electronically or physically. Because they are so easy to buy and ship, they are a great choice for last-minute gifts.  


Gift cards are astonishingly flexible. You can choose the amount and select a card relevant to the recipient’s interests. This way, you can tailor the gift to the receiver’s liking. 


Generally, Gift cards are considered more cost-effective than physical gifts. It is so because you don’t have to worry about shipping costs or deal with returns.


Gift cards offer the widest variety of gift choices. This makes them an excellent option for anyone, regardless of their interests.


Gift cards are more eco-friendly than physical gifts. They require less packaging and don’t need to be shipped, which can help reduce your carbon footprint.  

Overall, gift cards are a great way to show someone you care without the hassle and expense of buying a physical gift.

Below are some of the choicest platforms you can visit and purchase worthy gift cards to thank your employees and customers for their support. 


Preferred by Pinterest, Microsoft, Google, and thousands of other brands, Tremendous is a simple, fast, and effective way to send gift cards to your employees globally. The platform offers gift cards from over 700 retailers and allows you to hand-pick the gift cards you wish to add to the catalog for the recipients. 


Tremendous supports flexible delivery options and lets you choose one of the three options, email, URL, and SMS, to deliver gift cards to the recipients. 


  • Custom Branding along with each gift card
  • Send gift cards in bulk 
  • Advance Reporting features 
  • Automate gift cards with API


Giftbit streamlines the process of buying, sending, and tracking digital gift cards as a type of reward or a part of the incentive program. The platform has a solid customer base, including the University of Toronto, Tesla, and Hubspot, owing to the straightforward approach Giftbit follows to send gift cards.

You have to create a free user account to get started, customize the gift card template, and send the offers as and when needed! 

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Giftbit permits you to send thousands of gift cards in bulk to simplify the process further. The gift card API helps automate the reward fulfillment process, and the in-app offer redemption feature allows users to select, redeem, and view their digital gift card from the app itself.


  • Tracking and reporting module to monitor the progress of the reward program.
  • Customize the “look and feel” of your digital gift cards to improve brand awareness.
  • Pay the face value of the gift cards and get 50% back on unclaimed ones. 


Coingate enables individuals and businesses to purchase gift cards using Bitcoin, Litecoin & other similar cryptocurrencies. It has over 2000 gift card options from brands like Amazon, eBay, and Xbox. The platform promises instant delivery of gift cards via email regardless of the cryptocurrency you use to make the purchase.


Coingate is fast and secure and offers the ultimate convenience for purchasing gift cards.


  • The Lightning Network Option for Bitcoin and Litecoin ensures that you always pay lower network fees. 
  • Bypass regional restrictions with gift cards from Coingate while purchasing subscriptions. 
  • Instant delivery of gift cards belonging to categories like eCommerce, travel, gaming, and more. 

BHN Rewards

Formerly known as Rybbon, BHN Rewards lets you deliver delightful experiences to the audience through gift cards that can boost results, engagement, and leads.


Preferred by marketing teams, market researchers, and academic researchers, BHN Rewards surpasses location restrictions and helps them deliver rewards the employees and customers internationally.


  • Auto-curate the available rewards based on location and gift card value.
  • Set up multiple campaigns and track their progress from a centralized place. 
  • Deliver the gift cards globally by sending an SMS from dedicated phone numbers.
  • Preview and experience the gift card redemption process. 
  • Implement industry standards and compliance to ensure the security of gift cards. 


Amazon is a popular place to purchase gift cards for your employees, customers, business partners, family members, and so on. It categorizes its huge number of gift cards according to different occasions, making it easy to search for suitable ones.


Amazon allows you to personalize digital gift cards by adding a video, song, animation, music, or personalized message. The platform also allows you to send gift cards in bulk, which is convenient for businesses and firms. Overall, Amazon is the best place to purchase gift cards for sports fan or music lovers.


Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Gyft allows you to buy, sell, manage and redeem gift cards conveniently from any device.

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The platform includes gift cards from more than 200 retailers and accepts several payment options for purchasing digital gift cards, including Bitcoin. Gyft offers the ultimate gift card purchase solution for corporate to reward and pay incentives to their employees.


  • Easy Setup 
  • Zero transaction and handling fees
  • No restriction on minimum orders
  • End-to-end service for ordering, distributing, and tracking gift cards in bulk 
  • Excellent Customer Service


Offering gift cards from the hottest brands, retailers, and services like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks, Giftogram provides the best way to ditch guesswork when sending gift cards to your customers and employees. It empowers the recipients to choose the gift card they like, which makes them feel valued. 


Businesses get to edit the gift card catalog for the recipients according to the theme, like Restaurants & Food Delivery, Dining & Entertainment, and Health & Wellness, from which the recipients can later make a choice.

Gift cards from Giftogram can be delivered digitally or ordered physically. Personalizing the rewards with your company’s logo and a message for the recipient is also possible.  


Choose VanillaGift to delight your employee’s loyal customers and loved ones by rewarding them with physical gift cards or eGiftCards. Gift cards, both physical and digital, can be customized with a personal message, logo, or photo and with a different color palette which can be the perfect way to appreciate your clients and business partners.


VanillaGift also offers prepaid Visa gift cards in various patterns and designs, which can be used anywhere in the United States. The gift cards range from $10 to $500, and the value of these cards does not expire and can be redeemed anytime on any online or offline store. 


If you are an individual or a business looking for Visa Gift Cards, Mastercard Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Home Depot Gift Cards, and iTunes Gift Cards, GiftCardGranny is the right place for you. It is an online platform that facilitates you to purchase customized gift cards in any quantity.

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The platform is stocked with eGift cards from more than a thousand premium brands, and new brands are included regularly. You can either deliver the gift cards online by entering the recipient’s email address or order physical gift cards, whichever seems suitable. 

GiftCardGranny also delivers bulk gift cards for corporations looking to reward their employees and allows them to customize their offerings by adding photos or a logo. 


Adobe, Pepsi, and Capgemini, along with thousands of other start-ups and large businesses, trust XOXODay for rewarding and offering incentives and disbursing payouts to their employees and partners. 


Its dedicated digital rewards & incentives section empowers businesses to purchase, deliver and track online gift cards instantly and securely. XOXODay includes a rich stock of gift cards from over forty thousand popular brands across the globe.

The platform also offers an option for bulk gifting to businesses to speed up the delivery of gift cards. XOXODay also supports in-app integration, which enables firms to manage gift cards from within the structured incentive module.  

XOXODay plans start at USD 199 per month, billed quarterly. 

Last Words

These are the popular platforms you can visit when you need to reward or show appreciation to your employees, customers, and business partners. You can compare these platforms’ offering and pricing plans and choose the one offering the most value. 

You may also explore some Employee gifting platforms to ensure a happier workplace.

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